Four weeks later, his grisly fate was revealed.This case spawned a fearful rumor that tapped into the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, that cultists were planning to kidnap children for their rituals.The man who d convinced his followers to join in his madness—the bodies found at Rancho Santa Elena were just some of the casualties—was El Padrino, the Godfather his real identity: he was 26-year-old Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo , with help from 24-year-old Sara Aldrete, a.k.a.Rolling Stone s in-depth investigation of the case excellent reading if you re not faint of heart, as is this Texas Monthly take on the story quotes an anthropologist as calling Constanzo the Pied Piper of death.Costanzo had grown up in the Santería religion, but his beliefs had morphed into something far darker, of his own design, as he gained more power.Jouret, a doctor, was the face of the organization, delivering the lectures that—despite warning of the looming environmental apocalypse—were magnetic enough to attract new followers.
Donald Trump's election victory has boosted u.s. consumer economic confidence to its highest level since January 2004, told the university of Michigan.the University published by the confidence index reading in December was 98,2, when it in November was a 93.8, and in December last year 92,6.Up to 18% of the respondents mentioned spontaneously it expects Trump's actions to affect the economy positively.the university of Michigan, this is an all-time high: for example, Ronald Reagan received in 1981 to less than half the number of similar mentions of positive expectations.Almost same amount of respondents, 16 per cent, although was waiting for Trump economy from the negative effects.
on First reading the transport and communications minister Anne berner's proposal is strange.Part of the households would have to pay even more.for Example, an adult single ticket would be 10 or 15 euro, depending on whether the trip length of more than or less than ten nautical miles, 18.5 miles.the ministry aims to start next year try the charges.does Not need to be much räknäyspää find that those amount to the Finnish archipelago drain at breakneck speed.the ministry's papers explained it, however, the best way.
We can t resist the good ones.That s what the phrase storytelling marketing is getting at—a story-focused approach to your marketing and brand building.So keep reading to see what Apple, Airbnb, John Deere, and….wait for it….Jell-O can teach us about storytelling marketing and building a brand.Apple was destined to make it onto this list.With this page, Apple is providing a platform for their customers to tell the brand s story, a technique that can produce the most authentic and engaging results.I will say that this site has some big UX issues, which is uncharacteristic of Apple, but I love the idea.
after Reading an article about how the Us president Donald Trump I hate bad news, I was left to ponder the business leaders similar pattern of behavior.the Article quoted a Washington Post story, which discussed Trump's reactions to the women's march news coverage as well as Trump and president Barack obama's inauguration, the audience number of comparison:"president Trump had just returned to the White house Saturday's final inauguration event, a peaceful interfaith prayer moment, when the anger of the thunderhead began to accumulate.Trump turned on the tv and saw a slice of confrontation – on the one hand, different parts of the world organised huge demonstrations in his day-old president, through the against the and on the other hand, few people read inaugural audience, around which remained empty on the broad white areas of the National Mall park.As we know, in a hurry convened a press conference.Spicer played the occasion, the obvious lies Trump the inauguration of the public amount, and the suppliers the criticism was harsh.
the Us labour market, a strong state was further evidence on Friday.the U.S. employment figures sought confirmation of the fed's rate hike expectations.Agriculture outside jobs increased in February, 235 000 song, when bloomberg was collected by the economist forecast a reading of 200 000.the January reading was revised according to the data of 238 000 copies.the U.S. industrial employment change was 28 000 copies in February.Economists were expecting 10 000 and the previous reading was 11 000.
Finland is the euro area best available mortgage loan, the European central bank statistics.This year's January reading, according to mortgage it is cheapest to take from Finland.the loan costs are, on average, just over one percent.Costs have decreased in Finland in recent years.Secondly, the cheapest is in France and the most expensive is Ireland, where a loan price is more than three per cent.Although Finland is not the only country where the loan is cheap.
The Zenfone 2 was one of the most exciting phones of 2015, and Asus look set to keep the momentum going with the Zenfone 3 this year spotted on Antutu with Snapdragon 820 chipset.While not a perfect device, the Zenfone 2 had a lot going for it.It had a powerful chipset, a lot of RAM, decent overall hardware and incredible pricing.So with that all to live up to what will the Zenfone 3 have to offer?Antutu benchmarks posted earlier today are rumoured to be from the Zenfone 3.The phone labeled as the Asus Z016D features a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 1920 x 1080 display, 4GB RAM.32GB memory, and Android 6.0.1.As you can see from the specs, this version of the Zenfone 3 isn t set to make new RAM records, but with an 8 mega-pixel front camera and 23 mega-pixel rear we might see some better performance in these department this time around.For those of you who still think Antutu scores are worth reading in to then the Zenfone 3 scored 135,000 points, which has it ranking just behind the Galaxy S7 Edge, Xiaomi Mi5 and LeTV LeMax 2.We still have around a month before the Zenfone 3 is launched, but if Chinese media are correct it could be well worth it as pricing could be as low as 1999 Yuan.
If reading the previous sentence caused you to become angered and prepared to argue, instead of curious as to why I might say that, you're super-double-extra doomed with a side of "cheque please".The problem with self-identification as a minion-class button-pusher lies in the scope of awareness and the breadth of apathy.They design solutions by considering factors and elements outside the scope of the implementation of the technology.They view things related to business needs, business processes, laws, regulations, diplomacy, user experience concerns and documentation as "necessary evils" to be avoided if at all possible.What percentage of the company's monthly revenue is reasonable to be subscription fees for IT products and services?Whether or not your insert technology is up and running today is a very short-term problem requiring a very short-term focus.
Not that there s anything decidedly unsexy about a knotty metaphor Ha!According to, the site had built a bot that could spit out facts like a champ; but, no one enjoys chatting with a walking Dictionary, lest they hope to be proven wrong, and tactlessly.Hoping to make their bot a little more relatable to humans, Google began feeding it steamy romance passages, imbuing its database of facts with cheesy, raunchy flair.They hit a sweet spot between the labyrinthine, meandering sentences found in literary fiction, and the less elevated language used in kids books.The bot filled in the conversation with lines such as It was quiet for a moment and It was dark and cold, making the simulated exchange sound more like a brooding diary entry or punk song than a chat between acquaintances.Does this mean human writers are becoming endangered, soon to be replaced by an entity that s higher up in the job market food chain?
We currently write about everything to do with customer support and also some hiring topics.Our target customers are owners of small iOS and Windows software startups that are looking to scale up with our services.My question is should I be interacting and reaching out to influencers of the "call center" and "customer services" niches OR should I expand content to reach out to a wider audience?such as startup growth tips, etc.Little more info about what I'm currently doing: Currently growing twitter following by retweeting and interacting with influencers of above niches.Thanks for reading guys, any marketing advice helpful for my niche would be greatly appreciated!
He wrote on his website: "This summer, my recommended reading list has a good dose of books with science and math at their core.Seveneves by Neal StephensonCredit: Neal StephensonLuckily for most, the first book on the list isn't lines and lines of code or an in-depth look at difficult maths problems - it's an interesting-looking science-fiction novel.The Vital Question by Nick LaneCredit: AmazonWell, The Telegraph's book critics certainly think this is one you should pick up - they gave it four stars.Even if the details of Nick s work turn out to be wrong, I suspect his focus on energy will be seen as an important contribution to our understanding of where we come from."Today, of course, Japan is intensely interesting to anyone who follows global economics.Those questions are at the heart of this series of dialogues between Ryoichi, an economist who died in 2013, and his son Hiroshi, founder of the Internet company Rakuten.
From science fiction to economics, entrepreneurism to human history, it's a solid batch of choices, with something to keep all minds occupied during a beach break or long flight.Five thousand years later and their progeny form seven distinct races and they must journey to an alien: Earth.People figure out that in two years a cataclysmic meteor shower will wipe out all life on Earth, so the world unites on a plan to keep humanity going by launching as many spacecraft as possible into orbit.Even if the details of Nick s work turn out to be wrong, I suspect his focus on energy will be seen as an important contribution to our understanding of where we come from."As founder and CEO of Rakuten, one of the world's largest Internet companies, author Hiroshi Mikitani brings an entrepreneur's perspective to bear on the country's economic stagnation.Today, of course, Japan is intensely interesting to anyone who follows global economics.
Apple s software can really bug ya—last week we discussed a bug that wiped out some users iTunes libraries, and this week Apple dropped iTunes 12.4 to clean up the interface and hopefully increase understanding of just how to manage your collection across iTunes on your Mac, your iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music.Glenn and Susie are joined by Kirk McElhearn, one of the world s foremost experts in how the heck a person can use iTunes without tearing all their hair out, to explain what s changed—and what still really needs to be fixed.Elsewhere, we come to bury CurrentC, not to praise it—although we re really into mobile payments now, thanks, especially after the rollout of those poky chip-reading point-of-sale systems.And Gboard leaked some chicken and noodles.Show notesApple Pay s retailer-backed rival CurrentC may never launch by Caitlin McGarryWhy Apple Pay and other mobile wallets beat chip cards by Brian X. Chen for the New York TimesTwitter is on the right track with this rumored change to its 140-character limit by Caitlin McGarryGoogle s new Spaces app is for group sharing across Android, web, and iOS by Derek WalterGoogle s Gboard doesn t send your keystrokes, but it does leak chicken and noodles by Glenn FleishmaniTunes update coming to address file deletion reports by Nick MediatiTalk to us!Or you can point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader at: find previous episodes, visit Macworld s podcast page or our home on Soundcloud.
Prepare to get hot, bothered and... hungry.We happily present to you: Hot Dudes And Hummus, a delicious Instagram account that follows the footsteps of feeds like Hot Dudes Reading, Hot Dudes With Kittens and Hot Dudes In Bed.The account features smokin hot guys eating hummus in restaurants, outdoors, on top of cars and best of all in bathing suits.Male Hummus eaters can submit their photos via email or DM in order to be featured on the account, which calls itself Israel s yummiest tag.No doubt about that.Keep scrolling to see a few pictures of the sexy trend you didn t know you needed.
On Wednesday the company announced its entry into the voice-activated virtual assistant race with Google Home, its answer to the Amazon Echo.Google Home promises to live alongside you wherever you reside, answering your questions, playing your music and reading your news, much like its popular rival.It ll also have Google search built in, which means it ll know a lot about you as soon as you sign in.According to its makers, Google Home is a sleek little device that will learn your music tastes, your commute and your daily plans — with your permission, of course, a spokesman said — and will use that information to tailor itself to your needs.Predators can already hack our baby monitors and computer cameras, and as Gizmodo reported this week, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny that it has wiretapped Amazon Echo devices.You can also turn off the Echo s microphone, though it s unclear whether even that could stop the National Security Agency from listening in.
Furthermore, the fingerprint reading tech Apple describes in the patent could offer even faster and more accurate readings than the current Touch ID sensor, which is already best-in-class.In this type of sensor, two transducers are placed on the x- and y-axes of a plate of glass–one each for receiving and transmitting–for propagating ultrasound waves through a glass plate; when the finger is placed on top of the glass, the finger impedes the waves and the receiving transducer can measure the alteration in wave patterns, the patent explains.With the help of these new technologies, Apple could also combat various hacks used to unlock an iPhone after stealing the owner s fingerprints.But the patent does prove that Apple is indeed working to ditch the home button and increase the phone s screen-to-overall-size ratio.On a device where size and weight are limited, the addition of this module can be costly, Apple explains in the patent.Show entire article
The Accessibility Clickjacking attack exploits flaws in protections for Android's accessibility and draw-over-apps features to allow attackers to hijack devices.It has been updated since its initial disclosure in March after Amit and colleague Elisha Eshed discovered it applied to updated Android Lollipop version 5 devices, the most popular of all Android platforms, and affected an additional 840 million devices.Many malware instances including a free Black Jack app disclosed today and several malicious games reported this week have used accessibility and draw-over-app features to compromise devices.Malicious apps deploy Amit's attack flow to varying degrees of effectiveness, with some hoping users would deliberately approve accessibility features after merely reading a request claiming it needs to be activated."This also enables ransomware exploits, where a hacker may elevate their permissions to remotely encrypt or wipe the device, potentially forcing the victim to pay money to get access to their own device.Android KitKat version 4.4 released three years ago is still used on about a third of devices, just trailing Lollipop, with many perhaps being older and cheap gadgets.
Nearly all of us reading this can likely claim a Nokia phone in our past, more likely well in the past rather than in recent years, so get ready to have your nostalgia bone tickled a bit: Nokia is about to make phones again.Nokia sold its hardware division to Microsoft in late 2013, with the deal closing in April 2014 - and just two years later, that move has resulted in the end of the Nokia brand used for Microsoft's phones, and the slow, sad decline of the Windows Phone platform.Nokia remained its own company, however, and now its non-compete clauses with Microsoft have expired.After teasing a return last year, the company announced yesterday that it has partnered with a new company called HMD to develop "a full range of Nokia-branded feature phones, smartphones, and tablets."HMD has also agreed to obtain Nokia branding rights from Microsoft to help aid in that goal.Also yesterday, Microsoft sold its feature phone business to Taiwan device manufacturer Foxconn for US$350 million £240 million , which means Microsoft has more or less washed its hands of the entire Nokia hardware acquisition.
A bezel-free iPhone has been the dream of Apple fans for many years, but the company may soon be ready to make the idea a reality.A new patent filed by Apple shows technology allowing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to be included within the display rather than on a bezel at the bottom of the phone.The latest patent focuses on ultrasonic imaging tech that would allow for a more accurate reading than the current capacitive sensor you'd find on the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.Accuracy and easeThe patent reads, "In this type of sensor, two transducers are placed on the x- and y-axes of a plate of glass–one each for receiving and transmitting–for propagating ultrasound waves through a glass plate; when the finger is placed on top of the glass, the finger impedes the waves and the receiving transducer can measure the alteration in wave patterns."This type of scanner is very new and largely untested in a variety of conditions, but initial results show promise for the technology.Bringing the fingerprint sensor into the screen would also free up the space at the bottom of the phone and allow Apple to extend the display further down for a truly innovative looking iPhone.