I cannot believe how many websites I m finding for businesses that do not work properly on mobile devices!Major news organizations, attorneys and even Apple s own website that introduces people to their new 7 Plus iPhone requires a magnifying glass to read the text even on one of the biggest phones in the world with one of the largest display screens.There is also a side scroll bug on the Apple website that prevents the entire top navigation menu from being displayed properly in vertical mode requiring users to flip to horizontal to even see the selections.In other words, your website needs to be responsive.No matter whether a visitor to your website is browsing on a laptop, iPad or a phone it simply needs to work.Scott Web Media specialists can redesign your website so that it is responsive to all devices.
Over the past couple of weeks, Google has been spotted introducing some interesting changes to the look and layout of its search results pages.However, Google is still cutting many of them off at two lines and around 150 characters, meaning it s probably too early to start rewording your meta descriptions just yet.Image by Dr. Ron Matson, available via CC0 public domain image The first is that longer titles and descriptions would allow more room for long-tail keywords, three or four-word phrases that tend to indicate that searchers are closer to taking action or making a purchase, making them extremely valuable for marketers.The darker blue text that Google is trialling in some places is an improvement on this, but the black link text that has caused so much upset comes with an additional set of problems.By making the links the same color as the surrounding text, it now pushes that failure even further by not providing a 3:1 contrast ratio between the links and the surrounding text which is outlined in Techniques for WCAG 2.0 as item G183 .Again, please don t follow Google s lead.
I'm working with an agency that does marketing for nonprofits.We're trying to identify companies that have Blackbaud's TeamRaiser installed.TeamRaiser is viewable via the URL for the front page of their Participant Center these are all nonprofits that are raising money via events .When I go to Google and perform the search: allinurl: "site/TR"Google says there are 885K results.But by the time I get to page 10 of the SERP Google is saying there are 114 results.Any ideas why Google is returning a variable number of results and won't give me more than 10 pages of SERP?
Meta descriptions and open graph meta descriptions are like advertisements for your web page that show up on search engine results.There is a meta tag for copyright information, a meta tag that tells search engines whether or not to index the web page, and a meta tag that holds a short, text description of the page.This last tag, the meta description tag, is sometimes used on search engine results pages and on social media sites, when a page is shared.Many companies work very hard to ensure search engine bots can easily index their pages and discern meaning in content, but they forget that ranking on a search engine results page is fruitless unless searchers click on the link, generating site traffic.For ecommerce, it can be a good idea to start a meta description or open graph description with a verb like shop or try.Shop skate shoes at Zumiez, carrying a huge selection of styles from top skateboard footwear brands, like Vans, adidas, Nike SB, and Supra.Wave Ekiden 10 by Mizuno at Zappos.com – FREE Shipping.
The case PDF , e-ventures LLC vs Google, working its way through a Florida District Court, has received little attention so far.It's noteworthy mainly because it's the first time an SEO search engine optimization company has challenged Google's right to exclude entries from its search results on competition grounds.e-ventures argues the action breached Google's own removal policies and that removals were narrow and targeted.e-ventures complained:"Defendent ... asserts that plaintiff's claims are barred by the First Amendment because Google's search results are constitutionally protected opinions, and the First Amendment protects Google from liability based on its removal of plaintiff's websites from its search results."Google also argues that its search results are editorial judgments protected by the First Amendment.Google also argued that the case should be thrown out because of the "blanket" federal liability offered by the Communication Decency Act CDA , Section 230.
Google said it will increase the size of ads that run atop search results, enabling two-line titles and longer descriptions.Revenue growth accelerated in recent quarters, but analysts expect it to slow in the months ahead.They re doing this now because they foresee a revenue or profit challenge ahead, said Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy.Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner has said Google is squeezing the lemon to extract more money from its search business.Google executives said they are redesigning the company s ad offerings as users shift to smartphones, which now account for more than half of Google searches.Marketers generally pay less for each click on an ad on mobile phones, believing they lead to fewer sales.
Google has announced new opportunities for advertisers within Google Maps, which means mobile users will begin seeing promoted search results.The firm said it is experimenting with ways for companies to prominently showcase their business locations.The Promoted Pins will also appear in the near me listings when users search for nearby attractions, stores or refreshments.Of course, ads have been a huge part of the Google search experience since its inception and to this day provide the company's top revenue source.However, the firm has historically trodden more carefully when it comes to messing with the integrity of Maps searches, which have always felt quite organic and democratic.The company already offers ads within its Waze companion app, but including them within the main Google Maps app may not go over too well with the user base.
And with more paid ads on top, natural search results will be less likely to appear above the fold.So what are the implications of the change for PPC advertisers when it comes to attribution and proper budgeting?Recent research, like some done by Wordstream founder Larry Kim on Search Engine Land, has shown some interesting results from the changes made.If you were already spending $5,000 on position five and don t have the budget to get to position three, you now need to reallocate that money to something else that will drive users to your website.About The AuthorAs a Customer Success Manager, Eric Dezendorf helps clients at Abakus understand where their marketing dollars can be attributed down to a specific display ad -- to help them maximize the effect of their marketing dollars.In his free time you can find Eric on the golf course, at a baseball game, or wailing on his trombone, but always in search of the most effective way to corner the market.
In this article, I ll focus on Google and use Google-specific terminology, though Bing has unique methods of displaying information as well.Though the two visible brands are both franchises closest to the ZOG Digital office, distance is not the only factor that potential customers are likely to consider — The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has 14 reviews with an aggregate rating of 4.2 stars, while both Starbucks locations combined have one review and no visible ratings.Conversely, a search term like best coffee shop prioritizes local quality and indicates the user s desire to buy a prepared coffee drink rather than beans to brew at home.For users seeking more information on coffee, the Wikipedia sitelinks that are visible in the above SERP direct visitors toward their specific need, while allowing them to skip a navigational step.Schema code specific to menu results must also be included on menu pages to populate a carousel, as shown above in the SERP.The comprehensive 901-word article takes users step-by-step through four ways to brew coffee for a few different types of coffee makers.
If you are making any of these common marketing mistakes, you may be effectively sabotaging your own efforts instead of helping your business succeed.Your Website Isn t Optimized to Show Up on Top Search ResultsWhat to do instead: Apply SEO tactics to gain a higher search position.You re just going to find yourself producing thin content or posting inconsistently because you re pressed for time.Your customers have different interests, are in different places in the sales funnel, and are searching for different products and services.You re Not Sure Which of Your Marketing Strategies Are Actually WorkingWhat to do instead: Start using analytics to refine your marketing strategies focusIf you aren t checking to see which of your marketing strategies are actually generating results, you can end up wasting your valuable time and resources on initiatives that aren t doing anything to help your business.Use these insights to refine your marketing strategies – drop the strategies that don t work, concentrate on the ones that are garnering the best response, and you ll achieve a much better overall ROI for your online marketing strategies.
However, with Adobe s recent Q4 Digital Advertising Report explaining that not only are CPCs in decline in Europe, but click-through rates are on the rise, all signs are pointing to a Paid Search orientated strategy.Are retailers better off investing their money in SEM or their time in SEO?Few website optimisationsAlthough good website structure helps to improve your PPC ranking, it is not incremental to do so to achieve good paid search results.SEM on the other hand, can obviously require a significant amount of investment, particularly for competitive keywords.Of course, you will need to be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines to ensure that you are not penalised and your efforts don t end up going down the drain.Online retailers are generally encouraged to start by adopting both strategies.
The long road to dominating Google search results starts from making smart keyword research decisions.How strong are the pages that already rank on the front page of Google?Google is pretty good at figuring out user intent behind a search query, so you just need to piggyback from the existing search results.For example, I struggle to rank for content upgrades while having that keyword in the actual domain name of my site.So today I m hoping to fix this lack of clarity and present you with a little FAQ in regards to Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty score.Our Keyword Difficulty score is purely based on the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing at the pages that rank in Google top 10 search results for a given keyword.
A pair of definitions will help make it clear how link building and content marketing differ.In contrast, link building is a form of search engine optimization aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of inbound links to a specific web page in an effort to improve that page s ranking position on a search engine results page.Newsjacking — injecting your own ideas into breaking issues — in social media.Then, a marketer can create content to:Solve problems and help people make better decisions;Entertain;.Introduce people or build communities;Make others money;Makes other people successful.Businesses that sell relatively complicated products or that have the opportunity to sell to a customer repeatedly will often favor content marketing, since it tends to keep customers coming back.
Read Article…–Ecommerce meta descriptions can act like short, tweet-length ads capable of attracting visitors from social media and beating higher-ranked competitors on search engine results pages.There is a meta tag for copyright information, a meta tag that tells search engines whether or not to index the web page, and a meta tag that holds a short, text description of the page.Read Article…–Thinking about ecommerce product descriptions like factory-built widgets manufactured to a set of specifications may help ecommerce business owners and managers overcome writer s block and avoid publishing duplicate content.With increasing numbers of SKUs in ecommerce stores, the likelihood of making a mistake in sourcing an image also increases.These mistakes can cost your company substantial sums of money, and they can also result in you being held personally liable for the actions of your independent contractors or employees.Here are a few things to consider when sourcing and creating product shots for your ecommerce store.
Google is constantly maintaining a healthy tension in its search engine results page SERP real estate between more ad space and less ad space.Google updated the SERP display by removing standard text ads from the right rail and increasing the number of text ads above the organic results to four up from the previous maximum of three for certain highly commercial queries.In general, the changes continue to push search marketing to a more complex and competitive environment.Advertisers will only pay for placements that produce results, which means consumers are getting value from the ads.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.Staff authors are listed here.
DuckDuckGo announced they have added two new features to their search engine.Searchers can now filter the search results by date, and searchers will now also see sitelinks for some of the top search results.The date filters let you filter results from the last day, week and month, so that limits the search results you see, while the new Site links is added to the search results snippets and can help you quickly get to subsections of sites, DuckDuckGo said.Here is a screen shot:These two features are rolling out to the DuckDuckGo search results now.It may take some time to see it.DuckDuckGo is a popular privacy-oriented search engine.
Of course, paid ads need to adapt to the mobile-first world too, and today Google has announced some new and interesting changes to AdWords, rolling out over the next few months, that PPC marketers need to know about.Clicking on that logo leads to this mobile local inventory ad format:Why the Focus on Google Maps?Ads show based on queries, but Google is also looking at several other context signals similar to display advertising , such as personal browsing history, similar users, time of day, interests, and behaviors.Soon in-store conversions will become more widely available to more types of businesses, which is critical considering 90 percent of sales will happen in stores, as opposed to online.As an example, Google cited Nissan UK, which discovered 6 percent of people who clicked on ads went to the dealership, resulting in 25x ROI.Changes to Device BiddingFinally, some changes are coming to the AdWords bidding process.
Structured data markup helps search engines identify product information and display that information in rich results, potentially increasing how many clicks the product page will earn.Notice the Lego Technic Compact Track Loader has been rated 10 times on the Walmart site for an average rating of four and a half stars out of five.This Google search results page listing shows the structured data.Structured Data Markup with Microdata VocabularyMicrodata is a web standard used to annotate content with specific machine-readable labels.In the code below, aggregateRating, ratingValue, and reviewCount are used to help search engines identify the product rating and enable them to show it in a rich result.Some Amazing Product This is a really amazing product.Mueller s comment — see, roughly, at 21:40 minutes into the video — has encouraged some marketers to include structured data markup.
View photosMoreHttps%3a%2f%2fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f112999%2fhillaryclintonDid Google manipulate search for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton?We're asking these questions because online viral video site SourceFed believes it's stumbled onto the biggest search and political scandal of this election season.In a video posted Thursday, SourceFed's Matt Lieberman reports that "Google has been actively altering search recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton s campaign."The allegation comes from SourceFed's video editor Spencer Reed who does not appear in the video and is based on disparities they found in Google's autocomplete function.Autocomplete will start to guess at your search query as you type.It's something Bing and Yahoo do, as well, but Reed and Lieberman contend Google does it differently and in such a way as to protect Clinton and her presidential aspirations.
The case is especially noteworthy, as most previous challenges based on Google s search results have resulted in immediate dismissal.Google claims the plaintiff, e-ventures Worldwide LLC, engaged in search engine manipulation in order to cause its websites to be ranked higher in Google s search results, stating that doing so was bad behavior that had to be deterred.It seemed as though I was personally targeted by Google, said Jeev Trika, CEO of e-ventures Worldwide.Because of changes to Google s algorithms, Internet entrepreneurs and Web publishers like myself now go the extra mile to provide websites and articles that are relevant, useful, and written to journalistic standards, and that has made the virtual world a better place.But, says Trika, Google has overstepped its bounds in invoking First Amendment rights to arbitrarily quash websites without review, on the basis of an unsubstantiated third party anonymous tip, and outside the realm of the Google algorithm.Google has an economic reason to deny legitimate Web publishers who are promoting SEO placement in the SERPs so that they can sell more advertisements, but that type of anti-competitive action should not be protected by the First Amendment.