The smaller the amount of heat-retaining fireplaces, the better the bank Kauppalehti bank by comparison. Housing loans worth exceptionally well, Kauppalehti revealed a large bank comparison. POP group is an exception for the better Lavia Cooperative Bank, which reaches comparison, the top ten. It was able to increase its profits by nearly 10 percent and its operating profit margin of 57.3% was the best comparison. Municipality Finance is the leader in costs and revenues, relative to 14.1% and 85.9% in the operating result. In 2015, we grew all counts, explains Pekka Averio Municipality Finance's Managing Director in his review.
ANALYSIS: SAP is counting on its HANA in-memory database to help retain established customersThe tale of the large, established enterprise IT vendor in the 21st century is now quite familiar.Enterprise resource planning giant SAP made sure it stuck to the story line at its Sapphire user group conference here this week.Modernizing data centers and applications?SAP, EMC and the other usual suspects are all saying the same things.Cloud stacksSAP s effort in the cloud, the HANA Cloud Platform HCP , is the key to the company s future—it is that simple, said SAP Enterprise Platform President Steve Lucas.The good news for SAP is its customers don t always have a viable choice of moving to another vendor or provider.
Twitter Inc. said it would prohibit without shareholder consent the repricing of stock options -- including those given to employees by Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey last fall -- in the event of a buyout or through an option exchange program.The move is an effort to protect shareholders while retaining talent as Twitter s stock price tumbles and Dorsey has brought on new board members and executives to give new life to the one-time tech darling.Dorsey handed over a third of his Twitter stock, amounting to about 1 percent of the company and valued at $200 million, in October when the stock was trading at about $30.The shares were up 1.1 percent to $14.31 at 10:36 a.m. in New York.Mr. Dorsey and we believe our success is due to our highly talented employee base and that our future success depends on our ability to attract and retain high caliber people, according to a letter to stockholders Friday signed by the company s general counsel.Twitter has hired three new directors in the past two months, bolstering its leadership as the social media company confronts a slowdown in user growth.Earlier this year four members of the executive team left, including the product head and chief of engineering.Shareholders need to approve the 2016 equity incentive plan at the annual meeting May 25 to allow Dorsey s shares to be contributed and for the amendment to the proposal to take effect.
Caption: This month, Ikea released a clever line of small-scale hydroponic gardening kits.IkeaLast year, Ikea surveyed 8,500 people in eight cities around the world, to better understand their kitchen habits.Runesson, who is Swedish and has worked at Ikea for 33 years, recently spent three years in the company s Shanghai office.Ikea adapted the concept, and the Krydda/Växer line of small-scale hydroponic gardening kits was born.The first houses moistened, stone wool plugs; the second, water-retaining pumice stones.Seeds implanted in the stone wool plugs eventually sprout.Users water the plants evenly with a small irrigation system.
Twitter is about to get a little less complicated.The company said it s getting rid of some of its rules, which can be confusing and sometimes alienating to new users of its social-media service.Media attachments, such as photos, GIFs, videos and polls, will no longer count as characters against the limit.The company s product, notoriously difficult for newcomers to understand, has been steadily tweaked over the past couple of years to be more intuitive.Still, the San Francisco-based company has had trouble expanding and retaining its base of about 310 million monthly active users, making further changes necessary.This is a part of our overarching and ongoing strategy to refine our iconic product, Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland said.Last week, Bloomberg reported that links will also soon stop counting against the character limit, according to people familiar with the matter.We are always and will continue to look for ways to refine the experience, Berland said, declining to comment specifically.Twitter shares reached an intraday record low Tuesday after Michael Nathanson, an analyst at MoffettNathanson, said the company is less likely to be a takeout candidate, given declining interest from users and advertisers.He downgraded the company to "sell," saying it has yet to see "meaningful payoff" from initiatives to draw in new users.
The Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 have launched on the crowdfunding platform alongside a new activity-monitoring wearable from Pebble called the Core, all of which are expected to arrive during the tail end of 2016.Two years later the Pebble Time came along, again setting a benchmark in Kickstarter history and once more showing companies like Samsung and Apple how a smartwatch should be done.It now looks as though Pebble is hoping for a hat-trick in 2016 with the Pebble 2 and the Pebble Time 2.Both devices have been given aesthetic tweaks while retaining the water-resistance and long-wearing battery life of previous Pebble watches.Both watches promise to deliver stats on steps taken, calories burned, resting heart rate and sleep quality through an updated version of the Pebble Health fitness app.Core will sync up with fitness apps like Google Fit and Runkeeper and you can also stream music to the device directly from Spotify, or load your favourite running mixes onto its 4GB internal storage.
A Chinese government official told the South China Morning Post: The Foxconn factory has reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots.View photosMoreHuman workers are being replaced by robots in major corporations Vincent Yu/AP Foxconn confirmed in a statement to the BBC the cuts are part of an ongoing process to replace factory workers with robots but denied the move would lead to long-term job losses.We are applying robotics engineering and other innovative manufacturing technologies to replace repetitive tasks previously done by employees, and through training, also enable our employees to focus on higher value-added elements in the manufacturing process, such as research and development, process control and quality control, the statement said.We will continue to harness automation and manpower in our manufacturing operations, and we expect to maintain our significant workforce in China.Automation technology is fast becoming a reality for some of the biggest corporations in the world, who are finding it significantly cheaper to use robots over retaining human labour.Meanwhile, reports suggest 35 Taiwanese companies, including Foxconn, spent a total of 4 billion yuan £430m on artificial intelligence last year.
HP has completely refreshed their Omen gaming laptops with a fantastic array of modern hardware, while retaining the slim, portable and generally attractive aesthetic of previous models.The two variants of the Omen share some specifications, such as the Intel 'Skylake' Core i7-6700HQ processor, 8 GB of RAM, 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi ac, and gigabit Ethernet.Both of these models can also be updated to include a 4K display, up to 16 GB of DDR4 memory, and up to 512 GB of PCIe SSD storage or 4 TB HDD 128 GB SSD combo.HP's black mesh design with red accents looks quite attractive for a gaming laptop, and HP hasn't fallen into the trap of including over-the-top gamer design.Liquid cooling will also be an option, as will a 512 GB SSD.Gamers who buy the Omen desktop might also be interested in the company's 32-inch 1440p display, which sports 300 nits of brightness, and AMD's FreeSync with a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz.
The two managers who oversaw the creation of Twitter Moments are no longer at the company, the latest reflection of the stream of departures that the struggling business continues to grapple with.Madhu Muthukumar, the product manager for Moments, left last week to join Facebook-owned Oculus.And Vijay Pandurangan, who oversaw the team of engineers responsible for building Moments, left Twitter in March, according to his LinkedIn page.The departures are the latest signs of Twitter's challenges in retaining talent and of its continuing quest to revamp a 10-year old product that many mainstream users find confusing and difficult to use.Twitter launched Moments with great fanfare in October.The product, which provides a curated collection of the best tweets and videos related to breaking news and other real-time events like sports, won prominent placement in a central tab on Twitter's mobile app.A 'shift in our thinking'The product is a bet by Twitter that it can attract a broader audience and boost engagement by making its service easier and more compelling to non-techie users.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called Moments a "bold new experience" that represents a "real shift in our thinking.On Thursday, Twitter announced a partnership with Spotify, in which Spotify music clips can be played within Moments.A Twitter representative said in a statement that the company "continues to invest heavily in Moments.But his ranks of executives and managers continue to experience high-level departures.Jana Messerschmidt, head of business development, and Nathan Hubbard, head of media and commerce, are planning to leave the company, Recode reported on Thursday.NOW WATCH: Twitter s huge deal to live-stream NFL games could be a game changerLoading video...
This article is part of TechRadar's Northern Powerhouse column, a series of articles focusing on the development of the North of England's tech sector.Tech North focuses on a proposition that is about the whole of the North and we all sign up to that while obviously retaining the focus on our own individual cities.TR: Limited access to finance is held up as one of the challenges for Liverpool's digital sector.These are all important but I think anyone who comes along to Binary will see evidence of the less tangible but really interesting aspects of the Liverpool scene which make a compelling case for any start up to at least consider the city.All that talent is still busy working away in the games sector in the city but mainly in smaller dynamic businesses that are appropriate for the games industry at the moment.Companies like Draw and Code to name just one are using emerging technologies to create innovative art and develop sophisticated immersive experiences.
Pre-order buyers will also get two playable arenas inspired by WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc.Goldberg s return to WWE action through two WWE 2K17 playable characters, along with the WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas, collectively delivers a unique opportunity to experience one of WWE s true living legends, said 2K s vice president of marketing Chris Snyder.Fans can now relive many of their favorite Goldberg moments, as well as create brand new ones, as they decide Who s Next?Publisher 2K revealed this week that Japanese studio Yuke s will once again handle development duties for this year s installment, having previously worked on several entries in the WWE SmackDown vs.2K acquired the rights to produce new WWE games following the bankruptcy of series publisher THQ in 2012, retaining veteran developer Yuke s for the rebranded WWE 2K14.WWE 2K17 will launch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in October.
Huawei s dual camera, Leica branded, smartphone the P9 has launched as a limited edition gold plated model for the Chinese market.The Huawei P9 launched in China and Europe earlier in the year and grabbed plenty of attention for the dual camera design and Leica endorsed software.The P9 also has the usual flagship level specs with a 5.2-inch GHD display, up to 4GB RAM and a Kirin 955 octacore chipset.For those of you in China though and wanting a real status symbol while retaining the dual cameras of the P9, then a limited edition Gold version of the phone is what you need.The device isn t just gold coloured but actually 24K gold plated increasing the retail price to a whopping 14,000 Yuan or $2140.Other than the gold plating the hardware remains the same as the 3688 Yuan model with 4GB RAM and 32GB memory.Chances are this phone won t launch outside of China and resellers aren t likely to stock them.
IEX, the upstart trading venue made famous by Michael Lewis' book "Flash Boys," has made some changes.The firm has appointed Ronan Ryan, who was previously chief strategy officer, as president — a new role at the firm.He will be replaced as chief strategy officer by Eric Stockland, who joins from KCG Holdings.In his previous role, he advised investors on algorithmic trading strategies.He also previously worked at GETCO, a well-known high-frequency trading firm.IEX was made famous in part because of its effort to protect investors from high-frequency trading."Eric's background as an expert practitioner in electronic market-making and agency trading makes him an ideal fit for a trading venue that's striving to deliver greater efficiencies while retaining the speed and resiliency of an all-electronic marketplace," Ronan said in a statement.IEX filed with the SEC to become a stock exchange in September.A long list of parties have sent in feedback to the SEC on the application, though KCG, Stockland's former employer, is not one of them.The debate on the merits of the IEX application has at times gotten ugly, with IEX and the New York Stock Exchange in particular trading barbs.More recently, Nasdaq's law firm, Gibson Dunn, said that the SEC could be sued if it approves IEX's application to become an exchange.For its part, the SEC has delayed its decision on the application until June 18.NOW WATCH: The most important question you should ask before hiring a financial adviserLoading video...
For the most part, ideas are in-house, built from scratch to validate a business idea and spin it off as an independent startup, with the studio retaining a portion of the equity.When the startup studio I work with, Pioneer Square Labs, started — just nine months ago —  there wasn t a lot of open knowledge to draw from on how to run this kind of business.It s similar to when Y Combinator and TechStars got started and the accelerator model wasn t well understood.Many variations on the accelerator model have since been tried  —  some have failed, some have succeeded  —  and there is a body of information and expertise out there for the next entrepreneur trying to create an accelerator.So I wanted to share some key lessons we ve learned so far about running a startup studio.Of the many lessons we ve gleaned so far, I ve chosen the following nine because they are easy to articulate and don t feel obvious that s a dangerous statement since most of these will sound obvious after you read them, but when you are in the trenches executing a business, not everything is so clear .I won t go into our ideation process, but I can tell that it s not uncommon for someone to propose an idea and then find that there are already three companies executing it.If you agree with my point 4 above — that good ideas come from the collision of other ideas — it s easy to see why diversity in thinking, background, and experiences is the best source of raw idea-material.Gender diversity is important, but so are all other dimensions of diversity, including life experiences, age, religion, political views, background, etc.A few months ago I wrote about the analogy between a romantic relationship and building a startup and said that, like choosing a spouse, choosing a startup idea should only be done after an extensive period of low-level engagement dating .The media bombards us with this love story of how one night someone had a magical a-ha moment, founded a startup, became a fantastic leader, and a few years later were a billionaire.You can follow him on Twitter @calbucci.
Without further ado, below are four strategies for stretching your marketing spend this summer.Yes, you ll want to look at the numbers to determine what worked and what didn t, but consider this an opportunity to think about how you can improve similar campaigns the next time around.While this type of audit may take a bit of time to put together, it will do wonders to help inform your future marketing decisions.Retain, retain, retainOne of the less-commonly known facts among marketers is the shockingly high cost of acquiring a new customer compared with retaining an existing one.Reach for the low-hanging fruitNow that we ve established that encouraging your existing customers to make additional purchases is a surefire way to extend your marketing budget, it s time to move on to strategies that require a more proactive approach.In addition to bringing in incremental revenue, this setup frees you up to focus on other pressing or fun matters.
Even now, playing it is jarring and exhilarating.For the sequel to work, though, the developers must find a way of expanding upon the gut-level experience of playing the original while retaining the rich sensory environment that made it so immersive.What s more, the central character is a woman of color although DICE doesn t address this directly, Faith appears to be Asian who is not a sex object, but a defiant, powerful hero.The game highlights vital points of interactivity—useful pipes and platforms and ledges—in a blood-red shade of crimson.DICE/EAAll of the marketing for Mirror s Edge: Catalyst emphasizes that network of relationships in an encouraging way.It promises, implicitly, that DICE hasn t changed the things players loved most about the original.
The IT industry's key concerns for UK tech are better addressed by remaining in the EUThe UK tech sector has come down solidly in favour of remaining in the EU based on retaining influence on the shape of the digital single market, a stronger negotiating position in the digital global economy, a common security environment, ongoing investment and trade.Negotiations around data sharing propositions such as Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield with the US and future negotiations with the rest of the world around data sovereignty, sharing and data privacy are better served as part of the EU.The digital tech sector across Europe as represented by its trade associations want the UK to remain, said Mr David with the other national trade associations in France, Germany and elsewhere saying they want the UK tech sector within the single market.Clearly the UK is a big enough market for global and international tech companies to be interested in but there is very clear connection between the UK as a focal point for entry into a 500 million person market being a better investment proposition than the UK as a 60 million person market.However based on its membership survey Mr David says it has a mandate to publish those findings and express the opinions of its members.Around 800 TechUK members surveyed produced the following findings:Those that support a vote to remain 70% said the main three reasons were that EU membership makes the UK more attractive to international investment, makes the UK more globally competitive and gives the UK a better deal in its trading relationships with the EU.
MarkGregory007/FlickrFree-Trial Conversion and One-Year Renewal Rates ImproveConsumer Intelligence Research Partners CIRP released analysis of membership patterns for Amazon Prime from Amazon, Inc. NASDAQ:AMZN .This analysis indicates that Amazon Prime member retention rates improved over time.With Amazon Prime, Amazon confronts two or possibly three critical moments in retaining members.Customers that finish the first year have more data, and decide whether to pay for a subsequent year based on how much they actually used Amazon Prime during their first full year.When it announced the price increase, Amazon enhanced the benefit mix with a larger library of streaming video, including more original programming, a selection of free e-books, online photo storage, and occasional Prime members-only products and pricing.After a second year, renewal rates are over 95%, and have improved gradually in the past two years.
The overall goal with the changes, it seems, is to make the App Store feel fresh, put the right apps in front of the right users, and help App Store developers maximize their revenue in a market where acquiring and retaining users is growing ever more difficult.Subscriptions will be available to all apps across all categories, where before it was limited to categories like cloud services, streaming media, news, and dating.Developers will also be able to set territory-specific pricing, and they ll be able to increase prices for new subscribers while keeping loyal customers at the older, lower pricing, we re told.Apple is also bringing back the Categories tab in the App Store, for easier navigation, and it s rolling out a 3D Touch-enabled means of sharing apps with friends.That is, if you press on an app on your iOS device s Home screen, you ll be able to share it with friends via social networks – a handy use case for the somewhat under-utilized 3D Touch shortcut feature on apps.That means when users search for an app by name or keyword, developers can bid on an advertising slot at the top of the search results lists – similar to how Google search works.
Alphabet CEO Larry Page, for example, has discreetly poured part of his wealth into two secret startups, Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, which are dedicated to building flying cars, reports Bloomberg.But making a classic science-fiction dream reality isn't even the coolest part.Apparently, Page turned the entire second floor of Zee.Aero's headquarters into a "man cave worthy of a billionaire" — complete with a bedroom, climbing wall, and an actual rocket engine, courtesy of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.From Bloomberg: Page initially restricted the Zee.Aero crew to the first floor, retaining the second floor for a man cave worthy of a multibillionaire: bedroom, bathroom, expensive paintings, a treadmill-like climbing wall, and one of SpaceX s first rocket engines — a gift from his pal Musk.As part of the secrecy, Zee.Aero employees didn t refer to Page by name; he was known as GUS, the guy upstairs.Zee.Aero employees got a few nice perks too, such as catered lunches, including at one point, $900 of catered barbecue.Apparently, Zee.Aero expanded so quickly that eventually it needed the second floor for more engineers — it now employs 150 people — so Page had to move out his expensive paintings, workout gear, and collectibles.Anyone who can spend at least $100 million on the idea of a flying car, which may not ever come to fruition, has more than a little money to burn.NOW WATCH: Switzerland spent $12 billion to build the world's longest and deepest train tunnel Loading video...