Image caption Crackdown, on Xbox One, will use cloud computing to render the destruction of entire city blocksMaurizio Sciglio has a problem.In 2013, Mr Sciglio co-founded Edinburgh-based Cloudgine.His company uses the near-limitless power of cloud server farms to compute complex tasks and send the results to a device in milliseconds.In theory that means a games console could share, or completely offload, complicated calculations while it focuses its brainpower on something else.A PC's Central Processing Unit CPU - the brains where the calculations take place - are pretty limited against the "essentially unlimited power of resource" of Microsoft's Azure or Google Cloud, he says.
Thanks to its importance in an organization, the DBMS is a commodity that every organization should actively invest in.Examples of these include Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Enterprise DB.These products are different in terms of price, functionality, performance and ease of use.What should you look for when picking a DBMS to use in your organization?Read on.It Should Fit the Strategies of Your BusinessThe first step to consider is whether a DBMS will help you to achieve the strategies in your organization.In what ways does it fall short of expectations?Identify them and seek out a DBMS that will fulfill them and still satisfy all the other requirements of your organization.
Oracle is buying cloud-based CRM/HR/ERP provider NetSuite for $9.3 billion, it announced last week.Although Oracle has been beefing up its applications capability through acquisitions over the past several years, most acquisitions were far smaller.Only its previous acquisition of PeopleSoft for $10.4 billion in 2014 is larger.Given the huge price paid, even though Oracle has plenty of cash on hand to make it happen, can Oracle actually get benefit from such an acquisition?Oracle has been shifting aggressively to the cloud over the past two years as its more traditional client/server based enterprise solutions have become less popular with customers.Indeed, its revenue mix has shown just how important cloud is becoming to Oracle s future.In addition, the traditionally lucrative market for enterprise back-office systems built on Oracle core database and related products that run most big companies has seen a good deal of encroachment from Oracle s competitors.
Over the weekend, Pokemon Go developer Niantic released the biggest update the game has seen to date.There were plenty of positive changes, like the UI getting a minor visual makeover, gym animations being improved and the ability to change the look of one s avatar, but all of that was overshadowed by a huge casualty: footprints for nearby Pokemon were removed altogether.DON T MISS: This Pokemon Go evolution calculator will help you get the most powerful PokemonPokemon Go players were understandably upset that one of the game s primary features had been eliminated.In fact, some have gone as far as to demand refunds for in-app purchases, arguing that this isn t the same game they paid to play.Following endless server stability issues and the sudden appearance of the three step glitch, the number of roadblocks the app has run into in its first few weeks are beginning to mount up.
INTERVIEW: BT Security chief Mark Hughes explains how BT protects itself against attacks, how Brexit impacts skills gap and why firms should trust telcosLast year, TalkTalk suffered a devastating cyber attack, exposing the details of up to 1.2 million customers and causing £60 million in lost revenue and 101,000 subscribers to leave.Although not quite in the same league as the Ashley Madison assault, it demonstrated how increasingly important cybersecurity is to both consumers and businesses and how damaging a major breach can be.Given the way threats spread, it s only natural that broadband providers are seen as the first line of defence against malware and hackers and some are taking advantage of this by providing customer and server side security services to minimise the risk.Mark Hughes, CEO of the division, told TechWeekEurope BT took cybersecurity very seriously and that the whole industry had learnt from the TalkTalk episode to avoid a repeat.Threats range from very sophisticated attackers like nation states.
Comment Parallel file systems were developed to overcome delays servers experienced when accessing files on disk storage systems.Flash arrays get rid of disk access latencies and so weaken the need for parallel file systems.Spectrum Scale, the renamed GPFS General Parallel File System and Lustre are two such parallel file systems.Instead of waiting for one IO stream to fill a server with data from a file system, they use multiple simultaneous IO streams which fill the server much more quickly.Such technologies are used with parallel compute clusters for high-performance computing applications such as simulations, seismic analysis and reservoir modelling, and enable the storage resource to support many more IO requests over a period of time.Disk arrays are good at streaming IO but poor at random IO as these involve more disk seeks.
They got to decide who got what hardware, and could dish out software licenses as they saw fit.They could make you wait months for an extra few Gb of storage, if they so wished.Thanks to the cloud, business managers can stand up new computing instances for their collaboration software on your systems if they want.Most of us don t want to go back there entirely, but it would be nice to keep some of those old disciplines; the ones that prevented server sprawl, stopped lazy code at the door, and made the IT department feel just a little bit in control.Discovering and understanding some of the unmet employee needs can help to reduce the risks associated with unsanctioned filesharing, he said.So educate procurement pros on how buy common services off the shelf rather than embroiling themselves in RFPs just for the sake of it.
Cisco and the United States' National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST have quietly taken the covers off an important development for cryptographers: the first implementation of the Automated Cryptographic Validation Protocol ACVP .First discussed at May's ICM conference, its aim is to help developers get across the huge knock-on problems that can flow from a single bug in the toolchain.The underpinnings of this proposal can be seen then a new CVE common vulnerabilities and exposures number emerges and puts any big vendor between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand, they need to keep their systems secure; on the other, doing so means re-starting the long process of validating software and systems against the standards that let them sell to the US Government such as FIPS-140 .If validation can be automated, it clears a roadblock to fixing vulnerabilities.Looking over libavcp gives us an idea of the architecture involved.It envisages a server acting as a repository of test vectors for cryptographic modules.
A major Pokemon Go update might make it harder to find actual Pokemon — but you ll be able to re-customize your avatar, so there s that.Available for Android and iOS, it seems that the footprints of nearby Pokemon have been removed.You no longer get a sense of where the Pokemon are, only that they re nearby.Niantic and Nintendo might be bothered some players are already catching em all.Sadly, footprints haven t worked correctly for some time, so it wasn t the most useful of in-app features.Still, we d rather see them fixed that ditched — but some reports point to footprints having been a cause of Pokemon Go s ongoing server issues, so perhaps the problem was bigger than we know.
This story was delivered to BI Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers.To learn more and subscribe, please click here.The lack of high-speed internet, smartphone ownership, and connected banking in Africa is forcing startups in the country to find novel ways of reaching and monetizing consumers, according to Times Live.This is prompting developers in the region to build streamlined, text-based apps, to reach the hundreds of millions of users with basic phones via SMS.Application-to-person A2P messages — also referred to as enterprise-to-person E2P — are SMS messages sent by an application from a business server to a consumer.Consumers are charged via their pre-paid or monthly phone bill, mostly on a per-use basis.Developers then receive a cut of the revenue from carriers.The scale that SMS provides means that, in some cases, building basic apps is more lucrative than building apps for smartphones, according to Arnauld Blondet, South African carrier Orange s head of marketing for Africa and the Middle East.A2P messages are expected to generate $71.4 billion globally in 2019, according to Infobip.This is the case for a number of reasons: SMS is ubiquitous and pervasive.
Tomohiro Ohsumi / Stringer / Getty Images Millions of "Pokémon GO" players are using unofficial maps, GPS spoofing, bots, and other hacks to get ahead in the game.The company behind "Pokémon GO," Niantic, hasn't addressed if or how it plans to stop cheaters.Until now.Niantic CEO John Hanke recently told Forbes that sites like PokéVision and Poké Radar might be shut downThey violate the game's terms of service by
Mid West server farm gets more money for new facilityMicrosoft is planning to invest around US $2bn in a new data centre in West Des Moines, Iowa in America s mid-West according to local press reports.State documents were released last week outlining proposals.Microsoft will have spent a total of around $3.5bn in West Des Moines after this project, reports said.Entitled Project Osmium , Microsoft are to create 57 jobs in the first phase in order to receive state funds.The project will facilitate Microsoft Azure, the company s cloud computing platform, aiding Microsoft s global network of managing applications and services.
Instead it's a company which offers a range of privacy-related products, including an anonymous VPN plan for protecting your privacy while using torrents which is where the "tor" comes from .Product specifications are good, with a choice of 1600 servers in 50 countries, and five simultaneous connections allowed, OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPsec protocol support, along with ad and malware blocking, no data limits and free 24/7 support.Prices are a little above average at $9.99 £7.70, AU$13.45 per month, $4.99 per month paid annually $59.99 total for a year – that's £46, AU$81 .You can also purchase add-ons as you order, including extra simultaneous connections on top of the five you have already from a dollar each per month, and a dedicated IP from $7.99 £6.10, AU$10.60 per month.The company offers a 7-day refund.If you do decide to sign up, there are all the usual payment options, plus Bitcoin, and many others via PaymentWall.
Some VPN companies ask you to choose from only five or 10 servers, but Private Internet Access offers a huge selection of 3300 servers in 24 countries, leaving everyone else trailing in its digital wake.The company doesn't give you any surprising bonus features, but the service is still better than average.The baseline costs $6.95 £5.30, AU$9.30 per month, you can pay $35.95 £27, AU$48 for 6 months or an impressively cheap $39.95 £31, AU$54 per year.Private Internet Access does offer a 7-day refund.We ploughed through everything, and found most of the conditions were very standard."We record basic personal details email, payment info but don't share them with anyone else".
Its free availability makes it likely that it will be used in attacks soon, researchers sayAndroid gets down to business at Mobile World Congress.A new and potent Android Trojan has been leaked on several underground forums, making it available for free to less resourceful cybercriminals who are now likely to use it in attacks.The Trojan app is called SpyNote and allows hackers to steal users' messages and contacts, listen in on their calls, record audio using the device's built-in microphone, control the device camera, make rogue calls and more.According to researchers from Palo Alto Networks, SpyNote does not require root access to a device, but does prompt users for a long list of permissions on installation.It's not clear yet how attackers intend to distribute it to victims, because researchers haven't observed attacks in the wild using it.
Congratulations, you ve cut the cord.Your monthly expenses just got slashed big time, leaving you with an extra $1,200 in your pocket each year, minimum.Of course now comes the task of ensuring that you ve got plenty of content available on all the screens in your house.Set-top boxes are great and smart TV s have apps like Netflix and Hulu available, but there are a million other sources of content that you won t be able to access on a smart TV or a device like the Apple TV.Check out the Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi / HDMI Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit, which lets you set up a media server anywhere in your home and beam high-quality 1080p video straight to any TV.Some things you need to know:
Petnet, the company that sells a internetupplad machine designed to feed the pets, the other day had problems with its servers. This meant that pet owners who used Petnets "SmartFeeder" could not feed their pets in 10 hours. The idea is that pet owners using SmartFeeder can determine how often and how much food to be distributed to pet via a network. When the servers went down this was not possible anymore and Petnet urged owners of SmartFeeders to feed the pets in the traditional way. 10 hours is probably not a disaster for any pets being without food but Petnets server problems shows that perhaps we should not rely entirely to the Internet of Things. At least not when it comes to pretty critical things.
Forget the usual two or three plans.VPN Unlimited offers six, including weekly $1.99, $1.89 if you pay by PayPal – that's £1.45, AU$2.50 and monthly $4.99 – that's £3.85, AU$6.70 , or you can plump for quarterly, yearly or even three-yearly.These include your own personal VPN server no other users, ever from $6.97 £5.30, AU$9.30 per month, a personal static IP address from $9.99 £7.60, AU$13.30 per month less chance of being blocked , or an "additional devices" plan which increases support from five simultaneous devices to 10.There's a 7-day free trial to get you started, and also a 7-day money-back guarantee for a little extra security.KeepSolid's Terms and Conditions explain that the company logs only basic details about service activity, including session duration and bandwidth use.The one exception is when "users are suspected of activities, which are declared illegal by the laws of countries where the local KeepSolid Inc. servers are hosted", in which case "we may log information not including private data , which is necessary to prove the user's innocence and protect our service."
On-Call Welcome again to On-Call, our festive Friday frolic through readers' recollections of jobs gone bad.This week, something a little different from reader DB who says I do server hardware warranty support for a known enterprise server vendor.DB's been at it for 20 years and says he's spent his career working on PCs, handhelds, networks and servers.I fix things, says DB.Over 20 years DB has seen plenty.A particular low light came in the 1990s, when he had to deal with newly-minted Microsoft Certified Support Engineers who hadn't ever touched a piece of hardware, solved a real problem, or provided a real solution to any problem.
Has there ever been a phenomenon quite like Pokémon GO?Since its limited launch in early July, the game has been a smash hit everywhere it has been rolled out, from Australia to Germany to Japan.One week after its launch in the United States, the game was reported to have surpassed Twitter for daily users and Tinder for daily installations.The technology behind Pokémon GO comes from Niantic Labs, a spinout from Google that was jointly funded by Alphabet, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company, among others.Unlike Facebook, which built up its own cloud infrastructure, Niantic appears to be renting the cloud services to power its massively scalable server and global location dataset.Not surprisingly, it has been reported that the Niantic team relies on their former employer s cloud technology, including Google s App Engine and its Cloud Datastore NoSQL database.