This sustained series of attacks utilized a variety of techniques, and caused outages for some on NS1 s customers, according to a blog post published by Beevers.A sophisticated attack usually has a goal, but targeting NS1 itself doesn t specifically damage any organization aside from the DNS company.When your web browser tries to access a site, it contacts a DNS server to make the connection — that server completes the request if possible, and otherwise it passes the request along the hierarchy toward another that can.Of course, NS1 is always subject to some amount of attacks, so the company is well-versed in the best methods to respond to such situations and protect their interests.NS1 is already working on reinforcing its defenses, and is currently carrying out an in-depth analysis of these attacks.The company is advising nervous customers to consider deploying redundant authoritative DNS delivery networks, as there s a diminished chance that both servers would be affected concurrently.
Big-data software company Splunk Inc. SPLK 1.05 % posted a 48% increase in first-quarter revenue and raised its full-year guidance for the second time in as many quarters.Splunk, which hasn t yet reported a profit, posted a wider net loss as its operating expenses increased.The company projects revenue of $892 million to $896 million for the year ending in January 2017, up from February guidance of $880 million.It expects revenue of $198 million to $200 million in the second quarter, while analysts polled by Thomson Reuters project $199 million.For the quarter ended April 30, the company posted a loss of $100.9 million, or 77 cents a share, compared with a loss of $71.2 million, or 57 cents a share, a year earlier.Revenue rose to $186 million from $125.7 million, topping the company s guidance of $172 million to $174 million.
Windows 10 Home is currently around 2.6GB, but 3GB is a good round number.G JamesIt depends on the version, the speed of the PC and, especially, the speed of the hard disk or SSD solid state drive .papawnanaWhen you upgraded, Microsoft stored your PC s hash code on its activation server.If a search doesn t find Mail, you will have to dig for it by going to the Users folder, your user name, and then Appdata etc.I have an HP Compaq 6720 running Windows Vista Business.It simply changes the settings following Microsoft s instructions, which people either don t know about or can t follow.
Intel Capital, the venture arm of Intel Corp., said it has completed a review of its holdings and decided it won t make any major changes to its portfolio.The firm intends to keep investing from $300 million to $500 million a year, according to a blog posting by President, Wendell Brooks.Intel had been considering selling off as much as $1 billion of assets and was seeking buyers, Bloomberg reported earlier this month.In February, I noted we were taking a fresh look at our portfolio to ensure we were best positioned to help our companies grow beyond just financial support, Brooks wrote.Despite what you may have read or heard, we are not planning any major changes to Intel Capital s portfolio.Brooks, who took the top job at one of the largest corporate venture capital firms in January, said he will move some of his staff to new roles and others will leave.Intel Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich is cutting jobs and shifting its priorities as the company s main source of income -- the personal computer market -- heads toward its fifth-straight year of declines.The company announced it will cut 11 percent of its workforce, or about 12,000 jobs, in April.It s paring costs to focus more of its resources on the more lucrative server chip and Internet of Things businesses, Santa Clara, California-based Intel said.
IntroductionIt's hard to imagine anything less child-friendly than an uncensored internet.Software can't do everything, of course, but it can help to make parents' lives much easier.Protect your kids on Windows, OS X and mobile devices with Qustodio's free appThe free version is limited to one user and one device, but if you want to control multiple devices the paid-for version isn't too steep at US$44.95/£29.95 about AU$61 per year for up to five devices higher-end plans are available for larger families .Its raft of features and support for a wide range of platforms make Qustodio our top recommended parental control software, but there are many other excellent free programs available, some of which may be better suited to your individual needs.Read on for more of the best tools to keep your kids safe online.It automatically blocks domains that OpenDNS has flagged under the headings "tasteless, proxy/anonymizer, sexuality, or pornography".FamilyShield can run on your home router, applying filters to every device on your Wi-Fi networkOne of the big pluses here is that while FamilyShield can run on PCs and mobile devices, you can also apply it to your network router and filter all the traffic that passes through it - it's just a matter of changing the DNS server numbers in your control panel, and that has the happy benefit of improving DNS lookup speeds on some ISPs.
DON T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in troubleThese are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers.Get one from the URLs below:– Mac OSMajestic,,, media server,,,,,– WindowsTVersity,, Media Server, UPnP,,, PC Share Manager,– LinuxMediaTomb,,, the way, If the media server you are using not works with AirPlayer, please write a mail to us, we will consider to add supportive for it.– Since 07, iPhone customers have gotten adept to hitting the gesture or snooze button in their sleep.– Carter Dotson 148Apps The addition of super-hard four-star scores and difficulty-upping beards keep the replay value high.Forecast tool helps you to interpolate or project your spendings dynamic over years, For example if you planned for an abroad travel in 2 years time, based on current spendings dynamic you can estimate how much you can save in this 2 years.FEATURES • 120 hand-crafted puzzles with a smooth difficulty curve• An ultra-hard puzzle pack, if you are up to a tough challenge and have some good hours to spare• Bonus puzzle pack with a different type of gameplay• Game Center integration with 16 achievements to earn and a global leaderboard to conquer by mastering all the puzzles• Handy features like the puzzle previewer, the progress saver and the powerful undoer, to enhance your gaming experience• Easy one-handed portrait-mode control• Working equally fine in landscape mode without any rotation – on the iPhone too• IAP-free & ad-freeEnjoy!
The new legislation would require law enforcement agencies to get court approval before gaining access to the documents of U.S. residents stored elsewhereA new bill in Congress would require U.S. law enforcement agencies to obtain court-ordered warrants before demanding the emails of the country's residents when they are stored overseas.The International Communications Privacy Act, introduced Wednesday by three senators, would close a loophole that allows law enforcement agencies to request emails and other electronic documents without warrants.The issue of warrants for foreigner communications has been in the news since late 2013, when a New York court issued a warrant allowing the U.S. Department of Justice to obtain a foreign suspect's emails stored on a Microsoft server in Ireland.While Hatch pushed the Senate Judiciary Committee to consider his bill, the panel on Thursday postponed a vote on a second email privacy bill.Under U.S. law, police need warrants to get their hands on paper files in a suspect's home or office and on electronic files stored on his computer or in the cloud for less than 180 days.But under ECPA, police agencies need only a subpoena, not reviewed by a judge, to demand files stored in the cloud or with other third-party providers for longer than 180 days.
System also came under hacking attacks just like everything else on the internet A report by the US State Department's Office of the Inspector General OIG has found presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton did breach record-keeping laws – by using a personal server for work emails.The 89-page dossier PDF found that three senior State Department figures had broken the rules by using personal email accounts for departmental business: Colin Powell, Hilary Clinton, and Scott Gration, the US ambassador to Kenya.General Powell, who was Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005, had a private line installed in his office and used a laptop to exchange emails with colleagues and department staff.When two staff members questioned the security of her email system they were told that the server had been reviewed and approved and that they should "never to speak of the Secretary's personal email system again."Her technical support advisor told operations staff "someone was trying to hack us and while they did not get in i didnt sic want to let them have the chance to."The OIG report isn't good news for Clinton's presidential campaign, since it contradicts several earlier statements made by the candidate and may have a bearing on whether or not criminal charges are brought.
Opponents of her Democratic presidential campaign pointed to the audit Wednesday as proof that Clinton has not been truthful about her private email use and fresh evidence she is not trustworthy or qualified to be commander in chief.She never sought approval to conduct government business over private email, and never demonstrated the server or the Blackberry she used while in office met minimum information security requirements.Republicans said Wednesday the audit shows Clinton was in clear violation of the Federal Records Act.Clinton has withheld thousands of additional emails, saying they were personal.She said she never sent or received anything marked classified at the time, and says hackers never breached the server.And I ve encouraged all of my staff to be very forthcoming.
Your life in their handsA US Government Accounting Office GAO report has highlighted the parlous state of Uncle Sam's IT infrastructure.Meanwhile, the Treasury Department is calculating tax returns on a 56-year-old IBM mainframe using programs written in assembly code; it says it has no plans to update its systems."Federal legacy IT investments are becoming increasingly obsolete: many use outdated software languages and hardware parts that are unsupported," the report PDF states."Federal IT investments have too frequently failed or incurred cost overruns and schedule slippages while contributing little to mission-related outcomes.Some Department of Commerce weather alert systems use Fortran and the core network is running Windows Server 2003, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.Several of the systems reviewed by the GAO are scheduled for replacement – the US military will have its nuclear control and targeting systems running on a more modern server by 2020, for example – but plenty of departments reported no plans to upgrade.
Mr. Lawrie, since 2012, has led the overhaul of a 57-year old company that now stands to become a giant in the sector.Assuming completion of the deal to take over HP Enterprise s big services arm—which includes the former operations of industry pioneer Electronic Data Systems—Mr.A greater operating scale would help customers around the world that are grappling with shifting technology, Mr. Lawrie said during a Tuesday conference call.This time, the beneficiaries are cloud computing companies like Inc. AMZN 0.59 % and Microsoft Corp. MSFT 1.03 % These vendors operate at much lower cost using inexpensive commodity-style server systems and standard software.He said Tuesday that HP Enterprise would bring significant new capability in helping customers with hybrid cloud deployments, where some operations run on their premises and some externally.At Computer Sciences, Mr. Lawrie encountered issues such as a $1.45 billion write-down stemming from a disputed contract with a U.K. agency and a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into its accounting practices.
A hacker who first exposed the existence of Hillary Clinton s private email server and who found his way into accounts of several American political figures pleaded guilty to identity theft and hacking charges today.Lazar, who was brought to the U.S. from Romania in March to stand trial, had been facing additional charges of wire fraud, unauthorized access to protected computers, cyberstalking and obstruction of justice.His sentencing is set for September.While in custody, Lazar claimed that he hacked Clinton s email server, saying that it was completely unsecured.The Clinton campaign denied his claims, calling it unfathomable that Lazar would have resisted leaking Clinton s emails if he had indeed accessed them.Lazar produced no documentation to back up his claims.
Hillary Clinton "did not comply" with State Department policies when she chose to use a personal email account to conduct government business, according to an inspector general's report released Wednesday.The State Department also faulted Clinton and previous secretaries of state for poorly managing email and other computer information and slowly responding to new cybersecurity risks.The report cites "longstanding, systemic weaknesses" related to communications that before Clinton's appointment as secretary of state.The State Department singled out Clinton's failures as "more serious," however, according to The Associated Press.The 78-page report says the Department s current policy, implemented in 2005, "is that normal day-to-day operations should be conducted on an authorized Automated Information System AIS , which has the proper level of security control to … ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the resident information." From the report:According to the current CIO and Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security, Secretary Clinton had an obligation to discuss using her personal email account to conduct official business with their offices, who in turn would have attempted to provide her with approved and secured means that met her business needs.However, according to these officials, DS and IRM did not—and would not—approve her exclusive reliance on a personal email account to conduct Department business, because of the restrictions in the FAM Foreign Affairs Manual and the security risks in doing so.The report seems to answer one of the biggest questions surrounding Clinton's setup, which is whether her use of a personal email account to do government business defied State Department policies requiring that anything relating to agency activity be captured on the department's server.'"Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff rejected the proposal to use two devices, however, stating that it doesn t make a whole lot of sense," according to the report.Clinton's email scandal has dogged the 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner for more than a year.In March 2015, she first admitted to exclusively using a private email account to send and receive work-related emails while she served as secretary of state.The controversy compelled her to hand over roughly 30,000 work-related emails to the State Department, which have been released in batches since last year.Significantly, Clinton deleted about 30,000 additional emails from her server that she says were "personal" in nature before handing it over to the FBI in August, five months after handing over individual emails to the State Department.
While cloud is designed to be simple to use, there are challenges that businesses face when first adjusting to it.CBR provides a helpful cloud computing tutorial.Why cloud computingFirst off a business should be asking itself why it should go to the cloud, what problems is it trying to solve.At the same time a necessity to decrease IT spend and to increase efficiency has arisen.Businesses have sought a way to reduce the amount of money spent on hardware and software, and cloud has become the remedy.This method allows businesses to pick and choose where different applications and data sits.
That s not to say it isn t still a force in the tech sector, but let s be honest: HP, which split into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise last year, isn t the first company, or maybe even the second or third, that comes to mind when people discuss who in the area is doing groundbreaking work that grabs the world s attention.And now, with Hewlett Packard Enterprise spinning off its enterprise services business and merging that with Computer Sciences in an $8.5 billion deal, there is going to be even less of the tech giant to go around.But that s not necessarily a bad thing, at least in the minds of investors and those who follow Hewlett Packard on Wall Street.Hewlett Packard Enterprise shares climbed almost 7 percent Wednesday after the company announced the enterprise-services spinoff, and released its fiscal second-quarter results after the close of trading Tuesday.The company reported a profit of 42 cents a share on $12.71 billion in revenue, while analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had forecast Hewlett Packard Enterprise to earn 42 cents a share on sales of $12.34 billion.Several analysts who follow Hewlett Packard Enterprise said the companies results showed that Chief Executive Meg Whitman isn t backing away from her efforts to streamline the company and focus on its strengths.At Morgan Stanley, analyst Katy Huberty said spinning off its services operations allows Hewlett Packard Enterprise to focus its hardware and server offerings on new growth markets such as private cloud computing.And by slimming down, there s a sense that Hewlett Packard Enterprise may just be able to turn things around by emphasizing the business-computing industry that built HP into the titan it used to be.Middle Innings:Back In The Saddle: The bidding for Yahoo s Internet business goes on, and it appears that another telecom giant wants in on the action.According to Bloomberg, AT has made a bid for the Yahoo business, and now represents a rival to Verizon, which many Yahoo watchers viewed as the leading candidate in the buying process.Needless to day, Netflix, in particular, doesn t like the idea, and says it already invests millions of euros into making shows in Europe.Bottom Of The Lineup:Here s a look at how some leading Silicon Valley stocks did Wednesday…Movin On Up: Gains came from Nimble Storage, Oclaro, Harmonic, GoPro and Zeltiq Aesthetics.In The Red: Decliners included Yahoo, Rovi, 8 8, Ixys and Rambus.The tech-focused Nasdaq Composite Index rose 0.7 percent to 4,894.The blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 0.8 percent to 17,851.And the broad-based Standard & Poor s 500 Index rose 0.7 percent to end the day at 2,090.Quote Of The Day:  We are the defending champs.— Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, following the Warriors second-straight loss to Oklahoma City, which put the Warriors in a 3-1 hole and needing to win three games in a row to stay alive in the NBA playoffs.Sign up for the 60-Second Business Break newsletter at Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman.
These smaller building blocks focus on doing small tasks, so that they can easily be decoupled or combined to make more complex applications.Microservices can also be developed independently by different teams and are loosely coupled.This will be split into three main parts, including a user-interface, a database and server-side application.It differs from a service-oriented architecture, which integrates business applications.He also wrote that there could be code duplication, asynchronicity between different microservices and that DevOps would be required for any microservices deployment.Large-scale websites and applications that have evolved from monolithic architecture to microservices include Netflix, eBay, Amazon, the UK Government Digital Service, Real Estate, Property & Homes For Sale, Forward, Twitter, PayPal, Gilt, Bluemix, Soundcloud and the Guardian, according to Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks.
News: New business entity will be focussed on helping digital transformations succeed.HPE will own a 50% stake in the new combined entity and will nominate half of the board members.CSC chairman, president and chief executive officer Lawrie said: "As a more powerful, versatile and independent global technology services business, this new company will be well positioned to help clients succeed on their digital transformation journeys.Buoyed by income from its server and storage business units, HPE also reported a 1% increase in net revenue for the second quarter ending 30 April - the first rise in five years.HPE president and chief executive officer Meg Whitman said: "The businesses comprising HPE grew revenue over the prior-year period on an as reported basis for the first time in five years.Software revenue also dropped, sharply, by 13% to $774m in the quarter, mainly due to a fall in license and support revenues.
A group of seven global data centre giants have come together to develop a single interconnect technology specification to allow processers using different instruction set architectures ISA to share data with accelerators in the data centre.AMD, ARM, Huawei, IBM, Mellanox, Qualcomm and Xilinx have founded the Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators Consortium CCIX to drive a high-performance open acceleration framework into the hosting industry, which will see different vendors' CPUs and accelerators communicate with each others while sharing the same memory.As data centres come under pressure to accelerate applications processing due to power and space constraints, applications such as big data analytics, search, machine learning, NFV, wireless 4G and/or 5G, in-memory database processing, video analytics, and network processing, benefit from acceleration engines that need to move data seamlessly among the various system components.The organisation will leverage existing server interconnect infrastructure and deliver higher bandwidth, lower latency, and cache coherent access to shared memoryThe consortium also expects the move to dramatically reduce the need for complex programming environments.According to the consortium, additional capabilities include both off-load and bump-in-the-wire inline application acceleration while leveraging existing server ecosystems and form factors thereby improving total cost of ownership TCO , and higher bandwidth compared to the existing interface.He said: "With an anticipated broad eco-system support of the CCIX standard, data centres will now be able to optimise their data usage, thereby achieving world-leading applications efficiency and scale."
Based on the recently-acquired StackStorm platform, Brocade says that Workflow Composer can automate basic networking tasks including provisioning, validation, troubleshooting, and remediation.Patrick LaPorte, director of marketing for network automation, said that Brocade's aim was to model the platform on systems used internally by cloud providers such as Google and Amazon to keep network management and diagnostics automated and managed on pace with other IT elements.The rules, in turn, would tell the automation system to perform a troubleshooting script, attempt to diagnose and restart the switch, log the various activities and, in the meantime, connect with Slack or a notification system that will send an alert to a network administrator."All the attempts to remediate and troubleshoot are done programmatically, and it is done in seconds or minutes rather than hours," LaPorte said.Don't expect to see the Workflow Composer dashing into the market any time soon, however.Brocade is still a ways from having the full bundle ready.
Automatic proxy configuration requests frequently leak on the public Internet from corporate computersA laptop displays business data.Many companies have configured their networks to use domain names, in many cases with made-up TLDs that a few years ago didn't use to exist on the Internet, such as .office, .global, .network, .group, .school and many others.This can have unexpected security implications for applications and protocols used on domain-based corporate networks.To understand the scope of the problem, researchers from Verisign and the University of Michigan have analyzed the WPAD queries that reached 2 of the 13 global root DNS servers from September 2013 to July 2015.The problem is likely even more widespread than that, because ICANN has delegated an additional 201 new gTLDs since August and because the analyzed data was only from two of the 13 global root DNS servers.Over 65 percent of the WPAD query leaks originated from computers in the U.S.