Advertisers need an audience. And Minecraft, the world s best-selling computer game, certainly has one.But the virtual world of Minecraft is now officially off-limits to advertisers.To rein in advertisers and corporations looking to capitalize on its large playerbase, Minecraft-maker Mojang announced in a blog post on Tuesday that it will no longer allow the promotion of unrelated products or causes within the confines of its virtual world.Out of a concern for control and user enjoyment, the updated policy bans ad agencies, corporations, non-profits and politicians from building marketing material in Minecraft. The blog post offered examples of the limitations: restaurants are restricted from releasing mods, or game modifications, that include their restaurant built out of Minecraft blocks" and movie studios are restricted from building the fictional world of the movie or its characters or creating an official movie trailer out of gameplay footage. Regular players are still free to recreate their favorite restaurants or movie characters, as long as their intention isn t to monetize or promote products or ideas through virtual representation. We want to empower our community to make money from their creativity, but we re not happy when the selling of an unrelated product becomes the purpose of a Minecraft mod or server, the blog post said.  
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The company was founded in 2007, and incorporated in 2008, by three guys who had sold a previous, startup for $43.5m.The founders are CEO Jeff Ready, CTO Jason Collier and Engineering VP Scott Loughmiller.Secondly they thought it was too complicated and expensive for SMBs or their resellers to select, integrate, deploy, operate and scale IT systems based on separate server, storage, switch and system software components.As an example of CPU cycle sucking and time-wasting Scale characterises UI/O in a VSA Virtual SAN Appliance approach like this; application- RAM- Disk into application- RAM- hypervisor- RAM- SAN controller VM- RAM- hypervisor- RAM- write-cache SSD- Disk.Two or more copies of every chunk are written to the storage pool in a way to create a RAID 10 level of redundancy, and use wide striping as a way to aggregate the I/O and throughput capabilities of all the individual disks in the cluster.The Reg reviewed Scale s kit here, before the flash-enchanced HC2150 and HC4150 nodes came along, and found it suffered no performance impediment whatsoever compared to other HCIA-type nodes with beefier Xeons and VMware or Hyper-V.
Microsoft and its Mojang subsidiary said Tuesday that they will begin blocking corporations and politicians from using Minecraft to promote their own agendas, including the sale of products, movies, or political views.We want to empower our community to make money from their creativity, but we re not happy when the selling of an unrelated product becomes the purpose of a Minecraft mod or server, Mojang wrote in a blog post.As long as this doesn t explicitly promote a King Kong sequel, you re good.Many of those users are also watching Minecraft-themed videos on YouTube, which can also serve as vehicles to promote products.The new rules apply mainly toward players developing mods or shared servers, where they can control what content players see.However, there s one enormous loophole: Fans of a show or a product are still free to build things in Minecraft that represent or celebrate it so long as the goal or focus is not to promote or sell that stuff, Mojang wrote.
Photograph: Eric Risberg/APFacebook users this summer may have to make a choice: Do they want extra privacy – or better artificial intelligence?Facebook s move illustrates how technology companies are doubling down on secure messaging in the wake of Apple s standoff with the FBI.Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple all have taken steps this year to build virtual assistants that analyze consumers texts, photos and other habits to help them navigate daily life.Speaking on stage at an outdoor amphitheater, executives showed how the messaging app would rely on a virtual assistant to add smarts to users conversations.It learns over time to make conversations easier, said Mario Queiroz, vice-president of product at Google, who added that machine learning would make chats more expressive, more productive .And you can use the government email system or set up your own server.
Atom-powered home kit so ISPs can pipe VMs into your houseDiane M. Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel's Data Center GroupAs predicted by The Register, Intel has created an x86-powered reference platform for home gateways that makes the box you use for broadband services an Atom-powered target for virtual machines delivered by carriers.The multi-connection cocktail alone will put the cat among the pigeons in the home gateway market, a field in which many players specialise in one carriage standard or another."Being able to deploy on-premises applications is a far more efficient way than upgrading devices," she told The Register.That hardware should, whenever possible, feed data to, rely on or integrate with cloud services running Xeons inside servers... lots of servers.Consider the new Core i7 Extreme Edition announced at Computex.Or to make sure that your VR headset doesn't get laggy delivering the video that was rendered and/or transcoded on a Xeon-infused video cloud.
From the moment you navigate to the HyperDev website, you get an app that s already running live, complete with a URL and an environment for editing client- and server-side code.You can see the new code your teammate is adding, just like in Google Docs.But for little bits of code that you want to try out to see if they work, this is perfect.And it s free — at least for publicly visible projects.Fog Creek is adding Python support, and additional languages will be supported in the future, Spolsky said.Spolsky is a wizard of software development; his blog Joel on Software has long been a must-read among developers.He s not above Googling something, heading over to a Stack Overflow page to find some code that might work, and then plunking it into his file.In fact, he did that recently when he wanted a feed for a certain type of podcast from a radio station.My goal in life is always just to sort of slap down developers who want to complicate things, Spolsky said.Spolsky s blog post on HyperDev is here.
In a blog post, Mojang spokesperson Owen Hill pointed to situations where something like a car company would build or commission an independent developer to build a Minecraft server with specific purpose of advertising a new vehicle.It is one of the most popular topics on YouTube, where several channels make money from videos featuring the game s content.Mojang and Microsoft are saying that the new rules don t affect those people.This also gives Microsoft more control over how people use Minecraft to sell products to minors.Microsoft is letting its community continue to use Minecraft like it always has, and that includes building servers and mods that incorporate movies and products.But if BMW offers to pay you to make that mod for them, that s now in violation of Mojang and Microsoft policy.
The Tropical Data Centre TDC , currently planned for a Q3 trial, could help reduce energy consumptions in data centres by almost 40 percent, its designers claim, and is part of Singapore s smart nation green initiative.Being built by the Infocomm Development Authority IDA of Singapore in partnership with data centre industry experts, the TDC proof-of-concept hopes to show that data centres can run at optimal levels at temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius, in humidity levels of around 90 percent.Khoong Hock Yun, assistant chief executive of the IDA, said: With Singapore s continued growth as a premium hub for data centres, we want to develop new technologies and standards that allow us to operate advanced data centres in the most energy efficient way in a tropical centre server speed storage fast Spectral-Design ShutterstockLarge data centres have traditionally been built in more temperate climes, with some big operators choosing to build in northern, colder regions like Sweden, to keep cooling costs at a minimum.But as the need for data centres located close to emerging technology markets in the middle east and Asia grows, research into how they can run at higher temperatures could save operators billions of pounds each year.New ideas and approaches, such as raising either the ambient temperature or humidity, will be tested to see if these can greatly increase our energy efficiency, with insignificant impact on the critical data centre operations, Yun added.
The changes won t happen overnight, but the rise of these voice-driven digital helpers portends some truly revolutionary developments in the tech world.To overcome this, vendors are spending a lot of time fine-tuning various parts of the interaction chain, from initial speech recognition to server-based analysis.FYI, this is also true for image-based recognition—image processing engines on today s advanced smartphones are increasingly being used to clean up photos and optimize them for recognition.For example, asking what the temperature is in a particular location typically provides the outside temperature, but if you actually wanted to know the temperature inside a room or building, you would have to combine the temperature from a sensor along with the original request to generate a more accurate response.But if the concept is done well, these kind of efforts can and will turn digital assistants into very beneficial helpers that could drive voice-based computing into a new age.You can follow him on Twitter @bobodtech.
Servers with the chips will be able to deliver multiple 4K video streams over the Internet to PCs and mobile devices.The chips are based on the Skylake design and have the Iris Pro Graphics P580, which Intel claims is its best integrated GPU.Intel's Iris Pro isn't as powerful, but is a power-efficient alternative that won't use up a PCI-Express slot in a server.That helps speed up video delivery over the Internet.The lineup includes four new chips with the Iris Pro P580 GPU.The other processors have clock speeds from 35 watts to 45 watts, with CPU clock speeds topping out at 3.7GHz and GPU speeds at 1.15GHz.
The head of site selection for Apple's data centres denied that a proposed €850 million £646 million Apple server farm on the west coast of Ireland is too close to nuclear facilities during an oral hearing last week.Oscar Gonzalez, who selected data centre sites for Google and Yahoo!before joining Apple in 2013, was questioned by engineer Allan Daly and several others over the data centre's location.Apple wants the new Irish data centre to be at least 320km from nuclear facilities, according to a document seen by Business Insider.In the so-called "witness statement" — where Gonzalez aims to address the extent of the development, the site selection, and the need for the project, before answering questions from a number of concerned parties — data centre opponents questioned Apple on the 320km distance, before highlighting that the data centre site Apple has chosen is in fact less than 320km away from UK nuclear sites.Furthermore, world events such as the failure of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima in 2011 highlighted the need to consider additional criteria.For Apple s proposed new data centres, our aim is to minimise the risk to these very important infrastructure elements and highly valuable assets.In such circumstances, if a site meets the other criteria, the company reluctantly accepts the increased risk.The document also shows that Julie Bates, whose occupation is not known, contested whether Apple's proposed site in Derrydonnell forest is in fact 320km from UK nuclear sites.Gozalez replied: "The Derrydonnell site is approximately 305km from the now-closed Wylfa nuclear facility in Wales and more than 400km from the operating Sellafield nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.""The distances to nuclear facilities, military installation and fuel distribution centres are arbitrary, and can be increased or decreased," he wrote.Gonzalez replied: "As explained, Apple s business has grown and developed over time and therefore so too have our requirements for site selection.
From Marketing Land:Survata offers first online surveys targeted at second- and third-party user segmentsMay 27, 2016 by Barry LevineThe questionnaires, which can include a pretesting of ads, are delivered to the same segments the ads will later target.The future of voice-related SEO for local businessMay 27, 2016 by Chris MarentisGoogle s recent developer event revealed details about how the search giant is thinking about the future.Columnist Chris Marentis shares tips on how local businesses can learn how to be found in the environment that s taking shape.What marketers need to know about the rate of technology obsolescenceMay 27, 2016 by Lewis GershWith marketing innovation happening at a meteoric pace, how do you keep up?Google wins its Java case against Oracle again , saves billions in fees — for nowMay 26, 2016 by Greg SterlingThe jury agreed that Google s use of Java APIs was Fair Use under copyright law.From Around The Web:Feed Predictive Analytics a United Data Diet, www.cmswire.com50 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Know, www.wpexplorer.comThis is what the future of online publishing looks like, according to a Pirate Bay founder and Adblock Plus, qz.com7 Content Marketing Tools You Need To Be Successful, www.jeffbullas.comMarketer s Guide to Helpful Content Optimization Tools, www.ducttapemarketing.com5 Basics to Make a Website Accessible, www.practicalecommerce.comAmazon puts Alexa in the browser with, techcrunch.comLiveRamp Extends Data Connectivity Partnership with Google, www.businesswire.comTapjoy and IronSource to offer monetization services to mobile game and app devs, venturebeat.comA Look At The Modern WordPress Server Stack, www.smashingmagazine.comLove Marketing Technology.
This digital bootcamp includes 2 courses Ajax and XML and is currently discounted a whopping 80%, so you can sign up now for just $39.With over 34 hours of training, you'll add critical skills to your resume.Ajax opens the door to creating sophisticated web-based applications with much more of the logic and therefore code handled on the client.While Ajax allows for more dynamic and responsive applications, it changes the traditional role of JavaScript dramatically and forces developers to rethink how they write and manage JavaScript code.Study Ajax w/ about 24 hours of trainingUse Ajax to make your JavaScript coding more efficientUse any type of operating system Windows, Mac, Linux while taking the courseGet a short overview of the Node.js server features written in JavaScript Use Ajax to ensure web app pages are responsiveGain an essential front-end coding skillIn the XML Extensible Markup Language training class, you''ll learn essential XML skills from scratch.By creating tags, you'll be able to implement structure in a simplistic yet functional way.
In a statement today, Mojang s Owen Hill said that the existence of such promos doesn t feel right, or more importantly, fun.The company has seen organizations promoting their causes through mods and servers, and companies advertising whatever their products are.According to Mojang, the new rules will primarily affect corporations and agencies, and so if you re a Minecraft player, the only thing that will change for you is less exposure to unwanted advertisements.Mojang isn t unhappy that some people are making money through Minecraft, but rather that in some instances the purpose of a Minecraft mode or server because that promotion or advertisement.Likewise, studios can t advertise their movies or TV shows, or the trailers for them.The exception is when users themselves want to make things related to these things an effigy representing your favorite movie, maybe out of love, which is allowed as long as there s no foundation of corporate interest involved.
Four new chips make up the Broadwell-E family, including the mammoth 6950X, a 3GHz, 10-core beast that includes a whopping 25MB of onboard cache, with a thermal design power TDP of 140 watts.Speeds and feedsBroadwell-E s key improvements over its predecessor, 2014 s Haswell-E 22nm gaming chips, include:A jump from 20MB to 25MB of cacheAn increase from 4-channel DDR 2133 memory to DDR 2400Several overclocking-specific featuresThunderbolt 3.0The new Turbo Boost Max 3.0Intel considers its four new unlocked Broadwell-E chips its extreme performance lineup, perching on top of its existing, unlocked 4-core 6700K and 6600K chips.Because the new Broadwell-E chips are drop-in replacements to the previous Haswell-E gaming chips, using the same LGA 2011-v3 socket and X99 chipset.With Thunderbolt 3.0 and the appropriate devices, of course you ll be able to daisy-chain six devices on a single port, including dual 4K displays.Tapping into everything the Broadwell-E can offer may require multiple CPU-intensive apps running simultaneously, which may be a foreign concept to those raised on tweaking HiMEM.SYS to allow a game to run.Server makers typically gobble up everything that hardware makers offer, and more, with virtualization environments that simulate several client PCs co-existing on a given CPU.
Though it has many legitimate uses, Bitcoin has become somewhat notorious for its use as a currency for selling blackmarket goods online.In 2013 the Australian police seized 24,500 Bitcoin in the state of Victoria, which were owned by an online drug dealer.Three years on and according to the BBC the Victoria's Asset Confiscation Operations department is now planning to sell 24,500 coins off - with the total being worth around £8m.As the BBC notes, this isn't the first time Bitcoin has been sold in this way - in 2014, the US Marshalls sold off 175,000 Bitcoins that had been confiscated from sellers on the Silk Road, the "darknet" marketplace for buying illegal goods.Of course, if you can't afford the hefty asking price, then you could always mine some new Bitcoins yourself.Well, if you have a massive server farm to hand, anyway.
Izettles credit card solution, including working with phone and iPad, now operated entirely in the cloud. - I think the future is not to zone their own hardware, says John Löfgren, infrastructure manager at iZettle. - Encryption and decryption must however be done in our own machines. One problem with the virtual server environment is to explain how the work of the auditors. - Three years ago, we were approved in the first PCI audit, for the payment functions in the Amazon. There are several alternatives to Amazon Web Services, especially Microsoft's Azure.
The US computer emergency response team has issued a warning after admin credentials were found in a popular medical application used for acquiring patient data.The MEDHOST application is designed for handling the perioperative three stages of surgery including patient tracking, and patient conditions.It can be hosted and managed remotely.About 1,000 healthcare facilities use the company's various technology products."An attacker with knowledge of the hardcoded credentials and the ability to communicate directly with the application database server may be able to obtain or modify patient information," US CERT vulnerability analyst Joel Land says.The vendor pushed out a fix about a month after the March disclosure.
The new study hit the headlines with headlines claiming a cancer link had been found in the preliminary results of work under the US National Toxicology, released on the pre-print Biorxiv server.In the study of 90 rats getting varying doses of 900 MHz radiation from zero, to beneath America's maximum 1.6 W per kilogram of weight, up to four times that dose , two kinds of cancers attracted the researchers' attention: malignant glioma, and glial cell hyperplasia.However, it hasn't taken long for researchers to note several problems: the study had a small sample size; irradiated rats lived longer than those that got no dose; the cancers appeared only in male rats; and nobody's proposed a mechanism for the signals to cause the cancers.There's another oddity that's received less attention: the alleged cancer link is modulation-dependent, it seems.GSM causes more cancer than CDMA ... yeah, right.It seems wildly improbable to The Register that the difference between CDMA and GSM modulation somehow triggers a different response in rat DNA.