Within 24 hours of one of my SEO clients deciding they were happy enough with their rankings and deciding to pull out of their retainer, one of my other clients had finally finished their 12-month web design and SEO package with their initial provider.As I was asking myself how can I adapt my business to allow for sudden client satisfaction, my other clients were in the process of having their site migrated to my server.I arrived at my client s office to begin a day s work, and we checked the rankings for their site.This at least narrowed the search down, and meant that I could check the source code for the homepage, and see if there was anything odd going on.Sure enough, there it was:This line of code tells Google and other search engines to remove the website from their index, rendering it unfindable.It has its time and place in day-to-day web design and marketing, but clearly does not belong on the homepage of a website that is trying to gain traffic and potential customers.
Nvidia has announced an update for its impressively-specced Android TV streaming box, theThe Shield Experience Upgrade 3.2, which is now live, will offer access to the Pled Media Server, making it easy for users to stream their personal media collection.Today s release also makes the gaming-centric Shield the first smart TV box to offer Netflix s limited range of HDR content.Netflix has already promised there ll be over 100 hours of HDR content coming before the end of the summer.That complements the 4K content already available to Shield owners through Netflix.Read more: Nvidia Shield K1 tablet review
Not all who wander are lost, they say.They re just using Google Maps on Android, which can now accept multiple destinations when your journey is more complex than point-A to point-B.You ve been able to add multiple destinations on Google Maps for years in your desktop browser, but who plans their whole route at home?Now you can finally map out your multiple-waypoint route on your Android phone too.It s a server-side update, so hopefully iOS users will get the feature soon.In other news, Amazon is selling discounted phones that have ads on their lock screens.
Atlantis Computing, the software house that produced a VDI virtual desktop infrastructure offering and then expanded into general virtual server acceleration and on into hyper-converged appliances, is scaling its product line back to workspace software and hyper-converged appliances, with consequent job losses.USX – pool and abstract all storage SAN, NAS, Flash, RAM, DAS, Hybrid Arrays, and Public Cloud and deliver virtual storage volumes to any application.An Atlantis statement says: "To drive long-term profitability in its business, Atlantis will focus its product and go-to-market efforts on offering both software and HCI appliances for the workspace market."Atlantis will be able to achieve this goal without the need for additional funding.However, as a result of right-sizing the business and its virtual workspace strategic focus, the company will take steps to restructure its organization and increase operational efficiencies, which will affect a number of employees that are not already engaged in the workspace business."2009 – December – Bernard Harguindeguy becomes CEO.
The NVIDIA SHIELD is a nifty Android device that is quite perfect for developing graphics intensive apps, like games, thanks to its NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip and the shiny new Vulkan API.But at its heart, it is an entertainment device with a disposition for high quality, high resolution video.That nature is all the more emphasized in the latest firmware 3.2 update that brings, among other things, Plex server, support for 4K videos on VUDU and YouTube, and Netlix in HDR mode.Earlier this month, Plex already revealed the good news about its new presence on the NVIDIA SHIELD.What makes it different from its normal Android app is that Plex on this particular Android TV runs as a server instead of a client.As it turns out, the SHIELD has enough muscle to not only serve up media to Plex client devices, like PCs or mobile, but also do HD transcoding itself.And you don't even have to be in the same local network, as streaming can be done even when you're on the go.
Ratmir Timashev; Veeam CEO no moreIt's all change at the top of virtual server backup biz Veeam: Co-founder and current chief Ratmir Timashev is stepping back from day-to-day ops by letting exec veep William Largent grab the controls.Veeam said co-founders Andrei Baronov and Timashev, who becomes president, will remain "strategic" to the company but this will centre on product development and market strategy rather than being operationally hands-on.In another high-level change, Peter McKay has been recruited from VMware as chief operations man and bagged a seat on the board to boot.For the past two and three quarter years, he was GM for VMware's Americas business, managing $3bn worth of annual bookings.A canned PR quote from Timashev stated:
The group infected more than 300 computers in 35 countries with information-stealing malwareThe infrastructure used by an Iranian cyberespionage group to control infected computers around the world has been hijacked by security researchers.Researchers from Palo Alto Networks came across the group's activities earlier this year, but found evidence that it has been operating since at least 2007.Its main tool is a custom malware program dubbed Infy, which was repeatedly improved over the years.The researchers have worked with domain registrars to seize the domains used by the attackers to control Infy-infected computers and to direct victims' traffic to a sinkhole server -- a server the researchers controlled.Control of the server was then transferred to the Shadowserver Foundation, an industry group that tracks botnets and works with ISPs and other parties to notify victims.
Whether it s off running errands around town or exploring a new city, your route probably takes you more than one place.But planning that in Google Maps is kind of a pain, since there isn t the capability to add in a multi-stop trip.This is finally getting fixed, however, according to screenshots that popped up on Android Police.The idea is you can plan out different stops along your route, which will definitely come in handy if you re in unfamiliar terrain.Android Police Planning out your next trip with multiple stops could soon get much easier.Unfortunately it looks like a server-side switch, as I grabbed the APK for version 9.31.2 and tried it on multiple devices but had no luck in triggering the feature.
Container scanningIn order to help make containers ready for the enterprise to use, Red Hat has added a scanning interface to enable security partners to plug into the company's OpenShift Container Platform.The company says that it is a "technical readiness program" which is aimed at recognising the first steps of an ISV integrating its applications into OpenShift, and the steps these ISV's take as they move towards Red Hat Container Certification.The company said that with the latest version it is aiming to help enterprises to use and extend their existing applications as they begin to transition to emerging architectures and programming paradigms.Sticking with JBoss, CloudBees revealed that its Jenkins Platform now supports integrations with JBoss and OpenShift across the software delivery pipeline, the aim is to enable developers to build, test, and deploy applications using OpenShift and run on JBoss.Language server protocolAs collaboration is extremely important to open source and Red Hat, it is no surprise that some of the news coming from the conference is focused around partnerships.With that in mind, Red Hat, Codenvy, and Microsoft revealed the adoption of a language server protocol project that represents a collaborative effort to provide a common way to integrate programming languages across code editors and integrated development environments.
Broadening the strength and depth of the open source community has always been a goal that has been supported by vendors and businesses alike, but a call to arms for a greater participation was the message that Red Hat wanted to get across at its annual summit.Whitehurst drew on historical examples of how industrial revolutions created massive change along the lines of hierarchies, processes, and strategies but now those hierarchies that once helped enable great progression are holding back innovation.In essence he is calling for a cultural change in the way that both businesses and vendors approach technology, believing that open source is the way forward.To some extent this message has already gained traction among many of the largest technology vendors in the IT industry, Microsoft for example has opened up SQL Server to Linux, a move that 10 years ago would have seemed unlikely to say the least.Aside from the Microsoft example the industry is full of cases where an essentially proprietary technology driven vendor is opening up their platforms in order to build an ecosystem, just look at SAP where the company is looking to put its S/4 HANA technology at the core and connect to numerous other vendor technologies.This isn't a particularly new message and it is typically backed up by the example of a Blockbuster or Kodak, but this time that message alone seemed to suffice.
Oracle also launched the MiniCluster, an 'engineered system' for the rest of usJohn Fowler, executive vice president of Oracle's systems business, speaks at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in San FranciscoLarry Ellison doesn't do "cheap."The Oracle chairman isn't interested in selling the low-cost one- and two-socket servers that make up a huge slice of the server market but yield little profit for the companies that make them.They're not the cheapest of the cheap -- prices start at around US$11,000 -- but core for core, Oracle maintains they're on par with x86 for cost.Kevin Krewell, an industry analyst at Tirias Research, sees the new systems as a defensive move to stem the flow of customers away from Sparc and Oracle's Solaris OS.
This week we re going to up our game a bit and create a disk image we ll use next week to create NetBoot and NetRestore images.Double click the Applications folder and locate the apps you installed.Nope, Wi-Fi is not supported.You can enable the service as soon as you add any ethernet connector using Thunderbolt or USB.First, a switched network is a requirement.DHCP, aka Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is the way your computer gets an IP address on your network, which is what allows your computer to communicate with other computers on your network or anywhere else in the world.
Once you ve created your first NetInstall image, which we did last week, you ve got what you need to begin using the NetInstall service.Before you set the service up, let s take a look at what NetInstall looks like before you configure it.The Global Access Filter setting should not be checked.For giggles, try to turn the service on.While the error you got was about network interfaces, you ll configure NetInstall from the top down:The NetInstall service needs a location to store images and, if you re hosting NetBoot images, cache files for computers that have no hard drives.
Arguably with similar quality of gameplay, the website is languishing in 30k alexa ranking and barely making enough money to pay server costs.It was released before Agario or slither io.Slither io has found immense viral success just like agar io.The growth of these two websites has been incredible.It is estimated that these websites rake in a monthly revenue b/w 200k-400k!ANnnnd tagpro, a older online web game is struggling to pay server costs and requires donations from users..Websites:slither agar tagprotagpro is just one example amongst the many online browser games available..So , guys please help me understand how this sort of immense viral success possible?
While these challenges cannot be met with the current models that are supporting IoT communications, tech firms and researchers are hoping to deal with them through blockchain, the technology that constitutes the backbone of the famous bitcoin.Existing IoT solutions are expensive because of the high infrastructure and maintenance cost associated with centralized clouds, large server farms and networking equipment.Adopting a standardized peer-to-peer communication model to process the hundreds of billions of transactions between devices will significantly reduce the costs associated with installing and maintaining large centralized data centers and will distribute computation and storage needs across the billions of devices that form IoT networks.The concept can directly be ported to IoT networks to deal with the issue of scale, allowing billions of devices to share the same network without the need for additional resources.Filament is another startup that is investing in IoT and blockchain with a focus on industrial applications such as agriculture, manufacturing and oil and gas.The system facilitates the process in which a solar panel connects to a data logger, tracks the amount of solar energy produced, securely delivers that data to a node and records it on a distributed ledger that is synced across a broader global network of nodes.
"With new technologies being developed, data being generated by personal devices at an exponential rate, and international security a global concern, it is no wonder legislators are struggling to get to grips with new issues and moral dilemmas."There are even now devices like Livia and Bellabeat that track women's daily activity, sleep and menstrual cycles."Their cost will be at least partly offset by the monetisation of personal data – the end-user will be offered a strictly limited interface to what the device does, and that interface will not expose or control what the device does with the data it collects and generates," says Robin Wilton, Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy at the Internet Society."The more 'seamless' the service, the less awareness the user has of what is going on … it perpetuates a situation in which the user makes privacy decisions based on an unrepresentative subset of relevant information," says Wilton."Also developing are micro-retention policies, which are not graduated by server or dataset, but field-level retention strategies," he adds.Wilton thinks that less personal details should be asked for and disclosed, that metadata should be restricted to the layers of the internet where it is functionally essential, and that any disclosed data should be tightly bound to a clear context with clear constraints and obligations about what can be done with the data.
Ravi Swaminathan, Data Center Solutions Business Unit VP and GM at Western Digital Corporation, went into hype mode in his canned quote, saying: These new product innovations resulted from the deep ongoing engagement between our companies and are expected to greatly enhance virtual machine performance.However, WDC says FlashSoft v4 is the first host-based caching software to achieve VMware Ready certification for guaranteed compatibility, reliability and support.FlashSoft v4 also introduces support for VMware-supported data stores, virtual disk acceleration, improved performance and stability, and integrated management through the vSphere web client GUI.The Flash Virtualization System pairs FlashSoft v4 with SanDisk ION Accelerator software and Fusion ioMemory PCIe solid-state accelerators in a flash-provisioned server Basically a re-jigged FusionIO ION Accelerator appliance capable of delivering over a million IOPS* to accelerate storage I/O across the VMware environment.This product is said to be non-disruptive to deploy, and offers cluster-wide flash acceleration in existing VMware environments.The software is offered through Western Digital, OEMs and reseller partners, including Dell, HPE, Lenovo and HDS, as well as select channel partners.
CryptXXX offers victims a chance to decrypt one file for free to show how they'll get everything back if they pay $500Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto internet... instances of Locky malware - one of the most prolific forms of malicious software - have bounced back following what had been a huge decline in activity.Recently cybersecurity researchers at Symantec said they had noticed a massive decline in instances of Locky - along with Dridex and Angler malware - detected during June.But now, the nefarious distributors of Locky - named as such because it locks down your files and demands payment to free them - have regrouped and are back to their old tricks.Cyber security researchers at Cloudmark say cybercriminals resumed their activity on June 21, spiking to much higher levels than previously observed before the malware took a break.CryptXXX is a particularly nasty form of ransomware which not only encrypts files on the infected PC, but also also attacks any files on connected storage devices, steals cryptocurrency wallet funds stored on your system and may also send sensitive data to cyberattackers, putting victims at further risk of hacking.With CryptXXX the cybercriminals even provide victims with step by step information detailing how to acquire and send Bitcoin - as well as the option of a limited test decryption service to demonstrate that the server really does decrypt files.
The app provided 30 basic routines for free with an Xbox Live Gold account, but that subscriber benefit will end on December 15.Xbox Fitness also included numerous branded training programs that cost real money up front, from $60 P90X routines to Jillian Michaels videos that could run $12 each."I bought 140$ worth of content just this year… I don t want a refund, I want to be able to continue to use what I PAID for !!!!!!!!!!!"While our team is saddened by this news, we couldn t be more proud of what we ve accomplished in the past two and a half years."As always, when it comes to buying content that lives in a form you can't physically hold in your hands or download in a form you have full control over , the buyer should beware.An Xbox Feedback campaign to convince Microsoft to keep the service going has 366 votes as of this writing.
'The most interesting thing we've done as a company since day one,' says execMongoDB is launching Atlas, the company's first DBaaS, offering easy management of instances - initially on AWS, but soon to come to Azure and Google Cloud Platform.Atlas is pitched as unlimited, elastic scalability, either by scaling up on a range of instance sizes or scaling out with automatic sharing, all with no application downtime.This is a very big strategic product release for us, Stirman continued, claiming it was the most interesting thing we've done as a company since day one.Stirman accepted the concern that consumers might have with the product being newly brought to market, but said: Step back and look at how we got to this point, said Stirman, explaining that MongoDB launched its first cloud product four years ago, before releasing a backup service a year later.We automatically deploy your cluster across three availability zones in an Amazon region, that means that if that availability zone fails or gets rebooted – as happens time to time in AWS – you are still running in at least two other availability zones.Atlas will be pay-by-hour, and there will be seven different instance sizes, from the low-end offering 1GB of RAM and 10GB storage, on a single core v-cpu, which will cost 2.6 US cents per hour, through to the high end of 160GB RAM, 1TB of storage, and 40-core v-cpu, at $3 per hour.