A jury in Silicon Valley on Thursday delivered a resounding victory to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. HPE 2.76 % , finding that Oracle Corp. ORCL 0.94 % should pay the computer maker $3 billion in damages—the full amount it sought—for actions that contributed to the decline of a once-lucrative line of high-end computers.The jury sided with HP Enterprise s contention that Oracle violated a contract between the companies when it decided in 2011 to stop creating new versions of its database and other software for systems running Intel Corp. INTC 2.72 % s Itanium chip, a different and less successful technology branch of that company s popular line of microprocessors.HP Enterprise, which makes server systems and other data-center hardware, was created last fall from the breakup of Hewlett-Packard Co. HPQ 3.04 % HP had argued in a suit in Santa Clara County Superior Court that Oracle s moves violated terms of a settlement associated with its hiring of former HP CEO Mark Hurd.It argued that Oracle, which had expanded into servers by buying Sun Microsystems Inc., had set out to hurt its new rival by the move.Oracle s decision to stop future software development on the Itanium server platform in March of 2011 was a clear breach of contract that caused serious damage to HP and our customers, said John Schultz, HP Enterprise s executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary.Larry Ellison, its chairman, testified that the company took action because Intel had decided to stop supporting Itanium—an assertion Intel has denied.
Web publisher Surge.sh blames a single trademark-infringement complaint for stripping more than 38,000 websites from the internet.Surge offers webspace and tools for creating sites, and uses New York-based DigitalOcean to run the underlying server that powers its hosted websites.Surge said DigitalOcean pulled the plug on its rented system after receiving a takedown request from the NRA, which was upset about a parody website lampooning the ammosexuals.According to Surge, the NRA went to CloudFlare with its complaint, presumably because San Francisco-based CloudFlare was providing DNS for the domain.CloudFlare passed the gripe on to DigitalOcean, and 22 minutes after notifying Surge of the request, DigitalOcean switched off Surge's virtual server without any further notice or time to plead their case:Nothing but radio silence from @digitalocean while 38k sites remain down.
We already knew that Hillary Clinton's e-mail and mobile device issues were likely a pain for State Department employees—and even some foreign governments.But new testimony recorded on Tuesday by one of Clinton's top aides illuminates the extent of those headaches.Huma Abedin is the vice-chair of Clinton's presidential campaign and the former deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to Clinton during her stint as Secretary of State.She was deposed on June 28 by an attorney representing the conservative action group Judicial Watch as part of discovery for a lawsuit being brought against Clinton.Judicial Watch published thetranscript of that deposition yesterday, and Abedin revealed what she knew about Clinton's use of the mail server and how she was "frustrated" with the technical glitches caused by Clinton's mobile device and e-mail travails.Both Clinton and Abedin had accounts on the clintonemail.com server, which was originally set up at the Clinton residence by staffers of former president Bill Clinton prior to the family's arrival at the State Department.
View photosMoreThe organised people of the world are worried.Google s Calendar service has gone down globally, with the tech giant s official status page confirming it is continuing to fix the issue.With organisation and productivity for many users seemingly up in the air for the time being, many have taken to social media to express their woes at seeing the Server Error page.Maybe everyone at Google Calendar assumed June 30th didn't exist, just like April thought March 31st didn't exist on Parks & Recreation.But then, for some, it suddenly returned.I can step off the ledge now.
The two sides were battling over Oracle's support for Intel's Itanium processorMeg Whitman, president and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, outside the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 2, 2015Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been awarded $3 billion in a lawsuit it brought against Oracle five years ago over a now largely forgotten Intel processor.The two sides had been fighting over Oracle's decision to stop developing versions of its software for Intel's Itanium, a server chip that never found much success in the market.After the jury verdict Thursday, Oracle said it planned to appeal.It's Oracle's second big court loss in as many months.
If you depend on Google Calendar to manage your every minute, today wasn't exactly your day.Google Calendar went down on Thursday morning, preventing people from accessing their schedules.While service returned for some users shortly before noon, others who attempt to access the search engine's calendar page will still be greeted with this friendly server error:"We're investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar," Google told Business Insider.While the service has been restored for some users at this time, Google said it "expect s a resolution for all users in the near future."To see when the calendar app is fully functioning again, you can monitor Google's App Status Dashboard.As is traditionally the case when a popular service goes down, people weren't happy, and some took to Twitter to complain: Aaaand now @googlecalendar is down.Because we were all totally short on feelings of chaos.pic.twitter.com/J2sJitMyUY — Lisa S Pollack @LSPollack June 30, 2016 Everyone panic!
Google is investigating a problem which has knocked its Calendar service offlineGoogle Calendar is down and not working for users in the UK, Europe and the US.The problems began in the mid afternoon BST of 30 June and are now being investigated by Google.The search giant's own status page acknowledges the problem with the following message: "We're investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar.We will provide more information shortly.Users of Google Calendar see 'Server Error' page intermittently."
Google s calendar is temporarily unavailable to users around the world, an event that lit up social media as people addicted to the service bemoaned the impact on their work and personal lives.Some even called it a harbinger of the apocalypse.The service interruption Thursday morning means that some Google Calendar users have lost access to their daily schedules, many of whom use the service to store information about where they should be and what they should be doing at every hour of the day.Users are instead redirected to a page indicating that there s a server error.Alphabet Inc. s Google is looking into the issue and will provide an update on when the service will be restored by 11:30 a.m. Thursday in New York, according to the publicly available status website.It s not clear how many users have been impacted.
Yep, it s not just you: Google Calendar appears to be down and has been since 9:47AM ET, according to Google s App Status Dashboard.Try going to Google Calendar now and you ll likely be greeted with a blank page, or a server error page that tells you in a handful of languages that your meetings today are screwed and you should just go outside and escape this internet world.We ll keep you posted when the service returns but for now, relax.Looks like Google s as ready for July 4th celebrations as you are.Update: Google Calendar appears to be slowly regaining consciousness, but still down according to Google App Status.Thankfully Gmail still works so if you want to be alerted when gCal is back, you can sign up here.
Google Calendar crashed for many users Thursday morning, a hiccup for the tech giant s popular productivity tools that could hurt its pitch to potential enterprise customers.Alphabet Inc. s Google said the outage affected consumer and corporate accounts that pay for its services, showing a page titled server error when users tried to access their calendars.The company said service was restored for some customers around 11:30 a.m.ET and that it expected a full resolution "in the near future.The extent of the disruption wasn t clear, though even a fraction of Google users would be millions of people.Google s email service, often used in conjunction with calendar, has more than a billion users.
The business world is a dangerous place.When it comes to email, things can quickly go from bad to worse.While most companies use security for data at rest, the connection into a server, and as a login to the end-user client, it's not as common to use encryption for the actual message.At the same time, using encryption for every message might seem excessive – and cause slowdowns and extra security steps for end-users.There are times when the entire chain of communication should be encrypted, including the SMTP or IMAP/POP into the server, the client, the transmission, and the message itself.He mentioned how all messages should be protected at the server and client, but only sensitive messages should be fully encrypted at all times.
The nuts and bolts of the matterGo to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, and you ll see a strange contraption cobbled together from commodity motherboards purchased from electronics stores.It s one of Google s first production servers, built in 1999 when it didn t have money to waste on dead-end projects like Wave, NexusQ and Buzz.Google's founders were fed up with paying through the nose for heavily marked-up branded hardware full of features that they didn t need, so they decided to build their own.Not everyone gets to make their own servers, let alone their own chips, but for hyperscale vendors, going around the brand vendors to avoid their high markup has been an increasingly common tactic.Then six months later you need to buy some more, and that box isn t available any more.
Google has added a nifty new feature to Maps on Android, which will let you set multiple destinations on one trip.While it seems like something that should have been on the app long ago, it's only now rolling out to Android users - slowly, you might not have it yet - and is yet to touch iOS.Once you have the update you'll see an 'Add stop' button which will let you add more destinations to your route.The update is yet to reach TechRadar Towers, but some folks have contacted Android Police to show they've got it running.It seems to be a server-side update, so you won't need to update the app to get it - but make sure you've got the latest version of the app.The option to include multiple destinations has existed on the desktop version of Maps for quite a while, so it's pretty strange that it's only just hitting mobile.
Default and hard-coded credentials have led to the compromise of thousands of Internet-of-Things devicesLizardStresser, the DDoS malware for Linux systems written by the infamous Lizard Squad attacker group, was used over the past year to create over 100 botnets, some built almost exclusively from compromised Internet-of-Things devices.LizardStresser has two components: A client that runs on hacked Linux-based machines and a server used by attackers to control the clients.It can launch several types of distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks, execute shell commands and propagate to other systems over the telnet protocol by trying default or hard-coded credentials.The code for LizardStresser was published online in early 2015, giving less-skilled attackers an easy way to build new DDoS botnets of their own.The number of unique LizardStresser command-and-control servers has steadily increased since then, especially this year, reaching over 100 by June, according to researchers from DDoS mitigation provider Arbor Networks.
Google is rolling out a clever new feature on its Maps app for Android, which lets you add multiple waypoints en route to your destination for easier navigation.When you fire up the app and search for a location, tapping the options button the one with three dots in the top right corner reveals an Add stop function.This allows you to look up additional stops and then charts a route for you, with driving, walking or public transit directions.That s certainly handy for when you have to be at several different places through the day – particularly if you re in an unfamiliar city.It s previously been available on the Web app, and it s nice to now be able to use it on the go.The new feature appears to be a server-side change, so you won t have to update the app to get it.
Google Calendar is temporarily unavailable.In the meanwhile, you might find useful information on our Help Group and Help Center.We apologize for any inconvenience.Google Calendar is down, serving up a generic server error in 18 languages.VentureBeat staff members first noticed the problem at about 6:30 a.m. Pacific today.The last outage for the service was back in November 2015.But for that one, Google Calendar would sometimes manage to load without a hitch.This time, we re always redirected to the unavailable landing page.
The Internet is an amazing way to discover new things and communicate with others, but it is also quite an unsafe place, where attacks happen all the time.Website hacks can compromise the work of businesses and companies, especially by taking down the content and relevant means by which they communicate and do transactions with their audience.So, it is important to know how to protect your site, preventing it against hackers attack pages or server – especially now, in a time where the business of cybercrime is big, expensive and growing.The three suggestions in this post can be important for anyone, especially website admins, to be better prepared to defend a website against hacks and overall threats.
MoreThe Oracle logo is seen on its campus in Redwood City, California June 15, 2015.SAN FRANCISCO Reuters - A California jury ordered Oracle Corp to pay Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co $3 billion in damages in a case over HP's Itanium servers, an Oracle spokeswoman said on Thursday.Oracle said it would appeal the verdict.The Itaniuum processor is made by Intel Inc .Oracle decided to stop developing software for use with HP's Itanium-based servers in 2011, saying that Intel made it clear that the chip was nearing the end of its life and was shifting its focus to its x86 microprocessor.But HP said it had an agreement with Oracle that support for Itanium would continue, without which the equipment using the chip would become obsolete.
Server support for Nvidia s Shield Android TV box is the first step towards a more mainstream product.But as PC sales decline, and NAS boxes become less necessary in the age of cheap cloud storage, Plex has been looking for ways to make its service more mainstream.With the Nvidia Shield Android TV, Plex has its first attempt at a solution: The $200 streaming video and gaming box now functions as a Plex server, so you can load it up with movies, TV shows, music, and photos, and then beam those files to other devices phones, tablets, other TVs across your local Wi-Fi network.The Shield-based server is very much a version 1.0 product, so existing Plex users shouldn t rush to undo their desktop setups.By default, Plex searches for content from the Shield s default media folders; if you want to add or change folders, you must do so through the plex.tv website on another device.Same goes for adjusting granular settings such as transcode quality.
Within 24 hours of one of my SEO clients deciding they were happy enough with their rankings and deciding to pull out of their retainer, one of my other clients had finally finished their 12-month web design and SEO package with their initial provider.As I was asking myself how can I adapt my business to allow for sudden client satisfaction, my other clients were in the process of having their site migrated to my server.I arrived at my client s office to begin a day s work, and we checked the rankings for their site.This at least narrowed the search down, and meant that I could check the source code for the homepage, and see if there was anything odd going on.Sure enough, there it was:This line of code tells Google and other search engines to remove the website from their index, rendering it unfindable.It has its time and place in day-to-day web design and marketing, but clearly does not belong on the homepage of a website that is trying to gain traffic and potential customers.