While graphics cards with more than 8GB of memory might seem like overkill to gamers, those in the creative industries like VFX and 3D modelling can't get enough of the stuff.The trouble is, even the most capacious graphics card—AMD's FirePro S9170 server GPU—tops out at 32GB GDDR5, and there are steep cost and design issues with adding more.Instead of adding more expensive graphics memory, why not let users add their own in the form of M.2 solid state storage?That's the pitch behind the all new Radeon Pro SSG solid state graphics , which was revealed at the Siggraph computer graphics conference on Monday.The Radeon Pro SSG features two PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots for adding up to 1TB of NAND flash, massively increasing the available frame buffer for high-end rendering work.The SSG will cost you, though: beta developer kits go on sale immediately for a cool $9999 probably £8000 .
The company will cover up to $1 million in damages for any customers infected by ransomwareRansomware has become a growing menance.Security firm SentinelOne is confident it can beat any of today s ransomware -- and is willing to put money behind that claim.However, the company is convinced it won t have to make any pay outs, said Jeremiah Grossman, its chief of security strategy.SentinelOne s failure rate in stopping ransomware attacks is way less than 1 percent, he said in an interview.During the times its security did fail, the client s computer hadn t been running the latest version of SentinelOne s software, he added.
The game is becoming more Pokémon, they can be exchanged with other players and team leaders will be bigger roles, reveals Niantic Managing Director John Hanke. Pokemon Go game developed Niantic Managing Director John Hanke hinted at the weekend in San Diego ComicConissa the direction in which the game is being exported. The project initially apologized for the game's opening time server problems. Servers were added immediately, but it also increased the bugs, and repairs problems after it had been difficult. The project also revealed that the game is becoming more rare Pokémon. "Currently, the game has a certain amount of Pokémon.
It s utilized to improve rankings on local search engine results pages and is very effective in bringing foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.So we have developed a comprehensive 32 steps local strategy that you can use to rank higher on Google maps for your small business.Most people assume that these two URLs are the same domain names but that s not really accurate.They are different and a server can actually deliver different results for example.com and www.example.com.This redirect will help if you have a dynamic website where you add and change content often.Internal linking is a very important aspect of local SEO, though many people don t realize why.
The defining characteristic of "Pokémon GO" is that you have to explore the world around you to actually catch all the Pokémon in the game.Since last week, a website called PokéVision has been making that process much easier by showing exactly where certain Pokémon can be found at any givenUnfortunately, around two weeks ago, the Niantic
Security experts uncovered Pornhub's entire user database but didn't expose the dirty details, in favour of a $20,000 rewardThe private details of Pornhub visitors, the largest adult website in the world, could have been easily exposed after cybersecurity researchers discovered a glaring vulnerability in the site that revealed its entire user database and their browsing habits.Thankfully, for those on that database, the discovery was made by white-hat hackers who hack for good and shared the information with Pornhub's developers in order to highlight the flaw and bolster security.In return, they were rewarded with a $20,000 bug bounty for their work.The team of computer experts, which included Ruslan Habalov, a computer science student, explained in his blog that they found two use-after-free vulnerabilities in PHP's garbage collection algorithm.It said that by gaining remote code execution they would have been able to do anything from "dump the complete database of pornhub.com including all sensitive user information" to "track and observe user behaviour on the platform and leak the complete available source code of all sites hosted on the server."
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is now looking for a security engineer to help beef up security, particularly relating to the use of the public cloudIt's a little bit late, but Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is now hiring a security engineer to help boost the campaign's cybersecurity, and who knows, maybe this could be the job you've been waiting for.The security engineer role, which is based in New York City, requires an individual that has Python scripting experience, is able to perform application security pen testing, and most importantly, has a key understanding of "the challenges and advantages unique to security and privacy in the public cloud and agile/DevOps environments".Essentially, you will need to make sure that every single system used by Hillary's campaign is safe – with a particular emphasis on securing third party systems like the Amazon Web Services public cloud and making sure best practices are being carried out for the campaign's applications, as well as identifying and evaluating potential threats to the campaign's "internet presence" and analytics systems.Clearly, anyone who wants this job likes a challenge, although most of it might not involve cybersecurity training, but more just having the guts to tell Hillary not to do certain dubious things, such as using a home email server to handle classified information, per say?And while you're at it, maybe you could spend a bit of time looking at the Democratic Party's systems, following the WikiLeaks dump of almost 20,000 Democratic National Committee DNC emails released on Saturday 23 July revealing private details about Democrat donors, as well as a plot to undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign.
Pokémon Go has had some serious growing pains since its launch, but not every connection problem is due to overloaded servers or maintenance.These sources will let you know if your connection problems are on your end or theirs, and help you avoid wasting your time.Nothing is more frustrating for a budding trainer than heading out for a pokémon-catching session and realizing the servers are down.If you want to check server status beforehand, the folks at the Tech Insider YouTube channel have a few suggestions:You can also check other Twitter accounts like @PokemonGoNews or @PoGoServer if those options don t work.Unfortunately, there s nothing you can do to make the servers go back up, but you ll at least know whether the connection problem is on your end or not.
It s time for your nap, and that means no more Overwatch.The sniper Ana from Overwatch can use her sleep dart to make opponents pass out for a short amount of time, but a squad of three Anas can use this capability to put someone to sleep permanently.After about a minute of this perma-sleep, the team shooter s servers will kick out the player for inactivity.YouTube creator Youmuus discovered this and demonstrated how it works.Check it out:Of course, this won t work in the competitive modem where you can only have one of each character, but it will work in other matches.And while you ll probably have a difficult time putting someone to sleep uninterrupted for 60 whole seconds in a live bout, here s a crew actually pulling it off by hiding near the other team s spawn point.The targeted player actually didn t get kicked — probably because he had enough time to throw his flashbang grenade — but he did get a warning from the server about his inactivity.If others are getting kicked, it s likely that Blizzard will fix this particular exploit soon.We ve reached out to the company to ask about that, and we ll update this post with its response.
News: Liquid cooled high performance computer to be used.The Institute of Railway Research has chosen a liquid cooled high-performance computer to run railway safety big data risk analysis.The HPC called PetaGen 1C, immerses Intel server electronics in a non-flammable liquid coolant in order to provide dedicated computing sources for the IRR s big data risk analysis research programme which is performed in conjunction with RSSB.The RSSB represents the interests of 70 train operators, rolling stock owners, infrastructure providers and suppliers in the UK.The projects include vehicle and track monitoring, analysis of safety databases, risk identification, and safety operation investigations.According to Iceotope the liquid cooling allows the portable computer system to operate in virtual silence and deliver up to 7.5kW of computing power using blades housed in a cabinet that taken up less than one square metre of floor space.
against security attacks on Finnish machinery spike seems to slowdown in June. Security company Check Point Software Technologies maintains a risk index, which lists the world's countries in order of how likely it is that the computer system to attack the country. Finland has traditionally been the tail end of the index, but in May the Finnish investment rose rapidly to the position 50. The Finns, however, can breathe a sigh of relief, as of June rank Finland's ranking was again dropped to position 82, when the whole list was included in 114 countries. Security They show that the world's top three most common malicious program, only one has become Finland's most common malware top ten. The world's most common malware in June was the Conficker worm, which moves the botnet infected device receives the command and the command commands from the server.
When the presidential election could come down to the hack of an email server, it s likely time to start paying attention to cybersecurity.— Aaron Levie, CEO of San Francisco-based Box, in a tweet Monday about the thousands of hacked emails from Democratic National Committee workers, which were leaked Friday by WikiLeaks.The emails showed that DNC staff were biased against Hillary Clinton s competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, and over the weekend forced DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to say she would resign at the end of this week s convention.Sanders and his supporters had charged that the DNC was favoring Clinton all along.There are reports that Russian hackers are the source of the leaked emails, prompting questions about whether Russia is trying to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in November.The New York Times notes that evidence suggests the hacks were by two separate Russian agencies, and said the theft from the national committee would be among the most important state-sponsored hacks yet of an American organization, rivaled only by the attacks on the Office of Personnel Management by state-sponsored Chinese hackers, and the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which Mr. Obama blamed on North Korea.It s impossible to talk about the Russian angle without mentioning the speculation surrounding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump s relationship with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.The Clinton campaign has fueled some of that talk, including by questioning the timing of the release of the hacked emails.Trump addressed the buzz Monday on Twitter:Some experts say WikiLeaks could continue to release emails that will affect the election.In fact, the website, known for publishing classified and other political information throughout the years, said Friday that the DNC email leaks were part one of our new Hillary Leaks series.
I took the plunge and became a freelance IT consultant in 2001.Through an unlikely series of coincidences former colleague from London goes to travel show in France and bumps into two guys from Yorkshire who are looking for a software and database architect I ended up in North Yorkshire that summer, working for a holiday cottage rental company.So when I rocked up to a former mill in the countryside with a 70-seat call centre and an eight-CPU Sun Microsystems server running the Oracle back end to their reservation system, I was more than a little surprised.Support wasn't an issue, of course – spares stock was formally preserved for a good few years and of course they had a top-line equals very pricy maintenance agreement.The storage arrays were also many and full; as was normal at the time they had vast numbers of relatively small, high-spin-speed disks – maximising the number of spindles and platters and hence maximising concurrent reads and writes and minimising time lost to read/write head movements.It was speedy and very under utilised, and I didn't have to worry about the witchcraft of managing the Oracle installation as we had an Oracle guru visit from Cumbria for a week per month to do the laying on of hands, database optimisation, upgrades and the like.
Like a millennial Paul Revere, the girl in the plain white t-shirt and pixie cut strode eagerly through the streets of Philadelphia, alerting her fellow revolutionaries to the news: She just resigned!Moments before, just a day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, she had announced she was stepping down from her job as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.Clinton Camp s Mobile App Borrows from Sanders StrategyAt the Republican Convention, Millennials Search for Signs of the FutureHow Poker Theory Explains Ted Cruz s Convention SpeechWhy Clinton s Private Email Server Was Such a Security Fail
The problem with jerks is they don t always reveal themselves until you re already working with them too closely to cut ties.To avoid getting into a sticky situation, watch how the people you meet treat strangers.As business site Inc. points out, jerks are often nice to the people they need something from, but they ll start showing their true colors to strangers.Pushing through to the front of a line, getting short with a waiter, or being aggressive in traffic.How that person interacts with strangers can tell you a lot about how they ll act when you start to get in their way:Watch reactions to strangers: Go to lunch and pay deep attention to how the wait-server is treated, or in a cafeteria, how the candidate maneuvers through a line at check out.
The Apache HTTP server and KeePass password manager are to get a free code audit, courtesy of a pilot European Commission project.The EC-FOSSA free and open source software auditing project pilot was conceived by the European parliament in 2014, and given €1 million to work with.As well as code audits, it's got the daunting job of creating an inventory of open source software in use throughout the parliament and the European Commission.EC-FOSSA asked the public to nominate projects for the first audit, and those two were far-and-away the most-nominated, with 23.1 per cent of the 3,282 comments nominating KeePass, and 18.7 per cent favouring Apache.Linux received just 8.6 per cent of nominations, and those were fragmented, so when it came down to specific components, the greatest number of nominations was for the experts to comb through the glibc library.EC-FOSSA promises to work closely with Apache and KeePass to make sure that its code review results in genuine contributions to the projects.
Canonical just released Ubuntu 16.04.1, the first point release in the Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus series.All the changes made to Ubuntu 16.04 have been combined into a new installer image, which you can now download.If you re already using Ubuntu 16.04, you don t need to do anything special to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04.1.Just install the updates available in the Update Manager application and your system will be upgraded to the latest software.Point releases like this one are primarily useful for new installs.Some point releases include new hardware enablement stacks —new versions of the Linux kernel and graphical X server backported from less stable Ubuntu releases to make Ubuntu work better on new hardware.
Hit iPhone art app Prisma has made its highly-anticipated debut on Android, offering dramatic recreations of photos using AI processing.Offering a step up from the typical filters offered in Instagram and other apps, Prisma promises a fine-art style makeover for photos with styles ranging from the classics through to Pop Art and comic books.Prisma is currently within the top twenty free apps on iOS, where it launched several weeks ago, and is number four in the free Photo & Video app category.Those using Android devices, however, had been left out in the cold to watch their iPhone-using peers enviously.The Prisma team gave a few users a taste of the filter action last week, briefly releasing a beta of Prisma for Android, but its functionality was cut off shortly after.Since Prisma relies on server-side processing to first analyze images and then apply the various art filters, even those on Android with the app installed couldn't use it until the developers decided the servers were ready.
Former All That cast members Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg, Kel Mitchell, and Danny Tamberelli returned for a mini-reunion, and talked about the beginnings of the show, taking the famous guest stars for granted, and the enduring popularity All That has enjoyed.Tamberelli, who got his start on Nickelodeon touchstone The Adventures of Pete and Pete, joined the cast in the fourth season, only to be hazed as the new kid during table reads and rehearsals.Nickelodeon has begun to lure in its original fans by creating updates and sequels to some of its 90s properties earlier this weekend, the first character designs surfaced from next year s TV movie Hey Arnold!Owlchemy Labs, the Austin game developers behind Job Simulator, has started production, and presented the first demo at Adult Swim s carnival-themed Comic-Con installation outside the San Diego Convention Center.After the pair leave for a mission, the clone can teleport around the room—which expands the explorable space for the Vive.The game s directions point players to move in such a way that they barely ever feel the boundaries of the Vive setup, and it s easy to see how items like the portal gun can help transport players in such a way that the room doesn t feel limited.
The study is a further indication of the fact that Tor's anonymity is not invulnerableThe anonymity afforded to Dark Web sites, thanks to the Tor network is now being tested by malicious hackers.Researchers have uncovered over 100 malicious computers that have been actively spying on Tor-masked Dark Web sites.Researchers at Northeastern University trailed rogue computers using honeypot.onion addresses, which they called "honions" to spot hidden machines that were misbehaving and bypassing Tor rules.The 110 rogue machines spotted by researchers were specified as hidden service directories, which host information required by users to connect to the Tor-dependent onion addresses."Such snooping allows the malicious directories to index the hidden services, also visit them, and attack them."