It's developed a unique form of beer packaging that's not only sturdy enough to hold its weighty cans, but is can also be safely consumed by animals should it find its way to their habitats:The Edible Six Pack Rings are completely biodegradable, and are made of waste materials created during the brewing process.Barley and wheat remnants have no ill side effects for sealife.It's good PR too – Saltwater positions itself as the go-to beer for surfers and beach lovers, who naturally will have an interest in maintaining the quality of oceans.It's a great idea a little undermined by the OTT, obviously-paid talking head "members of the public" in the clip , and one that could have a really positive impact if adopted en masse by the industry.Using recycled waste materials should theoretically keep the cost down too, which could increase adoption of the practice.Here's hoping manufacturers of similar packaging take note.
By now most people are aware that the plastic six-pack rings that hold together your favorite beer and soda cans are bad for the environment.That s why Saltwater Brewery developed a 100 percent biodegradable, compostable, and edible six-pack ring that is made from the barley and wheat remnants leftover from the brewing process.The brewers partnered with an advertising agency called We Believers to come up with the idea, and then create functional prototypes.The creative solution we bring forward has the potential to influence how we do sustainable packaging with zero waste and no impact on wildlife, said Marco Vega, co-founder of We Believers.But Saltwater argues that if larger brewers and beer industry leaders followed suit in saving the environment, producing edible six-pack rings would quickly become a financially viable solution with competitive pricing that could beat out the plastic rings that most beer companies use now.Very much on par with existing recyclable plastic alternatives, said Vega.
Gamespot gives the title 10/10, saying that the single player journey is "remarkable" and that it's a game many will talk about "for years to come".Despite being the first in the series to be developed by The Coalition, "fans shouldn't fear for the series being placed in new hands; The Coalition includes studio manager Rod Fergusson, who helped create the original title at the series' previous developer, Epic Games", Gamespresso says.Release date: 11 OctoberAt the forefront of Xbox One's aspirations to merge media platforms, Quantum Break bundles together a time-warping sci-fi shooter and a live-action television series, with a cast pulled from The Lord of the Rings and X-Men films.Release date: Out nowThe third Dark Souls game – and the fourth in the Souls series – is set in the Kingdom of Lothric and lulls you into a false sense of security from the start, says the Daily Telegraph.Reviewers have praised the design, combat, storytelling, difficulty and setting, with Stuff calling it "brutally enthralling".Gran Turismo has a guilty past of neglecting how cars sound – critics often make scathing comparisons to vacuum cleaners - and GT Sport needs to make big advances in this area in order to feel like a complete package, says Alphr.
We BelieversTraditional plastic six pack rings very often end up in the ocean where they can be horrifically damaging to marine life.Partnering with WeBelievers, the Saltwater Brewery decided to do something about that so it designed, tested and prototyped the first edible six pack ring.The genius behind the packaging is that it s actually made from the natural byproducts of the beer making process such as barley and wheat.We BelieversIt s true that the edible six pack rings do cost more to produce over the plastic ones but Saltwater is confident that its customers won t mind paying the premium when they find out what it s in aid of.Indeed the brewery s president Chris Goves hopes that by showing it can be done, they can influence the larger breweries into investing in the technology and in turn bring the manufacturing costs down.Maarten Wouters via Getty ImagesPeter Agardy, head of brand at Saltwater Brewery said: It s a big investment for a small brewery created by fisherman, surfers and people that love the sea, As a species we have deposited over 5.25 trillion pieces of junk into the ocean.
Cheers to six-pack rings that are made of beer byproducts and can be eaten by sea creatures.After the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this summer, each party s presidential nominee will get an intelligence briefing akin to an advanced social-studies seminar.Kafkaesque, Orwellian: Do overused words lose their meaning?And here you go, have fun exploring Mars.Photo: Images of the Red Planet are transmitted to Earth by unmanned vehicles in the IMAX feature Roving Mars.Bay Area News Group archives
- The disadvantage of using the bracelet could possibly be that I become too reminded the days I do not reach the goals I set the current steps, stairs and other activities, but in that case you just have to start afresh the next day. Anna Eriksson, CIO Land Survey - I use an Apple Watch. It is an easy and fast way to get in touch with the features of the phone, I notice the easier it rings or I get messages, the phone is in your handbag. I can use the clock to keep track of my training or control other functions of the phone. Jonas Rylander, CIO Inkclub - I always have my Garmin Fenix ​​3 on the arm. If I wake up after eight hours and still am tired, I can see that it is because I do not get enough deep sleep.
We all know that the rings on a six-pack can be dangerous.However, once discarded, it can cause some serious issues for various wildlife that can get trapped inside the rings.It's always good practice to cut up the rings of those plastic six-pack holders, but not everyone bothers to take the time to do that.The rings are made from the barley and wheat byproducts that are leftover from the brewing process.As it turns out, it's actually great as fish food.Which is perfect for a company called SaltWater Brewery.
A US craft beer brewery is developing edible six-pack rings that feed rather than snare marine life.Florida's Saltwater Brewery has partnered with New York-based ad agency We Believers to create the Edible Six-Pack Ring.Rather than being made from plastic like traditional slosh-up sheaths, the Edible Six-Pack Ring is made from boozy byproducts like wheat and barley.An initial production run saw 500 six-pack rings manufactured, with Saltwater ultimately planning to produce some 400,000 rings every four weeks – enough to meet its current monthly output.We hope to influence the big guys and hopefully inspire them to get on board, commented Saltwater Brewery president Chris Goves.You can learn more about the Edible Six-Pack Ring by watching the video below.
Now you can watch on video below.At our GamesBeat Summit 2016 event, that was evident in our opening fireside chat with Robbie Bach, former chief Xbox officer at Microsoft and author of the recent Xbox Revisited, a memoir of his time at Microsoft as well as his strategy for fixing our country s problems.Bach ran the Xbox group from the beginning at the dawn of the new millennium until 2010, or five years into the Xbox 360 console.He was ultimately responsible for the business, and it was a roller-coaster ride.But the console lost $5 billion to $7 billion in its first four years.He stamped out the ones that were burning brightest, he said, only to return the next day knowing that new fires had broken out.The Xbox 360 was enormously popular with consumers, but it was afflicted at the outset from the Red Rings of Death, a defect that I have written tens of thousands of words about.But it has fallen significantly behind the PlayStation 4 in worldwide sales, which are nearing 40 million.That s not a great scorecard, but Microsoft has been able to make money on those hardware sales, and it has far outsold Nintendo s Wii U.Now Bach is an advocate for civic engineering, or using bipartisan cooperation to rebuild our country.
Download FileAdams persevered, traveling the world to speak with Atlantis experts who showed him some of the leading candidates for where Atlantis might have been, a journey he recounts in his book Meet Me in Atlantis.A lot of these experts have been unpleasantly surprised by someone calling them at 10 o clock at night and saying, Did you know that you re on the Discovery Channel right now on a special called Atlantis: Finally Found?… The key thing about the Atlantis story, which usually gets buried, is that it s a war story, it s a story about the Atlanteans attacking Athens, and when they attack Athens, Athens is triumphant, because Atlantis has become debased, and the gods decide to punish Atlantis, and in the end Atlantis and Athens are both destroyed by earthquakes and floods.… So that part of the story is what has been passed down to us as Atlantis sinking to the bottom of the ocean, but what Plato says is that it was destroyed in a day and a night by a natural cataclysm.Mark Adams on the Pythagoreans: A lot of people who go looking for Atlantis just assume that these numbers that Plato gives are like GPS coordinates, but Plato was deeply influenced by the Pythagoreans.Over the entryway to the Academy, his university in Athens, he had the words None but geometers may enter here.
IBM has told foot soldiers in the Global Technology Services operation to brace themselves for a second round of redundancies in the UK.Chris Wilson, director of the Technical Support Services division within GTS, told staff in a memo on Friday that it is forming an Employee Consultation Committee.This body will represent the permanent employee population of the Technical Support Services business areas in the UK.UK Labs and Global Business Services are also seeing reductions.In total, IBM is tipped to get rid of 14,000 heads this year but has talked up vacancies elsewhere in the business deemed priorities including cloud, big data, mobility, security and social.The company, like many tech rivals, is recasting itself in the era of cloud to become more relevant, after 15 consecutive quarters of shrinking sales.
Disney keeps knocking it out of the park when it comes to adapting its animated classics into live action films, raking in billions of dollars with the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book.Now, the 'Mouse House' has released the first teaser for the live action version of its classic film, Beauty and the Beast, and the results are suitably spellbinding.Wisely choosing not to reveal everything up front, the teaser focuses on showing us the castle setting and giving us an idea of the film's tone, ending on a quick glimpse of Belle, played by a perfectly-cast Emma Watson Harry Potter saga .Though we don't really see them in the teaser, the Beast will be played by Dan Stevens The Guest, Downton Abbey , with Ewan McGregor Trainspotting playing Lumiere, Luke Evans The Hobbit trilogy, Dracula Untold playing Gaston and Sir Ian McKellen The Lord of the Rings trilogy playing Cogsworth.You can check out the teaser below.
Get Started Plastic six-pack holders are often a death sentence for marine life.Fish, turtles, otters, birds -- all kinds of seashore- and ocean-dwelling creatures -- are maimed and killed due to the toxic packaging that makes it easy for us to schlep soda and beer.SaltWater Brewery wants to reduce the use of hazardous plastic rings, and it s brewed a brilliant alternative to get the ball rolling -- and to help launch its new Screamin Reels IPA.The Delray Beach, Fla., craft brewery used beer-brewing byproducts, including barley and wheat pulp, to create a 100 percent biodegradable six-pack ring that marine life can eat.Not only is the invention, still in the prototype phase, a brilliant alternative to dangerous plastic rings, it s also a brilliant social entrepreneurship marketing move, a notion not lost on We Believers.That s the New York, N.Y.-based ad agency that helped the brewery design, test and promote the viral campaign.
About 176,500 years ago, Neanderthals created a pair of stone rings far within a cave located in France from stalagmites cut to similar heights ranging up to 16-inches.The group found that the stalagmites were snapped from the ground more than one hundred thousand years ago, and such a date sheds light on the humans that lived in the region at the time.According to the study, which was published today in Nature, the humans around at that time had mastered the underground environment, as the rings are located about 368 yards from the cave s entrance.Going so far into the cave would have taken time and planning, not to mention the effort required to collect the materials and construct the rings.In a statement, Jaubert said, These are exceptional tours, certainly for extraordinary reasons we do not yet know."SOURCE: Phys.OrgImage via Reuters
This undated photo shows scientist takes measurements for the archaeo-magnetic survey in the Bruniquel Cave in southwestern France after the discovery there of mysterious ring-shaped structures fashioned about 176,500 years ago by Neanderthals.Etienne Fabre/SSAC BERLIN – Two mysterious stone rings found deep inside a French cave were probably built by Neanderthals about 176,500 years ago, proving that the ancient cousins of humans were capable of more complex behavior than previously thought, scientists say.Jaubert ruled out that the carefully constructed rings, which show traces of fire, could have come about by chance or been assembled by animals such as the bears and wolves whose bones were found near the entrance of the cave."The origin of the structures is undeniably human.Wil Roebroeks, a Neanderthal expert at the University of Leiden, Netherlands, noted that the structures in Bruniquel may represent only the tip of the iceberg of Neanderthal culture, but most relics would have been made of organic material and decayed long ago."Bruniquel cave shows that circular structures were a part of Neanderthals' material culture," said Roebroeks, who called the rings "an intriguing find, which underlines that a lot of Neanderthal material culture, including their 'architecture,' simply did not survive in the open."
Alphacool's Aurora LED rings are available in a variety of colours - including UV - and boast tool-free installation on 50mm and 60mm reservoirs.To launch in 50mm and 60mm diameter flavours and in red, blue, green, white, and ultra-violet LED versions - the latter of which, Alphacool points out, pairs perfectly with UV-reactive coolant additives, causing the liquid to visibly glow - the ring-shaped Aurora device has either 18 LEDs or 24 LEDs depending on size.The sheer number of LEDs, Alphacool claims, makes the illumination considerably stronger than traditional methods of lighting a reservoir - and you can install multiple rings to increase the brightness further.Where Alphacool really hopes to push back against homebrew lighting solutions is in ease of installation: the company claims that the rings can be installed without a single tool, simply by pushing them onto the reservoir where they will hold themselves in place with the friction provided by two rubber rings.The LEDs are powered by a three-pin fan-style Molex connector, though have no intelligence in the form of dimming, animations, or programmable patterns, and are not compatible with the RGB LED header found on newer and higher-end motherboards.UK pricing and availability for the Aurora rings has yet to be confirmed, with the 60mm variants already available from the company's official webshop priced at €14.95 to €15.95 depending on colour.
Mattias Hindfelt. CIO's role has been in the last decade has come to focus much about saving money for the company. But a new survey conducted among 3352 CIOs worldwide shows that the CEO increasingly want CIOs focus on other things - like supporting activities to increase sales. Specifically, 63 percent of CIOs report that the CEO wants them focused on projects aimed at increasing sales rather than to save. The survey is global and made in 82 countries. It is even so, the survey shows that some of the areas that have traditionally been the CIO's top riot rings - as to increase efficiency and deliver stable IT support has dropped dramatically in priorities.
Despite efforts to clean up the country s P2P lending space, another Chinese P2P lending site, Esudai e速贷 , was shut down on Wednesday amid embezzlement claims.According to a statement by local police in Huizhou, Esudai is accused of illegally collecting deposits and absorbing hundreds of millions of RMB.As Huizhou s first and largest P2P platform, Esudai will cooperate with the compliance inspection and supervision departments, and work together to promote the healthy development of the industry, stated Esudai on its website a week earlier when investigations began.The company called the inspection routine and said that the company s senior executives and select employees were working to help police with their investigation.A spokesperson from Esudai could not be reached in time for comment today.In China s turbulent P2P lending landscape, Esudai s case rings all too familiar.In January, twenty-one executives from P2P lending platform Ezubao e租宝 were arrested for stealing 50 billion RMB about $7.6 billion USD from almost one million investors.Though Ezubao s case is exceptional, legal cases involving P2P lending in China are a common occurrence.According to Esudai, partnering with the bank would increase fund security and prevent the platform from running away with investor money .For the Chinese government, which is seeking to encourage innovation in its finance sector, preventing cases like Esudai and Ezubao is imperative.
An image of Saturn, taken by the Cassini probe on Feb. 26, 2016.NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute The sheer beauty of Saturn and its amazing rings takes center stage in this spectacular new photo from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.Cassini spent most of last year orbiting Saturn's equator, a path that kept the spacecraft in the planet's ring plane where it could snap wonderful photos of Saturn's moons.Cassini took this image with its wide-angle camera and a special spectral filter on Feb. 26, NASA officials wrote in an image description.Beginning this year, Cassini has been traveling in a more inclined orbit in preparation for the probe's end of mission in 2017.As a result, Cassini has been taking its most magnificent images of Saturn and its rings yet.
The great 17th century physicist Isaac Newton is known for many things.His most fully worked-out example shows how prefixes could modify the meaning of tor, his word for temperature, to produce more specific meanings from exceedingly hot owtor , through pretty hot awtor , warm etor , indifferently cold aytor and extremely cold oytor , with all gradations in between.Tolkien invented an Elvish language for his Lord of the Rings trilogy.These fictional languages usually have limited vocabularies with only a few thousand words, and other than Esperanto—two million people speak it today, mostly concentrated in Europe, East Asia, and South America—they haven t really caught on.True, a Klingon translation of Hamlet exists, and there s a small but passionate online community dedicated to learning the Na Vi language invented by Caltech linguistics professor Paul Frommer for Avatar.The Principia wasn t going to write itself.