Popular plug-in opened the door to hacker attacks.The popular supplement had a serious security hole used by hackers in the last few days.the Discovery was made by Pluginvulnerabilities.com, who noticed a suspicious traffic directed towards the Wordpress server.another security firm took, Sucuri, noticed attacks already on may 27. A patch that had the security hole in the said plug-in was only released four days later.For the moment, consists of attacks, mainly of spam with pornographic content.Interested Wordpress users are urged to immediately update to the latest version of the extension.
Learn how to become one of them in this VB Live webinar where key concepts and best practices are plainly spelled out so you can start putting them into practice.Register here for free.Anticipating consumer interest for the future may seem as magical as pulling a rabbit out of your hat, but thanks to predictive analytics, marketers can turn big data into a crystal ball to see where the market — and their customers — are heading.By analyzing the vast amount of real-time customer data alongside historical data and customer insight, predictive analytics allows you to anticipate needs, not just respond to them.Based on our Insight report, The State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the age of the customer, many marketers out there are unconfident in their work, leading to lost opportunities.The annual Duke CMO Survey stated 65 percent of marketers lack the ability to really measure marketing impact accurately.For the metrics demonstrating impact of marketing spending on business, 19 percent have yet to show short-term impact, while 23 percent were unable to show it long term.The takeaway from all this is that marketers lack of confidence in their own analytic abilities is leading to serious lost opportunities.Lack of confidence may also explain why we re seeing low participation in predictive analytics.We surveyed 1,000 marketers regarding marketing data and analytics reports, and found that while a majority were comfortable with reporting on what s happened in the past, barely a third of their time 37 percent was spent on predicting and influencing the future.Ok, that s a bit of what s going on right now.But how do you fix this?In this upcoming VB Live event, VB analyst Jon Cifuentes, together with Citi s David Landau, will pull back the curtain to talk about how to begin applying predictive analytics in ways that will have meaningful outcomes — including on your bottom line.Don t miss out!Register here for free.
Reuters – A U.S. congressional committee has launched an investigation into the Federal Reserve s cyber security practices after a Reuters report revealed more than 50 cyber breaches at the U.S. central bank between 2011 and 2015.The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology on Friday sent a letter to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to express serious concerns over the central bank s ability to protect sensitive financial information.The letter cited the Reuters report, which was based on heavily redacted internal Fed records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.The redacted records did not say who hacked the bank s systems or whether they accessed sensitive information or stole money.The panel asked the Fed s national cyber security team – the National Incident Response Team – to turn over all cyber incident reports in unredacted form from Jan. 1, 2009, to the present.It also asked for incident reports from the Fed s local incident response teams.Global policymakers, regulators and financial institutions have become increasingly concerned about the security of the international banking system after a string of cyber attacks against banks in Bangladesh, Vietnam and elsewhere linked to fraudulent transaction messages sent across the global financial platform SWIFT.The probe into the Fed s security practices followed a separate inquiry by the same committee into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York s handling of the cyber theft of $81 million from one of its accounts held by the central bank of Bangladesh.The committee said it has jurisdiction over the Fed s cyber security because the panel is tasked with oversight of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, an agency responsible for developing federal cyber security standards and guidelines, under a 2014 federal informationtechnology law.The panel also requested a detailed description of all confirmed cyber security incidents from 2009 to the present, all documents and communications referring or relating to higher impact cases handled by the Fed s NIRT team, all documents and communications with the Fed s Office of Inspector General related to confirmed cyber incidents, and an organizational chart detailing the Fed s top cyber security personnel.The committee requested a response to its inquiry by June 17.The central bank s staff suspected hackers or spies were behind many of the breaches, the records obtained by Reuters show.The Fed had declined to comment on the records, which represent only a slice of all cyber attacks on the central bank because they include only cases involving the Washington-based Board of Governors, a federal agency that is subject to public records laws.Reporting by Dustin Volz and Jason Lange; Editing by David Chance and Tiffany Wu
Brian Farell told feds: "You're not going to find much of a bigger fish than me."The second-highest administrator on Silk Road 2, the copycat site that followed the shuttered underground drug website Silk Road, was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison—the same term that government prosecutors asked the judge to impose.Such crimes carry a minimum sentence of five years in prison.In the sentencing memorandum, prosecutors noted that this case exemplifies "general deterrence."As Thomas Woods, an Assistant United States Attorney, wrote:The Silk Road model presents a new threat to public safety and health.The website expands the serious drug market to all reaches of the country, and indeed the world.
I have a lot of respect for Netflix after learning that they reverse engineered House of Cards from their data and then spent serious bucks on it.This was a really interesting piece into how they meticulously manage social.
With the research set to expand dramatically, privacy advocates have raised serious concerns over not just how the research was conducted, but how law enforcement might use it in the future.Once we were notified that a limited number of images could potentially contain identifiable information we notified the FBI, she tells WIRED.It caused a minor furor in her home country; Iran is not exactly a bastion of women s rights.If a tattoo recognition algorithm says a tattoo might be affiliated with gang activity, that person might be affiliated.Tattoos can last longer than the associations they represent.The Tatt-C competition required participants to perform a series of tests and report their results to NIST, the EFF writes.
If your glasses need serious adjustment, take them to a professional, but there s a lot you can do to make yours more comfortable at home.Maybe they rest a little too low on your nose, or they pinch a little bit, or they re a little crooked.The graphic, from the folks at Zenni Optical who are one of your favorite online glasses stores, and, of course, have a vested interest in you buying their glasses, actually shows you how to make sure the ones you have are as comfortable as possible.They break their advice down into tips for wireframe glasses and for plastic or acetate frames separately, so you can choose which works best for your frames.If you have the latter, you may need the help of a little warm running water to make your frames a little more pliable without the risk of breaking them.How to Adjust Your Eyeglasses Infographic Zenni Optical
Image Source: NvidiaAccording to PC Gamer, Nvidia is planning to release versions of its top-end 1000-series graphics cards that will work in gaming laptops.Last year, Nvidia tried to get around that by cramming a full-size GTX 980 into 17-inch laptops, but the result wasn t particularly pretty.But with the 1000-series, fitting the desktop card into a slightly thick laptop is much more plausible.According to PC Gamer s sources, Nvidia will be tweaking voltages and core clock speeds somewhat, most likely to have a lower base clock, but a turbo mode capable of boosting up to full power when necessary.Gaming laptops are mostly a running joke among serious gamers, because you can t upgrade them, the graphics sucks comparatively, and they get hot enough to fry an egg or your testicles .Bringing the full-fat desktop cards to laptops would hopefully fix all of that, although the heat problems may still need some work.
Apple's Product LineWriting for The Guardian, longtime Apple marketing guru Ken Segall argues that Apple, in the absence of Steve Jobs, has lost its way.A close confidant of Steve Jobs, Segall played an instrumental role in some of Apple s most memorable ad campaigns and, in some circles, is even credited with putting the i in the original iMac.For starters, Segall brings up the idea that Apple s product lines may now be needlessly complex.A diverse product line also helps address the reality that different users have different use-cases.There is serious work to be done in rebuilding the perception of simplicity that helped Apple become the world s most valuable company.Existing problems need fixing, as do the internal processes that have allowed complicated products to make it into the hands of customers.
If embracing the smart home has a common first step, it's often remotely-controlled lights, but that can be an expensive, time-consuming, or technical upgrade.That setup process involves the app - available for iOS and Android - searching for the Switchmate via Bluetooth, pairing, and then walking you through naming it and giving it an icon.If you want to get more serious, there's support for timers and proximity.You can have Switchmate automatically turn the lights on or off at a certain time - the switch itself remembers those settings, so you don't need to have your phone nearby to instruct it - with up to three timers supported for each unit.At $49 apiece, Switchmate costs the same as something like Belkin's WeMo Lightswitch: your decision effectively comes down to simplicity versus features.That's a level of hassle many - particularly those who rent their home - are unwilling or unable to go to.
In PKU register available blood samples from almost all Swedes born in 1975 or later. The registry's purpose is to find the rare, but serious and treatable diseases. It refused Karolinska University Hospital - where the samples are stored - to agree to. - But it has never happened that they have taken a sample, not since the murder of Anna Lindh, says Lene Sørensen, deputy head of the PKU biobank. - There is an obvious risk that parents choose not to take the samples, which ultimately may result in the children die unnecessarily, he says. This could upset the entire system, he says.
That would be cool enough, but the rest of the phone doesn't look half-bad either.Built from a mix of glass and stainless steel, and the option to splash serious cash on 24-karat gold or diamond-encrusted finishes, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd of Samsungs and iPhones on your morning commute.It ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance, with a snappy 8-core CPU and 3GB of RAM running Android 6 Marshmallow.Lumigon has made a few tweaks to Google's OS, adding an IR blaster and app for controlling your home cinema setup, and a password-protected Vault to keep your private stuff... well, private.There's a fingerprint sensor on the front, and a unique "BackTouch" scrolling touchpad on the back for swiping and scrolling through web pages.Oh, and it's got a whopping 128GB of internal storage.
Shenzhen-based Huawei said it has a strict code of conduct relating to export control compliance.Photo: APChina s massive telecommunications equipment manufacturing sector appears to have been put under a microscope by Washington, after industry giant Huawei Technologies was queried about its possible breach of longstanding trade sanctions on countries like Iran and North Korea.It is a process that other Chinese telecommunications gear makers could face.Presumably, the subpoena is the first step before more serious action by the US, said Paul Haswell, a partner at international law firm Pinsent Masons in Hong Kong.It s possible to breach a restriction without fully realising its ambit and consequencesPaul Haswell, Pinsent Masons Huawei is committed to complying with the applicable laws and regulations in the markets where it operates, it said in a statement.In March, the US found ZTE in violation of export controls on Iran.
In PKU register available blood samples from almost all Swedes born in 1975 or later. The registry's purpose is to find the rare, but serious and treatable diseases. Not searchable After a few years, it was time again, when Västerbotten police wanted out DNA samples from the suspect Lindgren, something Karolinska University Hospital - where the samples were stored - refused to go along with. - But it has never happened that they have taken a sample, not since the murder of Anna Lindh, says Lene Sørensen, Deputy PKU biobank controller. - There is an obvious risk that parents choose not to take the samples, which ultimately may result in the children die unnecessarily, he says. This could upset the entire system, he says.