Despite an awful name, Sony‘s WH-1000XM3 has practically achieved legendary status in the world of headphones. It did almost everything right: great sound, great comfort, great noise canceling, good design, and useful features. Still, there’s always room for improvement, so today Sony announced the WH-1000XM4, retailing for the same $350 price tag as its predecessor. Though it looks much the same, it offers a few key improvements, mainly in the forms of better noise canceling and welcome usability improvements — including the ability to automatically pause music when it senses you’re speaking with someone in the real world. Although the headphones… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Sony
Conservatives have long accused social media platforms of being politically biased. A new report suggests they might be right — but not in the way they claim. The Tech Transparency Report (TTP) found that Instagram pushed searches about Joe Biden towards negative hashtags about the former vice president, but blocked them for President Trump. The action was apparently triggered by Instagram‘s related hashtags, which direct users to content related to their previous hashtag searches. TTP compared searches for 20 popular hashtags about the presidential candidates. It found that all the related hashtags were disabled for searches about Trump, but appeared for searches… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Instagram
After aiming to buy TikTok‘s US, Canada, Australia , and New Zealand business, Microsoft might be looking to include the Indian and European regions in the deal as well. According to a report by the Financial Times, the Seattle-based tech company wants to buy TikTok‘s global business operations. Sources familiar with the matter told FT that a “deal is in works” for Microsoft to buy TikTok India. However, if it falls through, Bytedance might look for foreign or Indian investors. The Chinese tech giant would also look to license its technology and share revenue with new investors. Last month, India banned… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Microsoft
Those were days when sharing a file was a tedious and time-consuming task.In the world of technology, file-sharing becomes easy breezy it takes less time, effort, work, and resources.This article gives you a brief about the file-sharing software, its types, and the benefits of using the file-sharing software.Read More at :
Business Insider compiled a list of the people leading the most innovative and ambitious tech projects at Wall Street's biggest firms. We asked Wall Street players and industry insiders who's spearheading the most cutting-edge tech initiatives.  The list includes eight people who are heading up teams or projects at a range of the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and exchanges.  Click here for more BI Prime stories.  This story was originally published in September 2019. Take a quick scan of the headlines on any given day, and it might seem as if startups are driving the most interesting tech developments on Wall Street.  It's a fair assumption, as venture capital money continues to pour into fintechs and even the biggest banks are getting in on the funding action.  However, for all the talk of large financial firms being slow to innovate and adapt to changing times, the top players have still managed to create their own cutting-edge projects in-house.  Read more: 60 fintechs that are set to take off in 2020, according to top VCs and investors Business Insider canvassed the most powerful firms on Wall Street — including banks, hedge funds, asset managers and exchanges — as well as other insiders to discover who exactly is leading the most innovative projects and teams at the biggest players. Here are the eight names that emerged and the ambitious projects they're working on, including massive tech integrations and building out entirely new banks. Ali Villagra, global head of Citi Velocity As Wall Street pushes for more simplification and returns to a world of bundled offerings, Villagra and Citi's Velocity institutional trading platform are in prime position for continued success. A combination of web-based analytics that cover everything from stocks to municipal bonds make Citi Velocity an ideal product for an increasing amount of investors looking for a one-stop shop.  Villagra, who joined Citi after graduating Dartmouth in 2001 as an analyst looking at debt capital markets, has spent the past nine years building out Citi Velocity. In August, she took over as its global head.  A big part of Villagra's job is staying ahead of the curve to meet client's evolving needs. Citi Velocity's push into API offerings is a prime example of that, and further indication of Wall Street's obsession with data. APIs allow investors to more easily connect data streams to applications.  Villagra also has other ways of staying up-to-date on the latest innovations, as she serves as the chairman of the board of FINOS, an industry group which supports the use of open source in financial services.  David Woodhead, technical strategy lead for BlackRock's Aladdin Studio What's one of the best ways to keep customers happy with your product? Give them the power to tweak it as they see fit.  That's what Woodhead is helping investors do with one of BlackRock's crown jewels — its Aladdin investment management platform. Woodhead leads the technical strategy for Aladdin Studio, a suite of tools allowing engineers to open up the end-to-end operating system that has long been one of the most-prized technology assets of the nearly $7 trillion asset manager.  Currently, more than 3,000 developers are using Aladdin Studio, working on investment research, analytics, and the automation of day-to-day processes within Aladdin. With an increased focus on data on Wall Street and a workforce that has the technical ability to take matters into their own hands, Aladdin Studio has proven to be a valuable tool for many.  Recently, Woodhead's team has worked to grow Aladdin Studio even bigger thanks to a wider adoption of open-source technology. The result has allowed users to automate repetitive tasks with the Python programming language and create more AI-based tools.  Read more: BlackRock execs lay out how its $1.3 billion eFront deal is setting up Aladdin to crack into a massive alternative-investment opportunity Hari Moorthy, partner at Goldman Sachs Moorthy is tasked with building out a business from scratch for Goldman Sachs, but it's likely not the one you've heard of. Marcus, Goldman's consumer-finance offering, has garnered plenty of media attention since launching in 2016, but Moorthy' work building out a commercial bank could end up being a bigger business for Goldman.  Moorthy, who returned to the bank in 2018 as a partner after serving as a managing director at JPMorgan for four years, has been tasked with building out a payments business to help corporates manage money. As with Marcus, Moorthy's work represents a departure from what has long been the bank's bread and butter — mergers and acquisitions and helping company's raise money. Moorthy has his work cut out for him, as commercial banking is dominated by sprawling existing businesses at two of Goldman's biggest rivals: JPMorgan and Citigroup. However, Goldman certainly hasn't been afraid to put resources behind the effort. In February, the Financial Times reported Goldman had hired 100 employees to work on the project.  Read more: Goldman Sachs just announced its first partnership for transaction banking as it looks to build a new $1 billion business moving money around the world Matthew Granade, chief market intelligence officer at Point72 Asset Management As Point72 Asset Management's chief market intelligence officer, Granade has the difficult task of leading the team responsible for combing through huge amounts of data to find information that the hedge fund's portfolio managers and analysts can turn into trades.  That's no small undertaking in any case, but it's especially difficult considering the fact that Point72, which manages $14 billion in assets, prides itself on being one of the most sophisticated firms when it comes to its digestion and analysis of data.  Granade, who has been at Point72 since 2015 and also spent more than five years at rival Bridgewater Associates, isn't just focused on the quantitative side. He also leads Point72's "person + machine" strategy, which includes a mixture of both humans and algorithms. The idea behind the hybrid approach is to combine the strengths of both sides to create the best investment opportunities. Read more: Point72, Renaissance Technologies, and Millennium are trying to make quant strategies work in bond markets. Here's why their nascent credit-trading teams face an uphill battle. Debra Herschmann, head user experience at JPMorgan's corporate and investment bank For all the focus around technology making trading faster and smarter, there is still something to be said for how good a product looks and how easy it is to use.  Herschmann's purview is exactly that, as she leads the digital experience design team for JPMorgan's corporate and investment bank. Herschmann came to JPMorgan in 2016 after spending nine years at Goldman Sachs, most recently serving as the head of corporate and investment bank user experience.  At JPMorgan, Herschmann has grown her team from 20 to 125 in the past two years and is involved in more than 60 projects across the corporate and investment bank.  Recent accomplishments include making Algo Central, JPMorgan's algorithmic execution tool, easier to follow and use via data visualization techniques. Same goes for Activism Insights, a tool meant to help investment bankers predict the influence of activist investors. Designers created a framework to reduce the time required by users to gather insights and analysis from the tool.  Read more: JPMorgan is hiring to grow a team that designs tech used by its bankers and clients — and it shows the huge impact fintech is having on Wall Street Chris Woolley, director of trading at Man Group As financial markets become ever-more complex — with investors trading in new ways and on a growing number of venues — the importance of being able to execute trades efficiently is critical. Enter Woolley, who serves as the director of trading at Man Group, a role that includes leading the Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR) project.  AIR uses machine learning to understand the best route for a trade, tapping into historic trade and market data to help improve the firm's ability to execute at the lowest possible cost. Doing so also allows traders to focus on more complex trades, such as those done in the over-the-counter space, which are typically harder to execute.  AIR was initially implemented in financial futures in 2017, and Woolley has been tasked with expanding it across different financial products. Last year, AIR was deployed in cash equities and foreign exchange. Next up for the group is credit.  Read more: The world's biggest hedge funds like Bridgewater are blending quantitative and fundamental trading. Here's why it's gaining hype on Wall Street. Ari Studnitzer, managing director for technology and product management at CME Group Tech integrations are tricky under any circumstance, but Studnitzer's task at CME Group is particularly impressive. Following CME Group's $5 billion acquisition of NEX back in November 2018, Studnitzer is leading a team focused on integrating BrokerTech and EBS, venues for trading US treasuries and foreign exchange, respectively, onto the larger CME Globex system.  That will create a single place to transact in futures, options, cash and OTC products. Even more importantly, by creating a one-stop shop, the project has the opportunity to create cross-asset savings, whether it be in data, clearing, or other areas. Studnitzer, who has been with CME since 2002, also has a hand in the newest potential technology out of the exchange, as he manages CME Group's tech labs. One specific area of interest for Studnitzer has been his work creating CME's corporate strategy around cloud usage, both for data and applications.  Read more: From Deutsche Bank to CME, Google Cloud has nabbed a string of big financial clients. Here are 3 ways it's making its pitch to win over Wall Street. Jonathan York, Bridgewater's chief architect and head of product for client service technology York has spent the better half of a decade working on Bridgewater's client-facing platforms and technology. The goal is to offer up the best data, analytics and visualization tools to the clients of the firm, which manages $150 billion in assets.  Analytics, in particular, has been an area of focus for York and his team. Investors are eager to make sense of the swaths of data available to them, and Bridgewater is able to do that thanks to a personalized and secure web channel they can access content through.  York's team will also look to continue to improve the digital experience of its clients, as it aims to make the experience as customizable as possible. No stranger to creating tools and systems geared to a customer, York spent time at vendor SunGard and ratings agency S&P before joining Bridgewater in 2013. 
“You can have any color, so long as it’s black.” This is a trope commonly attributed to Henry Ford speaking about the Model T, but it’s probably (definitely) not true. The point, though, was that offering the vehicle with limited color choices made it cheaper to produce. Black reportedly dried fastest, which meant manufacturing time went down and margins went up. [Read: COVID-19 canceled doctors’ office visits — these startups are bringing the doctor to you] In recent years Tesla has been following a similar strategy, and now offers its vehicles in just a handful of colors, which are all… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Tesla
Though Ford's stock price declined during his tenure as CEO, Jim Hackett has made smart moves to prepare Ford for the future, two auto-industry experts told Business Insider. Hackett, who'll retire in October and be replaced by COO Jim Farley, strengthened Ford's investment in the autonomous-vehicle startup Argo AI through a deal with Volkswagen. And he set a plan to install tech in Ford cars that will allow them to communicate with stop signs, traffic lights, and other vehicles. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Since Jim Hackett became Ford's CEO in 2017, investors have sent a clear message about their lack of confidence in the automaker's future, sending its shares down from $11 at the beginning of his tenure to $7 when markets opened on Wednesday. Ford's stock price trails those of General Motors ($26, as of Wednesday morning), Fiat Chrysler ($11), Tesla ($1,505), and even Nikola ($33), an electric-truck startup that doesn't plan to begin production of its first vehicle until next year. But Wall Street's skepticism doesn't mean Hackett, who announced on Tuesday that he'll retire in October and be replaced by COO Jim Farley, has neglected Ford's future. Under his leadership, Ford has taken promising steps to prepare for a world in which cars will be increasingly autonomous, electric, and connected, two auto-industry experts told Business Insider. "At least in those areas, Ford, I think, has acquitted itself reasonably well," said Michael Ramsey, an analyst at Gartner. Hackett negotiated a big deal with Volkswagen Though Ford appears to lag behind GM in electric vehicles, automated-driving technology, and vehicle connectivity, it has made promising moves in those areas. Hackett, Ramsey said, was wise to commit Ford to installing in all future vehicles, starting in 2022, tech that will allow them to communicate with each other and nearby traffic infrastructure. That year, Ford also plans to begin operating autonomous ride-hailing and delivery services powered by the startup Argo AI's automated-driving system. Ford invested $1 billion in the company in 2017 under Hackett's predecessor, Mark Fields, but it was Hackett who bolstered that investment by negotiating a wide-ranging partnership with Volkswagen that resulted in Argo receiving $2.6 billion from the German automaker. The Volkswagen deal also gives Ford access to its partner's electric vehicle platform, sparing Ford the cost of having to develop one from scratch. Ford has not received much acclaim for its EV strategy, which has been less aggressive than GM's, said Michelle Krebs, an analyst at Cox Automotive. In addition to developing its own EV platform, GM is building a factory that will house a battery joint venture with LG Chem, a move Ford has not yet matched. But GM's decisiveness won't necessarily be more lucrative than Ford's relative caution, Krebs said, even if it looks good now. There's still plenty of uncertainty around how much consumers will embrace EVs, which made up less than 3% of the global auto market in 2019. "I think they're being smartly cautious," Krebs said. Hackett has struggled to communicate his vision The reason investors have not responded to Hackett's moves may lie in his failure to tie them together into a clear and compelling vision, Ramsey said. Hackett's discursive communication style, which has at times confused his own employees, contrasts sharply against that of Alan Mulally, the exec lauded for pulling Ford through the Great Recession in part by clearly outlining his priorities, Ramsey said. Hackett, who led Ford's mobility division before becoming CEO, may ultimately be remembered as a transitional figure who began a reinvention his successors will complete. On a conference call on Tuesday following the CEO change announcement, executive chairman Bill Ford described Hackett as a kind of table-setter for Farley, who will be tasked with building on his predecessor's efforts. "I asked Jim to help modernize Ford and to begin a transformation that would radically change our company," Ford said. "We have lots of work ahead of us to really complete our mission, but thanks to Jim, we are a very different company today than we were three years ago." Read more: Outgoing Ford CEO Jim Hackett never won over Wall Street — but he triumphed in his fight to change the carmaker's culture Ford's new CEO named Amazon, Apple, and Tesla — not GM — as his key rivals. Industry experts say he's exactly right. Ford's CEO switch-out shows that the automaker is still a family business — and that Bill Ford is still in charge Meet new Ford CEO Jim Farley, the sports car lover who once said 'F--- GM' SEE ALSO: Tesla competitor Nikola sinks 17% after debut earnings report misses forecasts and analyst call turns contentious Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Swayze Valentine is the only female treating fighters' cuts and bruises inside the UFC octagon
Forbes estimated that Addison Rae Easterling had made over $5 million from her TikTok career in the past year, in a new report on the top earners on TikTok. Charli D'Amelio was not far behind, with Forbes estimating she made over $4 million.  Forbes reported the estimated earnings for seven top TikTok stars, each bringing in one million dollars or more in pre-tax income. Subscribe to Business Insider's influencer newsletter: Influencer Dashboard. Charli D'Amelio has the most TikTok followers, but it's Addison Rae Easterling who makes the most money, according to Forbes. In a new report on the top-earning TikTok stars, Forbes estimated that the seven top TikTokers, including Easterling and D'Amelio, brought in over one million dollars in the last year. Forbes estimated that Easterling made over $5 million, making her the highest-earning TikTok star right now. Trailing not too far behind was Charli D'Amelio, making an estimated $4 million. The two are the most followed creators on the video app, with D'Amelio's following now over 76 million and Easterling's at over 54 million.  Both Easterling and D'Amelio started posting to TikTok in 2019 and quickly rose to fame. After three months of posting videos, Easterling hit over one million followers on the app. "I remember that's when it changed for me," Easterling told Business Insider earlier this year. "I knew I wanted to take it more seriously and expand it to other platforms. I uploaded a video to YouTube and got really active on Instagram." D'Amelio and Easterling joined the TikTok group Hype House as original members in early 2020, as did Charli's sister Dixie D'Amelio, who ranks No. 3 on Forbes' list at $2.9 million. The D'Amelios have formally left the group since. In March of 2020, D'Amelio became the most followed creator on the app, surpassing Loren Gray and Easterling. Gray appears on the Forbes list at No. 4, with $2.6 million. Both Easterling and D'Amelio have launched their own cosmetics products: Item Beauty (a new makeup line created by Easterling and Madeby Collective) and Morphe 2 (a collaboration between Charli and Dixie D'Amelio aimed at Gen Z). They have also partnered with brands like American Eagle and Hollister, as well as launching merchandise collections on their own.  The other top-earning TikTok stars on Forbes' list were Josh Richards ($1.5 million), Michael Le ($1.2 million), and Spencer X ($1.2 million). Forbes' report estimated these seven TikTok stars' pre-tax earnings between June 30, 2019 and June 30, 2020. "To estimate what they made, we talked to the influencers themselves, agents, managers, marketers and investors," Forbes said.  To read more about how TikTok stars are making money, check out these other recent Business Insider stories: TikTok influencers say they're making tens of thousands of dollars by promoting apps in videos: 'There's not really a limit on how much you can earn' TikTok influencers are getting paid thousands of dollars to promote songs, as the app becomes a major force in the music industry How a clothing reseller used TikTok to double her sales to over $7,000 per month on the social shopping app Depop Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why YETI coolers are so expensive
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If you were hoping the release of Google’s new budget-friendly Pixel 4a would be an opportunity to snatch a Pixel 4 or 4XL at a discount, you might be out of luck. Google has discontinued its flagship phones, which it released less than a year ago in October, The Verge reports. The good news is that Pixel 4 and 4XL owners will continue to get software updates for at least a couple of more years. “Google Store has sold through its inventory and completed sales of Pixel 4 [and] 4 XL,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge. “For people who are still… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Google
In what seems to be a common occurrence, Chinese video-sharing app TikTok is once again in the headlines. After months of speculation about national security risks and users’ data being harvested by the Chinese Communist Party, US President Donald Trump has announced plans to ban TikTok in the United States any day now. In response, a deal is being negotiated between TikTok’s parent company ByteDance and US software giant Microsoft. If successful, Microsoft will take over the app’s operations in the US and potentially also in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. A US ban would not be unprecedented. India barred… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Microsoft
Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Albert Einstein used to say: Let’s whip up a knowledge omelette! Bitcoin price We closed the day, August 05 2020, at a price of $11,747. That’s a respectable 4.84 percent increase in 24 hours, or $543. It was the highest closing price in three days. We’re still 41 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017). Bitcoin market cap Bitcoin‘s market cap… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin
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Even though it’s had its operating license revoked in London, England, Uber is still intent on burrowing its way into as many other corners of the country as it can. Bloomberg’s Katharine Gemmell reports that the ride-hailing company has bought Autocab, a British company that specializes in making software for taxi firms. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, tech companies acquire other firms all the time. This acquisition however, will increase Uber‘s UK market presence from 40 locations to up to 170 in one fell swoop. [Read: Trade secret stealing ex-Googler sues Uber for $4B] Through integrating with Autocab’s… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Uber
Ever since the evolution of the human economy and its existence in the world, gold has been a precious metal used as a store value.Gold coins can be traced back to every dynasty that ruled over the world at some point of time.To read more visit
Ever since the evolution of the human economy and its existence in the world, gold has been a precious metal used as a store value.Gold coins can be traced back to every dynasty that ruled over the world at some point of time.To read more visit
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Hi, this is Amanda Perelli and welcome back to Influencer Dashboard, our weekly rundown on the influencer and creator economy. Sign up for the newsletter here. Amazon wants to be a major player in the influencer business. This week, I spoke with a YouTube creator who explained what it's like to work with the ecommerce giant's various programs and how she makes money, from affiliate commissions to livestreaming.  Kim Pratt, who is a skincare influencer and YouTuber, is a member of the Amazon Influencer Program, and for every purchase someone makes through one of her links, she earns a commission ranging from 4% to 10% through the program, she said. But still, she often doesn't make much money on that first purchase one of her followers makes, since the products she links to usually range in price from $5 to $20. Her secret weapon on Amazon is that she also gets a cut of what her followers buy for a day after being directed to Amazon with her link. "You get a cut of everything that person buys for that 24-hour period," she explained. So, how much money does she make as an Amazon Influencer? Typically, Pratt's Amazon affiliate revenue is higher than her monthly YouTube revenue (earned from the ads that play in her videos), she said. But those numbers can fluctuate. In June, Pratt had her best month on YouTube, earning around $7,000, according to a screenshot of her analytics dashboard viewed by Business Insider. On Amazon, she earned around $6,000, shes said, which was near her monthly average from the platform in 2020. In our conversation, Pratt also broke down Amazon's livestreaming program for influencers, which was released widely in July. Her take: It is better in theory than in practice. Read more about Pratt's business and on how features like livestreaming work on Amazon, here. Plant influencers are landing brand deals and growing their followings online While sheltering-in-place during the pandemic, many people are looking around their houses and apartments and wondering, "Should I buy more plants?" For advice on the subject, some turn to "plantfluencers," the social-media influencers who specialize in sharing content about — as their nickname suggests — plants. And during the last few months, several houseplant brands like The Sill have seen spikes in plant demand and sales. My colleague Sydney Bradley spoke with several "plantfluencers" and brands about the houseplant trends they've seen and how they're adjusting to the growing demand for greenery. "I think folks are looking for an opportunity to green-up their space and to make their homes that they're working in have a little more light to it," said Christopher Griffin, whose @plantkween Instagram account has grown by nearly 150,000 followers since March. Read more about how these influencers have increased their followings and continued to land brand deals, here. TikTok salary data shows pay for US jobs in engineering, product, data science, and more It's been a busy week for TikTok. On Friday, President Trump told reporters that he planned to ban the short-form video app outright. By Sunday, the ban was off, with Microsoft announcing that it was in talks to acquire the company's US operations by September 15. Despite political headwinds, TikTok is forging ahead with its hiring plans in the US, staffing up in roles that will help the company compete with digital-media powerhouses like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. And many of its new hires in the US are being offered six-figure salaries, according to wage data from the US Department of Labor. In order to better understand how much TikTok and its parent company ByteDance pay US-based employees, my colleagues Ashley Rodriguez and Dan Whateley analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification's disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers. The data include salary offers from TikTok and ByteDance from roughly 240 foreign-labor certification applications that were submitted and certified between October 2019 through June 2020. Read the full post for more on how much TikTok pays employees, here.  More creator industry coverage from Business Insider: Instagram news Poshmark clothing resellers are becoming Instagram influencers to increase sales (by Sydney Bradley) We are seeking nominations for the top beauty and fashion brand ambassador programs for influencers (by Sydney Bradley and Amanda Perelli) TikTok news We spoke with a cosmetic nurse with TikTok star clients on the enhancements they ask for, like "glass skin" and lip and jawline fillers (by Amanda Perelli) Marketers are still planning ad campaigns for TikTok, but some are amending contracts so they can move spending to another social platform if needed (by Dan Whateley and Lauren Johnson) Ask an influencer: "What was your family and friends' reaction to your initial success online?" Ur Mom Ashley (833,000 YouTube subscribers): "When I first started YouTube, my family was apprehensive about me having a career in social media. However, as my channel has grown, they've come to appreciate all of the hard work that goes into my job and are incredibly supportive!" Dayna Bolden (83,000 Instagram followers): "My friends and family were surprised at the success because at the time being a full-time influencer was not a 'thing.' This world of influencer marketing was still relatively new, so to create a career on social media was something that they have not seen. They were definitely surprised by it but ultimately very happy to see my success and to see that I created something for myself doing something that I am very passionate about. I have been able to grow my business year after year and increase my earnings. Now all my family and friends understand what I am doing and are truly rooting for me every step of the way." Ramzy Masri (136,000 Instagram followers): "Everyone has been super supportive. It's always interesting what does well on social and I think some friends were surprised by how quick the reaction was to my work and how fast things went viral. What can I say, people love rainbows!" Submit your questions about the influencer industry or for creators to [email protected] We'll answer your questions in an upcoming issue of Influencer Dashboard. This week from Insider's digital culture team:  YouTuber Joey Graceffa is under fire for old blackface videos (by Palmer Haasch) LA influencers won't stop partying. Few have said whether they've spread the virus (by Kat Tenbarge) Jake Paul's Calabasas mansion was searched by the FBI on Wednesday (by Rachel Greenspan) Here's what else we're reading and watching: With the coronavirus crushing advertising, some YouTubers turn to subscriptions (by Lucas Shaw and Mark Bergen, from Bloomberg) Tatcha is debuting its new cleanser in Animal Crossing (by Lauren Rearick, from Nylon) Banning TikTok would be devastating for creators (by Travis M. Andrews, from The Washington Post) David Dobrik will host a dodgeball competition series for Discovery Channel (by Kimberly Nordyke, from The Hollywood Reporter) Why TikTok stars will survive no matter what (by Meg Zukin, from Variety)  Thanks for reading! Send me your tips, comments, or questions: [email protected] Subscribe to the newsletter here.Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: A cleaning expert reveals her 3-step method for cleaning your entire home quickly
Google Cloud's data analytics company Looker announced its first new product features on Thursday since it was acquired for $2.4 billion. With its new features, Looker is going after Google's core marketing audience.   This is part of Looker's strategy to roll its tools out to additional parts of Google to help them reel in new customers.  Looker also gives Google Cloud a stronger data analytics offering that works on multiple clouds, which is a major part of Google Cloud's strategy to compete with Microsoft and Salesforce.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Data analytics company Looker just announced its first new features since Google Cloud closed its $2.4 billion acquisition of the business in February.  Looker is launching a development framework that allows developers to build their own applications, a marketplace for custom applications, and enhanced features in its analytics platform specifically built for marketers.  That final feature is key to Looker's strategy of finding areas within the broader Google business where it can combine its product with the company's existing tools.  In this case, it has built analytics and AI capabilities specifically for Google's core marketing audience.  "As a marketer, you want to understand how the programs you're running are influencing buyer decisions," Pedro Arellano, head of product marketing at Looker, told Business Insider. The new tools are designed to appeal to existing Google clients on the advertising side: "If you're a marketer that's used to living in that Google world, now having that exposure — and understanding the broader business context — is powerful." While the marketing features came first, Looker plans to roll its tools out to additional parts of Google, to help them reel in new customers, too:  "Now that we're part of Google, we're finding and identifying opportunities to broader Google teams where we provide existing value to new customers," Arellano said. "Google Cloud now has enterprise class [business intelligence] and analytics solutions. That is a very important market that Google Cloud and Looker can now pursue." Looker and Google Cloud's multi-cloud strategy Overall, Google Cloud acquired Looker to help it better compete with Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as to push its multi-cloud initiative.  Looker has always worked with multiple clouds, and a multi-cloud philosophy is a major part of Google Cloud's strategy to compete with its larger rivals. Read more: Google Cloud just closed its $2.4 billion acquisition of data analytics company Looker, and CEO Thomas Kurian says it will make more acquisitions 'when the time is right' Google Cloud has been building products of its own that allow customers to work with multiple clouds, including Anthos, which allows customers to run applications on multiple clouds and private data centers, as well as BigQuery Omni, a data warehouse product that works with Google Cloud and rival clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.  "We're excited to have Looker as part of the Google family," Debanjan Saha, vice president and general manager of data analytics at Google Cloud, told Business Insider. "It completes our portfolio. What Looker is helping us do is bridge the gap between data and using data and building solutions quickly for our customers." Do you work at Google Cloud or Looker? Got a tip? Contact this reporter via email at [email protected], Signal at 646.376.6106, Telegram at @rosaliechan, or Twitter DM at @rosaliechan17. (PR pitches by email only, please.) Other types of secure messaging available upon request. SEE ALSO: An exec who spent nearly 8 years helping grow Google Cloud into a behemoth explains why he ditched his Silicon Valley job to join tiny, Midwestern 3D modeling startup Physna Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How the Navy's largest hospital ship can help with the coronavirus
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In a Wednesday morning interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Donald Trump claimed children are “almost immune” to COVID-19. Evidence suggests this is not true. Trump also suggested schools should reopen because the virus will “go away.” The video was then shared on the president’s Facebook page. The social network decided this violated its content guidelines on misinformation and removed the post, as reported by NBC News. It’s one of the rare times the social network has acted on one of the president’s posts. A Facebook spokesperson told NBC: This video includes false claims that a group of people is… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Facebook
Google today announced it’s bringing a slew of updates to its Docs, Sheets, and Slides mobile apps — among which is Smart Compose. The apps will also get some minor updates including Dark Mode (yay). Smart Compose is probably the most useful of the new additions. While the feature has been available in Gmail for years, and in the web version of Docs for a while as well, this will be the first time it’ll be available in the mobile apps. According to the preview images, the Smart Compose text will appear as gray words next to what you’re typing.… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Android,iOS,Google
One of the most interesting announcements from Samsung’s Note 20 reveal was that you would be able to run the phone’s apps on your PC using Microsoft‘s Your Phone app. It turns out that functionality isn’t only coming to the Note 20, and some Windows Insiders are able to try it as soon as today. Microsoft today revealed it’s bringing the ability to stream your phone’s screen on your desktop using the Your Phone app, essentially casting your phone’s display in a window. Microsoft isn’t the first to think this feature up –Dell’s Mobile Connect software has offered similar functionality… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Android,Windows
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