the Bank of Finland governor Erkki Liikanenthe scholar graduates in the Finnish macro-economics an economist is a shortage, the Bank of Finland's board stated its position.long-term situation facing the board, according to domestic economic policy analysis and preparatory work quality.One of the macro-economics tasks is to help decision-makers to perceive different policy options to the effect.the Bank of Finland, in 2008 started the financial crisis has shown how important the economy and the financial markets understanding the functioning of the economy as a whole in terms of stability.International recruitment has eased the skills shortage.
concrete company Rudus said that the company's own quality control according to the Turku identified concrete problems is not the reason the company supplied the concrete.Rudus has supplied concrete to the Turku university hospital and parking garage harpoon park site, which has been detected problems in concrete structures.the Company said that its concrete can be used anywhere in Finland normally.Last week the news was that Turku university hospital, plug in the observed concrete strength problem is so serious and extensive that the structures must disassemble and build again.
the Sote-reform has been talked about mainly in savings and big structural reforms.Less has been discussed about the quality of care and effectiveness: the fact that Finland lost every year thousands of human lives the wrong kind of treatment, the treatment chain of disconnection and lack of communication.what is crucial is the treatment effectiveness is Already seen that the social and health expenditure represents 15 billion additional bill to the national economy by 2030.value-based health care focuses on the treatment effectiveness.Unnecessary treatments and complications happen less – things are done right the first time.
Traffic emissions impair air quality and cause health risks especially in Helsinki, busy street the gap.Although congestion charges popularity is the Helsingin sanomat gallup, according to the bill, they would be the most effective way to improve air quality, city of Helsinki environment centre information.long-term exposure increases respiratory, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases as well as mortality.the city of Helsinki environment centre, especially children, asthmatics and the elderly the cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are sensitive to air pollution."the congestion charge has been found to studies the most effective way to orient the movement of more sustainable modes i.e. walking, cycling and public transport.Nikunen refers to the last day of media in the emerging debate on the charges.
Everything you need to know about the HTC 11The HTC 11 is almost certainly less than a year away, so here s what we know about the HTC 11 release date, specs, and price, plus all the latest news and rumours.Update: 11 December 2016 : A new leak has seemingly revealed most of the HTC 11's hardware, and even the phone's new design.We loved the iconic design, slick Android skin and great audio quality, and were sold on the great selfie camera and fast charging.Read on for all the latest news, rumours and speculation on the HTC 11, HTC s flagship smartphone for 2017.Still, there s a chance HTC could use MWC to announce the phone next year – it kicks off on February 27, which would be great timing for a HTC 11 launch.
Although Android N is supplied in a beta program, Google has tonight released the first version of Android N, which they believe is beta quality. Those who have a newer Nexus device and want to jump on the train at your own risk can enroll their device from here and soon after getting the OTA update to Android N. One of the innovations of recent pre-release is that fewer apps appear in the multitasking menu, in an attempt to make it less cluttered. Previously there was no limit to how long the list could be. According to Google's statistics, it was only one percent of users who browsed further back than seven apps. After reaching the end of the list also now a clear all button to shut it down and remove all the apps in the list. The figure below shows over 50 new features in Android N. Update: The article first claimed incorrectly that only seven apps appear in the multitasking menu.
During the recently concluded Google I / O 2016 event featured the American sökjätten, just as speculation before the event took place hinted, the new, and the Google-developed virtual reality platform Daydream. Daydream is a much more advanced version of its predecessor Cardboard and is both software and hardware-dependent and is closely linked with the upcoming version of Android, in short, called N. To ensure that it works as well as possible, Google has developed a standard that interested manufacturers must adapt their hardware for, such as special sensors and displays of a certain quality and standard. By doing Daydream dependent on specific hardware, instead of just consist of software, Google can ensure that delay, repsonstider and image flow will be as good as the technology permits, resulting in a better experience for the user. Although Daydream is still in its early years, Google has been able to find no less than eight manufacturers who are interested in producing Daydream compatible devices; Samsung, LG, HTC, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel. Missing from the list does unfortunately including Sony and Lenovo / Motorola, but we're guessing that many more manufacturers will join during the year.
The world might be seeing a very different Nintendo in the coming years, one that s making medical devices and hamburgers.According to the document, Nintendo has laid out the groundwork to diversify its portfolio.Under proposed amendments, Nintendo underlined new areas where the company wants to expand.Nintendo has tertiarily explored medical devices before with its Quality of Life initiative.Some products from the Quality of Life initiative did reach consumers hands, things like the Wii Balance Board and the Wii U Fit Meter.mentioned, spinning Nintendo IP off into a Chuck E. Cheese competitor would make loads of money.
The X7 provides access to files and formats that some players—incuding Apple's—don't support.A number of portable audio players support these audio files, and Fiio, a Chinese company with a solid reputation for low-cost, high-quality audio hardware, has a full range of such devices.The latest is the Fiio X7 $769 MSRP, $600 on Amazon , an Android-based device that supports nearly all the commonly used audio formats: MP3, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WMA, WAV, AIFF, APE, and OGG at sampling rates up to 384kHz and up to 64-bit resolution, as well as DSD up to 5.6MHz.The main body of the device, without the amplifier module, is about the same size as an iPod classic, but much thicker.The sound is clear and crisp, with a wide, expansive soundstage; it s not overly bass-heavy or tinny, and you can adjust the sound using a built-in equalizer.The X7 also offers Pure Music Mode, which you can toggle in the settings screen that displays when you swipe down from the top of the display.
Streaming video may be what Netflix is best known for, but now the company also offers a tool for checking the speed of your personal internet connection.You don t have to be a Netflix member to use the website, nor does it throw any ads at you.You literally just go to the website and wait for it to quickly report its findings.When you re experiencing streaming issues, allows you to check the download speeds you re getting from your Internet service provider, wrote David Fullagar, Netflix s vice president of content delivery architecture, in a blog post published today.While they re certainly useful, the company s motives in launching them are likely not 100 percent altruistic.Plus, the tool may inspire users to opt for faster internet, which would in turn improve their streaming experience — and thus their Netflix satisfaction.
Nokia Technologies Group Vice President Ramzi Haidamus. Nokia's iconic brand is worth reviving phones. We do not invest in this company at all, but it will perform all marketing, product development and manufacturing independently. We pay very much attention to the fact that the brand is handled well. Työsketelemme HMD with a very close co-operation to ensure that every product that leaves our name on the market, our product promise is responsible for good design and good quality. Upcoming Nokia logo Phones and tablets are Android devices.
In a bid to win over more Indian developers, Apple on Wednesday announced it would set up by early next year a facility to help developers on best practices and to improve the design, quality and performance of their apps on the iOS platform.Apple estimates that over 1 million people in the city work in the tech sector, with over 40 percent of graduates from local universities specializing in engineering or IT.Apple s CEO Tim Cook is on his first visit to India, which he has identified as a growth market for the company, where he expects disproportionate growth versus the more developed areas.Developers usually try out a concept first on Android before offering an iOS version of the app, as it is easier to validate the concept with the large amount of feedback you get from Android users, he added.But iOS is also attractive for developers because users of the iPhone tend to have higher purchasing power and are more likely to retain apps they download, in contrast to Android users who frequently delete apps to save on memory on their phones, Mathew said.The company will also give developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world, and provide support on Apple s Swift programming language.
Just a few years ago, Finland s once-mighty Nokia couldn t wait to unload its dying smartphone business to Microsoft.Microsoft needed a Hail Mary pass to jumpstart its Windows Mobile platform.It was a tough decision for Nokia, a company that had been king of mobile handsets a decade earlier.And so, at first glance, it would seem absurd that suddenly Nokia wants to build a smartphone business from scratch.But times have changed.And so has Nokia.Having shed handsets, Nokia pivoted to focus on telecom and communications equipment.It doubled down by acquiring France s Alcatel, which will give it a broader focus on connected objects and networks.The ability to make cheap, $50 Android phones has given rise to all sorts of regional smartphone players who can offer handsets with decent quality and not too much turnaround time.Many of these phones are aimed at people who are graduating from feature phones to their first smartphone.And its costly manufacturing operations will now be in the hands of a Foxconn subsidiary, as part of the Microsoft deal.Nobody should expect Nokia to become No.
Apple is increasing its focus on India after announcing plans to open its first developer center in the country.Apple said it will work to inspire and instruct developers on best practices, help them hone their skills and transform the design, quality and performance of their apps on the iOS platform.Building an ecosystem of top apps is one way that Apple can appeal to consumers who are in the market for a smartphone.The U.S. company has steadily put more attention on India in recent years, in part because India s smartphone market is showing signs of serious growth potential and also to offset some of the company s reliance on China for revenue.That s far behind China, where Apple currently enjoys around 22 percent of sales, according to data from Kantar.The company is seen by many as under pressure from the government — appeasing the state, which is cracking down on overseas tech firms, may be behind Apple s $1 billion investment in Chinese Uber rival Didi Chuxing — while the Chinese smartphone market s slowdown is a key reason Apple disappointed in its recent earnings.
Twitter is no longer in future web-links or images in its 140 character limit, writes Bloomberg. They have spent a lot of time to shape tviitit so that they can be included in the link or image. Although Twitter, automatically shorten links, they wasted up to 23 characters. Twitter 140 character limit has been a sensitive issue. When in January it was reported that Twitter is considering scrapping the entire border, many Twitter users revolted and claimed that the quality of its "unique" service collapse. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to promise that the border will not disappear.
The forestry company Stora Enso announced the investment. Stora Enso is investing EUR 70 million in a new polyeteenipäällystyslinjaan and automated roll warehouse Imatra mills. According to the company, it strengthens its position as an internationally leading provider of high-quality cartons. "PE-coating to improve barrier- ie läpäisemättömyysominaisuuksia cardboard packaging and functionality in demanding applications such as food and liquids." The investment will be launched during the second quarter of 2016 and is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2017 to the fourth quarter. "This investment is in line with the Group's investment forecast previously announced EUR 680-720 million for the year 2016."
This week the folks at Google have launched a true competitor to Apple's FaceTime and iMessage for iPhone.It's made by the people who developed WebRTC and is built with QUIC.This video calling app is reliable - so says Google.This app, they suggest, is based on your phone number and has a connection that fades to lower quality only when your internet bandwidth is low - simple and smooth.It allows the person being called to see live video of the person doing the calling before they answer.UPDATE: Google suggests that both Duo and Allo will be launched "This Summer."
Twitter is no longer in future web-links or images in its 140 character limit, writes Bloomberg. They have spent a lot of time to shape tviitit so that they can be included in the link or image. Although Twitter, automatically shorten links, they wasted up to 23 characters. Twitter 140 character limit has been a sensitive issue. When in January it was reported that Twitter is considering scrapping the entire border, many Twitter users revolted and claimed that the quality of its "unique" service collapse. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to promise that the border will not disappear.
T-Mobile on Tuesday added more than a dozen new services to its Binge On program as the disruptive wireless provider continues to wage war on the competition and the industry as a whole.Partners joining Binge On, in no particular order, include Google Play Music, NBC, Spotify, Tidal, Great Big Story, Kisew, Ligonier Ministries, Noggin, Qello Concerts, Radio Disney, Univision, Univision Noticias and Toon Goggles.Obviously, some of the new partners will have a greater impact than others.Binge On is a controversial program in which data streamed over your cellular connection from participating partners isn t counted against your monthly data allotment.You may have noticed that Google Play Music, Radio Disney, Spotify and Tidal already take part in T-Mobile s Music Freedom program.In announcing the expansion, T-Mobile revealed that its customers have now streamed more than 377 million hours of video via Binge On and are watching up to twice as much content from participating providers.
Netflix really wants to show you how fast or slow your Internet connection is, and to do so it has launched a new website at that conveys the real-time speed of your connection to the Web — it s designed to give people greater insight and control of their Internet service.It looks like Netflix procured the domain last month and, according to a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO , it s in the midst of trademarking the Fast logo.It works globally, on mobile Internet or domestic broadband, and it displays the speed of your connection, in megabits-per-second, at any given moment.The launch comes just a few weeks after Netflix introduced new cellular data controls to let users tweak the quality of their video streams, so that those on patchier connections can select lower-quality does seem like a random product on the surface, especially given the myriad of existing speed-test tools online, but Netflix wanted something of its own, that works in real-time, and which is devoid of any annoying distractions such as ads and other bells-and-whistles.Netflix s new speedtest tool actually links directly to to allow you to compare the results and we can confirm they are accurate .We all want a faster, better Internet, yet Internet speeds vary greatly and can be affected by other users on your network or congestion with your Internet service provider,  said David Fullagar, vice president of content delivery architecture at Netflix, in a blog post.Using Netflix servers, works like other globally available tools including, and the results should be similar in most cases.