Imagine serving your country in the United States Air Force.An innovative non-profit has taken matters into its own hands, and aims to effectively rehabilitate veterans into society by teaching them integral software development training skills to transition them into jobs in the tech sector.Considering that roles such as a Ruby on Rails developer top the highest pay in the nation for programmers, there is a high ROI for veterans, who invest time into this program.Vets Who Code is a streamlined, highly selective software development training program with the mission of transitioning military veterans into the vacancies of the technology sector.Stunning Success Rates of VetsWhoCode Motivate Future Expansion PlansWithin two years of launching the nonprofit, VetsWhoCode has trained 75 veterans across 12 different states, and boasts a 100% job acquisition rate.- Jerome Hardaway, Founder, US Air Force Veteran Employers need people that have the discipline to acquire those skills and acquire them quickly.
Ruby Tuesday managed a significant reduction in its drop-off rate.Ruby Tuesday now has better analytics on factors such as employee retention and training, helping business leaders understand the engagement level of employees.Improving the application process is just one part of a broader digital transformation across the business at Ruby Tuesday, including elements such as shifting more of the company s marketing to digital channels.Reduced IT support, increased innovation focus: Ruby Tuesday s HR team still needs IT support for some activities, but now less of that HR-related IT effort is spent on maintenance activities.With the time saved on application maintenance, Collins HR analysts and the HR IT team can spend their time on more strategic goals, such as exploring whether to use options like those raised by the Oracle optimization team.Collins HR team piloted its first HR system implementation within four months, a breakneck pace for such a large organization.
Looking for a great way to sharpen your programming resume?It s easy to learn and use, and focuses on helping you finish your build - -not burying you in tedious command syntax.Beyond that, Python users find it easily adaptable.The zeroed-in methodology that makes Python so straightforward to use is applicable to a host of other languages, frameworks, and platforms, like Ruby on Rails and PHP.With the right training, such as this Learning Python Programming course, you ll not only discover what makes Python so popular, but why it s such a go-to coding language for web development professionals.In over 28 hours of study content, you ll start with the fundamentals of Python and then how to integrate it into your coding projects.
The Chinese government was signaling new openness to startups going public domestically—something it had long made difficult—while those tech stocks that were already listed in China had been among the best performers in a stock-market boom in the first half of 2015.Without the anticipated listing changes, some investors and bankers are rethinking valuations for Chinese startups because the path to cash out their investments is less clear.Out of 2,802 companies listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges last Friday, 1,883, or 67%, are manufacturers, and only 162 are in software and information technology, according to the exchanges websites.Since the government made innovation and entrepreneurship a key national policy, many people rushed down the road only to find there s no exit out , says Hu Yanping, founder of independent think tank DCCI, or Data Center of Chinese Internet.It will be increasingly hard for many startups to get funded in later rounds, says Ruby Lu of venture-capital firm H Capital.If they cannot find an M path, they will fold when they run out of money.
Caption: Hopscotch is an app that helps people learn how to code through a visual language.HopscotchThe internet age has given us no shortage of coding tutorials.The image most people have when they think of programming is some dude hunched over a black screen furiously typing a lot of incomprehensible text, says Leavitt.First, there s the underlying fundamentals of coding—things like conditional logic, abstraction, and variables.Then there s syntax, the rules that dictate how the symbols in your code—be it Python, Ruby, or Javascript—must be arranged in order to run properly.You start by picking a shape—let s say a heart.She figures the democratization of coding isn t going to come from people learning on a command-line interface, but rather through platforms that make the act of coding less complicated.
But where the industry has seen an absolute explosion in innovation for Gender Equality has been set Initiatives to get more kids, girls Specifically, to code. - Coding summer camps for kids in Stockholm. Black Girls Code Launched in 2011, BGC hosts classes and programs for young girls from underrepresented communities to learn coding languages ​​like Scratch and Ruby on Rails. Their goal is to help grow the number of women of color working in technology, and overpriced help solve the digital divide the gap between people with regular access to tech and Those without. This year's finalists are high schoolers age 19 or younger from Kazakhstan, Mexico, the US, and Kenya, and middle schoolers age 14 or below from Cameroon, India, Canada and the US. Their results are amazing - a full 90% of the girls who participated went on to major in Computer Science.
It has been turned on four times for the former, in connection with the Earthquakes in Afghanistan, Chile and Nepal, and the tropical storms in the Philippines and South Pacific.The Paris terrorist attacks in November marked the first time it was used for a human disaster.It also leaves the decision whether or not to even activate the system to the users who are on the ground going through the crisis.The degree of urgency, scale and scope of the crisis, and its duration, all come in to play, How will this affect the political and economical infrastructure of the area in question?We care about all people equally, and we will work hard to help people suffering in as many of these situations as we can, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted in a comment after the Paris attacks.According to Facebook, over 1 billion people have gotten news that someone they know is safe since Safety Check was first used in December 2014, following Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines.
With this truism in mind, being forced to pass on a gold-plated, engraved, Swarovski-enhanced iPhone 4S as a family heirloom because you paid £2k for it isn't a good look.This goes for gold-plated Samsungs, ruby-spangled iPads and platinum-cased BlackBerrys too, unless you also run a private jet and live somewhere near the Gulf.They may come on a really cheap contract, along with hundreds of dollarpounds' worth of vouchers, an Xbox 360 and a free flip case, but the chipset is usually miles behind their big brother, and you'll hate that tiny sibling every single second you peer at the under-sized, under-specced little screen.It'll be marginally quicker than juicing up with a lemon and some jump leads, but only just, and it'll triple the bulk of your otherwise cutting-edge phone, as well as buzzing like a wasp in a can all night long.A 'reimagined' keyboard, different colour backlight and 'bespoke' leather car kit do not a poor phone rescue - even if a premium motoring brand has bolted their chrome logo onto it.The stubby ones from the 90s don't even give you that pleasure - although in fairness we never got told poor reception was down to 'holding them wrong', like Apple did with the iPhone 4's inbuilt version.
Summer is here, the sun is out, and kids will soon be off from school for the summer.The company is going to 12 locations around the United States to give kids some video game-themed family fun.The Big N will have a bunch of 3DS games on display, from solid past hits like Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Mario Kart 7, to more modern hits like Yoshi s New Island, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Yo-Kai Watch, and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.The booth will be incredibly ornate, featuring a giant Nintendo 3DS, a massive Kirby with pink bean bags, racing seats for Mario Kart, Yoshi egg chairs, and oversized bananas surrounding a Tiki hut.Unfortunately, Nintendo is making this a handheld only affair, meaning that Wii U games will not be on display.With the Nintendo 2DS starting at $79.99, Nintendo s hoping to convince parents that its system is a cheaper and better gaming device than an iPod Touch.
By adding these and by using Linux, C lets developers extend programming code for embedded and IoT code.For example, Oracle has built a platform, Oracle Java Embedded, to be used in connected vehicles and help with the tremendous amounts of data mining that happen in the vehicle.An IoT use for example, is an IoT Python app built on a Raspberry Pi and IBM's Bluemix platform for Home Automation System.Python has strength in the embedded devices space and lets developers built IoT applications with understandable data mining results.Yet, while C is great for embedded devices and a widely used language, it is not so up-to-scratch when it comes to middleware, API development or front end development.This is followed by other programming languages such as Node.js, PHP, Lua, C , Ruby, Assembler, Go and SWIFT.
Once a time, the words computer code was a mysterious concept, reserved only for the tech elites nerds, to the rest of us .The ease of understanding has reached advanced learning as well, and a lucrative career as an IT professional is there for the taking with The DevOps Hacker Bundle, now only $29 on TNW Deals.Your DevOps engineering potential will take flight as you explore various building options with the Docker for DevOps course, and come to understand the platform designed to help ensure your software runs quickly and efficiently in any environment.As you build your knowledge base and confidence, you ll soon master the processes of developing and deploying customized, multi-service Flask and Ruby on Rails apps.Next, you ll move into familiarity with deploying Docker containers to AWS as well, eventually managing a cluster of them, and operating confidently within the Amazon AWS cloud.The DevOps Hacker Bundle will help you attain that elite coding position – pick it up today for just $29 on TNW Deals.
Plus, a familiar face returns to The Walking Dead, and Gotham is recasting one of itscomic book villains.Doctor StrangeMads Mikkelsen talks to Yahoo Movies UK about how the film stands out from the rest of Marvel s films:If you look at the comic books, the comic books are quite different to other Marvel stories .IGN The BFGYoung star Ruby Barnhill discusses her favorite parts of filming the movie in a new promo.Coming Soon The BBC have released a plethora of new details about the show s 10th season, which begins filming next week.The first two episodes of the series will be written by showrunner Steven Moffatt and novelist Frank Cottrell-Boyce who wrote the somewhat terrible In the Forest of the Night in season 8 .The corporation also took to Twitter to confirm two more writers for the series: Sarah Dollard, who wrote last year s Face the Raven, and new-to-the-show writer Mike Bartlett.
ShahanBA German university student has demonstrated an effective way to get code of his choosing to run on the computers of software developers, at least some of whom work for US governmental and military organizations.Tschacher's research suggests that despite those measures, it may still be disturbingly easy for attackers to infect developers.The technique has its roots in so-called typosquatting attacks, in which attackers and phishers registered domains such as,, or similarly mistyped names that closely resemble trusted and widely visited domains.Then, in 2011, security researcher Artem Dinaburg introduced an attack he called Bitsquatting.He first identified 214 of the most widely downloaded user-submitted packages on PyPI, RubyGems, and NPM, which are community websites for developers of the Python, Ruby, and JavaScript programming languages respectively."I think we're pretty well aware of the fact that if you install a random third-party module that no one has vetted and you don't know, there is inherent risk because it could do anything," Azimuth Security senior researcher Dan Rosenberg told Ars.
There is now an improved character selection screen with a number of races and gender combinations to choose from, and you have two new NPC guides: Professor Kukui and his mysterious assistant, Lillie, who introduce you to the game s most fundamental mechanics.The premise on Sun and Moon might sound familiar to longtime fans of the series: you assume the role of a young trainer who recently moved to the Alola Region.After bidding farewell to your mother, departing home, and receiving your first Pokémon, you set off on your first grand adventure across the islands.The narrative many not tread new ground, but Sun and Moon s marks a technical departure from past Pokémon entries.And it ll ship in more than nine languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean — a series first.But in a nod to fans who ve sunk a few hours into the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, X, Y, Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire will have their efforts rewarded in Sun and Moon: both games are compatible with the Pokémon Bank, Game Freak s online Pokémon storage system.
Stanford-educated engineer Debbie Sterling is on a mission to increase that percentage by encouraging girls as young as four years old to start tinkering with toys and building simple machines.Sterling was working a stale job in marketing when the concept for GoldieBlox struck her during an "idea brunch" in 2011.At the idea brunch, one of Sterling's Stanford friends expressed her frustrations about the lack of women in STEM and said she'd played with her brothers' hand-me-down construction toys as a child."It's so prevalent in our culture that sometimes I think you forget how limiting that can be for girls."Four years after its launch, the company now has a total of 17 products available in more than 6,000 retailers worldwide - and a growing library of more than 100 videos - that teach engineering and problem-solving skills like hinges and levers, pulleys, gears, and wheels and axles.Every toy follows the story of Goldie and her group of friends including Ruby Rails, an African-American coder, and Li Gravity, Goldie's best male friend and a budding physicist.
Microsoft Research now wants to add the kind of bounds-checking seen in C to C, to help splat bugs like buffer overruns, out-of-bounds memory accesses, and incorrect type casts, in an add-on called Checked C.It's an attempt to resolve a paradox in C: on the one hand, handling pointers directly makes for efficient, close to the hardware programming; on the other, pointer errors provide lots of dangerous vectors.Microsoft notes that between 2010 and 2015, buffer overflows were behind as many as 16 per cent of the bugs added to the US National Vulnerability Database each year.The specification document lists the Windows and Linux operating systems, IE, Chrome and Safari browsers, Apache, OpenSSL, Bash, Ruby and PHP scripting languages and QuickTime as all suffering from buffer overflows in that period.In it, the company's David Tarditi explains that the extension adds new pointer types and array types that are bounds-checked, yet layout-compatible with existing pointer and array types .It applies dynamic checking to enforce the integrity of memory access at runtime – something you can't get from static checking.Key to it is better handling of pointers in C programs.
This robot is nice, said Ruby, as a group of children encircled it.At a mall in Osaka, Japan, for example, experts in human-robot interaction were studying robot abuse in 2014 using a machine designed to help the elderly buy groceries.and Ouch, that hurt!NAO, a robot that can talk through a speaker and analyze facial expressions, started out without eyes because its creators at a robotics unit of SoftBank Group Corp. 9984 -0.25 % tucked its sensors into other parts.One rejected design had matte-black paint and large-tread wheels, which Mr. Stephens said looked like a tank.One rendering that positioned cameras as asymmetrical eyes bordered on goofy.
No compatible source was found for this video.Steven Spielberg s film adaptation of Roald Dahl s The BFG, starring Oscar-winner Mark Rylance as the titular Big Friendly Giant and Ruby Barnhill as Sophie, hits theaters July 1.We ve already seen trailers that tease the initial mystery and reveal a bit of the story s fantastical Giant Country, where, as book readers know, it quickly becomes apparent that the BFG isn t the only giant hidden from humanity—and the rest of them typically eat humans.The biggest, meanest, dumbest of the carnivorous giants is Fleshlumpeater, voiced by Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords.In this exclusive clip from the film, the BFG hides Sophie in his house as Fleshlumpeater demands help with a boo-boo, while derisively calling the only friendly giant a runt.Clement and Bill Hader both voice giants in the film, and it s clear from this clip that they won t be used as completely menacing characters, but as bumbling neanderthals who can be outwitted by the gentle, amiable BFG.
I had no trouble, but be sure to note the issues listed at the bottom of the page, several of which may be deal breakers.The Flatpak version of LibreOffice also doesn't yet include a Java Runtime Environment JRE , which means that any LibreOffice functionality that requires a JRE will not work.Fedora's developer focus shows in some of the under-the-hood updates, like the move to GCC 6 and the usual slew of version bumps for various programming languages.Fedora 24 features Python 3.5, Ruby 2.3, Node.js 5.10, and Golang 1.6, among other updates.This release of Fedora Cloud also features OpenShift Origin, Fedora's packaging of Google's Kubernetes container cluster manager.Thanks largely in part to GNOME 3.20, Fedora 24 is well worth the upgrade for existing users.
Accel also participated in the new round, which will be used to continue to rapidly grow the business, as well as for hiring.The technology was originally developed by Disqus Director of Design Chris Jennings and Lead Engineer David Cramer while they still worked at the company.Soon, dozens of developers were contributing code to Sentry s Github page, and the tool grew to support other popular languages like Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and JavaScript.JavaScript is now Sentry s top platform, having more than tripled in the last year.The iOS product, he explains, will focus on immediately alerting when something has gone wrong with a deployment.It s now working on a User Feedback feature that will display a more useful message when a user hits a 500 response.