After he was demoted and fired, idiot logged into office PC from home and wiped storage systems An IT guy, who was tasked with locking out ex-employees from the company network, has been jailed after he logged in after being fired and wiped an office's computer storage drives.…
Two-thousand nineteen: A bad year for the media, by and large.Venture capitalists running amok, local news structures being torn apart and shut down, institutions being reshaped and ruined by the influence of massive tech companies like Facebook and Google.That’s the real world, at least.It’s never been a better time, apparently.That’s why, in the wake of DC’s wonderfully zany Jimmy Olsen series from Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber – which takes a lighter look at media antics in the year 2019 through the delightfully hapless pal of Superman – it’s interesting to see Marvel announce that New York’s paper of residence, the Daily Bugle, is getting its own comic book.Penned by Incognegro’s Mat Johnson, making his Marvel debut, and with art from Black Panther and the Crew’s Mack Chater, the five-issue miniseries is called Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle and will serve as a loose crossover between events spiralling out of the main Amazing Spider-Man comic series and Daredevil.
Only Taika Waititi manages to make a Nazi Germany-set coming-of-age story look like a fantastic romp.The latest trailer for Jojo Rabbit, Waititi's next film before Next Goal Wins and Thor: Love and Thunder, reveals more plot details and actors putting on German accents.Jojo Rabbit follows 10-year-old Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis), a boy learning the ropes of being a Nazi soldier in a Hitler Youth Camp during the Second World War.Only he's having doubts, compounded by his mother (Scarlett Johansson) hiding a young Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) behind a false wall in their home.Rebel Wilson, Stephen Merchant and Sam Rockwell show up in the trailer as eccentric Nazi captains while Waititi himself plays an imaginary Adolf Hitler, a voice on JoJo's shoulder trying to keep him on his Nazi training path.The movie's first trailer showed off more of Waititi's goofy take.
Cryptocurrency is electricity which is encoded into complex strings of algorithms.Fiat money is currency that gets its worth from government ruling or law.The dollar, the yen, and the Euro are all examples.Or by a bank altering a digital ledger, something the Federal Reserve will instruct banks to do to adjust for inflation.Cryptocurrency is a means to purchase, sell, and invest that completely avoids both government oversight and banking systems tracking the movement of your money.In a world economy that is destabilized, this system can become a stable force.Cryptocurrency also gives you a great deal of anonymity.The 'miners' find data that produces an exact pattern to the cryptographic algorithm.
Machine learning conjures images of the HAL 9000 or Terminators running amok.But, the reality is that artificial intelligence is just about crafting programs so ingeniously that they can actually assess their own performance and do better on their own.The training in The Complete Machine Learning A to Z Bundle ($25, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) will introduce you to the basics of deep learning and give you practical hands-on experience working with some of the most critical tools in creating self-learning systems.The nine-course bundle covers more than 30 hours of instruction, including introductions to artificial intelligence that don’t require a master’s degree to understand.The bundle features courses covering:Building Chatbots with Google DialogFlow (a $99 value)
Greenock, bonnie Scotland, ladies and gentlemenTis a dowie day whin a swan cannae donder doon th' wynd wi'oot bein' pestered by th' polis.Bit that's dreich reality fur th' birds in Greenock, Inverclyde, according tae footage captured in th' toon this week.Yin wis unfortunate enough tae miss its regular landing pad o' Murdieston Pairk by some 200m, touching doon in stowed Inverkip Road, reported Scots national red top the Daily Record.There, it found itself surrounded by police officers wielding, of all things, riot shields and a loaf o' breed (sorry) as they tried to herd the beastie back to its stomping ground.One Alison Robertson filmed the, er, drama as it unfolded from the windows of her home.
A fear of dying is at the root of all those stressful issues and, as Sheldon Solomon put it when speaking to The Atlantic in 2015, those things are "all malignant manifestations of death anxiety running amok."It’s cyclical: Anxiety spiral, fear of death, bad decisions, rinse, repeat.The gatherings can be hosted anywhere—community centers, living rooms, hospices, or regular old coffee shops.It's also not the place to attempt to convert anyone to a religion.The concept began with "café mortels," created in 2004 by Swiss sociologist and anthropologist Bernard Crettaz.In psychology, there's a term known as "terror management theory," which refers to the fact that, while humans intellectually understand the inevitability of death, our survival instinct protects us from fully confronting it.
On The Walking Dead’s series premiere in 2010, zombies—or walkers, as they’re known on the show—had overtaken the city of Atlanta.Walkers will be roaming the city’s biggest landmarks, including Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building and Union Square, in an AMC activation ahead of the show’s Season 9 premiere on Sunday night.From Thursday through Sunday, which also coincides withNew York Comic Con, a Walking Dead-branded truck is traveling around New York, transporting walkers.It will stop at various spots, where the walkers will interact with the crowd.AMC is keeping the timing of specific stops under wraps but said the truck will be present during the show’s Comic Con panel on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.“The NYCC panel is the night before our fall premiere, so it’s almost like our Super Bowl,” said Justin Manfredi, svp of marketing for AMC and Sundance TV.
A data expert by the name of Hang Do Thi Duc recently exposed a problem with Venmo’s privacy settings, they’re public by default.And, if you look to your other side, you’ll see the devil in the form of a bot that tweets the names and faces of Venmo users who are referencing drugs and sex in their transactions.Joel Guerra, the human behind the bot, wanted to “demonstrate how much data Venmo was making publicly available with their open API and their public by default settings and encourage people to consider their privacy settings,” according to a report from Motherboard.And, in the spirit of fairness, the method he chose to demonstrate his point seems like it would be an effective one.Where Hang’s work, which we wrote about earlier this week, uses anonymized data and clever visualizations to show how a person’s public data could be exploited, Guerra sort of rubs people’s face in it like a dog who’s pissed on the rug.Nick R. paid Julie R. for ""
Next year is going to be horrible for tech if we take movies like Blade Runner and The Island seriously.“They forget that technology is our future, it’s not our fate,” said Vestager during her talk at Brain Bar in Budapest.They’re built on a far deeper foundation of values – values like freedom, and fairness, and democracy.Under her leadership, the EU has fined Google €2.4 billion for illegally promoting its own services at the cost of its competitors, exposed illegal state-aid Amazon and Apple received, and forced them to pay back owed taxes — just to name a few.During her talk on the sunbathed bank of the Danube, Vestager emphasized the power regular people have in shaping the future.In her mind, we the people aren’t at the mercy of big tech — it’s the exact opposite.
A slow internet connection definitely culminates in the definitive low point of any user’s customer experience – when considered against virtually every Internet subscription service metric used for analytical purposes within the ISP industry. In addition to being responsible for a great degree of consumer consternation (which, after all, is only natural under the circumstances), lackluster service bandwidth rates also inflict a severe blow to their provider’s public brand image. Troubleshooting Common Internet Problems YOURSELF But sometimes, and particularly in the case of blazing Internet services like Frontier (which is notorious in the U.S for its fast Frontier Internet), slow data-transfer rates – that may be caused by some easily resolvable service glitch – can result in a lot of unwanted frustration on the user’s end. As someone with a lot of experience in dealing with common customer complaints and grievances (of the technical sort), I can categorically state that the following pointers work well in fixing just about any inadvertent obstruction that might have come in the way of an otherwise fast Internet service. Clean Up Your Browser Cache In order to provide you with a neat and fast user experience, all software companies with developed browser programs of their own tailor their creations to store website cookies and other content packets for quicker secondary page loadings. Although this service amenity proves useful in the short run, overtime it can lead to slowing down your internet-enabled machine; because the bulk of this stored encoded content can impose a lot of burden on the RAM.
So it sounds like a pretty good match.The flu, or influenza, is a contagious respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus (not to be confused with Haemophilus influenzae, an opportunistic bacterium that can cause secondary infections following sicknesses, such as the flu).In the US, flu forces 140,000 to 710,000 people into hospitals and causes 12,000 to 56,000 deaths annually.The hardest hit are children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems.Flu virus sickens and kills by getting into our airways and storming cells in the lining of our respiratory tracts.After quietly running amok for one to four days (the incubation period), symptoms begin.
Isaac Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics—constraints on the behavior of androids and automatons meant to ensure the safety of humans—were also famously incomplete.The laws, which first appeared in his 1942 short story “Runaround” and again in classic works like I, Robot, sound airtight at first:A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.Instead of pursuing top-down philosophical definitions of how artificial agents should or shouldn’t behave, Salge and his colleague Daniel Polani are investigating a bottom-up path, or “what a robot should do in the first place,” as they write in their recent paper, “Empowerment as Replacement for the Three Laws of Robotics.” Empowerment, a concept inspired in part by cybernetics and psychology, describes an agent’s intrinsic motivation to both persist within and operate upon its environment.A Roomba programmed to seek its charging station when its batteries are getting low could be said to have an extremely rudimentary form of empowerment: To continue acting on the world, it must take action to preserve its own survival by maintaining a charge.Empowerment might sound like a recipe for producing the very outcome that safe-AI thinkers like Nick Bostrom fear: powerful autonomous systems concerned only with maximizing their own interests and running amok as a result.
It’s the latest indie local co-op game to land on the Nintendo Switch, and it features up to four players careening through the galaxy, fighting aliens and saving bunnies.Developer Asteroid Base originally launched Lovers in 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.Adam Winkels, Asteroid Base’s technical director, says the team knew as soon as they saw the Switch that they’d want to port it to Nintendo’s hybrid home-portable console.“The focus on local multiplayer is baked into the console itself — every unit comes with two Joy-Cons!“Plus, there’s the fact that cute and colourful games just feel at home on Nintendo.”Lovers has a solo campaign where a lone player can embark on the mission to save the universe from a swarm of Anti-Love particles.
Image credit: Sherwood411 | FlickrMy favorite exchange from the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters" comes when the team is trying to convince the mayor of New York to let them out of jail so they can re-capture the ghosts running amok in the city.Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster or biblical proportions...Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness!Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice!
What they do: Connect rural landowners with campers looking for a spot to pitch a tent that’s off the beaten trailWhy it’s cool: If you’ve ever tried to book a campsite at a popular Northern California campground in the busy summer months, you understand how frustrating the experience can be.As travel writer Betsy Malloy put it in a recent post on “you have to plan farther ahead for next year’s camping trip than you would for an African safari.”San Francisco-based Hipcamp is trying to take the headache out of planning a camping trip by turning more places into campgrounds.Sure, you can use the site to book a space at a public park, but you can also reserve a corner of a private ranch, vineyard, farm or rural backyard.“It just makes getting outside a lot simpler for people, and in many cases, more relevant,” said founder and CEO Alyssa Ravasio.
Elon Musk again demands govt intervention to halt crazed computersAnalysis Elon Musk – the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, not to mention co-chairman of OpenAI and founder of The Boring Company – is once again warning that artificial intelligence threatens humanity."I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI and I think people should be really concerned about it," he said.Arguing that we need to depart from the traditional method of regulation, in which rules follow disaster and public outcry, Musk insisted that dangers posed by clever code running amok are so great that we cannot wait."AI is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization and I don't think people fully appreciate that," Musk declared, even as he allowed that regulation can be "pretty irksome" and businesses would prefer not to be saddled with onerous rules.Fear of apocalyptic AI is a longstanding theme for Musk.
p Bezel-free devices are the current trend running amok among the smartphone makers and the edge-to-edge displays are certainly striking and beautiful.Having a bigger screen stuffed into smaller body is something we all like.On the other hand it’s not making the phones more durable, because the design is prone to some fragility.That shouldn’t be an issue with the upcoming Bluboo S1, because it’s allegedly getting the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection./p Join GizChina on Telegram p Gorilla Glass 5 is the latest generation of the display glass tech by Corning and should be able to withstand  face-down drops from up to 1.6 meters in about 80 % of occurences.That’s way higher than the previous generation and Gorilla Glass 5 also provides superior scratch resistance on the top too.
She looks like a model  —  large eyes, perfect skin  —  and teaches yoga for a living.She says her hometown is Changchun, a northeastern city not far from North Korea, and lives in Shanghai with her parents.Cara is also a chatbot.She ll be a little bit flirty, Matthew Brennan, co-founder of WeChat consulting and research firm China Channel.Matthew discovered Cara through a friend who found her on Momo, a Chinese dating and live streaming app.Cara s maker sent the bot s WeChat name to users she matched with on Momo, before letting it loose on the Chinese messaging app.The whole idea is to get the hongbao, Matthew explains, using the Chinese word for red envelope, the way to gift cash on WeChat.
If you ve maintained an active Facebook presence over the past few years, chances are you ve shared some posts and photos you d rather forget.Whether it s images of old flames or statuses written in a drunken stupor, there s a whole host of Facebook mistakes every grown adult regrets.That s exactly what happened to a bunch of Facebook users on iOS.After all, who knows what Facebook could surface from your past that you d rather not reminisce about.Other users pointed out the error went beyond the re-sharing of old posts.Facebook user Kevin Foad tweeted that 50 of his old photos had re-surfaced, and a few images had even been deleted, along with the random removal of some of his friends.