When you ask an average consumer or a small business owner if protecting or backing up data is important, chances are, almost all would say yes.When you ask them how they are doing it now, responses vary.Cloud Storage vs Cloud BackupDropbox and Google Drive are fantastic for what they are for.Is your data encrypted, at rest?But what happens to the data at rest?This defeats their model of serving ads based on the content of the data, for example, Google Drive, or may impact usability of the service.
Those days are long gone now, thanks to a growing plethora of card readers and other payment processors with simple, straightforward fees, access to inventory management tools, Point-of-Sale POS systems, and so much more.Here, we ll break down the fees, accessories, and support for each of these payment providers, and spend some time talking about frozen accounts and other issues that might come up while using a mobile card reader.Intuit Quickbooks GoPaymentIntuit is back with the GoPayment reader, and this time GoPayment is all about integration with Intuit s host of products and software.Still, the app does deserve credit for its in-depth integration with the Intuit cloud.The regular plan with no monthly fee will cost you 2.40 percent $0.25 per transaction.You ll also likely want to pay the monthly fee to get integration with all the rest of Intuit s tools from Quickbooks.
One of the most important, however, is which service they ll select as their credit card payment processing options.When considering the services you will use for payments, it s important to consider factors such as the processing fees and, of course, you will want a company that has a solid and trustworthy reputation.Since there are hundreds of options, here are 10 credit card payment services for small business owners to consider when searching for credit:Related Article: Ways to Pay: Credit Card Processing Tools All Small Businesses Should Use1.DueDue.com is known for its intuitive invoicing and time tracking features, but the company also gives business owners the chance to accept payments quickly by integrating with PayPal and QuickBooks.For businesses that process less than $5,000, you ll be charged interchange plus at 0.5 percent plus $0.15 per transaction above wholesale cost.3.To keep your customers secure, only the card number is scanned and is never stored on your device.On top of processing credit cards Flint allows you to create invoices, coupons, and real-time online reporting.ElavonDesigned for small and medium sized businesses, Elavon gives you the opportunity to accept payments online and on-the-go with the company s Converge Mobile app.Retail rates are relatively low, .95 percent when swiped, and MOTO/Inet rates as low as 1.99 percent.Related Article: 5 Things Most Small Businesses Don t Know About Payment Processing9.
Zapier taps the REST API used by Excel Online, which allows the online version of Microsoft Excel to pull in data from various online sources.Microsoft s native app, Excel 2016, also allows you to tap data various sources like the Web, SQL Server, or Microsoft Access to pull data.Zapier uses what it calls the Zap engine to create workflows, or Zaps, which are its proprietary name for what you'd call a Recipe if you used the If This Then That IFTTT service.While Zapier has a menu of selected Zaps, you can also write your own—and that s where the company begins making money.If you want to build more complex Zaps, use more than 20, or take advantage of premium app Zaps—Amazon S3, QuickBooks, and SalesForce, to name just a few—you ll need to pay at least $20 per month.The only other catch is that you ll need to have your files stored on OneDrive for Business, the cloud storage associated with Office 365.
Whether you pay for virtual office space in your city or simply opt to get a box from your local UPS store, you ll have a standard street address you can use to receive mail.Some services will also scan your mail, and send it to you via email, to make it easier to keep up with what s coming in so you don t have to physically go pick up your mail every day.If you re sending out quotes and invoices to clients, start with higher numbers.This gives the appearance that you ve been in business longer than you have been and facilitates buyer trust and confidence.Many invoicing solutions, such as PayPal and Quickbooks allow you to choose your starting invoice number, so you can keep things organized for your accounting and bookkeeping needs.Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a physical PBX system, turn to a cloud-based option that uses voice over Internet protocol VoIP like Skype.
I m away on vacation this week and too far away from my servers to make our last two NetInstall episodes work, so this week we ll take a look at QuickBooks Self-Employed.Next week it s back to the NetInstall service.It s been about a year and a half since I last looked at QuickBooks Self-Employed, Intuit s business finance app aimed directly at self-employed business owners that don t have a corporation and who often have their personal finances mingled with their business finances.There s an app for your iPhone and web apps that work equally well on every device you own.I still find the best user experience to be on my iPhone, but the browser-based apps are more than serviceable.The iPhone app has been significantly updated, offers a simplified and more streamlined way reviewing your income, expenses, and mileage.
So the guys I work with were looking to improve their skills with Quickbooks since many of our customers export financial information from our product into QB compatible files.They wanted some day long seminars but I suggested checking out online tutorials first.I've purchased from Udemy before while at work so I'm surfing through their site and found a $50 course.I send a coworker the link and he goes "I thought you said it was $50, it's $30."Sure enough on any other computer in the office it's $30.I've accessed Udemy before from this PC from the account where I purchased a course so I cleared my cookies and refreshed the site.
Marketing s got the lead!Sales is in the end zone!With that in mind, you come up with a set of keywords, write some dynamite paid search ads and put together a nifty dynamic landing page that adjusts content on your page to match the integrations mentioned in your ads.So far, so good, right?Stevie Salesman: We actually have a promotion going right now — custom jobs get 40 percent off the monthly subscription.Joe Customer: Hmmm… Well, I ll think about it and get back to you.
Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, posted revenue growth in its latest quarter.The company said its QuickBooks Online subscribers rose 41% to 1.51 million, while its tax business had a strong year and small business online ecosystem revenue increased 25% for the year.Intuit projects earnings excluding items of 1 cent to 3 cents a share on revenue of $740 million to $760 million for the current quarter.Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters project 13 cents and $773 million.For the full year, Intuit expects adjusted earnings of $4.30 to $4.40 a share on revenue of $5 billion to $5.1 billion.Analysts estimates are $4.33 and $5.08 billion.
However, some of the problems that people face don t fit the category of what businesses might see as a good opportunity, so the solution you seek either doesn t exist or is too expensive.Fortunately, with some creative thinking, you can often times take existing services and find ways to make them serve your needs.These five hacks will show you some unorthodox ways to get the most out of the cloud.Create a folder called QuickBooks in Dropbox and move the company files created by QuickBooks most importantly, the file with the extension .qbw into that QuickBooks folder in Dropbox.When you open your QuickBooks desktop application, select Open or restore company from the file menu, and select the .qbw file for in your Dropbox QuickBooks folder.If you open the QuickBooks file, while it is open on someone else s computer, Dropbox will create a conflicting file, for each person s session.
Being a freelancer makes budgeting at least twice as difficult as being a salaryman: You have to build a personal budget and a business budget, making sure that the books stay clean and the IRS has no reason to audit you.Plus, you don t always have a steady flow of income - your month-to-month income will likely look a little bit like a rollercoaster.On top of all that money business and the business of money, freelancers also have to be very strict about their time.If you bill by the hour, you need to know how many hours you worked on something.And if you don t, well, you still want to make sure you re not wasting time on a project that s not paying as much as a different project.To help you out with that task, we put together this list of three awesome budgeting apps that will help you budget your personal life, budget your business, and budget your time.
More than a year ago, Zenefits seemed to be riding high as a company Silicon Valley investors salivated over.The bottom fell out, and not only did Zenefits have to settle with several state agencies, but its founder Parker Conrad resigned.Under new leadership, the company has shifted its focus towards correcting its actions, soldiering on with its mission to be the all-in-one human resource HR solution for small businesses.Zenefits defined the all-in-one HR category in 2013, bringing HR and benefits together in a tightly integrated, online system, said David Sacks, the company s chief executive.At launch, there are 17 integrations, including Google s G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Slack, Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, Abacus, Expensify, eShares, Lattice, Zugata, Greenhouse, Lever, Blueboard, Officevibe, and Bonusly.Sacks explained to VentureBeat that the app store is the only true way to be all-in-one, combining a suite approach with a pure-play, best-of-breed approach.While the company has exerted countless hours perfecting its payroll, benefits, and HR products, it recognizes that it can t do everything, hence the shifting into a more open ecosystem.Itai Turbahn, director of product management, stated that Zenefits had been working on Z2 for close to a year and that the company is thinking about providing administrators with a flexible system tailored to their needs.
Intuit is continuously promoting QuickBooks online. Most of the QuickBooks users are willing to migrate from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. But,is it that easy to migrate from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online?One recent research states that Cloud based applications are used by 37 percent of all small businesses in America. It is expected that this number might rise up to 78 percent by 2020. In another survey conducted by software researchers, it was found that approximately 46 percent of the small and medium sized businesses are using on premises accounting software such as Desktop QuickBooks.They also concluded that nearly 20 percent of the accountants were practicing traditional methods like working of spreadsheets, maintaining account books etc.16 percent of the respondents are using software like QuickBooks Online (QBO) and 18 percent of the small businesses are outsourcing their accounting activities.51 percent of the respondents havefaith in the safety and reliability of cloud-based accounting application. Fifty-three percent of the businesses that were using traditional approach of accounting applications are planning to move to the cloud.The major concerns stated were costs, training, usability and integration.Deciding to switch over cloud can be cost saving. The cloud based application cost ranges from 0 to $40 per month, depending on the number of users and company’s requirement. Moreover, the cost of IT infrastructure can be minimized to a great extent by using cloud based services.The major benefit of Cloud-based accounting software is that companies pay as per the usage basis.As per Ernst and Young study, cloud based systems reduces IT support cost approximately by 25 to 30 percent. Although people are eager to switch from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online, they have to face several challenges as follows:Dependency on the vendorMigrating to QuickBooks Online makes the user totally dependent on Intuit services. Intuit can raise the monthly prices of their online services anytime they want. QuickBooks online users cannot escape from such situations.Increase in Cost Intuit does not provide support to the clients of the QuickBooks users. You need to provide support to your clients by spending few dollars extra from your pocket.You need to pay extra for running multiple companies while using QuickBooks online. A separate subscription is purchased for each company.Intuit also charges for the retention of older company files under the following few conditions:If a company has been closed down and you have retained the access of its company’s file.You want to restructure a company’s chart of accounts while retaining the older company structure.Any corrupted file cannot be resolved with Intuit support. Usability of QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks desktop is entirely different from QuickBooks Online platform.People who work on the desktop version will have face a straight learning curve. You need to train your staff to use QuickBooks Online and bear its cost.Accessibility During tax season, Intuit experiences huge spikes in usage that lead to server crashes. As the server crashes, all your accounting work comes to an indefinite halt. So you will have to wait till Intuit gets it fixed.Compromise in featuresThere are many QuickBooks features which are available in QuickBooks desktop but absent in QuickBooks online such as audit trail track changes to transactions, audit sales track marking backup, auto deliver reports.As discussed above, there are challenges moving from QuickBooks desktop version to QuickBooks online, and users will probably experience a steep learning curve.  But, there is still an option to avail all the benefits of QuickBooks desktop and enjoy the experience of cloud computing.This option is hosted QuickBooks. It means that you can host the desktop version of QuickBooks on a third party cloud server. There are a number of benefits of hosting QuickBooks on cloud. Hosted QuickBooks meets all the challenges that come across while migrating from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. Hence hosted QuickBooks is the right choice to make.  
The efficient financial operations and business continuity retention are the two driving force, compelling businesses to move over to cloud.Over rapid growth, managing cash flow crunches, thinning profit margins, operational inefficiencies, customer service issues, personnel shortages, and management challenges raised by less attention are crucial reasons to work upon effectively.You may be now working on spreadsheets and other standard tools or accounting package.But, cloud based hosting solutions for example, QuickBooks are effective approach enabling business atomization of operations related to the accounts.Consequently, giving heed to the business stability and scalability, migrating over to a cloud-based system for handling business finances, is required today.Over to the cloud, accounting automation by deploying Quickbooks cloud hosting solution indeed is a smart choice.
Google and Intuit have announced a collaboration today that will see deeper tie-ups between their respective software offerings for small businesses.Founded out of Palo Alto, California in 1983, Intuit is among the most recognizable brands in the finance software sphere, developing tools that allow freelancers and small businesses to manage and prepare their finances and taxes.One of those tools is accountancy software QuickBooks, a flagship product with millions of users around the world.As with many software products that have moved to evolve with the times, QuickBooks also has a cloud-based incarnation, and this will be the focus of two key integrations with Google s online business-focused software, G Suite.Hot on the heels of the company s rebrand from  Google Apps for Work a few weeks back, G Suite subscribers will now be able to schedule work and meetings through Google Calendar, with these appointments automatically appearing in QuickBooks.This means that businesses will be able to more easily invoice for their time, and it saves users from having to manually enter each appointment within QuickBooks.Additionally, QuickBooks is now letting businesses sign up for QuickBooks Online through the G Suite Marketplace, so it will now be possible to use single sign-on SSO to access QuickBooks directly from a Google account.This means company employees won t need separate log-in credentials to access QuickBooks; they can simply use their Google account details.Given that QuickBooks is one of the world s biggest accountancy software brands, this partnership is a notable scoop for Google as it looks to push G Suite to millions more people.And it gives QuickBooks an extra carrot to tempt new users on board and to retain existing clients — the company says that a significant proportion of its existing users already use Google s online tools.
Intuit Inc., the maker of TurboTax and QuickBooks, posted a 9.1% increase in revenue for its fiscal first quarter, while issuing guidance for the current period that was more optimistic about sales than Wall Street estimates.The company said its QuickBooks Online subscribers rose 41% to 1.6 million.For the current quarter, the company expects revenue in the range of $1.05 billion to $1.07 billion with adjusted earnings between 33 cents and 36 cents a share.Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters forecast revenue of $997.8 million and adjusted per-share profit of 34 cents.Intuit shares, which rose 17.8% over the past 12 months, fell 0.5% to $113.20 in after-hours trading.The company typically collects the bulk of its earnings during tax season and often posts losses in its off-tax-season quarters.
You might not expect ground-breaking architectural design from Intuit, the 33-year-old software company behind QuickBooks and TurboTax.But with its newest addition to the Mountain View, California, campus, Intuit shows it can hold its own among neighbors Google, LinkedIn, and Quora.Building 20, completed in October, brings contemporary design and sustainable practices to the HQ — including exterior windows that cleverly prevent bird strikes.
While it s been quite some time since we ve taken a look at it, FreshBooks offers excellent built-in time tracking and continues to up its business accounting game.For my money For real!I pay for and use Marketcircle s Billings Pro is the best time tracking and invoicing software I ve had the pleasure to use, but it s not an accounting package, so I still have to pay for QuickBooks Online to track income and expenses.I also have to create duplicate invoices, one that I send from Billings Pro and another for accounting from Quickbooks Online.TSheets free for one user; pricing and fees for multiple users available is a web-based time clock application, similar to Redcort Software s Virtual TimeClock, that helps you track employee s time, whether they work in a physical office or in the field.TSheets provides browser-based clients for Macs and PCs and other portable devices that have browsers but no downloadable app options.
This weekend, San Francisco s Municipal Railway was savaged by hackers demanding over $70,000 in bitcoins, leaving the metro system unable to collect fares.But the hack may be much more devastating for the transit agency, according to a list of servers allegedly compromised by the hackers and obtained by Gizmodo.The list contains the names of 2,212 servers supposedly compromised by the hackers.If true, it could add more validity to the hackers demands for money so that they won t dump thirty gigabytes of Muni s internal data.The list contains servers with cryptic names like BBYH382 but also includes servers like PAYROLLHPDC7600, MUNIMAIL1, MUNIMAIL2, as well as QUICKBOOKS, which likely refers to the popular accounting software.Grover provided this message he received from the hackers to Hoodline:
This weekend, San Francisco's Municipal Railway was savaged by hackers demanding over $70,000 in bitcoins, leaving the metro system unable to collect fares.But the hack may be much more devastating for the transit agency, according to a list of servers allegedly compromised by the hackers and obtained by Gizmodo.The list contains the names of 2,212 servers supposedly compromised by the hackers.If true, it could add more validity to the hackers demands for money so that they won t dump thirty gigabytes of Muni s internal data.The list contains servers with cryptic names like BBYH382 but also includes servers like PAYROLLHPDC7600, MUNIMAIL1, MUNIMAIL2, as well as QUICKBOOKS, which likely refers to the popular accounting software.On Saturday, compromised machines within San Francisco's Muni stations displayed this message You Hacked.