New version fixes known flaws and adopts new exploit kit-based distribution modelThe TeslaCrypt creators called it quits recently, but unfortunately for users, there s a new ransomware program that s ready to take its place.However, its authors have recently fixed all issues and malware researchers believe that with the newly released version 4, DMA Locker has reached maturity and might be the next thing to hit users in widespread attacks.The new version, however, is distributed via Web-based drive-by download attacks that rely on exploit kits, meaning that a much bigger number of computers can potentially be affected.That key is then encrypted with a public RSA key and gets appended to the beginning of the file.Instead, DMA Locker has a list of extensions that it will not touch, encrypting everything else and potentially causing more damage.Performing regular backups to locations that are only temporarily accessible from the computer, such as an USB hard disk drive that s only connected during backup operations, is very important.
Enterprise software company Atlassian is announcing today the beta release of Bitbucket Pipelines, a new continuous delivery feature of the Bitbucket source code repository service.But Bitbucket Pipelines will be a native element of Bitbucket, not a separate product, and so Atlassian will discontinue Bamboo Cloud on January 31, 2017, Atlassian senior product manager Sten Pittet wrote in a blog post.Bamboo Server will remain available, and there are no plans to kill it.Due to Bamboo Cloud architecture and the complexity of the underlying infrastructure it is not possible for us to deliver the quality of service and the experience that our customers need, Atlassian said on the page about the end of life EOL for Bamboo Cloud.We believe discontinuing Bamboo Cloud is the right decision for our customers as we can now focus on building an optimal cloud experience with Bitbucket Pipelines and continue improving Bamboo Server for large software teams.Other CD providers include CloudBees, Codeship, Drone, Semaphore, and Shippable.Also today, Atlassian is announcing mobile apps for its JIRA Software and Confluence services.Sydney-based Atlassian went public earlier this year.
The deal will, however, likely bring Lazar a more lenient sentence.Earlier this year, the FBI hit Lazar with nine counts, including multiple charges of wire fraud and unauthorized access to a computer.He had previously pled not guilty, though a change in plea has been widely expected after Lazar fessed up earlier this month during media interviews.Guccifer, a former taxi driver turned hacker, gained notoriety back in 2013 when he laid claim to hacking a personal email server Clinton had reportedly used to send, among other things, official business in her capacity as Secretary of State.The case kicked off a scandal that continues to follow Clinton well into her campaign for the US Presidency.Other targets Guccifer claimed to have hacked include actors Steve Martin and Mariel Hemingway, writer Kitty Kelley and editor Tina Brown.
During I / O last week told Google that it will be easier to beta test apps in the Play Store. Instead of having to join groups and find specific links, we will be able to choose to become a beta tester directly from the store. Something we called then a list of all the apps we are beta testing. Google did not mention this in his blog post, but all the apps you beta test will actually appear in a separate tab next to the existing lists in the Play Store, see picture above. Some users have already received new beta features in store. They rolled out in stages and it seems that Google activates features of the server side, rather than by sending out a new version of the Play Store.
Speaking last week's Infrastructure Operations & Data Centre Summit in Sydney, Butler said the days of buying a server to handle a specific workload are nearly gone.Instead, you'll soon shop for collections of components that can be assembled into rigs capable of handling different workloads at different times.Each buyer will end up with a different cocktail, Butler said, a concept HP and Cisco currently call composable infrastructure.Another big change he predicts is photonics inside the chipset, to speed communications over the motherboard.We are not despondent but believe the company needs to demonstrate it can build on the assets it acquired, he said.Taiwan and China's big ODMs will, he said, bid for your business with workload-specific boxes tailored to different needs.
The FBI has already spoken with Huma Abedin, a Clinton confidant who was among the Democratic presidential front runner's closest aides at the State Department.She has been dogged by questions about her email practices for more than a year, since AP revealed that the server was in the basement of Clinton's New York home while she served as the nation's top diplomat from 2009 to 2013.FBI Director James Comey said this month he is keeping close tabs on the investigation to ensure it's conducted properly and completed promptly.Thousands of additional emails were withheld by Clinton, whose lawyers said they contained personal messages unrelated to her government service.A Romanian computer hacker now in U.S. custody, Marcel Lazar, has boasted that he breached Clinton's home server three years ago.Lansing Woo, a retired FBI official who supervised counterintelligence investigations in the Los Angeles field office, said the recent interviews of Clinton's aides appear to follow standard procedure.
Critically, 24-hour broadcasts cannot be saved permanently to a person or Facebook page s News Feed.This is mainly to alleviate Facebook from the high server costs that come with storing long-form broadcasts, reports TechCrunch.Just like its regular Live API, the new format will allow professional broadcasters to go beyond smartphones and selfie sticks by using high-end cameras and mixing and effects tools.Facebook Live s media partners often use these specialty tools to create multicamera transmissions, and to incorporate on-screen graphics.Facebook claims that multimedia documentary production company,, has already used the 24-hour live stream feature as a new outlet for its nature videos.If adopted by more professional broadcasters, it could become your go-to service for a nature fix.
London's VMware user group VMUG has spawned a new community dedicated to the design, construction and operation of home labs.VMUGs are often the scene of discussion about home labs, which VMware folk have in the past suggested are essential for getting ahead now that bosses won't pay for training.The April 2016 meeting of the London VMUG included a session about home labs, during which participants bemoaned the fact that such discussions don't leave behind a record of the often-useful information they expose.The Project and its site are unashamedly in an Alpha state, but the group has given itself the laudable aim to provide people with a single source of information and advice which will help them make decisions on the best homelab solution for them, based on their individual requirements.The Alpha site shows the group's direction: it plans how-tos, decision trees to guide builds, security advice and even tips like Managing your Homelab via Xbox or the more practical managing a vSphere home lab without vCenter.And while we're here, it would be remiss of us not to mention that we've previously taken peeks into readers' mighty domestic data centres and server-slaying home labs.
PlayReplay with soundPlay withsound00:0000:00Kickstarteralert icon arrow-down icon arrow-left icon arrow-right icon arrow-thin-left icon arrow-thin-right icon arrow-up icon backer-badge icon bar-chart icon bell icon book icon brand-assets icon calendar icon cart icon chat icon check icon clipboard icon clock icon close icon closed-caption icon compose icon conversion icon direct-left icon direct-right icon direct-up icon download icon drop-down icon embed icon expand icon facebook-box icon facebook icon flag icon globe icon grid icon heart icon help icon image icon info icon instagram icon kickstarter-circle icon kickstarter icon leaf icon link icon location-pin icon lock icon mail icon menu icon move icon music icon pause icon pin icon pinterest icon play icon plus-circle icon plus icon report icon ribbon icon search icon share icon star icon stop icon tag icon thumbs-up icon tools icon trash icon tumblr icon twitter icon unlink icon user icon video icon view-all icon vine icon volume-up icon volume icon write icon youtube iconWhether your idea of a good time involves tossing a ball around or doing backflips, it s often inconvenient to bring out the camera.In recent years, we ve seen an increase in cameras designed to be less of an attention-demanding nuisance and more of a useful freeloader.But these devices have often lack the convenience they promote.A dual LED with three different colors notifies you when the camera is active or not, and a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS helps the camera keep track of where you are for localized albums.And like so many companies that offer free server storage in this case 10 GB , you will also have the option of subscribing to expand your online storage capacity for the content saved online.Four days are left as the Kickstarter closes in on $60,000.
Image Credit: wavebreakmedia/ShutterstockI read an article last week titled Please don t learn to code by a guy called Basel Farag.Over time, I realized I needed to move to where the action was: Silicon Valley.I still remember walking into a local diner after being kicked to the curb.In shock, I sat at a corner table facing the wall, stuffing my face with steak and eggs, trying my hardest not to cry.Soon after, I learned about now called The Starter League a coding school based in Chicago.My Engine Yard career further developed my technical foundation and allowed me to learn about application infrastructure, server deployment, scaling, and the operations of a multibillion-dollar market called the cloud.
As we witness what may be the final days of Yahoo as an independent business, consider how just a decade ago it was running neck-and-neck with Google, now one of the world s largest companies by market value.I began working for Google in 2003, at a time when the two tech giants were competing vigorously to dominate the rapidly growing territory of World Wide Web.Instead of using the latest storage appliances as a foundation, the Google File System used commodity servers to support a flexible and resilient architecture that could solve scalability and resiliency issues once and for all, simplifying and accelerating the future rollout of a wide range of web-scale applications, from maps to cloud storage.Scaling complexityIt took four years of ongoing development, and enormous amounts of engineering resources, before the Google File System reached the point where the company used it for mission-critical operations.When you visualize a problem, start from scratch.Whether you re an engineer or an entrepreneur or both , close your eyes to existing solutions and ways of doing things, ignore what has been done before and build your ideal solution.
The codebase that IoT devices use is not fundamentally different from the languages we use to build websites, apps, or PC software.Despite that fact, I regularly find glaring vulnerabilities we ve known about for decades in IoT products, even those from major companies — sending out a device with client software lacking sufficient protective measures, for example, or a device that encrypts communication between the server but fails to secure the actual device s Internet connectivity protocols.Again, these failures aren t due to IoT being a cutting edge technology that developers are still learning to use; they re due to a basic disregard for long-established traditions of safe coding.And they are leading directly to extremely dangerous and disturbing breaches in consumer safety and security, seemingly every day.And due to the complex layers of the system, it s also hard to identify where any one problem is originating.For the reasons I ve outlined, it may be impossible for tech company engineering teams to reform from within, even if that s their deepest wish.We should always celebrate feats of technical ingenuity on the right occasion and the right platform, but neither are the case here: A whole category of products, not to mention billions of customers, now hang in the balance, utterly dependent on how we respond to this challenge.Min-Pyo Hong is CEO and founder of SEWORKS, a Qualcomm and SoftBank Ventures Korea-backed security solutions developer based in San Francisco.He has advised corporations, NGOs, and governments on digital security issues for over 20 years, and led a team of five-time finalists at DEFCON.
Here s a handy table of contents to help navigate the post: Introduction: Let s figure out what an SEO audit is all about.How to Perform an SEO Audit Overview Structure of This Guide Technical Audit DNS Settings Server Errors Robots.txt validation 404 Handling and Errors Site Security HTTPs HTML Validation Indexation Structured Data XML Sitemap Malware Scan and Canonical Header Check Site Speed Mobile-Friendly Test On-page Audit Content Audit Main Navigation Footer Navigation URL Analysis NAP Presence HTML Sitemap Breadcrumbs Main Page Content Consistent and Continual Content Production Page-by-page Analysis Off-page Audit Incoming Search Traffic Site Penalties Domain Authority Page Authority Link Quantity Link Velocity Deep Link Ratio TLD Variety Link Trust and Authority Link Topic or Theme Anchor Text Analysis Redirect/Follow/No-follow Ratio Spammy Links Link Attrition Brand Mentions Finishing Touches I ll be the first one to admit it: SEO Audit sounds brain-numbingly boring.Sure, you might have to dive into some of the tech geekery of SEO, but the results that you produce are powerful, game-changing, revenue-impacting, and thoroughly actionable.Quick example: I conducted an SEO audit for a large manufacturing firm selling multi-million dollar processing equipment with a 12-24 month sales cycle.One tech audit, and one month later, they were receiving dozens of inquiries per month.A thorough audit answers questions, solves problems, and produces an array of benefits that you may have never anticipated.
Millions of children worldwide feel the same way, with Minecraft a veritable phenomenon in the younger generations.Plus, Cuban highlights Minecraft as an easy way for kids to learn the fundamentals of computer science, while still having all the fun of building and engineering their worlds.That's what makes Minecraft so appealing for the Mavericks, says Cuban.For its part, Mineplex is an online destination for the Minecraft faithful, where hundreds or thousands of players gather to cooperatively build or play competitive "minigames" against each other.It's supported by premium memberships, which start at $10 for the lifetime of a Minecraft account.The star resident of Mineplex is millionaire YouTube sensation "CaptainSparklez," who films his popular Minecraft videos on the server.His arrival on Mineplex vaulted the server, already popular, to a population boom.In Dallas Mavericks World, visitors to Mineplex will be able to compete in basketball mini-games, as well as participate in building contests.It's officially launching later this summer.
Version 7 adds support for the newest Mac and Windows operating systems, automatic cloud-based backup and syncing, and a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects.The new TypeSync feature doesn t replace the Archive and Restore feature introduced in version 6, which lets you copy your entire Font Vault to your Dropbox or Google Drive, and then restore it on another computer.Version 7 adds a completely new plug-in for Adobe After Effects CC 2015, which is being used by more and more designers to create animated text.With this plug-in, you no longer need to remember which fonts were used in each composition, a giant benefit since After Effects on its own doesn t help you determine which fonts are missing.As with earlier versions, Suitcase Fusion 7 includes auto-activation plug-ins for recent Adobe and Quark products, specifically: Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy and Illustrator versions CS6 and higher , and QuarkXPress 10 and 2015.In addition, Extensis new Suitcase TeamSync is an affordable alternative for teams who want to share the same font library but can t justify the cost or maintenance of Extensis Universal Type Server product.
Brocade reported second quarter revenue of $523m, down 4 per cent year-over-year from $547m, and a 9 per cent quarter-over-quarter decline from $574m, as general storage networking sales weakness impacted its results.Segment-wise:SAN product revenue of $297mn was down 5 per cent year-over-yearFibre Channel directors down 6 per centFixed-configuration switches down 4 per centEmbedded server switches down 9 per centSequentially, SAN product revenue decreased 15 per centFibre Channel directors declining 12 per centFixed-configuration switches down 14 per centEmbedded server switches down 25 per centThe q-on-q decline was larger than expected mostly because of unusually weak storage demand as reported by many of Brocade's partners and peers.CEO Lloyd Carney talked about a challenging environment and looked to the future: "We continue to drive the strategic evolution of our business as a pure-play networking provider for the digital transformation era.Additionally, we expect our product roadmap to deliver further advancements across our portfolio that set the stage for expanded opportunities in the quarters to come."Despite the lower revenue, Carney's tightly run ship produced a profit, with net income being $43m, down more than 50 per cent sequentially from $94m and 44 per cent less than the year-ago's $77m, but a decent profit nonetheless.There's the completion of the Ruckus wireless acquisition to look forward to in the third quarter, and investors got an increased dividend.
IBM is offering Nvidia Grid Tesla M60 GPU in cloud to make compute intensive tasks easier in virtual desktops.It will allow customers to deploy more powerful cloud servers for doing complex computing tasks including data analytics, graphics, energy exploration and deep learning/artificial intelligence.Tesla M60 with NVIDIA GRID virtualisation technology can speed up virtualised desktop applications like CAD/CAM computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing including AutoCAD.With the availability of the technology in cloud, companies can used the GPU resources on IBM Cloud on an on-demand basis.It will help reduce the processing time to hours in comparison to the use of CPU-only based servers.Nvidia vice president and general manager Jim McHugh said: "For the first time, businesses can deliver workstation-class graphics-intensive applications from the cloud along with high performance computing."
The idea is to allow Skype to power the communications experience inside applications, so developers can focus on building their product s unique features.Skype for Business SDK customers can continue to use their existing infrastructure, like Skype for Business Server or Skype for Business Online – depending on if the company has deployed Unified Communications on their own servers, or if they re relying on Microsoft s cloud.In addition, companies adopting the Skype for Business SDK can continue to use their existing native clients to reach their customers,However, during this SDK preview period, the focus for the integrations is on remote advisor functionality.That is, businesses who want to interact with remote customers over their mobile phones and tablets in order to chat, call or video chat.Healthcare isn t the only scenario where a remote advisor makes sense, of course.The platform could also be used by financial advisors, customer service, and a variety of other enterprise applications.
No-one likes doing mathematics.Actually that s not true, some people do, but for those of us that haven t taken that part of our brains for a walk in a while it can be more than just a chore.Well now help is at hand in the form of Mathpix, an ingenious app which uses your iPhone s camera to look at handwritten equations and then work them out instantly.MathpixOpening up the app it looks just like any normal camera, but point it at an equation and you ll start to see the magic happen.Now some of these formula can be pretty processor intensive we re talking more than that calculator app on your phone and so while the app does the image-taking the actual working out happens on a server up in the cloud.The app was created by Stanford student Nico Jimenez and fellow graduates and high schoolers Paul Ferrell, Michael Lee and August Trollback.
Intel said today it is expanding the use of its 360-degree replay technology for the NBA Conference Finals and The Finals.Intel acquired startup Replay Technologies, which built the technology by setting up dozens of ultra high-definition cameras to capture the video from all angles.It then uses massive Intel server processing power to create 3D views of the video, allowing the broadcasters to freeze the action and then rotate the view.The tech is being used as part of national broadcast games on ABC, ESPN, and Turner Sports.Intel s 360-degree replay technology was also used during the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto.Intel 360-degree replay technology stitches together video captured by these cameras into one seamless shot, which can then be manipulated and rotated.These replays will be available to fans during broadcasts or via, the NBA App, and social media.