Ms. Sandberg recounted the conversation in a public Facebook post; soon after, posters with the saying appeared at Facebook offices world-wide.Over the past 14 months, she has wrestled with her feelings out loud in about a dozen Facebook posts.His death also has prompted the 46-year-old Ms. Sandberg to rethink aspects of her 2013 feminist manifesto, Lean In.In a post on Mother s Day, Ms. Sandberg, a mother of two preteens, acknowledged criticism that her book didn t adequately consider the challenges of single parents.In April, she hosted a dinner for some big Facebook advertisers and their agencies, a few hours after a school event for her children touched off a fresh wave of sadness about Mr. Goldberg s absence.After rising to welcome the roughly 20 attendees, Ms. Sandberg stood silently for a few moments, according to Carolyn Everson, Facebook s vice president of global marketing solutions, who attended the dinner.
Y Combinator is making its Startup School event available to more people in the form of a massively open online course (MOOC).Starting today, you can register for a spot to watch the various industry leaders and entrepreneurs that the startup program has lined up to guest lecture during this 10-week course.Participants will also receive access to a Slack-powered community so they can converse with their classmates.As for the final exam, participants will be invited to present what they’ve built to the entire class in what is essentially a pseudo Demo Day.The best part is that Y Combinator is giving this all away for free.Startup School is an annual event produced by Y Combinator in which entrepreneurs and students receive lessons from many of the technology industry’s leaders, including those who have graduated from the accelerator program.Past speakers include Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey, Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg, Watsi’s Chase Adam, former Evernote CEO Phil Libin, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, venture capitalist Ron Conway, and others.This year, the program is expanding into an online course out of a desire to “replicate much of the YC experience,” organization president Sam Altman wrote in a blog post.Some of the guest lecturers for the inaugural course include Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum, Stripe CEO Patrick Collision, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo, Facebook vice president of growth Alex Schultz, Vinod Khosla, SaaStr founder and VC Jason Lemkin, and an assortment of partners from Y Combinator.Nearly 40 percent of the classes will be “recorded advice sessions with startups,” something Altman described as “some of our most helpful content.” The lectures will be recorded from Stanford University and will cover topics like idea generation, product development, growth, culture building, fundraising, and more.Startup School will be a three-way conversation, allowing you to receive advice from Y Combinator and guest lecturers and making it possible for “a few thousand” people in the class to get feedback on their startup each week during online advice sessions.
Niantic is working on how two of the most complicated Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO will be released in the near future.While we’ve seen the release of the vast majority of the Pokemon from the original 151 and Gen 2, several Legendary Pokemon and oddballs still elude us.With the release of Ditto as our guide, we’re to understand that both Delibird and Smeargle are well on their way to semi-random release.Speaking this week at a high school event – of all the odd places to speak – Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed a bit of information about the release of two new Pokemon.He said specifically that some Pokemon had not yet appeared in the game due to their “Special Moves”.When Ditto was first released, it appeared in game code well before being switched on.
In October 2016, the search giant formally unveiled the Pixel and Pixel XL, two top-of-the-line smartphones made in partnership with Taipei, Taiwan-based electronics maker HTC.Since release, the Pixel phones have proven popular and, unfortunately, very difficult to find.Nearly a year later, Google finally appears to have a stable stock going — and with the Pixel 2 on the horizon, the firm has already started slashing prices.The discounts on offer as part of Google’s Back to School event are listed below:32GB Pixel: $524 (down from $650) or $21.83 per month for 24 months128GB Pixel: $624 (down from $750) or $26 per month for 24 months
With the Galaxy Note 8, new iPhones, Pixel 2s, LG V30, and other handsets on the horizon, we’ll soon be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a flagship smartphone.But another benefit that comes from this slew of new devices is the numerous discounts many companies offer on their older, but still excellent, products.For its Back to School event, Google is cutting the price of some of its most popular hardware, which includes the original Pixel phones.Not only do you get up to $200 off the handsets, but Google is also throwing in a Daydream VR headset for free.The five-inch base model Pixel that comes with 32GB of storage costs $524, which is $125 cheaper than its normal $649 price.The larger Pixel XL, meanwhile, is on offer for $569 for the 32GB model and $669 for the 128GB handset - a $200 reduction.
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Here at The Verge, we’ve been at this video thing for over seven years — from first looks at new devices to full-fledged, in-depth reviews.It’s kind of like that parent who not only attended every school event, but made cupcakes for it, too.The video team is everywhere.Before you roll the cameras, you have to have something important to say.At The Verge, we care about technology and the future, and how that technology is going to change our future and the way we interact with the entire world.One way we attempt to unpack this whole future thing is with our video reviews.
When we thought up Chibo, we came to a group problem—What are we going to do tonight?You could literally spend hours; searching websites, filtering social media post, or cowering through old school event emails.So we go back to our trusty local hang—basically missing out on an event that might have changed our lives, expanded our minds, or find that we are never doing that again.Say you are trying to plan a date, hanging out with friends, or out and about by yourself; and you want something interesting and special.Well, we want you to find that cool event or special in seconds by scrolling through our events listing full of local businesses and happenings.We don’t want you showing base on a random social media post that sounds like the coolest place ever, but when you get there seems like a war zone casualty from the 2008 financial crisis.
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Here are a couple of theme ideas and suggestions on how to plan a excellent celebration.Kids' parties consist of celebrations such as birthday parties, Christmas parties, school event, funfairs, Halloween parties,
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TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio recently released her first single, "Be Happy."  The song was released under a new family-owned label, DAM FAM Recordings, and reached over 1 million Spotify streams within its first weekend. With millions of followers across many social-media platforms, D'Amelio and her family are a powerhouse in the influencer industry. Her sister Charli is TikTok's most followed creator with 73 million followers, and their parents Heidi and Marc also have large followings online.  Business Insider spoke with the family's comanagers about developing a song with Dixie and their plans to work with more talent on music going forward.  Subscribe to Business Insider's influencer newsletter: Influencer Dashboard. TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio and her internet-famous family aren't betting on an established record label for her introduction into the music industry. Instead, they are counting on the massive fanbase their family has built across social media.  At the end of June, Dixie released her first single titled "Be Happy" under her family-owned label, DAM FAM Recordings. The song reached over 1 million Spotify streams within its first weekend and at the beginning of July, Dixie made Billboard's list of Emerging Artists.  She first teased to the song on TikTok in June, singing an a capella rendition of it for her 30 million TikTok followers. The music video, which was released on July 1, has 52 million views on YouTube.  With millions of followers across many social-media platforms, Dixie and her family are a powerhouse in the influencer industry. Her sister Charli is TikTok's most followed creator with 73 million followers (that number will have likely changed by the time you read this), and their parents Heidi and Marc also have large followings online.  Outside of TikTok, the sisters have landed traditional Hollywood roles (Charli is the voice of a character in a new animated film), spent time with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, and are the face of new product collabs with companies like Hollister and Morphe Cosmetics.  To make it all happen, the D'Amelios are comanaged by the firms Outshine Talent and Manncom Creative Partners, and represented by United Talent Agency for larger business ventures, like going on tour, or a possible reality TV show which the family has teased recently.  Barbara Jones, who is the founder of Outshine Talent, and Billy Mann, the founder of Manncom Creative Partners, weren't initially brought on to help the family with music projects. But as they discovered Dixie's interest and talent, they were able to create a plan using the deep knowledge of the industry they shared from past experiences working at top record labels.  For Dixie, the launch of her new song is the start of a larger strategy, Jones said. It will rely on the family's celebrity-level team and the massive distribution funnel the D'Amelios have built across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, rather than a traditional record label. Business Insider spoke with Jones and Mann about developing the song and their plans to work with more talent on music going forward.  Inside developing the song  The idea to work with Dixie on a song came after her dad Marc shared a video of her singing at a school event with Mann and Jones late last year. "We have to remember, a year ago Dixie was in school and the parents were carpooling to dance class," Mann said. "She can really sing and has her own style and her own manner of singing which is a lot harder to come by. There's a distinct character to her voice." The song was recorded in Mann's private home studio earlier this spring, he said.  Mann said he sent Dixie dozens of songs to look over and they would spend hours talking about them over FaceTime. She eventually choose "Be Happy," which was produced by Christian Medice (who has worked with Halsey) and was cowritten by Medice, Samantha DeRosa, Joe Kirkland, and Mann. "When she heard 'Be Happy,' it really resonated with her and I think it resonated with her because sometimes being happy is not easy, especially with the way the world is now," Mann said.  "It felt like Dixie," Jones added. "This was a good song for her style and her range. There's nothing wishy-washy about Dixie."  Days before the song was released, Mann told the family that given her audience online, and the fact that she was a brand new artist, Dixie could expect between 100,000 and 250,000 streams within the first week.  But like most everything the family does online, the song was instantly trending and received widespread interest across many social-media platforms.  How the team behind Dixie's music came together  Both Mann and Jones have worked for a variety of record companies over the years. In 2007, Jones was the head of marketing for Columbia Records in New York, and she later started her own influencer-marketing agency. She shifted her business to talent management after meeting and signing the D'Amelios as talent.  Mann has been writing and producing for over 25 years, has worked with artists like P!nk, and has cowritten songs nominated for a Grammy. He met Jones over a decade ago while they were both working at Columbia Records, and Jones reached out to him last year looking to see if he would be interested in managing the family together.  The D'Amelios are also represented by UTA agents Greg Goodfried and Ali Berman, who cohead the digital talent department, and music agent David Klein, who also played a role in the song development. Since working with the family, Jones and Mann have constantly scoured social-media for new talent, and they are "always texting each other links to potential talent," Mann said. They want to continue to work with digital clients who sing and dance on new projects.  "We aren't interested in one lane," Jones said. "We are looking for people who want a well-rounded career."SEE ALSO: Inside UTA's deal with TikTok star Charli D'Amelio and how the talent agency plans to expand her influencer business Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What it's like inside North Korea's controversial restaurant chain