2000 randomly selected, the Coil of unemployment benefits covered by the Finnish will soon receive a letter from Kela.Their account started from January onwards, come to the monthly 560 for the basic income.These 2000 people from different parts of Finland have been selected by lottery to the government's basic income experiment of the first phase of the sample.They get the basic income for a period of two years i.e. 2017-2018.the spool of law unit chief Marjukka Turunen told the New Finland that the announcement of the selection of incoming mail slot a little after christmas.This is a research-based perspective that you can not refuse, because then it will outfit a selection.
I have to admit: I've become a genetics geek.Ever since I sent my first saliva sample to be analyzed by consumer-genetics company 23andMe, I've become obsessed with what I can find out from a sample of my DNA.After trying out 23andMe's $199 test, I wanted to see how one of its competitors' tests stacked up.For $99, AncestryDNA will sequence your genes to help trace your geographic roots.It doesn't provide health and wellness information, although Ancestry launched a program aimed at tracking family-health history called AncestryHealth.The company also recently teamed up with Alphabet's biotechnology company, Calico, to study the genetics of the human lifespan.Here's what it was like to use AncestryDNA: View As:
Flights are getting cheaper this year, but prices vary depending on your destination.To figure out whether a flight is actually a good deal, Luiz Maykot, a data science analyst for Adobe, came up with a simple formula.The formula is pretty straightforward: multiply the trip s round-trip miles by $0.032, then add $230.Maykot explains how he came up with the formula:I calculated the average price paid by everyone in the data sample, based on how many days in advance they purchased their tickets up to 300 days in advance .Put simply, the number you crunch gives you a general idea of what the majority of flight prices have been in recent years.MarketWatch explains the formula in a little more detail and also includes a calculator to help you do the math, so check out the full post at the link below.
The AK T1's inputs include microSD, USB, optical and auxiliary, plus streaming over Ethernet, Wi-Fi and BluetoothThis article was first published in the June 2016 issue of WIRED magazine.Its first all-in-one home media system now lets you share the sound by integrating its 24-bit/8-192kHz audiophile-quality sample rate into a 100cm-tall speaker tower.The six speakers are driven by a hybrid amplifier system.An analogue amp delivers crisp highs to the tweeters; a rich midrange and deep bass for the subwoofers comes courtesy of a digital system.£2,499The 6.2kg bar is 100 x 13.1 x 12.5cm, and was created by Torsten Valeur, who has been designing Bang and Olufsen products since 1997A pair of centrally placed four-inch bass drivers coupled with a three-quarter-inch tweeter on either end give this characteristically stylish Bang & Olufsen all-in-one system a balanced but room-filling sound.Integrated streaming services including Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn can be controlled from the device's touchscreen, the remote or the BeoMusic app.
LinkedIn Corp. is investigating whether a breach of more than 6 million users passwords in 2012 was bigger than originally thought, following a hacker s attempt to sell what is purported to be login codes for 117 million accounts.It appears that more had been taken then, and just posted now,  spokesman Hani Durzy said.We are still determining how many of these are still active and accurate, since the data would be about four years old now.At the time, LinkedIn reset the passwords of everyone it believed was part of the breach, which amounted to 6.5 million users, Durzy said.Vice Media LLC s Motherboard website earlier reported that a hacker is selling the e-mails and passwords of the affected LinkedIn users for about $2,000, and provided about 1 million sample logins for verification.The passwords are encrypted but in a format that is easily cracked.In September 2015 LinkedIn s $1.25 million settlement over the breach received final approval by a court.The latest disclosure raises questions about why LinkedIn didn t reset passwords for all of its more than 160 million users at the time, which is considered good due diligence for Internet companies that experience a major breach.
Yesterday, Google announced plans to grow its VR efforts through a new platform called Daydream.Today, the company shared more details, including that it will build its own hardware for the platform.Reference design — specs anyone can build toGoogle explained yesterday, during the opening of its Google I/O developers conference that Daydream, which it has named its new VR platform, would have reference designs for a headset and controller that manufacturers could use.In other words, these were specs of what the hardware needed, but anyone could build a particular device with those specs however they wanted.That s why Google shared only a generic image of how Daydream hardware might look, because there s not going to be one exact model, if you will:Google to build its own hardwareNow, it turns out that Google itself will use those same specs to build its own hardware, specifically its own Daydream headset and controller.Here s a sample of that:Unreal Engine also shared a video of what it is doing with Daydream, which gives some glimpses of hardware that Unreal has apparently built for development:You can see the entire session here, at the moment — start about one hour in.
Coding bootcamps have earned friends in high places, including President Obama, who called them a ticket to the middle class.These programs are designed to take in students with minimal coding knowledge and shoot them back out a few months later as employable software engineers.And the top bootcamps have enjoyed outstanding success, boasting over $100,000 in average exit salaries and up to 99% employment rates.And there are anecdotal tales of life turnarounds, like this one from a community college dropout who went from working at Chick-fil-A to making $90,000 as a computer programmer in just 6 months.They looked at 100 bootcamp grads and 150 college computer science grads.The results We ve found bootcamp grads as a group to be better than college grads at web programming and writing clean, modular code, and worse at algorithms and understanding how computers work, cofounder Ammon Bartram writes.Bootcamp grads do as well or even better than college grads on practical skills, but they lose out on deep knowledge, according to Bartram.Let's look at design questions as an example.Bootcamp grads do better on web questions involving web servers, databases, and load balancers, Bartram writes.Triplebyte only sees a sample of engineers who pass their initial test, so the startup doesn t have a way of knowing whether there is a large percentage of bootcampers who failed early on.But the results suggest that, beyond being better or worse, bootcamps provide a different skill set than a more traditional computer science degree.Here is a graph of Triplebyte s results:NOW WATCH: How to freeze water instantlyLoading video...
But you'll need a new phone to do itGoogle's VR entry screenGoogle I/O 2016 Google has been outlining plans for kickstarting its virtual reality portfolio this year, including new hardware, software tools, and developer support.Unlike Facebook's Oculus platform, which requires a high-end PC to crunch the code, Google thinks that you can get a perfectly decent VR experience just using a smartphone, like Samsung's Gear VR setup.Clay Bavor, Google's VP of VR, said the Chocolate Factory was going to be building its own Android N smartphones to use for virtual reality, but other manufacturers have also promised hardware, he said, including Chinese firm Xiaomi.To help developers write for the platform, Google has set up a Daydream Labs project to put up sample code, and is currently churning out two apps a week and making them available to coders.As for integration, Bavor said that users of the Unreal engine can get coding for Daydream right away, while Unity Technology developers will get native integration this summer, although there's a plugin available now so coders can get to work.The Play Store will also have a rating for "Motion" on apps capable of VR.
Whoa, indeed.We have incorporated an aniline derivative into the sensor material which reacts with the furfural and produces a pink cyanine derivative that allows us to identify the presence of the marker in the sample.And, so far, things are working well when compared to traditional and complex chromatographic methods currently used to test for furfural.These same samples were also sent to a laboratory where they were analysed using gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.The results we obtained were completely comparable, said Benito-Peña.The process can be used to sense aging in honey and milk as well, although I like to think all new technologies should be used first and foremost as a way to tell if my case of Mickey s Big Mouths shouldn t have hung out in Will s van all summer.
In the past their Be Touch and Paris phones all had CNC alloy chassis, but the Vienna feature a unibody plastic body.This hardly detracts from the package though as the plastic is nicely curved and moulded to make a phone that is almost like a slim, flat pebble.The plastics are of good not top quality, and there are no creaks or gaps.With such a curved rear Ulefone made the correct decision of have a 2.5D curved display up front, and to add an extra degree of curvature to the phone there is a small black plastic bezel around the screen.All in all its a good-looking, well made phone, only let down by the rather large and very ugly icons on the chin for the hardware buttons.I m sure a more elegant solution is out there, one which doesn t cheapen the overall good design.Features around the Ulefone Vienna include a 5.5-inch display, headphone jack and IR remote at the top, standard USB in the base, 3 physical buttons on the right side for volume up, down and power and a final extra physical button on the left.The rear of the phone is non removable so a SIM tray on the left is how you add your SIM/SD card.On the back you fill find a 13 mega-pixel main camera slightly protruding , dual LED flash, fingerprint scanner, Ulefone logo and a single but very loud and clear speaker.Our review sample is the space grey version of the Ulefone Vienna, but Grace Black, Silk White and Rose Gold models are all listed on the Ulefone site too.Ulefone Vienna Review – HardwarePriced at around $180 depending on where you buy the Vienna isn t a particularly expensive audio centric phone.Other smartphones with audio features include Vivo, Nubia and Meizu, all of which cost considerably more.The price point is helped with the use of plastic construction, and we also see a cost cutting measure in the use of an octacore Mediatek MT6753 chipset.Now don t let this put you off as with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage there is enough memory for all of your apps and many games will run just fine on the phone, but heavy gamers need to look elsewhere.In fact other than the basic quad-core chipset, there aren t any obvious signs of cost cutting in the rest of the hardware.That 5.5-inch display is a Sharp LTPS 1920 x 1080 FHD model, and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.It s actually surprising that Ulefone managed to squeeze it in to the budget.
Disney-based VR startup Littlstar has developed a way to measure where people are looking while immersed in a VR experience or watching a 360-degree video and is mapping those viewing patterns so that content creators and brands can track what is and isn t grabbing people s attentions.79 viewsThe technology and more importantly the data it unearths could be a significant catalyst for entertainment studios, production firms and brands still trying to wrap their heads around how people are wrapping their heads around the emerging medium.To give themselves a better shot of guiding audiences through their all-encompassing entertainment, content creators do things to signal where someone s attention should be, like lighting only part of a scene or having someone on screen point the viewers eyes in the right direction.47 viewsUnlike eye tracking studies and test audience surveys that are limited to a sample viewership, Littlstar can create these heat maps for all viewers, but with one big caveat.It currently only works for videos distributed through Littlstar s VR service or a company s own platform that has integrated its tech, but not videos viewed on Facebook or YouTube.With all the discussion about viewability and engagement, here is a really exciting way to be able to showcase exactly what the engagement, what the viewability is of the sponsor s assets, said Weinstock.
Google has released a preview of the latest version of its Android Studio development environment, with a raft of new features that the company demonstrated at its I/O 2016 event.Most notable among them are the new layout editor, which makes it easy to bring your app design to life, Firebase integration so you can access services like analytics, authentication, notifications and AdMob right within the IDE, and the ability to record Espresso UI tests and generate test code just by using your app.You ll also find a new Code Sample Browser, which lets you look up snippets of code provided by Google based on the symbol you ve highlighted in your own project.In addition, the new APK Analyzer helps you keep your installer file size to a minimum, by doing things like assisting in avoiding 64K referenced method limit issues with your Dex files and letting you inspect the compiled resources file, as well as all the assets contained in the APK.The company says that Android Studio is now the IDE of choice for 92 percent of the top 125 apps & game developers on Google Play.Of course, they ll likely be a bit buggy and it ll be a little while before they arrive in a stable version, so use that version with caution.
Men s Grooming Sample Box, $20 $20 Amazon CreditAmazon s sample box deals have been a huge hit this year, and they keep raising the stakes.Today, you can pick up a $20 box full of men s grooming samples, including razors, deodorant, shaving cream, body wash, and more, and of course, you ll get a $20 credit back to spend on your next men s grooming purchase through Amazon.More Sample Boxes:Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.We want your feedback.
Men s Grooming Sample Box, $20 $20 Amazon CreditAmazon s sample box deals have been a huge hit this year, and they keep raising the stakes.Today, you can pick up a $20 box full of men s grooming samples, including razors, deodorant, shaving cream, body wash, and more, and of course, you ll get a $20 credit back to spend on your next men s grooming purchase through Amazon.More Sample Boxes:Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.We want your feedback.
The profusion of comments on social media sits alongside other efforts, to find and delete content deemed too sensitive for Chinese citizens."They do not step up to defend the government, its leaders, and their policies from criticism, no matter how vitriolic; indeed, they seem to avoid controversial issues entirely," said the paper.PseudonymsThe helpers are known within China as the "Fifty Cent Party" because of an unsubstantiated rumour that contributors are paid 50 cents for each of their posts.The study used documents and spreadsheets leaked in 2014 that revealed the names and online pseudonyms of people employed by the Chinese authorities to post on the state's behalf.The academics extrapolated from this sample in an attempt to estimate the true scale of official activity on social media sites."Since censorship alone seems to anger people, the 50c astroturfing program entailing creation of fake grassroots content has the additional advantage of enabling the government to actively control opinion without having to censor as much as they might otherwise," the authors concluded.
It makes it easy to buy movie tickets while on the go, to find that perfect restaurant for your family to grab a quick bite before the movie starts, and then help you navigate to the theater, Google announced online.For instance, in a demo, the app offers a texter sample greetings and comes up with lines like aww so cute to use in response to a picture of a child.Browsers will be a thing of the past, said Geraldine McBride – founder of myWave, a virtual assistant company – at the Intelligent Assistants conference in New York City in October.This vision has inspired a spate of start-ups, such as X.ai s Amy, which sets up meetings over email, and Ozlo, which helps you find somewhere to eat.Earlier this month, at hackathon event Disrupt NYC, the team behind Apple s helper Siri demonstrated Viv.Viv is designed to take on the type of wordy inquiries that flummox Siri, like Was it raining in Seattle three Thursdays ago?
Spotify continues to dominate the music streaming market, with the biggest music library and subscriber base.And if you're yet to sample the delights of the streaming service, now's the time to sign up and give it a go.The company is offering three months of its Premium service for 99p.That's a 99p flat rate, too – none of this pay monthly nonsense.Of course, once the three months is up, you'll be moved onto the regular £9.99 per month plan, but even then you've got the option to cancel any time.GET DEAL: 3 months of Spotify Premium for 99pThe offer ends on June 30th, but we're sure the more creative among you will find some way to extend the initial three months if you're not particularly tied to keeping one account.
Deutsche Bank May Punish Staff for Personal Trade With Firm Bloomberg -- Deutsche Bank AG halted bonus payments to a group of employees while examining whether they improperly traded with the firm.2.U.S. Stocks Rise Amid Buffett s Apple Bet, Oil Rally; Bonds Slip Bloomberg -- U.S. equities climbed as Warren Buffett s bet on Apple Inc. sent the iPhone maker s shares rallying, while crude oil s surge to a six-month high amid speculation a supply glut has eased boosted commodity-producer shares around the world.5.Dollar Jumps as Fed Minutes Boost June Hike Odds; Bonds Retreat Bloomberg -- The dollar rallied and Treasuries plunged after minutes of the Federal Reserve s last meeting showed officials discussed raising rates as early as June.The Commodity That No One Knows About But Everybody Wants to Buy Bloomberg -- The world s mines and steel plants got so devalued during the commodity slump that some were just given away by owners struggling to cut losses or debt.Bonuses for Traders, Hedge Fund Managers Seen Falling in 16 Bloomberg -- Bonus pools could decline by as much as 20 percent for some Wall Street workers this year, with incentive pay falling at almost every type of financial-services firm, according to compensation consultant Johnson Associates Inc.9.I Hate My IPhone, and I m Not Alone: Brooke Sample & Shira Ovide Bloomberg View -- I have an iConfession: I hate my iPhone.2.
Sports and music fans have been warned by Trading Standards teams to beware of fake tickets for sale this summer.Major events, including Euro 2016 and music festivals, are expected to be targeted by fraudsters.He said trading standards teams in England and Wales were cracking down on online ticket fraud, and called on social media sites to "do more to help prevent people being conned paying for tickets on their sites".Without these details there is no way to determine if the tickets exist or notAlways check with the event organiser for official ticket distribution lists and avoid buying from unauthorised sources, particularly social networksIf you are engaging with unofficial sellers, research them thoroughly.Check the seller or company online for unfavourable reviews and beware of false positive reviewsAlways pay for tickets by credit card and never pay by direct transfer - the card issuer is jointly liable for a failure for goods or services to be provided as long as the price of a single ticket is over £100Only make purchases from sites encrypted for payment - look for the padlock in the address barSource: Local Government AssociationIn a sample of 3,000 reported ticket scams between May and October 2015, victims lost on average £444 per transaction, police found.Facebook has been contacted for comment.
You never forget your first Tesla.In 2010, right after the company had survived a near-death experience, I was offered the chance to sample what was then the carmaker's only vehicle: the original Roadster.It's hard to overestimate the importance of this car, which sold for over $100,000, turned in blistering acceleration, and could top 200 miles on a single charge.The Roadster changed our minds forever about what an electric car could be and launched Tesla on a road to its current $30 billion market cap and a portfolio of, by 2017, three vehicles: the Model S sedan, the Model X SUV, and the Model 3 car for the masses.Last year, I reminisced about my first time with a Tesla to one of the company's staffers.This led to a question: Do we even have a Roadster around to check out anymore?They found one, and I was reunited with my old friend in Los Angeles, on the eve of the Model 3 unveiling in late March.Something poetic and romantic about that, I think.Read on to see what it was like.View As: One PageSlides