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The visibility and control across applications and workloads are expected to get worse as most organisations race to move to the cloud amid the scale and complexity of cloud attacks, a senior security expert said.“Firms are storing data in more than one environment and due to that, the hybrid IT environment is challenging existing security standards and creating complexity while making the existing legacy cyber defence tools and processes obsolete,” Sunil Varkey, Chief Technology Officer and Security Strategist for Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe at Symantec, told TechRadar Middle East.They cannot manage the identity and authentication of the organisation properly due to the highly fragmented set of security and compliance controls,” he said.“Traditionally, we worked on a protrust model where we know where the data and security are stored and which devices and IT is accessing it, and, moreover, we had control over it.Earlier, the control was under the CIO or an IT manager where the infrastructures use to run,” he said.Moreover, he said that businesses run their own IT and users have their preferences or choices in apps and CIOs run their apps, so, the cloud is extremely decentralised. Kroppen finished fourth in the women’s classic race at the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Championships in S-Hertogenbosch, where the German women’s classic team also won a full quota for Tokyo 2020.Visit this link for more details:
Our journey to the moon is one of the most well-known stories in human history.But Apollo: Missions to the Moon, a new National Geographic documentary, does just that, recounting the entire history of the space race in a unique format using only archival footage, photos and audio -- much that's never been shown to the public before.The project, developed for National Geographic to mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 on July 20, provides a unique, behind-the-scenes look at what it took to get astronauts to the moon.It dives into the history of the Apollo space missions using rare footage from Mission Control, NASA and various TV networks around the world.There's the Apollo missions themselves; we made the spacecraft in a sense a character; the astronauts are characters; the people in Mission Control are characters -- there's this multilayered character arcing that's going on that we weave in and out of the film.Most viewers aren't going to pay attention to that kind of filmmaking, but that's what it took in order for us to bring it to life and make it feel like it's immediate and now.
Welcome to the Advertising and Media Insider newsletter, our weekly news roundup.A leading global ad holding network is launching a cannabis consultancy, hoping to bring in $10 million in its first year.Cannabis advertising has been limited by regulatory and platform restrictions, though.US marijuana retailers spent $4.1 million on advertising in 2018, a tiny fraction of the $151 billion ad pie, according to Kantar.Still, Havas' move could help legitimize the industry and prompt other agencies to follow suit.Airbnb's former CMO left his high-profile job to help tech brands like Pinterest and Uber find their purpose — and his consultancy is on track to make $8 million in revenue in its first year.
From efficiency to airflow, it’s a golden age for racing tech in our drivewaysPerhaps it should have been obvious.After all, I've written thousands of words about the reasons why car companies decide to enter motorsports.Every racing series balances competing aspects—being a sporting competition, being entertainment for the public, being a marketing platform, and being an arena for research and development for new road-car technology.Windshield wipers, disc brakes, dual clutch transmissions, and even direct injection engines were proven on track before filtering their way into the showroom.For the automotive OEMs that are flocking to Formula E, this is one of the attractions, particularly as the series is keeping a tight control of things like race-car aerodynamics that can explode budgets without a scintilla of relevance for street cars.
When I grow up, I want to be a Razer BladeThe Zephyrus M is a clear attempt to edge in on the growing universe of gaming laptops that can also pass as portable workstations.Though it does have a large ROG logo on its led, there’s little else that makes the laptop stand out from the crowd.It’s like a ThinkPad and a Razer Blade had a child and then joined an international espionage ring, forcing them to discreetly ship the wee lad off to a remote orphanage.That’s not to say the laptop entirely lacks personality.The keyboard backlight pulses red while the laptop is in sleep mode, as if it’s breathing, and booting the laptop prompts ROG’s signature race-car sound bite.
The launch, the sixth of a Saturn V, came less than two weeks after the second attempt by Russia to send its own monster rocket, the N-1, on a jaunt to the Moon.The second N-1 and the sixth Saturn VCarrying an uncrewed Zond spacecraft and a live escape tower, the N-1 suffered a first-stage engine shutdown just after clearing the launch tower.One engine continued to fire, causing the stack to topple over and fall back onto the launch pad.The subsequent blast sent debris flying miles from the site and effectively ended what little hope remained of the Soviets reaching the Moon before the Americans.NASA had sent humans to the Moon on Apollo 8 and ventured toward the lunar surface on Apollo 10.
Humanity had yet to set foot on the moon in 1968, but Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke were already envisioning commercial space liners and a lunar research base on the big screen.Like many sci-fi films, 2001: A Space Odyssey undershot the timeline a bit.Whether you’re old enough to remember watching Neil Armstrong make that first footprint in the lunar soil or learned about it in history class, there are almost certainly a number of stories you didn’t hear.The writer and illustrator, whose previous book Trinity chronicled the creation and testing of the first atomic bomb, regularly strays from the main narrative to explore the complex and diverse stories of the people who made the moon landing possible.He devotes chapters to lesser-known characters like NASA’s nearly all-female team of "computers"—a term that historically referenced not a machine but a type of job, as depicted in the film Hidden Figures—and dives into tangential subjects like geology, rocket propulsion, and humanity’s mythological regard for the moon.Whereas many books on the Apollo program seem uncomfortable invoking the ethically dubious realities of the space race, Fetter-Vorm dwells thoughtfully on these ambiguities, touching on critiques of the program, including antipoverty protests led by Ralph Abernathy at Cape Canaveral.
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App stores have accumulated millions of apps over the years.Google play store released an average of 6,140 mobile apps every day during the first quarter of 2018.Does your app have what it takes to race past all the competition and rank at the top?The explosion in the number of apps developed and released have led businesses to seek a good marketing plan for their apps.As marketing an app can make all the difference in the app’s ranking, employing a mobile app marketing agency like AppDupe proves highly useful.
One of the shows coming to Apple’s forthcoming streaming original content video service, Apple TV+, is ‘For All Mankind,’ a series led by showrunner Ronald D. Moore, whose most notable previous credit is creating Syfy’s ‘Battlestar Galactica’ remake series.‘For All Mankind’ is an alternate history fiction series that imagines what happens if the Russians beat the U.S. to being the first to land an astronaut on the Moon.In a new featurette, Moore and his fellow series creators, along with some of their technical advisors, talk about the show, and what the actual Apollo 11 Moon landing meant to thew world.The 40th anniversary of that real historical event is coming up on July 20, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the Joel Kinnaman-starring ‘For All Mankind’ – it’s arriving this Fall along with Apple TV+, but we don’t yet have specifics on exactly when, or on how much the service will cost when it does become available.The official first trailer for ‘For All Mankind’ is below, in case you missed its debut last month.There’s not much to go on here but the premise definitely seems engaging, and I do detect a very BSG -ish vibe from what scenes are available to see here.
Update: Notable has raised $40 million, not the $50 million suggested by the original headline.Notable Labs, a Foster City, California-based provider of personalized drug combination testing for cancer patients, today revealed that it’s closed a $40 million series B round co-led by B Capital Group and LifeForce Capital, with participation from B Capital and Industry Ventures.Cofounder and CEO Matt De Silva said the cash infusion brings the company’s total raised to over $55 million following a $14.8 million series A in September 2017.“Patients with aggressive cancers are in a race against time, but if we can use technology to identify the best drug or drug combination at the time of diagnosis, there is a much better chance those therapies will work,” said De Silva, a former hedge fund manager who founded Notable in 2014 after his father developed brain cancer.“We are eager to scale the results we’ve generated with our academic collaborators by expanding our AI platform and automated laboratory to more cancer types.”As De Silva explained, Notable’s oncological approach predicts which patients are most likely to respond to drugs by applying various treatments to cancerous cells and healthy white blood cells, and by producing a therapeutic index after recording how many of the former survive.
There was only a small number of other kids in your school that actually, actively smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol.The most recent study of high school-aged students in the USA published by the CDC on the matter showed that alcohol and cigarette use was falling – while use of marijuana went up, then back down again.Results from the most recent data (published in 2018 about the year 2017) showed that of three (yes, there was only three available) race/ethnicity groups, it was “White” that reported most commonly that they “currently” drank alcohol (that included having a drink in the past 30 days.)After White students, it was Hispanic students, then Black students, with 32.4, 31.3, and 20.8% reporting they currently drank alcohol.Comparing results from the same study done over the past 16 years, there’s been a rather sizable decrease in “the overall prevalence of having ever drunk alcohol.” In 1991, the percentage of students that’d ever drunk alcohol was 81.6%, while in 2019 that number had decreased to 60.4%.The same was true of “current alcohol use,” between 1991 and 2017, student response went from 50.8% to 29.8% for “overall prevalence of current alcohol use.” That’s just below one in three high school students reporting they currently drank alcohol.
Mercedes-AMG has confirmed pricing for its most fearsome AMG GT car yet, with the limited-edition 2020 GT R PRO set to command a hefty tag if you want to get your hands on the keys.Only 750 of the 577 horsepower cars will be produced worldwide, the automaker has confirmed.It uses the same 4.0-liter AMG V8 biturbo engine as the GT R, and indeed the horsepower and torque figures – the latter clocking in at a healthy 516 lb-ft from 2,100 rpm – are the same for both cars.Each uses an AMG Speedshift DCT 7-speed transmission, too, along with rear-wheel drive.Instead, it opted to tune the coupe for better performance on the track, borrowing tech and tweaks from the AMG GT3 and GT4 race cars in the process.0-60 mph comes in the same 3.5 seconds, but the PRO version shines when it reaches the corners.
The competition in graphics cards keeps escalating, and the attacks come from both AMD and Nvidia.According to a recent interview with AMD’s Vice President and General Manager of the Radeon Business Unit, Scott Herkelman, it appears that the chip OEM intentionally issued fake prices for its latest line of GPUs in order to edge out its graphics hardware rival Nvidia.In the interview, Herkelman notes that AMD had a keen sense of the effects that Nvidia’s hardware and cost constraints would have on the price points it could offer, and that AMD sought to take a more aggressive tack in this year’s GPU race.In light of the unexpected price reduction of AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT between announcement and launch, Herkelman’s comments seem to confirm that AMD pulled off exactly that kind of bait-and-switch, and that it paid off.In fact, the lead that AMD’s new GPU line has over the freshly unveiled RTX Super series from Nvidia is predominantly in terms of price.While the RTX 2080 Super can just outperform the Radeon RX 5700 XT, it costs 75 percent more than AMD’s competing chip.
You can crop a photo on the iPhone in two easy ways - editing with the Photos app, or directly after taking a screenshot.If you want to restore a cropped photo to its original version, use the Revert tool in the Photos app.Here, you can crop, rotate, add filters, or adjust the lighting on any of your pictures.This editing option is best for quick crops of photos you've just discovered on your phone.Check out the products mentioned in this article:iPhone Xs (from $729 at Apple)
As an entrepreneur, there are certain candidates and changes you want to see succeed.Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.In 2016, some were surprised when President Donald Trump won the presidential election, beating Hillary Clinton by 77 electoral votes.After all, Trump’s Twitter account, @RealDonaldTrump, has over 52 million followers, making him the number one followed world leader account on Twitter.In fact, digital marketing has had a huge impact on all presidential candidates in recent elections and will continue to have an impact on this one.Here are the details on how digital marketing is changing politics:
The battle for ownership of KCOM, the East Yorkshire-based broadband provider and slinger of clouds, has finally ended with private equity investor Macquarie on top.The five-day auction closed on Friday with subsidiary firm Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 6 SCSp (MEIF6) lodging an offer of 120.3 pence per share, taking the valuation to £627m.KCOM directors, advised by Rothschild & Co, said the terms of the MEIF6 bid were "fair and reasonable" and recommended "unanimously that KCOM shareholders vote in favour".The price is 66 per cent higher than the closing trade value of KCOM's shares of 72.5 pence each when the company first attracted interest some months back.Humber Bidco, a subsidiary of the UK's largest hedge fund, the Universities Superannuation Scheme Ltd (USSL), made the initial approach to KCOM with an offer of 97 pence per share on 24 April, which valued the company at £504m.The tale took another turn in early June when Macquarie showed its hand, throwing in a rival offer of 108 pence per share, taking the total to £563m.
Sputnik signaled that there was new territory in play for world powers to jockey and improve their positions.There’s a clear comparison between the space race of the 1960s and the present-day surge in national AI development.Take it from Vladimir Putin, who said in 2017 that whichever country becomes a leader in artificial intelligence “will become ruler of the world.” China, Russia, Israel, and the United States generally set the tone for AI research today.There have already been incremental shifts demonstrating the rise of AI, like Garry Kasparov’s 1997 defeat at the chessboard by Deep Blue or the genesis of practical driverless vehicles that rely on AI technology today.When everyday people recognize movie-style AI technology in the real world, they’ll begin to understand its full impactBut the “secret” is already out for many.