Unfortunately, the suite has not been updated since 2012, because Microsoft switched to developing securely sandboxed, touch-oriented apps instead.However, Microsoft is moving all its own email services – Office 365, Hotmail, Live Mail, MSN Mail, Outlook.com etc – to a single codebase at Outlook.com.The obvious catch is that, after the first year, you d be paying £59.99 per year for Office 365 Personal, though this does include full copies of Microsoft Office programs plus a 1tb free online storage.The Mail app is simpler but less powerful than Windows Live Mail: it has limited options for sorting emails, and it cannot send emails to groups.To do this, you must create a new account for your existing email address, but check the box that says Manually configure server settings .Two examples are NirSoft s Mail PassView and the Live Mail Password Decryptor from SecurityXploded.
Google today is announcing the launch of new features for its BigQuery cloud data warehouse service.Since BigQuery became available to all developers in 2012, it s been possible to query data with the SQL-like BQL, which stands for BigQuery Query Language.Now Google is bringing full SQL to the service, and that s significant because of the pervasiveness of ANSI SQL, which is the lingua franca for data analysts.Now people can use theta joins in BigQuery, and dates, times, arrays, and timestamps are now supported, Google technical lead and manager Dan Delorey and technical product marketing manager Bosco Zubiaga wrote in a blog post.Analysts can also submit more detailed subqueries within any part of a query, wrote Delorey and Zubiaga.Google is also bringing the Cloud identity and access management IAM feature of Google Cloud Platform to BigQuery.And now analysts have a way to get better performance by limiting queries to certain time periods.The feature can be viewed as an answer to the Table Partitioning feature of Microsoft s SQL Server database software.But more generally, these additions make BigQuery a slightly better choice as a standalone querying service.Clearly, Google is trying to make the service more competitive with the Redshift service from Amazon Web Services AWS , which is considerably farther ahead of the Google Cloud Platform in the public cloud market.Other services in this category include Microsoft s Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Snowflake.In recent months, Google has fleshed out BigQuery with custom quotas and an integration with Google Sheets.
This makes the VTL less appealing than in the past lately also visible in EMC's financial results .You can buy ready-to-run appliances or build them starting from scratch with OpenSolaris/Illumos, Ubuntu and maybe other OSes .Scalability is no longer an issue and the storage repository can do more than backups only – much more.Some new startups, like Cohesity for example, have totally redefined the concept of secondary storage and data protection.They simply no longer make any sense, but please take this comment with a grain of salt, as I ve never been fond of VTLs when I was a Sun Microsystems VAR, I was the greatest fan of the Sun Fire x4500 and they always served like the best of the VTLs for my customers.On the other hand, startups like Cohesity have coined the term Hyper-converged Secondary Storage.
The intentions are good, we suppose: Brown University researchers have published a Javascript library that lets a standard Webcam track eye movements.The designers explain that they've created a self-calibrating eye-tracking model that trains a mapping between the features of the eye and positions on the screen.Rather than trying to send video back to a server, the WebGazer.js library runs entirely in the client browser, and it runs only if the user consents in giving access to their webcam .That consent, having read the documentation, might include giving access to local storage if the WebGazer operator wants to store data between sessions.The key bits of the software are a tracker module, which controls how eyes are detected , and the regression module, which handles learning and predictions.The Brown University boffins that developed it PhD candidate Alexandra Papoutsaki, assistant professor Jeff Huang and undergrad James Laskey collaborated with Georgia Tech associate professor James Hayes.
The company's Xeon Phi chip can accelerate AI workloads just like a GPU, Intel saysDiane Bryant, the head of Intel's data center business, at the Computex trade show in Taipei on June 1, 2016If you want to get under Diane Bryant s skin these days, just ask her about GPUs.We refer to Knights Landing as a coprocessor, but it s an accelerator for floating point operations, and that s what a GPGPU is as well, she said.Still, 1 percent of the worldwide server market is not trivial, and Intel will continue to evolve Xeon Phi to make it better at machine learning tasks.There are two aspects to machine learning, she notes – training the algorithmic models, which is the most compute intensive part, and applying those models to the real world in front-end applications, often called inferencing.And Knights Landing is "self-booting," which means customers don't need to pair it with a regular Xeon to boot an OS.But Intel s newest Xeon Phi has a floating point performance of about 3 teraflops, Moorhead said, compared to more than 5 teraflops for Nvidia s new GP100.
It's described in this blog post, which says: we re not happy when the selling of an unrelated product becomes the purpose of a Minecraft mod or server.Ad agencies, corporations, nonprofits and politicians are forbidden from building mods that present unrelated products eg: don't put your restaurant into a Minecraft mod or server ; or marketing movies or TV shows so, no Deadpool trailers as Minecraft mods or servers .The Minecraft Commercial Use Guidelines were updated 31 May, with the new section explicitly banning marketing/promotional activity under the heading Building Promotions With Minecraft .Ads in Minecraft videos, and ads served on Minecraft-related websites or servers.Here: fans of a particular restaurant, movie, or some other thing are still free to build things in Minecraft that represent or celebrate it so long as the goal or focus is not to promote or sell that stuff .It will consider a user naughty if they do so; likewise, you can express your support for a political candidate in a map/mod/server, but not if you have been hired to promote them.
IBM has had 16 quarters of shrinking revenue.She's been selling off low-margin or money-losing operations like its commodity Intel server business and its chip manufacturing business.And she's been refreshing her enormous, aging workforce in major ways, too.She's also been investing in new markets like design and digital marketing.Some of IBM's actions seem harsh.Watson is part of IBM's analytics unit, which generates $18 billion in revenue and has a large assortment of products, including old-school, traditional softwareIn the meantime, Rometty has some words for her critics, speaking on stage at Reode's Code Conference held this week in Southern California, reports Fortune's Andrew Nusca.Go ahead and have an act three, four, and five.The saying is the easy part.
VMware is warning administrators to steer clear of an official update for Windows 7 and Server 2008 – after the patch was found to be incompatible with some virtual machines.The virtualization house says that VMs using VMXNet3 virtual NICs are having networking problems after installing the Windows 7 rollup update.VMs running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 are seeing similar problems, prompting VMware to recommend that anyone running either OS in their VMs on VMware vSphere should avoid installing the Microsoft rollup until a fix can be worked out."VMware is aware of this issue and we are actively investigating the root causes and possible fixes," the VMware blog says.Microsoft released the Windows 7 rollups last month in an attempt to simplify the process of getting updates for new installations.Designed to be used with either new PCs or install media, the rollup gives Windows 7 all previous updates rather than requiring the new machines to download and install hundreds of patches.
The Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo is seen on servers at the company's Executive Briefing Center in Palo Alto, CaliforniaThe worldwide server market saw a year-on-year revenue slump of 3.6 percent in the first quarter to US$12.4 billion, after a winning streak of seven quarters of growth, IDC said Wednesday.Those investments are expected to be back in the second half of this year with a pick up in expenditure on servers for existing data centers and the roll out of new ones.Lenovo and Cisco tied for the fourth and fifth position.Demand for high-end systems had a year-over-year revenue decline of 33.4 percent to $1.4 billion, mainly on account of the surge in demand for IBM mainframes last year, IDC said.The Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, had the highest year-on-year revenue growth of 10.2 percent in the quarter.But ARM server chips will starting gaining traction next year, according to a research note from IDC this week.
A new Azure service that supports databases of up to 60TB, versions 250GB to 1TB for Azure SQL, but optimized for data warehousing with massively parallel processing for queries but a more limited subset of T-SQL available.For example, a sales person might only be allowed to see their own sales records, despite other records existing in the same tables.Dynamic Data Masking is another new feature.A simple concept, but one that enables easy monitoring and troubleshooting of performance issues.Entire tables can be migrated to Azure, or if a table has a mix of current and historical data, you can create a function to determine whether a row will be migrated.The ScaleR library, developed by Revolution Analytics, includes algorithms for data import; sorting, merging, and splitting; statistical functions and cross tabulation; data visualization; modeling algorithms and decision trees.
The idea behind Torus is to give developers access to a reliable and scalable storage system for applications that have been deployed on containers using the Google-incubated Kubernetes container management service.Where do we store the voluminous stream of data that microservices produce and consume, especially when immutable, discretely contained executable code is such a powerful pattern?The CoreOS team argues that existing storage solutions weren t designed to work with container clusters.Ensuring persistent storage for these container microservices as they are started, stopped, upgraded, and migrated between nodes in the cluster is not as simple as providing a backing store for a single server running a group of monolithic applications, or even a number of virtual machines, Michener writes.Because the system is meant to be extensible, CoreOS expects that others will also build the necessary tools to support object storage systems on top of Torus.Featured Image: tcly/Shutterstock
This individual s works with the product owner to set the path, by prototyping, demonstrating the concept to leadership, technologists and customers.To make it even more exciting, introduce your business to Design Thinking.A good example here would be build a server ; procure components, assemble server, load operating system, test server and ship.Be careful when you apply Agile to anything other than building complex software and make sure you are not over engineering an already well managed and efficient activity.Some teams will be Scrum, some teams will be Kanban, others will simply continue as they do today.Typical Agile methodologies like Scrum or XP run in defined time increments two, three, four weeks for a varying body of work.You need some guidance, and if you are ever going to hire consultants this is the time to do it.You can call it an Agile transformation team, center of excellence, whatever buzz word you can think of, hire Agile coaches and experts to train your leadership on how to execute in an Agile way.You need an external Agile coaching influence to hang with your teams until they get it until you can measure it and until your own people can coach the new members of the team.Why?Architecture can be built incrementally to reach a longer-term goal, even while teams are performing in an Agile way.You Can Do ItDisengaged business, poor strategy fit, dependency management, disappointing results and standard patterns and practice; these are all the same hurdles we jump over every day with just about everything we do in a large enterprise.
Until the end of this month, Oracle users can migrate their databases to SQL Server 2016 and receive the necessary licenses for free with a subscription to Microsoft's Software Assurance maintenance program.Among the more notable enhancements it brings are updateable, in-memory column stores and advanced analytics.The software's new Always Encrypted feature helps protect data at rest and in memory, while Stretch Database aims to reduce storage costs while keeping data available for querying in Microsoft's Azure cloud.The software comes in Enterprise and Standard editions along with free Developer and Express versions.Support for SQL Server 2005 ended in April.Though Wednesday's announcement didn't mention it, Microsoft previously said it's planning to bring SQL Server to Linux.
Sorry brands: Mojang says you can no longer use hit game Minecraft to engage with your carefully targeted audiences."That doesn't feel right, or more importantly, fun," explained Mojang communications director Owen Jones in a blog post.However, existing server and video monetisation options for agencies and corporations won't change.Fans are still free to build a Minecraft version of a Game of Thrones map for example , Jones says, but if HBO did the same thing with the express intention of promoting its fantasy epic television show then that wouldn't be allowed under the new Commercial Usage Guidelines.Brand on the runThere's nothing to worry about here unless you are a brand of note or one of their ad agencies - for players, it should just mean less overt promotion for companies and products out in the worlds of Minecraft.With more than 100 million registered users it's easy to see why the game would attract advertisers, but custom-made servers and maps are now going to be out of the question, like this working mobile phone built to promote Verizon.
IMVU, the social network with 3D animated avatars, said that it has provided the technology behind a new version of the popular Kimoji paid app created by Kim Kardashian West.Redwood City, Calif.-based IMVU operates a social network where users can create their own animated spaces.Kanye and I found this amazing social experience company, IMVU, and worked with them on creating some of our latest Kimoji designs and GIFs.They re such innovators who have helped me really set Kimoji apart, Kardashian wrote on her site.The technology enables personalization of 2D, 3D, and virtual reality VR content, allowing users to express themselves as they wish.With our Server Side Rendering technology, and with our catalog of 20 million-plus user-generated 2D, 3D, and VR-ready products, we are redefining the way people communicate universally, said Brett Durrett, CEO of IMVU, in a statement.Our technology makes it possible for all users to easily create an infinite amount of highly expressive content starring their customized avatar.IMVU was founded in 2004 as part of the virtual world craze, but it s interesting to see how it continues to morph and exploit its technology over time.iOS users can send their customized 3D Stickers in messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and Gmail; both Android and iOS users can create and send 3D Stickers within IMVU conversations.
Amazon data centreAmazon, Google and other giant cloud companies are buying server CPUs in huge numbers, helping to increase global shipments in 2016 for x86 and ARM server class microprocessor by 3.5 per cent to 22.9 million shipments.Strong demand means rising average selling prices ASPs - up 25 per cent between 2010 and 2015 - and revenue growth for a market expected to grow at 2.2 per cent CAGR from 2015-2020 to $15.3bn in 2020.The growing use of server class CPUs in non-server hardware is another major sales kicker, with 17.3 per cent of x86 and ARM server-class processors destined for storage, networking and embedded systems in Q1, 2016, compared to 8.8 per cent in Q1,2013.Intel accounted for 93 per cent unit share in 2010 and 99.2 per cent in the last quarter of 2015.But IDC thinks that stronger competition will be provided by AMD and various ARM vendors, with the major cloud vendors and server makers in China keen to explore cheaper options than Intel.Competitors to Intel s Xeon E5-26xx line due out in 2016 and 2017 include AMD s x86-based Zen and a clutch of ARM-based chips.
Find out what helps the web work.Apache, an open source software that is available for free, is the most widely used web server software and is developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.Version 2.0 of Apache is capable of running on most UNIX-based operating systems such as Linux, Solaris.Flexibility is created by manipulating the code base, or by adding multiple extensions and add-ons.Web hosting companies widely use Apache in order to provide shared/virtual hosting.The latest version 2.4.20, was released in April of 2016.
Microsoft today is announcing the general availability GA of its SQL Server database software.For more than a year now, Microsoft has been rolling out public previews and release candidates of the software, and now the final version is out.A month ago, Microsoft said SQL Server 2016 would hit GA on June 1, and that statement has proven to be accurate.This edition stands out from SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2012, and earlier releases in a few ways, but probably the most significant is the deep integration of the R programming language that s used for data science.This type of deep integration was made possible by Microsoft s 2015 acquisition of R distribution vendor Revolution Analytics.SQL Server 2016 simplifies analytics in the way databases simplified enterprise data management, by moving analytics close to where the data is managed instead of the other way around, Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of Microsoft s data group, wrote in a blog post.But the price of the database is staying the same even as performance increases and functionality expands, Sirosh wrote.There are many other SQL database options available, and NoSQL databases will be able to take their place for certain applications.But SQL Server is a long-trusted brand, and the release is one that customers have been awaiting.
The interface update isn't live for everybody, but it'll definitely speed up a lot of everyday searches.Credit: Derek WalterGoogle Now on Tap is pretty cool, but it s not quite the life-altering technology that was promised.You can then pick out some text and get an instant Google Now on Tap search, which seeks out relevant content from the web and other Google apps.Right now you can select text and do an then do an instant search, which usually brings up a definition or Wikipedia entry.The impact on you: This could be some A/B testing on Google s part, or part of a planned rollout.With such work on Google s server side we re never really quite sure, but the best way to find out is to keep trying and see if you notice a change.
ARM-based chips dominate smartphone and tablets, but the new chips from Cavium and Marvell show the processors are maturing quickly for use in servers.But ARM server chips are becoming more competitive with support for DDR4 memory and the latest I/O and networking technologies.Despite struggling for years, ARM server chip makers are holding on to create alternatives for Intel's Xeon chips, while hoping the market for their products becomes viable.In a research note issued Tuesday, IDC said ARM server chip makers will start gaining traction next year.Marvell's new Armada 7000 and 8000 family of ARM-based chips don't provide the high levels of performance delivered by Cavium's ThunderX2, but they are aimed at smaller home office deployments.Marvell did not respond to comment on shipment dates.