After what must have felt like an eternity long wait for the Japanese players have Pokemon Go now released in its home country. Pokemon Go was released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand two weeks ago. For fourteen long days, players in Japan waiting to get started capturing monsters, and today released the game. Just like when the game launched in other countries, the influx of new players led to server problems around the world. But considering how much the Japanese gaming market is perhaps rather surprising that Romanian Logistics servers has not collapsed completely. A novelty in Japan is to Niantic and Nindendo has opened for sponsorship.
Kickass Torrents has seen its main domains seized and its founder arrested, but loyal fans are creating alternative ways for users to access the online piracy siteLess than 24 hours after the US government seized the domains of infamous online piracy website Kickass Torrents KAT and arrested alleged founder Artem Vaulin in Poland, the website is back up and there are multiple alternative ways to reach it.Online piracy, whereby users log on to websites to find torrent files or magnet links to pirated content and then illegally download and share that content through peer-to-peer torrent networks, is a huge problem facing copyright holders, who claim to have lost revenue because now consumers can access content without having to pay for it.Dealing with online piracy really is a whack-a-mole process for copyright holders.As seen from the ongoing saga with the Pirate Bay previously the most popular online piracy website in the world before KAT took the title , even years after Pirate Bay's founders were prosecuted, went to jail and were released, the website still continues to flourish using new, ever-changing domains and mirrors.Similarly, although KAT's main domains have been seized, the website is now back at the domain, and torrenting stalwart isoHunt has decided to launch its own unofficial KAT mirror at
All of the 110 malicious relays were designated as hidden services directories, which store information that end users need to reach the ".onion" addresses that rely on Tor for anonymity.Over a 72-day period that started on February 12, computer scientists at Northeastern University tracked the rogue machines using honeypot .onion addresses they dubbed "honions."By tracking the traffic sent to the honions, the researchers were able to identify directories that were behaving in a manner that's well outside of Tor rules."Some of them tried to attack the hidden services websites using hidden services through a variety of means including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting XSS , user enumeration, server load/performance, etc."There's no evidence the malicious relays were able to identify the operators or visitors of the hidden sites or monitor the plain-text traffic passing between them.Both SQL and XSS exploits can reveal a wealth of sensitive information on servers containing administration or configuration errors or vulnerabilities that aren't publicly known.
AMD wants to reinvigorate its server business and could get creative with its Zen CPUsAMD's Opteron A1100 ARM server chipAMD emerged as a serious threat to Intel in servers more than a decade ago, but after a series of missteps and bad chips, the company's server business is hanging on by a thread.Now, AMD is rebooting its server chip business with the upcoming Zen CPU, which will also be used in PCs.AMD is getting creative with Zen and considering merging the CPU with a high-performance GPU to create a mega-chip for high-performance tasks."It's fair to say we do believe we can combine a high-performance CPU with the high-performance GPU," AMD CEO Lisa Su said during an earnings call on Thursday.
NVMe Fabric adaptor chatter overheard in earnings callInfiniBand and Ethernet adaptor biz Mellanox has storage acceleration SoCs coming to provide faster external array access across NVMe fabrics.His company makes InfiniBand and Ethernet networking devices, and is doing very well with a fifth consecutive record quarter's revenues.NVMeF is a way of connecting an array of external NVMe flash drives to accessing servers over a network link that is so fast array data access are the same as ones to local, directly connected NVMe flash drives.E8 will launch at next month's Flash Memory Summit.In storage the multi-ARM core BlueField system-on-a-chip SOC could act as a controller for a group of NVMe flash drives, with access over 25/50/100 Gbit/sec Ethernet.
Salesforce sips the Open Compute Project Coolan, picks up startup making software for server optimisationSalesforce has purchased San Francisco-based startup Coolan, which sells software to help scale up and optimise data centre infrastructure.Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Coolan s founders come from a background of pedigree.CEO Amir Michael previously headed up Facebook s hardware teams that were responsible for the design and rollout of Facebook s servers, and before that Michael worked at Google where he helped develop server infrastructure.Fellow co-founder Yoni Michael worked at Google developing inefficiency-busting software for data centre infrastructure.Once the transaction has closed, the Coolan team will help Salesforce optimise its infrastructure as it scales to support customer growth around the world, said Amir Michael.
Those backup passwords aren t for everyoneSomething for the Weekend, Sir?I m got something in my eye.And… she muses, toying threateningly with an electronic stapler that was supposed to be a desk toy but had recently been demonstrated to be about as harmless as an industrial nail gun, …if we re f*cked… Now the problem is that not only am I not supposed to be handing out the keys to a fragile backup server to unauthorised staff, I am not actually authorised to have them myself.It was back in the day when IT managers didn t want to have anything to do with Apple Macintosh computers. has acquired a startup called Coolan that builds tools to track and analyze infrastructure reliability for increased uptime and optimized efficiency.Coolan co-founder Amir Micahel revealed the deal, saying it was done so that his company can help Salesforce optimize its infrastructure as it scales to support customer growth around the world.Which seems like a slightly odd job given that Salesforce recently decided to outsource its operations to Amazon Web Services, which we thought was supposed to take care of that whole mucky business of managing infrastructure.But not, it seems, in ways that satisfy Salesforce as it rebuilds its rigs for global scale.Which leaves El Reg's cloud desk wondering just what kind of relationship Salesforce and AWS have struck.Michael has got form working at scale: he worked on servers and data centres and Google and then moved to Facebook where he did similar work and founded the Open Compute Project OCP .
Here are three reasons why you should consider it, too.When it comes to technology, the word server might bring to mind, for some, a warehouse-sized room not unlike the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with fewer crates and more racks of computers.I run a Mac mini server on my home network for a handful of reasons that are fairly mundane, but all of which help at least provide some peace of mind, especially when I m not in the house.Most basic is the Secure Shell SSH command line interface OS X calls it Remote Login in the Sharing system preferences pane and its associated Secure FTP SFTP file transfer service.I ve also taken the somewhat more complex step of setting up OS X Server to host a Virtual Private Network VPN —essentially an encrypted tunnel that lets me securely route my data and my Internet connection back through my home network.In some cases it might be slow, but it does help protect my data when I m using a spurious Wi-Fi network.
Why should executives care about Internet-of-Things IoT applications in their companies?As shown in the table, they a potpourri of sizes and industries.These companies created a variety of IoT use cases for reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving customer service, and exploiting innovative business opportunities.These use cases impacted cross-organizational issues and exploited strategic opportunities, both requiring executive attention and action.IoT value to your company depends on analyticsIoT value can be expanded incrementally from initial use cases
The most feared hacker groups are what cybersecurity professionals refer to as "advanced persistent threat" actors.Unlike your average hacker breaching a server for curiosity or activism, or criminal gangs armed with ransomware and interested only in money, APTs backed by nation-states usually are among the very best.And most of the time, they are interested in just one thing: Stealing secrets.Well, that, and not getting caught.
The U.S. has shut down the site and the alleged owner has been arrested.KickassTorrents is a top illegal file-sharing siteIt turns out that a couple of purchases on iTunes helped to bring down the mastermind behind KickassTorrents, one of the most popular websites for illegal file sharing.KickassTorrents was accused of enabling digital piracy for years, and investigators said it was the 69th most visited website on the entire Internet.The U.S. Department of Homeland Security initially uncovered information about Vaulin by tracing the IP addresses used to host the KickassTorrents domains, according to a 48-page criminal complaint.That led investigators to a Canadian ISP, which turned over server data that revealed numerous files, including emails and user information about KickassTorrents operators.
How to fix common Pokémon Go problems: A guide to overcoming some of the game's biggest issues and bugs.Although Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon, it isn't without its issues.We asked you for your biggest problems with the game on Reddit, and have scoured the internet to see what the world's Pokémon Go players are having trouble with.And it turns out there's a range of issues which are making the game somewhat more of a challenge than it needs to be for many of you.Things got worse once the game launched in 26 new countries, which sent the server into meltdown once again.That is, if you don't encounter too many of the following issues.
Between overloads caused by too many players logging on at once, to hackers threatening to take down its servers, there s a chance that you may not be able to play Pokémon Go when you want to.Thankfully, the fine folks at New York-based cloud monitoring firm Datadog have whipped up, a status page showing whether the augmented-reality game s servers are fully functional or suffering an outage in real-time.The tracker on the site uses a logs in every 30 seconds using a Pokémon Trainer Club account and checks the servers response time.If a login takes more than 15, it s a sign that the servers are near full capacity and will likely buckle soon.A server latency of more than 3 seconds is another sign to look out for.It s a handy tool for figuring out whether it s worth stepping out for your planned afternoon of monster hunting, or putting it off until the game s servers are back to normal.
Microsoft, Twilio, Dropbox offer supportStack Overflow Documentation is now in betaStack Overflow, a popular site for developer and IT admin problem solving, is taking on technical documentation, with support from companies including Microsoft, Paypal, Twilio and Dropbox.The Stack Overflow site was created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, and originally focused only on developer questions.It was immediately popular, thanks to a responsive and uncluttered user interface and an effective system of up and down voting so that the best answers rise to the top.The site has expanded, under the Stack Exchange banner, to comprise over 150 "communities" covering topics from IT Admin Server Fault to mathematics, bicycles and home brewing.
After lying dormant for years, flaws in the HTTP Proxy header used in programming languages and applications, such as PHP, Go and Python, have now been fixedSome flaws take longer—a lot longer—than others to get fixed.The newly named HTTpoxy vulnerability was first discovered back in March 2001 and fixed in the open-source Perl programming language, but it has sat dormant in multiple other languages and applications until July 18.The HTTPoxy flaw could potentially enable a remotely exploitable vulnerability on servers, enabling an attacker to run code or redirect traffic. There is a common system environment variable called HTTP PROXY, which can be used to communicate the HTTP and sometimes HTTPS proxy settings for an outgoing HTTP proxy to an application, Red Hat explains in its advisory on HTTpoxy.Red Hat s advisory notes that applications, language libraries and scripting modules use the HTTP server script environment variable to help configure a proxy for subsequent outgoing HTTP traffic.
If you've invested in a Sonos speaker, and happen to be a fan of media streaming platform Plex, you're in luck.Plex today announced it has partnered with Sonos to enable users to access Plex files through the Sonos app, allowing them to browse and stream their music library directly to any Sonos speaker.One nice feature is the ability to access your music library away from home using the Sonos mobile software, so if your friends happen to have a Sonos speaker in their home, you can stream your music through their setup too.To access Plex for Sonos, which is currently available in beta form, you can go to the Labs section of the Sonos app.Guidelines on setup can also be found here, and you'll need to opt in to join the public beta and enable remote access to your Plex server files.In a blog post, Plex states: "You ll benefit from our awesome library and discovery features, and your personal music will look better than ever on Sonos.
U.S. stocks declined as results from companies including Intel Corp. and Southwest Airlines Co. disappointed, casting doubt on whether corporate earnings will be healthy enough to sustain equities at all-time highs.Intel slipped 5 percent after reporting slower growth in its server-chip division.Southwest Airlines tumbled 11 percent, weighing on shares of other carriers.Qualcomm Inc. gained 7.4 percent after it gave a forecast that beat analysts estimates, and EBay Inc. surged 11 percent after also raising its outlook.The S 500 fell 0.5 percent to 2,162.14 at 2:18 p.m. in New York, after closing Wednesday at a record for the sixth time in eight days.The Nasdaq Composite Index slipped 0.4 percent, and a gauge of volatility headed toward its biggest gain in four weeks.A lot of the rally has been post-Brexit relief, and I don t really see anything out there, other than some decent earnings that ve beaten, to validate the rally so far, said Tom Siomades, who oversees $76 billion as the head of Hartford Funds Investment Consulting Group in Radnor, Pennsylvania.The S 500 has rebounded 18 percent from a 22-month low in February, and the Dow stretched its 2016 gain to 6.7 percent yesterday, reaching a seventh straight record after nine days of advances.Among companies that reported results since yesterday s close, General Motors Co. added 1.6 percent, rising to a two-month high after raising its profit outlook.
The alleged founder of one of the web's most popular file-sharing sites has been arrested in Poland following an operation by the US government to track down the operator of the site.Ukrainian national Artem Vaulin has been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, two counts of infringement and conspiracy to launder money.The US authorities are pushing to extradite Vaulin on the basis of him having made more than $1 billion of copyrighted material available online for free.US authorities say the site attracted around 50 million users each month.While the authorities don't appear to have seized the primary domain yet - it's typically replaced with a notice saying it has been seized - the site is unresponsive and essentially down for most people.So is the server status page.
In the wake of the Oracle trial, HPE has reaffirmed its support for ItaniumA booth sign at Mobile World Congress 2016 shows the logo of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in a file image captured on Feb. 25, 2016.News of the server update plans comes from Ken Surplice, category manager for mission-critical solutions at HPE's EMEA server division.Surplice told Dutch website Computable that the company is on schedule to refresh its Integrity servers for HP-UX and OpenVMS with Intel's upcoming Kittson Itanium processors in 2017, and that the servers should be with customers mid-year.HPE representatives contacted Thursday confirmed the 2017 target.The question, though, is why HPE would bother, given that it is working on putting its HP-UX flavor of Unix on x86, and that OpenVMS, another big reason for owning Itanium hardware, will be ported to x86 by 2018.