Google has promised not to use data from Fitbit devices to personalize adverts for 10 years — up from a previous offer of five years, sources said.
The Sprint Kickstart plan from earlier in the summer is back.If you switch from another carrier to Sprint, you can get unlimited talk, text, and data for $25 per month.There are some notable caveats to the plan listed below, but overall this is a great deal for those that just need a simple plan.Back in June, Sprint briefly offered an incredible deal: switch to Sprint from any other carrier and get unlimited talk, text, and data for only $15 per month for as long as you keep the line active.The deal lasted for only a week before it vanished, but now Sprint is bringing it back, albeit for $10 more than the previous offer, per USA Today.Starting tomorrow, Friday, August 24, until next Thursday, August 30, you can take advantage of the Kickstart offer exclusively at
Comcast is abandoning its attempt to purchase 21st Century Fox properties, the cable company announced today."Comcast does not intend to pursue further the acquisition of the 21st Century Fox assets," Comcast said in a statement.That doesn't mean Comcast is done trying to buy media properties, however.Comcast's statement said that it will focus on its attempt to purchase Sky, a British media and pay-TV company.Comcast last week raised its bid for Sky, topping a previous offer made by 21st Century Fox.Comcast's attempt to buy Fox properties was facing increasingly long odds.
Qualcomm is now set to hold its annual shareholder’s meeting on March 6 and part of the agenda of the meeting is to vote on Broadcom’s nomination of six board member candidates.Qualcomm and Broadcom have launched a “shareholder” battle, believing that they can promote their candidates.In a letter to shareholders, Qualcomm restated that Broadcom’s current valuation of $79 per share and its previous offer of $82 per share widely falls short of the value of the company and it is not worth negotiating.We think it is in the best interests of shareholders to continue to substantially raise the prices of Broadcom.Qualcomm claims that it has communicated with Broadcom on price, regulatory and other issues, but Broadcom declined comments.Broadcom did not explicitly elaborate on the shareholder value and regulatory aspects of the deal.
The revised offer from Broadcom valued Qualcomm shares at $82 each, still not enough to sway the dominant chip maker.The Qualcomm Board of Directors has made the unanimous decision to reject a revised acquisition proposal of $121 billion made by Broadcom Limited.A previous offer has been made by Broadcom that valued the company’s shares at $70 each; the recently revised offer that also failed to hit its mark valued the shares at $82 each.Qualcomm believes that in the long run it will achieve a value that exceeds this on the stock market; the company has outlined its reasoning since rejecting the acquisition proposal that would have made history.In a release responding to the offer, Qualcomm said: “The Qualcomm Board, assisted by its financial and legal advisors, determined that the Broadcom proposal materially undervalues Qualcomm and falls well short of the firm regulatory commitment the Board would demand given the significant downside risk of a failed transaction.However, Qualcomm has offered to meet with Broadcom to see if it can address the serious deficiencies in value and certainty in its proposal.”
Less than two weeks are remining until the very Xmas day some time to get your presents for the family and friends is getting shorter and shorter.And gifting a phone these days is a surefire way to warm up the black geeky heart of many these days so let’s take a look at today’s flash sale offer from the Lightinthebox e-shop with some powerful options there.And today they are really offering quite the big fish with the latest OnePlus phone model, which is considered by many as the best flagship price/performance phone in general on the market.New 18:9 aspect ratio with big 6-inch FullHD+ screen and Snapdragon 835 with a lot more and just $465.46/€415.38 for the 6GB RAM+64GB ROM version or $532/€474.76 for the bigger 8GB RAM +128GB ROM one.But even though OnePlus phones have huge fanbase, the Xiaomi brand has maybe even bigger following so to counter the previous offer they are offering design flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with also Snapdragon 835 and 5.99-inch screen for 440$ / €377.91 or the midrange king Xiaomi Mi Note 3 with the poweful Snapdragon 660 chipset for mere 280$ / €234.85.And for the more budget-conscious customers the today’s offer has also something in stock with the good old Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global version with either 3GB+32GB version for 135$ / €115.65 or the better 4GB+64GB version for 155$ / €138.30.
EE extends free Apple Music offer and says streaming will no longer count towards monthly data allowancesEE has become the latest operator to zero-rate certain service on its network, promising customers they can listen to as many tracks on Apple Music without using any of their data allowance.The BT-owned network is even going to give all pay monthly and SIM-only customers, not just new ones, a free six month subscription to the music streaming service.Those who have already made use of the previous offer can still get six months of free data to use with the service.To qualify, EE users need to text ‘MUSIC’ to ‘150’ from 19 July.“We’re delighted to extend our exclusive Apple Music offer to existing customers and allow them to download or stream all their favourite music on us,” said EE CEO Marc Allera.
After 18 months of contract negotiations and over 12 months after first voting for strike authority, voice actors in the SAG-AFTRA union will stop working with a number of prominent game companies as of today.The strike is part of an attempt to negotiate a more favorable contract that gives voice actors residual payments on successful games.As part of last-minute negotiations this week—overseen by a federal mediator—representatives from the affected game companies offered an immediate 9 percent increase in the prevailing wage offered under the contract, speeding up a previous offer of a 3 percent annual raise over three years.Combined, the companies say this would have amounted to a 23 percent or more wage increase for "typical" video game recording sessions.The union didn't even put that proposed contract to a vote before going on strike at midnight Thursday night.In a statement, the union argued that increased upfront payments don't address their members' primary issue: continuing residuals:
the New offer on the basis of monsanto's value is $ 65 billion in debt including.Aspirin known German pharmaceutical company Bayer has raised its offer from a us plant breeder, Monsanto, writes the Wall Street Journal.Bayer is willing to pay for monsanto's shares to 127.5 dollars.the Previous offer was $ 125.the Original tajous was $ 122 per share, with a total value of $ 62 billion.monsanto's stock closed yesterday on the New York stock exchange a half per cent rise in 107,44 the dollar.
Swiss components distributor Dätwyler will not be filing a counter-bid to acquire British distributor Premier Farnell, after its last offer was trumped by Avnet.In a conference call with investors earlier this month, Dätwyler said it was "currently considering its options" about how it would respond to being out-bid for Raspberry Pi distributor Premier Farnell.However in a statement sent to investors, Datwyler has now confirmed that its previous offer was final and as of this morning is considered lapsed, setting the stage for Premier Farnell to be acquired by American distie Avnet.Datwyler's offer of £792m, including debt, was made back in June.The Americans arrived in July with more money, £868m, presenting the Premier Farnell board with a 12.1 per cent premium over Datwyler's offer.The Swiss business's drop-out will hit the company with some one-time costs, but these are unlikely to be too painful.
After LinkedIn officially announced that it had sold itself to Microsoft for $26.2 billion in cash last month, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, a rival bidder, didn't give up right away.Instead, he sent an email to LinkedIn cofounder and chairman Reid Hoffman and CEO Jeff Weiner that essentially said that he would have been willing to pay much more for LinkedIn — had he been given the chance, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.Salesforce was one of three other companies besides Microsoft that were also bidding on LinkedIn.Numerous media reports named Salesforce as the infamous "Party A," the one that engaged in a bidding war with Microsoft, as revealed by LinkedIn in SEC documents that explained details of how the deal went down.Salesforce's last offer before LinkedIn chose Microsoft was $85 in cash plus stock that equaled $200 per share.Ultimately, Microsoft offered $196 in cash per share and the two companies announced the deal on June 13.An email to reconsiderIn an SEC filing on July 1, LinkedIn disclosed to the world how the bidding war went down.That disclosure prompted Benioff to email Hoffman and Weiner to say that if LinkedIn would have communicated to him that his previous offer wasn't good enough, Salesforce — aka "Party A" — would have offered "much" more."The email indicated that Party A would have bid much higher and made changes to the stock/cash components of its offers, but it was acting without communications from LinkedIn," LinkedIn explained in SEC documents.The document does not specifically name Benioff as having authored the email, but says that it was written by the CEO of Party A.It was a not-so-subtle play to get LinkedIn to reconsider its commitment to Microsoft.And on July 7, LinkedIn met with its bankers to discuss Benioff's email, LinkedIn said, but ultimately decided not to respond.One reason: LinkedIn has the option to bail on the agreement and take a better offer, but if it does that, then it will owe Microsoft "a termination fee of $725 million."Benioff wanted LinkedIn for the same reason that Microsoft does.