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Chicwish is an indie fashion retailer with a unique, retro style.They have a mixture of the latest fashion designs, and an old school vintage feel.Chicwish offer free international delivery for a limited time.
As of now, we have covered almost all the transmitters FrSky produces like the FrSky X9D, the X9D Plus, QX7, QX7S,  X Lite, and in this article, we will look at the FrSky X12S yet again and see if it is actually worth the hefty 499$ price tag it comes with after going through its specifications and details along with its short review.FrSky Horus X12S Initial ImpressionsFor 499$ you better get a very stylish premium looking and feeling radio, right?Well, FrSky does make it worthwhile with a full-on metal carry the suitcase for the radio along with a full metal build for the chassis of the radio for a more premium feel and quality.The image shows what all accessories you get with the FrSky Horus X12S radio - the radio itself, a neckstrap, a charger and a metal carry case.The neckstrap you get with the radio is a premium neckstrap (which you will definitely require for using this radio!)You also get a charger brick to power up the 2000mAh NiMh battery inside the radio as well (removable).With a metal body, it is obviously going to be heavy and it indeed is, weighing in at almost 1KG!That is amazingly more heavy than the other radios you are used to, like the X9D or the QX7.Unlike the other radios, this one is made up of CNC aluminium which obviously is heavier than the plastic on other radios.The build quality of this product is just amazing.The metal chassis, retro-style sliders and knobs and the big form factor really throws off the premium vibe at anyone looking at it.A bright and colourful display greets you at the front of the radio.With vivid and legible colours, even under direct sunlight, this radio keeps you going even on a sunny day without having to look for shade just to have a look at the screen settings.ErgonomicsAs expected, the ergonomics of the FrSky Horus X12S is larger and different from the previous radios such as the X9D and the QX7, it is wider, taller and heavier as well.The ergonomics is good for pitchers but may not be that great for thumbers but it totally depends on your personal liking.Coming to the stick feels, they are AMAZING!
Your eyes are not deceiving you. You’re looking at the new Mitsuoka Buddy, a compact crossover based on the current Toyota RAV4. But unlike the RAV4, the Buddy has design features lifted from old Chevy pickups and SUVs from the late 70s to the 1980s, particularly the K5 Chevy Blazer. Japanese automaker and custom coachbuilder Mitsuoka is known for building … Continue reading
What company other than Mitsuoka could bring us this blursed kind of vehicle?
NASA occasionally releases travel posters featuring fictional, often retro representations of real-life places, ones located so far from our own planet that we’ll likely never explore them during this lifetime. The space agency is back with a new set of posters, these ones designed specifically for the upcoming Halloween holiday — and they were clearly inspired by classic horror comics. … Continue reading
 Bullet hell games are a pretty unique gaming subgenre.Here are some awesome bullet hell games that you can play on your Android device.AirAttack 2AirAttack 2 is quite a decent bullet hell game that contains a survival mission, 22 campaign missions, five different planes to play with, and good looking 3D graphics.Bullet Hell Monday SeriesBullet Hell Monday is one of the best games in this genre, and there are three games in the series, including Bullet Hell Monday Black, Bullet Hell Monday Finale, and the original Bullet Hell Monday.All the games in the series have retro-style graphics and many bullet hell actions, various chapters to play through, simple controls, and multiple upgrades to unlock.You just have to dodge the bullets to move to the next level of the game.The game is very easy to play and is available for free; it even offers a premium version for $2.49.ShooMachiShooMachi is a pretty decent vertical shooter bullet hell game that does not take place in the sky but on the ground.
Bring it all the way back with vintage-feel Haden kitchen appliances on sale at Best Buy.
Not everyone is familiar with the Citroën H Van or Type H produced between 1947 to 1981. However, there’s a smaller number of people who knew of a more compact version of the Type H called the Type G. Unfortunately, the Type G never made it to production, and Citroën canceled the Type G project in 1948. Fast forward to … Continue reading
The next small-size iPhone won’t be the cheapest iPhone in the world, nor will it be the most impressive. Instead, the rumored so-called iPhone 12 mini may deliver the compromise sought by fans of the most iconic Apple smartphone of all: iPhone 4. As the iPhone SE (2020) did away with the retro look of the first iPhone SE, that … Continue reading
Expanding its wearable portfolio to even a more affordable segment in India, Amazfit has launched a retro-style watch called the Neo.
It’s A Space ThingIt’s A Space Thing is a newly launched arcade-style shooter game where you play the character at the bottom of your device’s screen, and your goal is to kill the bad guys at the top of your device’s screen.The game has a straightforward user interface and fantastic graphics, and it is entirely available for free to play.PathosPathos is a roguelike adventure retro-style game where you have to explore the various areas in the game and collect loot.Pathos is quite a decent game and entirely available for free to play.Rowdy WrestlingRowdy Wrestling is another recently launched arcade wrestling game where you have to go head to head with your opponent.The game is fantastic and available entirely for free to play.Cube Escape Series by Rusty LakeCube Escape is a pretty decent puzzle game provided by Rusty Lake; it is a series of excellent puzzle games that are entirely available for free to play.In the game, you have to solve the puzzle and find some hidden things.The graphics are average, but you will enjoy playing them.SonnySonny is a newly launched action RPG that contains a post-apocalyptic theme and various comic book elements.
Roguelike dungeon crawlers are quite different and intense games where players go into dungeons and caves in search of loot and adventure. Caves   Caves is quite a very popular roguelike dungeon crawler where you have to crawl through some randomly generated dungeons to collect loot and defeat a bunch of bad guys. It is a retro-style game, and it offers very decent controls. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked is an excellent survival game that features a variety of roguelike elements including randomly generated maps, permanent character death, survival as well as crafting mechanics, and much other fantastic stuff. The game is quite short, and your goal is to kill various bad guys and avoid death. Pathos Pathos is one of the oldest roguelike dungeon crawlers.
A modern car with a very retro vibe.
AdventureQuest 3DAdventureQuest 3D is one of the most rapidly growing MMORPGs.It offers three classes to choose from, and each class provides you with a unique set of abilities and skills.It is a pretty amazing MMORPG with fantastic animation, it is entirely available for free to play, and you should give it a try once.Black Desert MobileIt is one of the newest MMORPGs available for Android.It provides you with a lot of features including customizable characters, a large open world, online social elements, and various missions and quests.It is also available for free to play.Grow Stone OnlineGrow Stone Online has most of the features similar to an ideal MMORPG, but it is a retro-style MMORPG, and it offers 2D graphics.Grow Stone Online is also a freemium MMORPG, and you should play it once.Era of LegendsThe Era of Legends is another newly launched MMORPG that offers a large open world where you have to find and explore a bunch of hidden things.
Adding sci-fi effects to a video can enhance viewers’ experience and may fetch a good amount of likes if you post it on social media.You may sometimes think of displaying your skills to others, but the lack of professional VFX software tools and equipment may thwart your success.If you want to make sci-fi videos, here are some of the best Android apps that will help you add special effects to your video and make it more appealing.Of all 17 effects, just four effects are free to use.Movie Booth FX FreeIt’s somewhat similar to the one above but differs in many ways.From the Missile attack to Blow Up Dynamite, there are a number of effects that everyone will love.VideoFX Music Video MakerDo you love retro style videos?If yes, you can go for this amazing app.It has various effects such as Cinematic, Ghost, Neon, Cartoon, and many others like this.Extreme VFXExtreme VFX is the choice of many.
In this article, we will mention some of the best iPad movie maker apps that will help you to make the best movies from your iPad.Studio System MobileStudio System Mobile is a fantastic movie maker app that offers you access to TV, the source of a film, and digital information.Apart from these, it also provides you with an extensive database of industry executives, agencies, production houses, film financiers, studios and TV, film, and digital projects, which can help you in various ways to proceed with your passion for movie making.Studio System Mobile gives you detailed financial tracking of movies and verified contact numbers and email addresses of industry professionals and organizations.Vintage Film Camera: Retro ArtThis app allows you to shoot retro-style videos and many other features like a share button to share your creations, unique analog, realistic mechanical sounds, etc.You can use this app to turn the scenes into more than hundred years old movies.It is an excellent app, but there are some limitations with it; it allows you to make videos not more than 20 seconds in the default black and white settings, and for other clips, you can only make videos of a maximum of 6 seconds.It contains more than 140 free music tracks, it is an excellent app, and you should use it.Slow Fast Motion Video MakerSlow Fast Motion Video Maker is a video editor that allows you to slow down or speed up multiple sections of your video for free.You can save your videos at full resolution, and it also supports unrestricted video length and corrected audio pitch.Untitled – Screenwriting NotesIt is an excellent app for screenwriting and note-making; you can use this app to develop your stories, draft mind-blowing scenes, build compelling characters, and transform the notes into screenplays.
There are so many things to consider since the shoes are becoming more specialized as years go by.With different features to consider, from pedal systems to insoles, it’s not a must for casual bikers to own a pair of these shoes, but if you ride three times or more times a week, cycling shoes can improve your performance.However,There are still several shoes that come with retro style with smooth soles for you to use with straps and clips.When it comes to choosing a shoe depending on the soles, there are two types of clip-less pedals; road racing and mountain bike style.Racing shoes come with three threaded inserts for inserting a cleat that sits on the outer side of the sole.On the other side, mountain bike shoes come with two-holed cleats that sit in a recess on the sole, making it easy to walk and come on or off the bike.You can read more about this article from reviewsseekers
With every new season comes to a unique array of styles, patterns, textures, etc.and to stay updated sometimes becomes a need.This time we have come up with the fabric trends.Fluid FabricsWith all the digitization of happening in every direction, this theme is a star.Our innate urge to touch, feel, and connect with shiny surfaces personifies as fluid fabrics and silk mirrors become a central feature of this season.MomentumIt is highly advanced and performing fabrics, which give enhanced levels of protection and functionality.It is reflective, light as feather textiles, high compression fabrics, and have ultra-strong fibers.Silver YarnIn the spring and summer of 2020, the shinning silver yarn fabrics evolved from the favored metal style within the 1990s will steal the spotlight.The youth tend to use them to make a more casual mix-and-match style, combining retro style and stylish future sense.LureThe lure is a trend that sees a new level of luster features, materials, and trims that will be the consumer's attention for sure.
Perubahan style dari waktu ke waktu membuat kita juga harus lebih update dengan fashion terbaru.Berbicara tentang fashion tentu saja bukan hanya berbicara tentang pakaian melainkan juga setiap hal yang kita kenakan seperti sepatu hingga aksesoris.Berikut ini, kami merangkum kumpulan sepatu pria dan wanita terbaru yang saat ini sedang trend, dan tentu saja fashionable.1.Onitsuka Tiger x ValentinoBaru diluncurkan beberapa bulan lalu, sepatu pria terbaru kolaborasi antara Onitsuka Tiger dan Valentino ini bisa jadi opsi untuk kamu berikan kepada si dia yang menyukai gaya retro.LacosteNih, label asal Prancis yang identik dengan koleksi bergaya classic nan sporty ini kembali meluncurkan seri Heritage Pack dengan tiga seri, yakni The Rene yang merupakan sepatu tenis pertama lansiran tahun 1963, kemudian G80 dengan kombinasi desain klasik tahun 80-an, dan V-ULTRA bergaya 2000-an yang tampak estetik.Tak hanya untuk pasangan kamu, koleksi ini bersifat unisex sehingga bisa kamu kenakan juga, lho.4.