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The man appointed by Boris Johnson to probe David Cameron’s lobbying has cleared the government of “favouritism” in the award of £17bn in Covid contracts.City lawyer Nigel Boardman admitted that some government practices, such as a fast-track “VIP” priority system for firms known to MPs and ministers, gave rise to the “suspicion” of bias.But he found no evidence of favouritism in the award of the contracts.The review of Whitehall procurement during the pandemic, published the day after the local elections, recommends an overhaul of processes from contingency planning to stockpiling.The review covered five key areas of the government’s response to the Covid crisis, taking in spending on PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators, vaccines, test and trace and food parcels for the clinically vulnerable.Most of the contracts were awarded without usual competitive tenders, a process that ministers defended on grounds of the urgent need to get new equipment.Boardman, who is overseeing a separate review the Greensill Capital lobbying affair, has already been accused by Labour of being “a close friend of the Conservative government”.In his latest report, Boardman concluded there was no evidence of favouritism but there were big holes in processes that increased risk.“I have not seen evidence that any contract within the scope of the review was awarded on grounds of favouritism. In my view there are, however, factors which may have encouraged such a suspicion,” he said.These “factors” included the so-called “VIP lane” for PPE, a fast track email address system available to MPs and others, as well as “certain counterparties being associated with the governing party”.Other factors included delays in publishing contracts, the time taken to publish contracts awarded during the crisis and high prices paid.Boardman made 28 separate recommendations for change.“Given the amounts of money spent on these programmes, and the importance of the programmes to the national recovery, it is imperative that there is proper scrutiny of the procurement actions taken by the Government,” he said.Shadow minister Rachel Reeves, who has already predicted that Boardman’s lobbying probe will end in a “whitewash”, was scathing about the new review.She told HuffPost UK: “This barely scratches the surface of the conflicts of interest in government procurement, and the deep and troubling pattern of taxpayers’ money being sunk into crony contracts.“We need a complete overhaul to tackle cronyism, and an urgent end to emergency procurement measures.”Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock have come under intense pressure over the award of billions of pounds of public money, not least over the government’s “VIP lane” for PPE.A court case brought by the campaign group the Good Law Project heard last month that civil servants were “drowning” in bids that lacked credibility. The group has also exposed a lack of transparency in the registering of many contracts.In a previous review of the award of communications contracts by the Cabinet office, he called for better “management of actual or perceived conflicts of interest in a procurement context”.The NAO watchdog issued a withering report last year, concluding that a lack adequate documentation “means we cannot give assurance that government has adequately mitigated the increased risks” from its emergency procurement.The Commons Public Account Committee was even more scathing about Test and Trace, saying its “unimaginable” £25bn cost had failed to deliver its central promise of averting another lockdown.In response to the Boardman report, the Cabinet Office said it was accepting all 28 recommendations in full and its permanent secretary would write to the PAC setting out how he would implement them.Related...Matt Hancock Refuses To Apologise For Unlawfully Failing To Publish Covid ContractsJohnson And Gove 'Ripped Up Rules' On Covid PPE Contracts For Private FirmsCabinet Office To Probe Contract With Deloitte To Draft Ministers' Answers On Test And Trace
"Increasing number of constant monitoring of networks due to rising security concerns about the data is driving the global network performance monitoring equipment market.Scope of Network Monitoring Market Report-Network monitoring of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and that notifies the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) in case of outages or other trouble.It is solution that helps you to identify or detect the failures in connectivity between the two end points and slowness in network performance.The network monitoring increase the dependency of internet and networking and emerging technologies like cloud demands the need for network speed and high availability of network, there is a great scope for network professionals in India.Request for Sample Report:@  Network monitoring market report is segmented on the basis of offering, bandwidth, technology, end user and by regional & country level.Based upon end user, network monitoring market is classified into enterprises, telecommunications industry, government organizations and cloud service providers.The regions covered in this Network Monitoring market report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World.On the basis of country level, market of image-based cytometer is sub divided into U.S., Mexico, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, India, South East Asia, GCC, Africa, etc.Network Monitoring Companies:Network Monitoring market report covers prominent players are,GigamonIBMIxiaViaviApconGarland TechnologyJuniper Networks, Inc.CiscoBroadcomBig Switch NetworksOthers.Network Monitoring Market Regional Analysis –North America is dominating the Network Monitoring market due to in rising in demand for constant monitoring of networks due to increasing security concerns about the data is also driving the market growth.
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