When asked if Prey, the developer s forthcoming first-person sci-fi action game, has anything to to do with the 2006 Xbox 360 shooter from developer Human Head, or its canceled sequel, Arkane Studios Austin lead designer Ricardo Bare was very clear.The original Prey, an early Xbox 360 shooter released in 2006, was far from a smash hit, but its Native American every-man hero, gravity-defying level design, unique spirit powers, and alien-abduction plot earned it a respectable cult following.Aside from abundant rumors and speculation, the fate of the once-promising series was unknown… Until a brand new, Arkane Studios-developed Prey popped up at Bethesda s E3 2016 media briefing.As anyone who s possessed a plague rat, blinked through time, or reduced enemies to fleshy ribbons with a Spring Razor might guess, Arkane s version of a game includes the ability to unleash and layer an arsenal of skills that enable dynamic gameplay systems and mechanics.Prey s character-progression is fueled by neuromods, sinister looking medical devices that grant human and alien powers when graphically injected into Yu s eyeballs.In an early encounter, Yu fought a set of black, spidery, smoke-like baddies called Mimics, which can shape-shift to avoid detection.
And late on Thursday, we learned that even the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation directed a letter to Elon Musk asking him or Tesla representative to answer a few questions.With all of the commotion, speculation and, at times, wild accusations being thrown in Tesla s direction, you might be forgiven for assuming that Teslas on Autopilot have been running amok like mindless zombies on The Walking Dead and causing accidents by the hundreds.DON T MISS: New leaked photo shows the iPhone 7 in every single colorDespite an avalanche of hit-pieces and misguided op-eds, it s far too soon to say with any certainty that Tesla s Autopilot software has been the direct cause of any specific crash.With respect to the fatal Model S crash that happened in Florida last May, one witness claims that the driver may have been watching a portable DVD player at the time of the crash.Additionally, evidence suggests that the driver a former Navy SEAL who friends say had a need for speed was likely speeding at the time of the crash.
The latest trailer for July s Ghostbusters reboot is here—and if you were worried about that infamous earlier teaser being short on plot and, perhaps, light on A jokes , you ll be glad to know that the new footage has more story, more humor, and a lot more bustin .She and her fellow spook-chasers played by Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones are the only New Yorkers equipped to take on a new wave of spectral menaces who are running amok in the city—and whose presence may or may not be harbingers of a new ghost apocalypse.It s full-on panic in the streets, but the government won t help the team, and some unseen baddie out there s actually trying to make the phantom menace even worse at one point, the team s assistant, played by Chris Hemsworth, is possessed by a spirit, presumably one with a thing for Aussie hunks .This all leads, of course, to proton-packed showdowns with lots of out-of-towner ghosts including a rampaging monster, rumored to be named Rowan, who might remind you of a certain Stay-Puft mascot .Pause at: 1:49, to see a bunch of evil-faced, hyper-colored hot-air ghosts attempt to chow down on our team.Best Quote: No one should have to encounter that kind of evil, one guy phantom-splains to the team, except you girls—I think you can handle it.