estimated that in Finland the direction has turned to end during the year.He stressed that, inter alia, the Bank of Finland and the OP bank group have changed their estimates of the situation in Finland more positive.It is not necessary to now change, although the spending limits discussion in we'll get more growth and employment", he said new year greetings in.Sipilä pointed out, however, that although the direction is better, is to keep in mind that all finns did not go well."Social inequality, the threat is real and the government took it seriously.I Consider it very important that Finland's okay, when you put like we all finns involved.
You ve most certainly had—or at least heard of—kale chips, but kale isn t the only leafy green that can be transformed into a crispy snack.Brussels sprout chips are just as easy as the kale version and I think a little bit tastier.Click the link below for the full recipe and description of health benefits , but all you really need to do is remove the tips of the sprouts, toss the leaves in olive oil and seasonings garlic, rosemary and sea salt are all great , and roast in a single layer at 450F for 7-10 minutes, until the leaves crisp up.Serve hot, eat up, and feel slightly smug about your healthy snack choice.I like to top mine with nutritional yeast for extra flavor and smugness.Nutritionist Know-How: My Favorite Healthy Snack Cupcakes & Cashmere
Pinterest aired its first ever TV ad on Monday.The spot ran on Channel 4, the UK TV commercial broadcaster.Created by ad agency Stinkdigital and brokered by media agency MediaCom, the commercial forms part of a seven-month campaign that will pick up lines from the shows the ads ais around in the creative.Monday's short ad used a line from "Eating Well with Hemsley Hemsley," about a "one pot meal," and showed viewers how they can use Pinterest to search for recipe ideas.Overall, the TV, outdoor, and digital campaign will include more than 100 different creative executions.Pinterest cofounder Evan Sharp told Business Insider in April that the aim of the campaign is to build on the relatively high awareness of the Pinterest brand and convert that into a great level of understanding about what the platform can actually be used for."What's different about Pinterest is that it's not a social service," Sharp said."It's not really about sharing with friends at all.It's a personal service.What do I want to do in my life?"NOW WATCH: We dare you to oversleep with Dwayne The Rock Johnson s new motivational alarm clock appLoading video...
You can save money by making them at home, too.Make baked soda by spreading ordinary baking soda on a foil-lined sheet pan and baking at 250 F for about an hour.This transforms it into the ingredient that gives ramen noodles their color and springiness: alkaline salt.Mix in the flour and knead it until you have a soft, springy noodle dough.Cut the noodles and then cook them for a tasty meal worth all your hard work.For the full recipe and step-by-step, hit the link below.
Such at least is used to connect the solar panel into the electrical network. In fact, the lithium-ion battery is made so expensive, that it put the money gets back only the market price of electricity by exploiting fluctuations. Suvilahti sudden changes in the electricity network will, for example when accelerating metro station or clouds cover the solar power panels. Rapid battery is a joy not only to the national grid company Fingrid in Helsinki also responsible for the power supply to power systems Helen. Helen's development manager, the battery can be used to solve problems involving old recipe has been added to the cables and transformers to increase. Both companies, it is believed that when the battery price, they will become the cheapest way to take care of at least some of the tasks related to the electricity grid for fine-tuning.
Android Instant Apps is a game-changer for the mobile Web.Announced at Google I/O today, Instant Apps lets developers take advantage of modules that allow mobile Web users to use an application without actually installing it.The first example showed the user clicking a Buzzfeed Video link to view a recipe and being transported to the appropriate part of the application — all in a span of about two seconds.No app install took place and after a total of three clicks, and about 30 seconds, the demonstrator has purchased a new camera bag.Google expects to roll out Android Instant Apps by the end of the year.Read next: The internet thinks Google Home looks like an air freshener
Colourbox increasing successful children, there is no perfect recipe, but on the basis of psychological research has discovered a few things, which can not predict success. Once considered to be older, have successful children, factors can be found in process they unite. Thus children learn that they need to do their part to make life revolves around properly. Social skills In 20 years of the study, it was found that children who were able to get along without patistusta with their peers, were helpful, understood the feelings and solved problems on their own, were more likely to study in college, and get an early full-time job. Parents who have expectations for their children usually also clearly demonstrate the need children to decisively towards the goals. The study also states that the children of teenage mothers more likely to leave out of high school and pursue higher education was observed.
Google has conventionally named its Android versions after desserts, but earlier today, the company announced it would let users choose what the N in Android N stands for.Leaving Android N s name to a free-for-all is a recipe for disaster.But Google also would never have been able to catch all the things the pervs at 4chan will come up with, and the internet has been finding its way around profanity filters for years.Point is, it seems ludicrous to suggest a company could never hold an open naming contest simply because a few boneheads won t play nice.Anyway, none of this matters.Read next: Google's new 'Family Library' pinches from Apple's playbook for shared app purchases
Food for when you re exercising is a whole product category these days.The book Feed Zone Portables has an alternative: homemade, portable food that has the nutrition you need, while tasting great.Is it possible to eat on the run without sucking down something that tastes like synthetic cake frosting?The answer is yes, according to the authors, exercise physiologist and cyclist Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas.The RecipesThe snacks in this book follow a few basic plans, each with sweet and savory variations.At room temperature, cooked food is safe for four hours.
If you find yourself in need of some savory broth, but don t have any on hand, grab a tomato.Then make this quick, umami-packed liquid for use in curries, soups, or any other recipe that calls for broth.To make a light, bright broth, replace the amount of broth the recipe calls for with half the amount of water and half diced tomatoes.Dried tomatoes also make a great base for broth.Just throw a handful of them into some water, bring to a boil, and let steep for half an hour.You can strain them out and use the soaking water as you would any broth, or blend them in for richer flavor.
When it s time to frost a cake, there is one major enemy you need to look out for: crumbs.This simple practice will keep your cake layers intact, and keep crumbs from invading your pristine frosting.As Sheela Prakash at The Kitchn explains, trying to frost a cake right after its done baking is a recipe for disaster.To avoid that, wrap each layer of cake in plastic wrap and stick them in the fridge for at least a couple of hours overnight if possible .Once the layers are chilled, you can trim them as needed and carefully apply a layer of frosting without worrying about crumbs.If you want apply more frosting, or plan to decorate the cake, it doesn t hurt to stick the cake back into the fridge for another 15 minutes beforehand.
In addition to discussing Google s beta test of a real-time indexing API, Google s Richard Gingras also shared more data around the AMP accelerated mobile pages effort.AMP s growth rateGingras announced Google has indexed AMP pages on more than 125 million documents from more than 640,000 domains across the web.Here is a photo of the session from Jeff Jarvis:AMP expands to iOS & Android apps & recipe pagesGingras also announced that AMP pages will now be visible in the upcoming new iOS and Android search apps, as he said in this slide:He also added that they are expanding to recipe web pages that have deployed their pages in AMP.Here is how they look based on his slides:The search result page:The AMP page:About The Author
Android Wear should jump onto a familiar Wi-Fi network, or fall back to its own SIM card for data if it can't find your phone.Android Wear already has voice dictation, but let's be honest - you don't want to be shouting out your texts while you're in line for a coffee.Google's "smart replies" suggest messages based on what your chat contacts are saying to you yep, it's silently reading all your messages so you can reply with one tap.That sounds like a recipe for disaster on such a tiny screen, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked in action.I managed to swipe out a few sentences without any mistakes.It's still early days for version 2.0, with Google not planning to launch it until later in the year, but devs can get their hands on it this week.
At Google's annual developers' conference on Wednesday, the company previewed a lot of new tech.One thing it showed off was something called Android Instant Apps.While Android Instant didn't turn heads like Google's new home-automation product, Home, or its virtual-reality tech, Daydream, it could be the announcement that has some of the most profound implications for Google and its developers, one developer told us.It's basically Google's way of taking on Apple iOS and "upending the app-store model that's been so profitable to Apple," a developer who has been talking to Google officials at the I/O conference tells Business Insider.The ultimate end game is to kill the traditional app-store model altogether.Google wants to break the notion of the App Store," this person told us.Today's mobile is not Google's worldAndroid Instant gives Android users the ability to access an Android app — or even just part of it — even though they do not have the actual app installed on their phone.For instance, a friend texts you a link to a recipe video, but you don't have the video app installed.Click on the link and the app will run the video anyway — no install required.As Google explains in its video about Android Instant, this makes mobile apps work like the web.Apple makes money by selling apps.Consequently, developers with ad-supported apps focus on downloads, monthly active users, daily active users, and so on.This is not Google's world.Those who make apps for developing worlds for low-end phones with less memory really love it.Others hope that it's going to make their apps easier to find than the old search-the-App Store method, this developer says.Ultimately, Google hopes that instant apps become so popular on Android that iOS users demand the same from Apple, thus ending the App Store model for good.Google could not immediately be reached for comment.Here's a video that shows off Android Instant:
You d have more control over the nutrients, with the same emotional benefits of sharing a meal with your pet that you d have with a human.The following infographic from Breeder Retriever shows some basic guidelines for using your slow cooker to make dog food, one layer at a time.But we have to urge you to use caution: this is a formula, not a recipe.Homemade food is a great option for many pets, but we recommend that owners avoid general recipes from books and the Internet and instead consult with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, said Jennifer Larsen, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis and lead author on the study.These specialists have advanced training in nutrition to help formulate customized and nutritionally appropriate recipes.So use this infographic as a guide click here to enlarge — and then show it to a veterinary nutritionist to get their thoughts about which ingredients are best for your pet.
Growing up in an Indian family, chai is what you offer when guests come over or wind down with after work – but even the most proficient chai makers can forget the boiling milk on the stove if they re not watching carefully.It s basically a Keurig for chai, which has a tea making component up top and a conductive heat plate below to boil milk.Based on the tea type and strength, Chime will calculate heat temperatures so that both components of the chai are done at the same time.With the milk boiling portion separated from the rest of the machine, you can pour in the amount of milk you want without storing them in the machine like some coffee-making devices.Chime will also offer chai pods sourced from India, with flavors like cardamom, ginger, and masala – to name a few.I asked him if you can use your own recipe, but he says the device requires the registration of a pod in order to begin brewing.
At its core it's a simple recipe - water, milk, tea, and spices - but the preparation process can be a chore.Coffee machines that foam milk are designed to take it to around 65-degrees, far less than what real chai requires.The brewing process is similar to a super-automatic coffee machine.Since every family has its own favorite chai recipe, however, you're also free to add your own spices and extras.Chime has had prototypes in a number of offices - including with Google and Adobe - and Chawla says the feedback has been strongly positive.Chawla expects offices to be a particularly strong market, where basically Chime has no automated competition for chai.
The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.Substance abuse for nerds—and aftercare when they make terrible mistakes.Cheap is good.I like one mild hot sauce like Cholula , and one spicier hot sauce like Sriracha .But you re probably having trouble reading text on a screen right now, let alone figuring out which measuring spoon says tsp.Watch here as myself and Riley MacLeod from Kotaku make these simple micheladas yes, I forgot the pepper, but but you probably will too when you re hungover .
I love brining meat—it produces super juicy and flavorful results, but you usually need a ton of salt, sometimes spices, and of course, water—not to mention a place in the fridge to store everything.This dry brine method cuts all of that down, and cuts down the time, to get the same delicious results.The video above tells the tale the dry brine method is in the first half, but the full six minutes is worth a watch .You only need a few teaspoons of salt and pepper, and maybe a dash of cayenne, to liberally cover two pretty hefty pork chops.Hit play on the video above to watch the process in action, or hit the link below for the full recipe.Perfect Dry-Brined Pork Chops – Come for the Oxymoron, Stay for the Juicy Meat Food Wishes
It might feel strange to head to the baby food aisle when you don t need to feed a baby, but if you ever make a dish that requires pureed fruit or vegetables and you don t want to do it yourself, it s your best destination.You ll get a flavorful puree without unnecessary additives or ingredients.The video above from the Tastemade YouTube channel is really about how to make a delicious mango pudding, but at about the one minute mark, Dzung Duong offers a tip that I found surprisingly useful: the baby food aisle is the best place to get purees if you re looking for quality—even if you plan to use them in your own recipes.After all, it makes sense: baby food is tightly controlled, and usually the options in the baby food aisle will be devoid of some of the same additives, sweeteners, and preservatives you ll find in the canned food or bottled food aisles for adults.So you ll get better flavor, and while baby food can be more expensive, you may not need as much as you d buy elsewhere in the store, and your final dish will be better as a result.It s a simple tip, but one that can save you time if you don t want to puree something on your own for a recipe, for example, but don t want to give up delicious results either.