The map automatically pulls up a notable livestream that has a bunch of viewers, and also shows where a video is being watched using threads that connect a video visually with dots on the locations of its viewers.Called Facebook's 'Live Map,' it's simple and straight forward to use -- pull it up and click on a blue dot.Hover over it, and you'll get a small window as well as threads connecting other viewer's locations so you can get an idea of where people are watching.The left-side pane shows a primary video — at this very moment, it s a Cosmo editor getting her first tattoo, if you re curious — as well as some other options below it that, when clicked on, will bring up the video.It seems like the high-end of live viewers are topping out in the high-thousands, with the top video in the pane having about 8.5k viewers.It's exactly what it sounds like -- a way to watch or broadcast live videos on Facebook's platform much like you'd find on Periscope.
One draws from publications where the majority of shared links fell into the very conservative category during Facebook s study, while the other pulls from sources whose links, for the most part, aligned very liberal.With access to more information than ever online, how could other points of view be so alien?The problem is difficult to quantify, but you can find variations of it all over: Google customizes search results, Amazon recommends what to read, Netflix NFLX 2.62 % downplays search for its own personalized suggestions.The echo chamber blame game may rage on, but the real issue is how technology can serve to broaden our views.Once you take a detour to the other side, your own news looks different—we aren t just missing information, we re missing what our neighbors are dwelling on.And as of a few months ago, you can do more than like a news story—you can even sad or angry it, which are particularly useful in a political season.
Google I/O 2016 Google has been using its developers conference to show off forthcoming improvements in Android N and is taking the unusual move of asking the public to name it.But Android is also getting a new JIT compiler that Burke claimed is 75 per cent faster at booting apps and compresses code down to 50 per cent of its current size.When a user pulls down from the top of the screen to access things like turning WiFi or location data on and off, the five most-used notification tabs will be displayed at the top of the screen and users will be able to customize the whole page.This allows a user to click on a link to a site that has its own app and just download a few parts of the software to help the link run more smoothly and with more features, but without installing the full code.Android N will also introduce file-level encryption for individual chunks of data, to work in tandem with the existing phone encryption systems.The future of VR and WearGoogle has been expected to make a virtual reality announcement and Clay Bavor, the firm's VP of VR, said that Android N had been built with the virtual world in mind.
It's Google's take on the chat bot phenomenon that has already seen Facebook bet heavily on automated responses in an IM interface, as a middle-man between individuals and companies.Within Allo, that might be asking "did my team win" - the @google bot automatically knows which team you're talking about - and then seeing their latest results.Replying "Roster" pulls up the team's members; tapping on one in the carousel of thumbnails summons details on that player, as well as prompts for possible follow-up questions.In the on-stage I/O demo, one example was challenging players to identify a movie based on a string of emojis representing the title.The question, of course, is why Google opted to develop a standalone app for this, rather than integrating it into its existing chat app, Hangouts.Allo - and the @google bot - will be available this summer, on Android and iOS.
A company called Waverly Labs claims to have developed a realt-time-in-ear translation unit.Just how the Pilot pulls of the trick hasn't been fully explained on the company's site or the saccharine video that purports to show the device in action.Translated text reaches your ears a few seconds after speech is uttered in a language you don't understand.The device will initially translate between English and European based Romance and Germanic languages , with other world languages, including Slavic, Semitic, Hindi and East Asian to follow.The product's being crowdfunded, at US$299, with cash sought in this quarter and a mobile app offering the basic phrasebook for translation while traveling delivered in the Northern summer.And there's a fair bit of bait-and-switch about its website, which is full of inducements to either promote the device to your friends or sign up for special pricing.
View 166344855692Following complaints that the iOS 9.3.2 update has bricked newer iPads, Apple pulled the latest update for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro."We're working on a fix for an issue impacting a small number of iPad units that are receiving an error when trying to update the software," Apple said in a statement to Mashable Friday.While the company did not specify which iPads were affected by the update, multiple outlets have reported that the update is hamstringing the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and not the 12.9-inch version or other Apple devices.From there, users encountered an Error 56 message in iTunes, and Apple has advised those who have not yet updated their devices to refrain from doing so, and those unable to restore their devices to contact Apple Support.Several users affected by the update reported having the hardware in their 9.7-inch iPad Pros replaced at Apple's Genius Bars, 9to5Mac reported.Apple did not specify when the iOS re-release would be issued for affected devices and in the meantime 9.7.-inch iPad Pro users have been reverted to iOS 9.3.1.
Enlarge / iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard.Apple is pulling iOS 9.3.2 for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro following reports that tablets were being bricked by the update.Affected tablets show the "connect to iTunes" message that iDevices display when put into recovery mode, but iTunes only displays an "Error 56" message and can't actually be used to restore the tablets.The bug doesn't appear to affect any other supported iDevices and the update hasn't been pulled for any other iPhone, iPad, or iPod.Whether the update will resuscitate already-bricked iPads isn't clear, but 9to5Mac reports that at least a few users had affected tablets replaced at Apple Stores.The iOS 9.3 update was also pulled for a few days because of a bug that caused activation problems for older devices whose owners didn't remember their iCloud passwords.
iPad Pro users began reporting a strange error code after attempting to install the update.Bricked iPads displayed the "connect to iTunes" message that's usually shown when putting a device into recovery mode.However, when users connected their iPad Pros to iTunes, they were faced with a cryptic "Error 56" prohibiting the restore.Apple has responded to the issue, saying it's working on a fix and that the problem only impacted "a small number of iPad units."iOS 9.3 was pulled for the iPad 2 after the update caused activation issues for the older tablets.Affected users can replace their bricked devices for new ones at the Apple Store, 9to5Mac reports, though that's still a frustrating trip to make for affected users.
Apple has pulled the most recent iOS 9.3.2 update, MacRumors reports, after it bricked some iPad Pro 9.7-inch owners' devicesThe so-called Error 56, experienced by those rocking the newer, more compact iPad Pro, had appeared immediately after downloading the update, which arrived earlier this week.The flaw had placed the iPads into Restore mode, with users unable to rouse the tablet even when performing the restore through iTunes.Related: iPad Pro 9.7-inch vs iPad Air 2: Should you upgrade?Those in possession of the smaller iPad Pro device will now only see version 9.3.1 as the most recent version.This isn t the first time Apple has been forced to remove an iOS 9 update from availability.In late March, Apple pulled the iOS 9.3 update following a bug that prevented older device owners from authenticating their phones and tablets.
With Apple in full control of updates, all supported devices are able to receive updates quickly and smoothly.The latest example of this would be iOS 9.3.2, an otherwise uneventful and minor update if not for the fact that it bricked some 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablets.Although the update has been reported only on some, not all, smaller iPad Pros, the feedback was load enough that Apple had no choice but to pull the update rather than risk adding to the outcry.After installing the iOS 9.3.2 update, some 9.7 iPad Pro owners reported being stuck in a boot loop that kept asking them to connect their device to iTunes.However, doing so solves nothing and affected users are unable to restore from a previously working backup.This incident might reignite criticisms regarding Apple's less than stellar performance of late when it comes to ensuring the quality of updates.
Bar carts save space and keep all your drink supplies handy, but can be expensive, if you find a good one.You ll probably also want a few other items, depending on how you want to personalize the cart.Some casters so the cart can move more easily are one option, and some drawer pulls to act as handles would be a good upgrade.You may also want some peel-and-stick drawer liners or colorful tiles for the top of your cart, for example.After you ve put everything together, add your booze collection but don t load up the cart too much or it ll be difficult to move if you need to, and you want some space to store glassware and serve out your drinks.The video above has some ideas and a lighthearted demo on styling the cart, but this project is pretty simple once you put together the changing table.DIY Bart Cart How to Style It Miss Kris YouTube
Senator John Thune around an inquiry Congress has over allegations the social networking company may be exhibiting political bias with its Trending Topics.In a follow up letter to the chairman of the Senate commerce committee, company general counsel Colin Stretch explained that Facebook found no systematic political bias, but will be making changes to its policy.Improvements with Trending Topics include scrubbing the so-called Media 1K list, which is a list of RSS feeds Facebook uses to supplement its algorithm that pulls in potential trending topics, as well as the top-10 list of news outlets.Facebook will also remove the ability for people to assign an importance level to topics based on its prominence within the top-10 list of news outlets.Other updates include clearing up terminology within Facebook s Guidelines to ensure people understand them better, providing additional training to all reviewers to re-emphasize that content decisions aren t to be made based on politics or ideology, and adding more controls and oversight.These changes all emerged from an investigation by Gawker earlier this month that alleged Facebook were routinely suppressing conservative news.The company denied the claims and it raised the ire of conservatives which prompted Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to meet with some members, including TV personality Glenn Beck, last week.Members of Congress expressed outrage over this issue, which resulted in Sen. Thune s inquiry.Facebook said that it immediately launched an investigation over the Trending Topic controversy saying that it spoke with current reviewers, their supervisors, a cross-section of former reviewers , its contractors, and its policies to understand if anyone working on the product acted in ways that are inconsistent with our policies and mission.While Stretch claimed there wasn t any systematic political bias, he acknowledged that there was no way to discount the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies.
The disappointing performance of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to reverberate throughout Warner Bros. Pictures burgeoning universe of DC Comics movies, as one of the studio s top producers has reportedly seen his role shift in the wake of the film s less-than-super performance.Charles Roven, who has served as a producer on every comic book movie made by Warner Bros. since Christopher Nolan s 2005 franchise-starter Batman Begins, won t be supervising production on several projects down the road that he was initially attached to as a producer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The report indicates that he could be brought on as a producer for sequels to films he already worked on, but nothing is confirmed at this point.The report on Roven s evolving position regarding the studio s live-action superhero films has not been confirmed and remains entirely unofficial at this point, with a studio spokesperson telling the outlet that Roven is a key member of not only the DC slate but of the Warner Bros. family.The film currently ranks as one of the worst-reviewed movies of all time featuring Batman or Superman, and despite a big opening weekend, isn t likely to cross $900 million worldwide.The next DC Comics movie scheduled for release from Warner Bros. Pictures will be Suicide Squad, set to hit theaters August 5.
A billionaire board member of the world's most powerful media company has been using a fraction of his enormous wealth to try to take down a news website critical of him, anonymously funding lawsuits targeting the site.Peter Thiel, the influential Silicon Valley investor and cofounder of PayPal, acknowledged this week that he was the mystery financial backer funding wrestler Hulk Hogan's attempts to sue the snarky news and gossip blog Gawker into oblivion over a sex tape.The fiercely libertarian, Donald Trump-supporting billionaire sits on the board of Facebook, the social-media platform where more than a billion people access and consume news on a daily basis.People are now wondering whether this will have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press and the ability of journalists to speak sometimes disrespectfully truth to power.Thiel's ire with Gawker stems from an article outing him as gay titled "Peter Thiel is totally gay, people" , as well as others that he says "ruined people s lives for no reason.""Plenty of journalists think otherwise.Peter Thiel is going 'thermonuclear'Over at Fusion, Felix Salmon pulls no punches, accusing Thiel of "reinventing the concept of philanthropy so as to include weapons-grade attacks on America's free press."It makes decisions about what 1.09 billion people see and how they access news on a daily basis.""Facebook already has absurd economic influence on press," Jeffery tweeted.And now one of the key mentors to Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is waging war on a single website to deliberately stop certain types of coverage: "It's less about revenge and more about specific deterrence," Thiel told The Times.So far, Zuckerberg has stayed quiet on the issue.But it looks as if others on Facebook's board are sympathetic to Thiel: Marc Andreessen, a fellow board member, has retweeted multiple messages in support of the PayPal cofounder.One of Andreessen's colleagues, Benedict Evans, who is a partner at Andreessen's venture-capital group, Andreessen Horowitz, retweeted a tweet praising Thiel as a "hero, truly admirable work."Billionaires already routinely — and successfully — use the law to censor the press, but their activities are usually limited to specific stories about them.
Generic pistol-packing granny shot by Shutterstock.According to the indictment, she admits to pointing an airsoft gun but denies the charge.The Local reports that a 24-year-old punting a deal from Viasat and telecom outfit Telia unwisely knocked on the 64-year-old's door on evening back in February while she was "enjoying whisky and wine with a friend".According to documents filed with Gothenburg District Court, the salesman recounted: "I said: 'Hi, my name is XXXX and I'm from Viasat.The unnamed woman was arrested a couple of hours later, and cops discovered the airsoft gun under her pillow.Airsoft weapons are commonly detailed replicas of the real thing, albeit sometimes with an orange barrel tip, to avoid tragic confusion.
Wyper pulls from new and used dealership inventories to show you cars that match your search criteria.It also uses swiping data from all users to aggregate cars with social value —things like popular trim levels and colors.This cuts down on the creep factor, sure, but anyone who has ever contacted a dealership and then been inundated with calls and emails will appreciate the middleman.Wyper s focus is entirely on the consumer, Rosenthal said.That connection is increasingly farther from home, according to Rosenthal.That way, you can find a car with the perfect custom rims four states away, or a car that s so much cheaper in another market that it s worth a few hundred bucks to ship it to your location.
Jongha Choi has a simple storage solution for your small apartment: Turn your unused furniture into wall art.For his master s thesis, Choi, who recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, created benches and stools that lay flat but pop open.He calls it De-dimension, and it s flatpack with a perceptual twist: a perspective drawing come to life, its planar form conveying the height, width, and depth of the assembled stool.In the video, Choi pulls one from the wall and, with a smooth, quick gesture, opens it like the page of a pop-up book.Click over to Choi s website and you ll find that his furniture is the physical embodiment of a thesis exploring heady ideas about perspective and how we perceive the similarities and differences between 2-D and 3-D objects.In the case of De-Dimension, the stools and benches are never truly 2-D; but the fact our brains can appreciate their dimensionality, even when flat, is a clever visual trick that would earn Choi an awful lot of money if he decides to sell his designs.
Microsoft pulls away from several key markets, but will continue to sell mobile phones in Sweden. Microsoft has not given up its mobile venture, the company writes in a letter to its partner companies. "We continue to support and update Lumia devices on the market, and to support the development of Windows 10 phones from manufacturers such as HP, Acer, Alcatel, Vaio and Trinity; and to develop great new devices," writes Microsoft in an email to partner companies such as Windows Central took part. "Developing new stunning devices" is seen as a confirmation that Microsoft has not given up its internal development despite the recent turmoil. The cost of the new closure is on close to a billion dollars. In total, Nokia affair have cost Microsoft somewhere about eleven billion dollars.
The cylindrical, brushed aluminum chassis in question is called the Ola.Cryorig says it will support a mini-ITX motherboard, 100-watt TDP Core i7 chips and a video card measuring up to 280mm in length.A single 140mm fan at the top pulls air up and out of the case and is aided by dual shark gill-like side air ducts that run along the length of the case.Cryorig says the Ola is still a work-in-progress which unfortunately means it won t be ready until the second quarter of next year.That said, the company plans to demo functioning units at Computex in addition to static models with brushed aluminum and wood veneer alternate panels.No word yet on how much Cryorig plans to charge for the Ola.
Hefting the wood, he set off for the garage and his power saw.There is a tendency to take an analytic technique off the shelf, bring it to the data, and then step back and see the results before fetching another technique from the toolbox and starting again.A big analytics approach pulls three or four techniques from the shelf simultaneously and then lets someone use them, sequentially or in parallel, but certainly cooperatively, at big data-type scale.In a big analytics environment, it is possible to retrieve data from a database with precision and scale, apply statistical techniques to separate the signal from the noise, use the advanced algorithms, AI-related techniques of machine learning and path analytic techniques to analyze patterns like customer journeys, and explore other innovative techniques to make further connections through things like graph analysis.Analyzing data using SQL can tell you how many parts fail.Those revelations could be combined with notes and transactional data that perhaps indicate that a certain tree house building technician serviced all those failed systems, indicating that rather than a part failure, we have a training issue.