Ravi Swaminathan, Data Center Solutions Business Unit VP and GM at Western Digital Corporation, went into hype mode in his canned quote, saying: These new product innovations resulted from the deep ongoing engagement between our companies and are expected to greatly enhance virtual machine performance.However, WDC says FlashSoft v4 is the first host-based caching software to achieve VMware Ready certification for guaranteed compatibility, reliability and support.FlashSoft v4 also introduces support for VMware-supported data stores, virtual disk acceleration, improved performance and stability, and integrated management through the vSphere web client GUI.The Flash Virtualization System pairs FlashSoft v4 with SanDisk ION Accelerator software and Fusion ioMemory PCIe solid-state accelerators in a flash-provisioned server Basically a re-jigged FusionIO ION Accelerator appliance capable of delivering over a million IOPS* to accelerate storage I/O across the VMware environment.This product is said to be non-disruptive to deploy, and offers cluster-wide flash acceleration in existing VMware environments.The software is offered through Western Digital, OEMs and reseller partners, including Dell, HPE, Lenovo and HDS, as well as select channel partners.
CryptXXX offers victims a chance to decrypt one file for free to show how they'll get everything back if they pay $500Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto internet... instances of Locky malware - one of the most prolific forms of malicious software - have bounced back following what had been a huge decline in activity.Recently cybersecurity researchers at Symantec said they had noticed a massive decline in instances of Locky - along with Dridex and Angler malware - detected during June.But now, the nefarious distributors of Locky - named as such because it locks down your files and demands payment to free them - have regrouped and are back to their old tricks.Cyber security researchers at Cloudmark say cybercriminals resumed their activity on June 21, spiking to much higher levels than previously observed before the malware took a break.CryptXXX is a particularly nasty form of ransomware which not only encrypts files on the infected PC, but also also attacks any files on connected storage devices, steals cryptocurrency wallet funds stored on your system and may also send sensitive data to cyberattackers, putting victims at further risk of hacking.With CryptXXX the cybercriminals even provide victims with step by step information detailing how to acquire and send Bitcoin - as well as the option of a limited test decryption service to demonstrate that the server really does decrypt files.
The app provided 30 basic routines for free with an Xbox Live Gold account, but that subscriber benefit will end on December 15.Xbox Fitness also included numerous branded training programs that cost real money up front, from $60 P90X routines to Jillian Michaels videos that could run $12 each."I bought 140$ worth of content just this year… I don t want a refund, I want to be able to continue to use what I PAID for !!!!!!!!!!!"While our team is saddened by this news, we couldn t be more proud of what we ve accomplished in the past two and a half years."As always, when it comes to buying content that lives in a form you can't physically hold in your hands or download in a form you have full control over , the buyer should beware.An Xbox Feedback campaign to convince Microsoft to keep the service going has 366 votes as of this writing.
'The most interesting thing we've done as a company since day one,' says execMongoDB is launching Atlas, the company's first DBaaS, offering easy management of instances - initially on AWS, but soon to come to Azure and Google Cloud Platform.Atlas is pitched as unlimited, elastic scalability, either by scaling up on a range of instance sizes or scaling out with automatic sharing, all with no application downtime.This is a very big strategic product release for us, Stirman continued, claiming it was the most interesting thing we've done as a company since day one.Stirman accepted the concern that consumers might have with the product being newly brought to market, but said: Step back and look at how we got to this point, said Stirman, explaining that MongoDB launched its first cloud product four years ago, before releasing a backup service a year later.We automatically deploy your cluster across three availability zones in an Amazon region, that means that if that availability zone fails or gets rebooted – as happens time to time in AWS – you are still running in at least two other availability zones.Atlas will be pay-by-hour, and there will be seven different instance sizes, from the low-end offering 1GB of RAM and 10GB storage, on a single core v-cpu, which will cost 2.6 US cents per hour, through to the high end of 160GB RAM, 1TB of storage, and 40-core v-cpu, at $3 per hour.
Atlas is MongoDB s database-as-a-service offering that provides users with a managed database service.MongoDB s VP of Strategy Kelly Stirman tells me that he believes most developers love MongoDB because it makes them productive though it s worth noting that there are, of course, also plenty of developers who don t love MongoDB .With this, we took all the experience we have supporting large systems and deployments in production — and the software we developed to help people.With DynamoDB, Amazon also offers its own NoSQL database, of course.Stirman, however, argues that companies end up locking themselves into Amazon s platform by using this service.MongoDB tells me that prices will start at less than a cup of coffee which in the age of third-wave roasters is a pretty flexible definition, of course and will depend on the size of underlying AWS server you want MongoDB to provision for you.
Once upon a decade ago, green computing was a big thing.Nowadays it is an actual thing, thanks to the usual suspects: virtualization and cloud computing.Take for example, the United States' data centres: collectively they chewed up about 70 billion kWH in 2014, about 1.8 per cent of total US consumption, according to a June 2016 study by Berkeley Lab.The authors estimate that US data centre power consumption will grow about four per cent between 2014-2020, a time of drastically increased demand .The global recession in 2009 also dampened demand.The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report, United States Data Center Energy Usage Report, is here.
Microsoft's Scott Hanselman demonstrates .NET Core at Red Hat's DevNation eventMicrosoft has announced the release of .NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0, the open source, cross-platform fork of the .NET Framework, letting people know at the Red Hat DevNation summit in San Francisco.The company has even registered the domain redhatloves.net, which redirects to a site with developer resources for .NET on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.Linux can be deployed on its Azure cloud, and there is strong .NET support for both Office 365 and Azure.The Eclipse Che team, whose project is a browser-based IDE, announced support for the Visual Studio Code language server protocol, which means Eclipse Che can share code to enable rich editing features.Visual Basic is not supported for ASP.NET Core, and the SignalR real-time communication framework is not yet done.Version 1.1 will change the build system to MSBuild, which means .csproj configuration files in place of the current project.json.
I think Scality is proving to be a very clever company and the server is a good mix of tech, marketing and brand awareness that could bring about some interesting results.About Small and Micro object storesI wrote about the necessity of small object stores not long ago.Without thinking about the most obvious use cases like PoCs, tests and lab deployments , developers can now embed the object storage system directly in their applications or it can be installed directly with the other components of the application stack, regardless of the infrastructure public or private and without any risk of compatibility issues.Even more so - albeit it's a totally different use case - this solution could be suitable for service providers that can propose personal S3-compatible servers without needing to implement a global object storage system.The number of use cases is limited only by our imagination and it is clear that these small S3-based servers will also be very interesting when included in other products.I don't want to seem too excited but it is true that IT infrastructure paradigms are evolving very quickly, and that object storage is a good answer when it comes to new provisioning and consumption models for unstructured data in modern infrastructures.
Hedvig owl with interested hack's reflection behindComment Trying to position Hedvig's software-defined storage in a market function way is next to impossible as the software is so flexible.The startup's distributed storage platform can provide storage for traditional workloads, new-style containerised workloads, hyper-converged systems, and hyper-scale systems.Marketing VP Rob Whitely said: "We see the top 20 per cent customer needs tier 0 going all flash."Some 20 per cent of Hedvig deployments are hyperconverged, meaning partners integrate Hedvig software with hardware and hypervisor, etc, to supply as an integrated system.Think of it as a general-purpose storage array controller replacement that has controller software functionality split between agent software in the accessing servers and array controller software Distributed Storage Platform, is SW-defined using commodity hardware , and offers unified file, object and block storage.The predictive analysis function is called Pensieve, after the object in the Harry Potter books which is used to review memories.
Victims subject to exploit kit are often hit with bank trojans and ransomware.The infamous Angler exploit kit was the world's most capable and most popular until its sudden cessation earlier this month for reasons unknown.Check Point has chalked up the death of Nuclear as a possible response to its two part research in which it revealed the internals of the exploit kit's infrastructure."At the end of April, just a few days after our first report was published, the existing Nuclear infrastructure ceased operation entirely – all Nuclear panel instances and the master server stopped serving malicious content and responding to requests from their IP addresses," Check Point researchers say."Additional researchers identified that Nuclear has ceased its activities as of late April as well.The exploit kit marketplace has been shaken up before, typically thanks to arrests of high-profile authors including Black Hole developer Dmitry Fedotov, known as Paunch.
HTTP cookies, web cookies, Internet cookies, browser cookies, they all are the same, but what are they?In computing, cookies are small HTTP files that a computer automatically stores when a user visits a webpage.They are kept so the system can open web pages faster and bespoke them to the user as the saved data gives an idea of the user's behaviour and needs based on previous visits.These files can be accessed by the user's computer or the web server.Every time a webpage is loaded on a browser, a new cookie is created.Click to find out why cookies are called cookies.
Google isn't exactly popular for its privacy practices, despite official protestations that it is, in fact, pro-privacy.What is extraordinary, however, is that Google has made the changes opt-in, which means it is disabled by default and needs an informed and conscientious decision by the user to join in.This has been regularly criticized by privacy advocates as server Google's interests instead of its users, which Google, of course, denies.The new Ads Personalization gather topics and data from all your activities on Google's various sites and services, including Search and YouTube but excluding Gmail.There really is no escaping ads, aside from using an ad blocker, of course.It is definitely a welcome change in attitude that will hopefully continue in future changes.
Image caption While auto-translation software is improving, it is still not perfectImagine a far flung land where you can catch a ride from the Jackie Chan bus stop to a restaurant called Translate Server Error, and enjoy a hearty feast of children sandwiches and wife cake all washed down with some evil water.No, I haven't gone mad.These are all real-world examples of howlers by auto-translation software.Image caption Global businesses need access to accurate, fast translation services"The main challenges are when there is less explicit information in the source language than what is needed for generating proper target language."For example, Chinese doesn't have the equivalent use of plurals, verb tenses, or pronouns as in English, which makes exact translation very difficult, he says.Human touchUntil these challenges are overcome, mistranslations are likely to continue, whether that's Chinese bus routes changing Sichuan Normal University Campus Station to The University Jackie Chan Campus Station, or restaurant owners calling their establishments "Translate Server Error".
The Bart ransomware doesn t need to connect to an external server before encrypting a system s files and demanding £1,500A new ransomware variant has emerged that s similar to widespread threats such as Dridex 220 and Locky Affid 3, but uses a security-evading technique that may allow it to attack organisations protected from other malware, according to computer security researchers.Because Bart does not require communication with command and control infrastructure prior to encrypting files… Bart may be able to encrypt PCs behind corporate firewalls that would otherwise block such traffic, the firm s researchers said in an advisory.This first campaign appears to largely be targeting US interests but, given the global nature of Locky and Dridex targeting and the available translations for the recovery files, we do not expect Bart to remain this localised, the researchers wrote.Once a system is encrypted, users are asked to pay 3 bitcoins, or about £1,500, to unlock the files.DevelopmentBart appears to have been developed by the attackers behind ransomware variants called Dridex 220 and Locky Affid 3, according to the firm, which said the method of distribution, the ransom message style and the payent portal style were all similar to the earlier programs.The server hosting Bart s malicious payload was also found hosting Dridex and Locky Affid 3, and there is a certain amount of code sharing between Locky and Bart, according to Proofpoint.
Mallik Mahalingam, the co-founder and original CEO, is now CTO, and the pattern here seems to be one of bringing in an experienced CEO to grow the company while the founder steps back to a technical strategy-type role.The company was founded in 2012, when there was an $8 million A funding round, followed by a B-round of $25 million in 2014, and then a C-round in fall 2015, along with a CIsco investment, both of an undisclosed amount, and the Cisco OEM deal.Springpath has a spring in its stepMarketing head Ashish Gupta told IT Press Tour delegates that there are 140 employees, revenues have grown 100 per cent year-on-year.The near-term focus is on helping to make HyperFlex a success.He said Springpath had developed its software from scratch, not using the Linux EXT4 filesystem or example, and had a multi-year architectural lead, not withstanding its present limited cluster scale out number and hypervisor support.Marketing blitzkriegBrannon outlined what amounts to a HyperFlex assault on the market:Initial go-to-market focus with 175 key worldwide partnersTraining for 1,100 partner sales engineers in July90 local field/customer eventsPartner incentivesMulti-million dollar w-w marketing programPromotion to 52,000 UCS customersAll this will get Springpath exec hearts a-flutter.
The software runs on commodity servers, captures and aggregates their storage into a virtual SAN providing scale-out block storage, then provides storage for containers, at container granularity, and with a global namespace.The software creates virtual volumes, which are visible across a cluster of Portworx serversIt features:Container-granular snapshots and replication,Multi-cluster visibility and management,Predictive capacity management,Global file namespace,and enables storage policies such as container-level class of service low, medium, high , IOPS, replication, and availability.There are three Portworx founders:Murli Thirumale - CEO and previously co-founder and CEO of Ocarina, which was bought by Dell;Goutham Gou Rao - CTO and previously a co-founder at Ocarina;and Eric Han - senior director of Product Management and ex-Product Manager for Container Engine and Kubernetes at Google.Rao says that Docker plugins for StoreServ, SolidFire, EMC, etc, are not as agile and as integrated with Docker scheduler as Portworx.Portworx, Hedvig, StorageOS and other containerised storage startups see themselves bringing storage into the modern age, seizing an opportunity to get plugged into the container movement and make a storage land-grab so the incumbents are kept out.It will be fun seeing if their claims are true, and whether legacy storage container plug-ins really are lipstick on pigs.
Proxy.sh went on to say: "The warrant canary has been particularly designed to make sure we could still move without being legally able to answer questions in a more detailed manner.Another site, VPNCompare.co.uk, which seems to have been the first to notice the withdrawal of the warrant canary, pointed out that despite Proxy.sh's warning, "The France 8 server coupled with their French servers in general continue to be some of the most utilised of their network."The article was less than impressed with its overall policy on handing over user data and protecting user privacy—it quoted Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as saying it was the "single worst policy" he had seen.Significantly, the policy now includes the following section: "We are based in the Republic of Seychelles and if any domestic law or constraint contradicts our mission and values, we will not hesitate to relocate into another location.We will close business and provide refund to all our present customers within the cash budget we have at our disposal."Earlier this year, Ars' sister publication Reddit also removed a "warrant canary" from its latest transparency report, in another sign of the growing use of such indirect signalling mechanisms—and of their necessity.
.NET Core is now generally available to bring the programming language to new OSesCredit: Blair Hanley FrankMicrosoft's open source programming language push reached a new milestone Monday, with the company announcing the general availability of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0.Red Hat announced Monday that .NET Core will be supported on the company's Enterprise Linux distribution and its OpenShift platform-as-a-service offering.What's more, Red Hat and Codenvy -- the company leading the charge for the Eclipse Che open source code editor project -- said they would both adopt Visual Studio Code's Language Server Protocol.Once implemented, the protocol will make it easier for other tools to implement some of the rich editing features like code completion that are available inside Microsoft s open source code editor."This has prevented developers from using the editors they know and love, and has limited opportunities for language providers to reach a wide audience."That comes right on the heels of a demonstration of SQL Server on Linux running inside a Docker container at DockerCon last week.
The tool, called Selfrando, could greatly improve on the attack protection provided by techniques such as ASLR, researchers sayA group of computer security researchers have developed a tool they say could make it significantly more difficult to hack the privacy-oriented Tor Browser – and which could also be used to protect other types of programs.RandomisationASLR works by causing programs and their various components to load into different locations in memory each time they run, but is limited by the fact that there are relatively few different possible memory locations, making it possible for an attacker to guess the location of the component needed.Selfrando is more fine-grained, randomising the order of all the individual machine code functions in the protected program every time it loads and thus making it much harder for attackers to predict where the code fragments will be, the researchers said.ASLR is like changing the order of the books on a shelf once a month or so, but Selfrando is more like reordering the individual chapters in every book, every time you open it to read it , said Sophos security expert Paul Ducklin in an advisory.Of course, if you shuffle around the pages in a book, there s a lot of additional housekeeping you need to do as well, such as updating the table of contents and the index, as well as adding a note at the end of each chapter to say where to go next, and so forth, he wrote.Mauro Conti of the Università degli Studi di Padova, Tommaso Frassetto, Christopher Liebchen and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi of the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Stephen Crane, Andrei Homescu and Per Larsen of Immunant and Georg Koppen and Mike Perry of the Tor Project contributed to the research, which is to be presented at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium in Darmstadt next month.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai is the latest in a long line of high profile figures targeted by hacking group 'OurMine'Google CEO Sundar Pichai has become the latest victim of a hacking group called 'OurMine' after his Twitter-linked Quora account was temporarily compromised and filled with spam links.While they are now deleted, technology website The Next Web was able to screenshot the hackers' activities.The 'OurMine' group, which claims to be a three-man operation, said it managed to breach Pichai's account by exploiting a previously unknown security flaw on the Quora website – however it did not elaborate what the loophole was.IBTimes UK contacted Quora for a statement but had received no reply at the time of publication.Despite effectively hacking into the online accounts of many high profile celebrities, actors and musicians including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former Twitter CEOs Dick Costolo and Ev Williams and Channing Tatum - the group purports to be a 'security firm'.Screenshot: Twitter notifications of Google CEO Sundar PichaiIt is believed that hackers are exploiting old credentials leaked from prior data dumps – including recent 'mega-breaches' at Myspace and LinkedIn – to find old passwords still in use by celebrities and well-known figures.