Google Classroom is being joined by a new Coursework API that will allow developers to have their applications further integrate with the aforementioned Classroom service.Classroom is Google s educational management system for teachers and schools, and it uses the company s own Drive platform.Today, Google has announced updates to its Classroom offering, saying that, among other things, reporting systems and gradebooks can now be setup to sync students grades with Google Classroom, removing the time sink of manually transferring grades.Developers also have the newly gained ability to store files in the same Drive folder as the rest of the resources in a class, or use course groups to manage file sharing permissions, says Google.The company already has some partners in testing with the new features, including GeoGebra, OpenEd, and Tynker, all of them being educational platforms.Until then, check out our Google I/O portal for all the news fresh off the ground floor.
The Nulled.IO board is used to trade and sell credit card and leaked identity information, hacking tools, cracks, and malware-creation kits.On May 6th, the hacker or hackers responsible for the breach dumped a 1.3 GB compressed archive online which when expanded is a 9.45 GB SQL file containing details of the website s cybercriminal users and their activities.According to RiskBased Security, which discovered the breach, the attack was likely possible due to Nulled.IO s use of the Ip.Board community forum, which has a number of known vulnerabilities.RiskBased Security said the full dump contains 536,064 user accounts, 800,593 user personal messages, 5,582 purchase records and 12,600 invoices, which could include donation records.All this information will, of course, likely be of interest to law enforcement officials, especially as it contains so much information about illegal activities.A particularly interesting discovery made by the RiskBased Security team is that there are 20 .gov email accounts in the leaked database that originate from countries such as the US, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, and Jordan.
You can now use your Android smartphone to pay for items in UK shops.Google announced the British roll-out of its wireless payments service Android Pay on Tuesday.Android users who have accounts with compatible banks will be able to tap their smartphones at NFC payment terminals to pay — much like you can already do with contactless debit and credit cards.It also works for payments within apps.Google is almost a year behind Apple on this one: Apple Pay, available on iPhones, launched in the UK back in July 2015.Business Insider tried Android Pay out at a press event earlier this week.You're held back only by your bank balance.Shops don't need to do anything to take an Android Pay payment — as long as it has an NFC payment terminal, which are pretty ubiquitous across the UK, the payment method will work.Banks that support Android Pay include Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M Bank, MBNA, and Nationwide Building Society.Notably absent from the list is Barclays — which is no surprise.The bank also took an age to get on board with Apple Pay, finally starting support for the service in April 2016, almost a year after its launch.Your phone needs to be running Android 4.4 KitKat and must have an NFC chip for the tech to work.Google director Pali Bhat told Business Insider that he didn't know how many smartphones in the UK are compatible — but that seven out of 10 Android phones globally are.The launch of Android Pay has been a pretty poorly kept secret.Halifax and HSBC both accidentally set their setup website pages live early, and sandwich chain Pret put up signs on its payment terminals saying customers could pay with Android Pay.NOW WATCH: 10 WhatsApp tricks only power users know aboutLoading video...
Google offered a point-by-point list of all the new features coming to the next version of Android.Google offered more details about Android N during the I/O keynote Wednesday.It s become an annual tradition to show off a list of what s new during the on-stage presentation.Here s this year s list of updates:Seamless software updatesAndroid Beta ProgramData saverBundled notificationsCustomizable quick settingsHub improvementsQuick settings tile APISecurity hardeningEmergency informationUnicode 9 EmojiFile-based encryptionICU4J APIImproved number blockingLanguage supportJIT compilerLock screen wallpaper supportDirect bootMulti-windowFreeform modePicture-in-picture modeSplit-screen modeNotification controlsRenderscript reducedQuick Switch Display sizeDoze VideoTelephony job-schedulerVR modeSpeech speed improvementsNew languages supportedClear all in overview settingsNavigation drawerNew languages supportedImproved notificationsCamera memory footprint improvementsVisual voicemail improvementsScoped folder accessVulkan APIJava 8Sensor Settings suggestionsDirect replyQuick settings barImproved backup coverageAccessibility settings in setupProject SvelteBetter multitaskingAccessibility support for creating touch eventsAccessibility mono outputVariable text to speech speed improvementsFor comprehensive coverage of the Android ecosystem, visit
Now Volvo is focusing on the other end of its lineup.Say hello to the Concept 40.1 and Concept 40.2, harbingers of Volvo s small-car future.Collectively referred to as the 40 Series, both concepts incorporate the handsome styling of Volvo s larger, SPA-based cars.Both feature concave grilles and an interpretation of the Thor s hammer headlights from the XC90, S90, and V90.Powertrains for the production 40 series cars will include at least one four-cylinder engine, and a T5 Twin Engine all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid setup.Replacements for the current S60, V60, and XC60 will likely use the SPA platform when they arrive over the next few years.
Google offers developers their first hands-on opportunity with their newest VR setup, the Daydream Dev Kit.While later this year Google and 3rd-party manufacturers will create consumer-ready Daydream VR kits, today we can make our own.All we need is a Nexus 6P, another Android smartphone, and a desktop or laptop computer - plus some patience.With Android N and future versions of Android , Google has built in optimizations for virtual reality viewing - that all leads to Daydream.Above you'll see us using a Galaxy S7 as our Daydream Controller while the Nexus 6P shows off a rather plain-looking app which shows the information being fed to it - via Wi-Fi - by the other phone.First, a PC or an Apple computer, if you do so dare and the will to download many separate files over the course of what might end up being between 20 minutes and a couple of hours, depending on your luck.
It looks like 2016 is the year that Apple learns to show India some love.It s already working on plans to open its first official retail stores in the country and announced yesterday that it would set up a support facility for iOS developers in Bangalore early next year.Today, the company revealed that it s opened a new office in Hyderabad, another major IT hub in the country.CEO Tim Cook, who is currently touring India after a stop in China where he invested $1 billion in ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing, said:Apple is focused on making the best products and services in the world and we are thrilled to open this new office in Hyderabad which will focus on Maps development.The talent here in the local area is incredible and we are looking forward to expanding our relationships and introducing more universities and partners to our platforms as we scale our operations.However, it remains to be seen if Apple will make use of that setup, as government authorities are still mulling over plans to regulate how companies and services represent mapping data in the country.
The proliferation of streaming and connected devices—from TVs to tablets to thermostats to trash cans—is crowding our networks.The app guides you through the setup process, which involves reporting how many Luma devices you re installing and whether your home is a multi-level mansion or an interference-prone apartment.You can pause the Internet to shut down your kids access during dinnertime.Just last month, Amazon invested millions of dollars in Luma, even though the initial discussions between the two companies simply involved using Amazon as a retail channel.Since the companies are buddy-buddy, Luma will interact with the Amazon Echo.You can decide if you want flashing disco lights or a subtle yellow light or nothing at all.
Google hopes that within a couple months, apps will move to a stable beta release and finally work on Chromebooks this fall.That s huge, great, awesome news for lovers of Chromebooks of which they are supposedly very many .That promise resulted in a limited project, called App Runtime for Chrome and brought a dozen or so apps like Duolingo, Evernote, and Vine to Chrome OSNow, you re getting all of them—that is if developers build the apps for the platform.Keyboard, mouse, and touch input will seamlessly work togetherUsers will get Android notifications on their ChromebooksAndroid apps benefit from the Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity setup by the user or the administratorFile sharing is seamless between Chrome and Android apps through the Files appPerformance of demanding apps such as games or design apps is excellentChromebooks have always been an excellent cheap computing option, but it lacked a robust app store to make it a true laptop competitor.Don t get too excited quite yet.These apps still need to be optimized for the new platform and won t be ready until some time in the fall.
But you'll need a new phone to do itGoogle's VR entry screenGoogle I/O 2016 Google has been outlining plans for kickstarting its virtual reality portfolio this year, including new hardware, software tools, and developer support.Unlike Facebook's Oculus platform, which requires a high-end PC to crunch the code, Google thinks that you can get a perfectly decent VR experience just using a smartphone, like Samsung's Gear VR setup.Clay Bavor, Google's VP of VR, said the Chocolate Factory was going to be building its own Android N smartphones to use for virtual reality, but other manufacturers have also promised hardware, he said, including Chinese firm Xiaomi.To help developers write for the platform, Google has set up a Daydream Labs project to put up sample code, and is currently churning out two apps a week and making them available to coders.As for integration, Bavor said that users of the Unreal engine can get coding for Daydream right away, while Unity Technology developers will get native integration this summer, although there's a plugin available now so coders can get to work.The Play Store will also have a rating for "Motion" on apps capable of VR.
So how do you go about it?How David Attard increased his search traffic by filling gaps in existing content2.Follow David on Twitter here.The ResultsTo demonstrate I ll be using a recent success story we had for the keywords Joomla SEO .Can you use any great imagery or diagrams to supplement your content?Step 6: Setup A 301 RedirectIf you change the URL, don t forget to 301 redirect the old address to the new one.
This morning at Google I/O 2016 the company showed Chrome OS's newest ability - running Android apps via Google Play.In this, Google expands the reach of Android apps to a whole new cross-section of laptop users and Chrome OS-lovers, making way for new Android apps for personal, work, and/or educational use.Google has begun lying out the requirements - and benefits - of creating an Android app for Chrome or optimizing an already-made Android app for use on a Chromebook.• Keyboard, mouse, and touch input will seamlessly work together• Users will get Android notifications on their Chromebooks• Android apps benefit from the Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity setup by the user or the administrator• File sharing is seamless between Chrome and Android apps through the Files app• Performance of demanding apps such as games or design apps is excellentMulti-window mode will be supported.As such, developers have been shown the following examples:• Portrait: Similar to Nexus 5• Landscape: Similar to Nexus 9• Maximized: Similar to Nexus 9 aspect ratio but uses all available screen pixels• Maximized touch view: For convertible Chromebooks, allows you to use the full screen of the device but with no window decorationsAndroid apps on Chromebooks will initially ship with Marshmallow APIs, according to Google.According to Google's Reto Meier, this Android apps on Chromebooks feature will be made available to devlopers in early June as part of the M53 developer build.
The sub-$500 3D Printer category is booming right now, and one of the latest additions to this burgeoning subcategory is the Mod-T from NewMatter.NewMatter has clearly gone the extra mile to make setup a painless process.Instead of bets and gears, the printer uses a toothed build plate placed atop two perpendicular pinion rods.This configuration does come with a couple drawbacks more on that in a moment , but the overall idea is very thoughtful and user-friendly.Bill Roberson/Digital TrendsTo find out, we loaded up the lovable little tugboat known as 3DBenchy.The same thing happened on our third try too — but on the fourth attempt we managed to pinpoint the source of the problem.
External hard drive makers LaCie has worked with Porsche Design since 2003; this USB-C mobile drive is just the latest combined effort.Comes with free backup softwarePlug in this drive for the first time and you ll find a setup program for Windows and Mac.The program helps you partition your drive, allowing you to decide how much space you want to use only with Windows computers via NTFS, and how much space you want to work with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices via FAT32.There s Genie Timeline Free, which is an application that automates backing up files of folders, and Lacie desktop manager, which shows you the status of your drive.Two-year limited warrantyThe LaCie Porsche Design mobile drive is covered for two years.Attractive, but ultimately overpricedWe recently reviewed the lightweight and speedy Samsung T3 Portable SSD, which costs a staggering $800 for 2TB.
Google hopes that within a couple months, apps will move to a stable beta release and finally work on Chromebooks this autumn.That promise resulted in a limited project, called App Runtime for Chrome and brought a dozen or so apps like Duolingo, Evernote, and Vine to Chrome OSNow, you re getting all of them, that is if developers build the apps for the platform.Keyboard, mouse, and touch input will seamlessly work togetherUsers will get Android notifications on their ChromebooksAndroid apps benefit from the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity setup by the user or the administratorFile sharing is seamless between Chrome and Android apps through the Files appPerformance of demanding apps such as games or design apps is excellentChromebooks have always been an excellent cheap computing option, but it lacked a robust app store to make it a true laptop competitor.Of course, some apps that require smartphone-specific hardware, like GPS, might not work on a Chromebook at all.Don t get too excited quite yet.These apps still need to be optimised for the new platform and won t be ready until some time in the autumn.
Pro gamers love the keyboard and mouse.This controller wants to pry them away from their hands.Game peripheral maker Nacon revealed the Nacon GC-400ES Alpha Pad rolls right off the tongue today.It s calling it an esports-focused device that would give players of games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an alternative to the usual keyboard/mouse control setup.More than a billion people will know about the concept of esports before the end of 2016, according to industry intelligence firm Newzoo.You can learn more about it in the video below.As nice as it looks, it s hard to imagine pro gamers using it over the keyboard/mouse setup.The mouse, meanwhile, provides for faster movements than a gamepad s stick.It s similarities with the Xbox One controller before the regular and elite versions is another obstacle, since that device also works with PC.
Make the CTA ActionableBy now, adding CTAs is already a widespread practice that online marketers use in web pages, newsletters, advertisements, and other content.Take Blogging Wizard for example:The same setup can be used by blogs and other informative websites that need to generate new email leads.Offer an Opt-in BribeTo further inspire action and increase conversions, you should consider offering freebies such as ebooks, exclusive access, or something else that offer value.It is a good idea to look at your audience, identify their needs, and come up with a tool that they can use quickly.You can check more examples of opt-in bribes from the Marketing Show Podcast from Leadpages here.Remember that any additional content you use must empower the existing CTA and convince the audience that you are a legitimate business.
The human mind may be good at multitasking and forming habits, but that doesn't mean we're immune to mistakes when we go about our daily routine.Technology is striking yet again with a solution in the form of the Watch-Bot - a silent-observing robot that learns everyday actions and, through machine learning, actually points out when you've forgotten something.Presented as part of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation by researchers from Cornell and Stanford, the Watch-Bot is comprised of a second-generation Kinect sensor attached to a tripod-mounted camera, laptop and laser pointer.Once someone fails to perform an action completely - be it forgetting to take food out of the microwave or not putting a book back on the shelf - the Watch-Bot shines the laser pointer at the site of the error, "reminding" those nearby that something is amiss.Researchers write in their official study that the Watch-Bot's setup "can be easily deployed on any assistive robot," which opens up a range of practical uses for the machine besides passive-aggresively reminding you to do the dishes.This could potentially include assisting the memory of those struggling with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, or increase safety in hazardous job sites where absent-mindedness carries dangerous consequences.
6 months and some long grindy hours later, I was banned from just about every poker room in the world - albeit, I had a pretty good chunk of money laying around once it was all said and done.Ok, yes it's not that exciting, but when you read what I'm about to tell you - you might re-consider.Small businesses can't afford the upkeep of internet marketing.It's true, and I would manage campaigns for businesses all the time that would yield results, but none that justified the amount of time that you have to spend studying dead times, open slots and creating deals accordingly.I'm starting this from scratch, and I don't even have a blog setup yet on the website.. so I suppose this should be interesting!IDEA - /4Resources /10 CostReachHomerun %TotalEmail blasting10.0010.0010.003.0033.00Social media blitz6.0010.006.003.0025.00Reddit & Targeted forum posting5.0010.006.003.0024.00Following up with old leads5.0010.004.004.0023.00Buying solo ads8. out pamphlets8. marketing8. magazines / e-newsletters of associations5. Advertising7. a huge email list3.005.0010.004.0022.00Kijiji ads4.0010.005.002.0021.00Do webinars weekly4.0010.005.002.0021.00Start affiliate marketing1.0010.007.003.0021.000-1000 Customers log4.0010.003.003.0020.00Get written about in major news sources1.0010.007.002.0020.00Custom emails Trust Pilot4. buys8. SEO / Build back links6. white paper3.0010.004.002.0019.00Offering free SEO to companies who sign up4. ups1.0010.003.004.0018.00List shit on Flippa to get traffic3. students to do local marketing4. people to cold call lists4. to get people to write integrated articles about us5. with health sites1.001.0010.004.0016.00Creating multiple brands2. Advertising4. video content1.
Siri might not be at the head of the pack anymore, but it definitely still has a few tricks up its sleeve.We re talking about a whole bunch of very cool functionality, all controlled by Siri.With his rig, which uses a dirt-cheap Raspberry Pi as a hub and Siri as a controller, Tom can speak simple commands to trigger a wide range of actions.For example, saying good morning turns on the lights in his kitchen and has the coffee maker brew a fresh cup.The light bulbs I bought are less than half the price of Philipps Hue, but came without HomeKit functionality.So now Siri sends commands to the Pi, which in turn controls my lights, music for scenes like Emergency Party or Instant Romance as well as a smart socket to which I have my coffee machine connected.