Woman s best friend more commonly known as a vibrator has a long and rich herstory.In a recent video produced by media site Super Deluxe, viewers get a quick history lesson in vibrators.From Cleopatra s creative gourd vibrator in 54 B.C.the blood circulator apparently cured tuberculosis, moodiness and — of course — wrinkled skin.In the 1920s, vibrators moved from the medical to domestic world after they were featured in porn films.The Magic Disc fit right into the 1950s style because it was disguised as a music disc.
The Suicide Squad actor is alleged to have gifted a live rat, a dead hog, sex toys, used condoms, and porn magazines to co-stars we use the term gifted loosely , but at least one colleague was less than appreciative.News, Viola Davis reveals that she didn t meet Jared Leto himself until the film s wrap party and that she had her pepper spray handy, lest The Joker should make an appearance.Some assumed that the man who plays Deadshot was just exaggerating for effect, but his story has now been corroborated by several cast members.Davis attitude towards Leto seems appropriate, since she plays Amanda Waller in the film, the character responsible for keeping the titular squad in line.Apparently, however, the bad behavior wasn t limited to Leto.Said Davis of the atmosphere on set every single person in it gets to be completely insane because all the characters are insane.
There s nothing inherently wrong with condoms, but some Swedish designers and sex toy manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the condom by turning it into what looks like a Norman Foster creation.I got the opportunity to check out Lelo Hex at a launch party earlier this month and tried stretching and pulling the condom with all my strength, but condom managed to remain intact.The Lelo Hex measures in at around 0.055mm thick – many Japanese condoms clock in around 0.018 to 0.02mm.The honeycomb design is also supposed to help prevent the condom from tearing apart completely when a hole is present.Of course, it doesn t really matter how big the breakage is – if a condom is torn, it s basically rendered ineffective.When asked, Lelo did not provide scientific studies to show that an isolated, smaller rip is safer than any kind of rip on a condom at all, but it did say it will be conducting said researches.
Providing rare insight into the world of sex doll production, Matt McMullen of RealDoll in California reveals the detailed process of creating full body silicon sex toys.He posted photographs on the Internet, which generated lots of attention.Debra Newsom, operations manager for Abyss Creations who make the dolls, said: Someone saw the pictures and wanted the doll in full human scale.Since that time the dolls have been sex items as well as art pieces.Over two decades since the first doll was created, the company has produced over 8,000 dolls and processes between 300 and 4,000 orders a year – producing approximately one a day in their San Marcos factory.Sex dolls Sex dolls Sex dolls
VR porn is taking the world by storm.Well, at least Japan, which seems to be embracing the new form of intercourse simulation.Japan's first VR porn festival — Adult VR Fest, held in Tokyo's Akihabara district — reportedly drew such a large opening crowd, its organizers had to close the event down.According to one Japanese blogger who attended, hundreds of people who showed up to experience VR porn were turned away, with only about 20 "lucky guys" let into the event to get their freak on with some VR headsets and sex toy contraptions designed to simulate real intercourse."There were so many that it was almost impossible to keep the situation under control," wrote Eizo Wu translated by VR Talk ."While waiting for my friends, I couldn t help but think that if they couldn t control the mass of people, a riot or something similar could happen."
But despite the wide-ranging controversy over human-A.I.It ll be years before we see fully-realized sex machines like the ones being debated.For one, technology still needs to catch up to our active imaginations, prices for said technology need to go down, and plenty of kinks need to be ironed out.Here are five reasons why you won t be seeing sex robots in every sex shop for a while yet.We ve made great strides in the realm of artificial intelligence, but we have a long way to go before we get to a sex robot that can respond to humans naturally.In an October interview, Futurologist Ian Pearson told Inverse that the robots on the market today lack the emotional and sexual intelligence that people will come to expect from sex robots.
Besides erotic and racy novels, reading and sex rarely go hand-in-hand.Christel Le Coq – and yes, that's her real name – is CEO and Founder of E.Sensory.The firm has just officially launched the Little Bird, a smart sex toy which links with your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.As you read, this teledildonics gadget translates the story, gestures and on-screen touches into stimulation, but in a much more nuanced and customisable way than your average vibrator.That s why I think it s a good idea to combine power of words and the potential of connected devices.The Little Bird hardware is a friendly-looking gadget that comes in colours such as Mojito Green and wouldn t look entirely out of place in an Apple shop.
Any hot pop culture item is bound to end up with its own sexual parody; while we haven t yet heard of a Pokemon Go porn it probably exists, but I ve not dared Google it , we can confirm that there are now PoGo-themed sex toys called Pokemoan.And they will ruin your childhood.The toys come in four different shapes that represent the original starter Pokemon, each with names like Bulby, Charmy, Squirty, and Piky.The last one in particular is shaped like tail in case you re into that kind of role-playing in the bedroom.Gives a bit of a new meaning to, You teach me and I ll teach you, doesn t it?Depending on which you buy, they range from $50 to, heh, $69.
As the Pokemon Go craze completes its first month of existence, players are looking for any way to get an edge.One method that s getting a buzz in Japan is attaching a vibrator to the phone to make it think the user is walking when they re really just sitting around watching a buzzing vibrator they ve attached to their phone.This is supposed to make Pokemon Go eggs hatch faster, according to RocketNews24.com, which hooked up a vibrator to a smartphone to see if it really worked.The results can only be described as, Meh.The researchers said the vibrator tricked the game into thinking the player had walked 400 meters in 10 minutes.Sounds good until you consider that the average human can walk 800 meters in 10 minutes.
It s billed as the world s thinnest tall tower, as well as the world s tallest moving observation tower.The recently opened British Airways i360 attraction in the southern English coastal town of Brighton has also provoked plenty of response from locals and visitors alike, not all of it kind, with some likening the futuristic structure to a donut on a stick, an enormous sex toy, or a giant lamppost.Fans, on the other hand, insist it s a fine example of cool minimalist design as well as a great advert for European design and engineering.On a clear day visitors who take a ride to the top can enjoy views stretching as far as 26 miles.After paying £15 about $19 for a ticket, you ascend the i360 in a giant glass pod that can hold up to 200 people.The attraction, which cost £46 million around $60 million to build, is the work of David Marks and Julia Barfield, the husband-and-wife architect team behind the popular London Eye Ferris wheel that sits on the banks of the Thames in the center of the U.K. capital.
So much has been written about the dangers of the Internet of Things.In just the past couple of weeks, we ve reported a pet feeder that starved dogs because its servers went offline, a thermostat whose controls could be locked and held for ransom, and how most smart locks on the market today can easily be breached by savvy intruders.The latest connected device to fall prey is the We-Vibe 4 Plus vibrator.At the recently concluded Def Con conference, hackers goldfisk and follower took to the stage to explain how the Bluetooth-enabled sex toy could be remotely activated by anyone who knows how to intercept its insecure communications with a paired smartphone.In addition, the duo found that the companion app sends back data to the company s servers – specifically, the temperature of the device for every minute that it s in use, and every instance where the intensity of the vibration changes.They noted that those data points would allow someone to figure out how often the vibrator is being used.
No-one wants to share their data with just any old app developer, and even less so when it could reveal when, and how often, a smart sex toy is used.That s the accusation against Standard Innovation Corporation, makers of the We-Vibe 4 Plus vibrator, by two hackers at the DefCon hacking conference in Las Vegas.The pair, who go by the names Follower and Goldfisk, presented their findings in a talk called Hacking the Internet of Vibrating Things.Sure, the name is quite amusing, but the implications are less so.The app which controls the vibrator sends two key data points back to the company s servers — temperature and vibration intensity.Put these two together, say the hackers, and it s easy to come up with a graph of when the toy is used, how long for, and how often.
The makers of one type of connected sex toy have come under fire recently for collecting unnecessary amounts of data about their consumers' usage habits.Presenters at Def Con have revealed that Standard Innovations Corporation SIC collect potentially sensitive information from their We-Vibe 4 Plus, an internet connected vibrator for couples.The device sends its temperature to SIC's servers every minute, and also collects data about changes to the level of vibration.The good news is that SIC doesn't appear to be collecting any personally identifiable information, such as names or addresses.The bad news is that the data could still be used to inform SIC about a user's sexual experience, such as how long it takes to orgasm and what vibration levels are preferred at certain times.SIC's user privacy policy doesn't explicitly tell users where usage data is shared and what it is used for.
Hackers have revealed that the We-Vibe 4 Plus vibrator, a Bluetooth-enabled sex toy, can be remotely accessed without the user's consentAs the Internet of Things market continues to grow, promising users an easier, more connected life, the host of dangerous security dilemmas that come with smart gadgets are all too real.Now, two independent hackers from New Zealand have proven that the We-Vibe 4 Plus, a Bluetooth-enabled vibrator, can also be breached, activated and controlled remotely as well.Touted as the "No 1 couples vibrator" by its makers, the We-Vibe 4 Plus can be combined with an accompanying We-Connect iOS or Android app, allowing one's partner to remotely control the sex toy using an internet connection.The hackers, who go by the handles goldfish and follower, demonstrated the breach at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas during their talk, "Hacking the Internet of Vibrating Things."According to the duo, the connection between the controlling app and the device is not secure, giving cybercriminals ample opportunity to intercept the pleasure gadget with a paired smartphone.
Some things, like cooking or watching terrible movies, are best enjoyed in the company of a significant other—or casual sexual acquaintance, no judgements here.Personally, climbing over 2,000 feet up to a rickety crane overlooking Tianjin, China doesn t seem like a romantic activity so much as a way for both people to plummet to their deaths.Angela Nikolau and her boyfriend Ivan Beerkus were sent by Travel Ticker to Tianjin, because it s currently home to the tallest construction site in the world.They successfully scaled Goldin Finance 117, seemingly without being fined or arrested.There are certainly easier, cheaper, and less dangerous ways to put a spark back in your love life—might I suggest flowers??—but not for the discerning adrenaline junky.
From its modest start as a lowly edible to its meteoric rise as a phallic symbol, the eggplant is undoubtedly a the star of the emoji world.And now it s going places few emoji presumably have ever seen… literally.What started as a joke eventually led creator Jaime Jandler to create the Emojibator — a real-life representation of the beloved emoji in vibrator form.I wanted to create a culturally relevant and classic product, and this really hit the mark on both.It s also a great way to add a touch of humor to anyone s sex toy collection.According to the website, the sex toy is a 4.84-inch by 1.22-inch completely waterproof vibrator that promises to deliver a healthy serving of Vitamin D.
Humankind is still considering whether we could create sex robots – but should we, considering the ethical and legal questions arising from the creation of sex data and non-adult sex robots?During August's extraordinarily warm and enjoyable Electromagnetic Field festival, Dr Kate Devlin, a researcher at Goldsmith's department of computing, took to a packed stage to ask whether it was time for humanity to — literally and figuratively — embrace love and sex with robots.Dr Richardson told us that she believed the introduction of sex robots would increase what she described to us as the damage to society caused by prostitution .Dr Devlin disagreed, telling The Register that CASR rests on a parallel drawn between sex robots and female sex workers.Thanks to IVF and similar medical advances, sexual intercourse is no longer necessary for procreation, and yet sex persists because of humanity s mental processes, our focus on sex is a fundamental part of the human condition, and it s unlikely that any AI could reproduce human processes unless it too was capable of sexual interest.Dr Devlin said she believed it was possible to create a reproduction of human motivations without sexual desire, but I m not sure it is pardon the pun desirable.
What s the buzz all about at TechCrunch Disrupt?It s a vibrator, designed to look like a funky nut — and adds the glistening sheen of plausible deniability by pretending it is a flashlight.The company claims it is ready to rescue a woman in any kind of emergency.My friend Salena had a problem, the company s co-founder and CEO Donald Hsu explains to me.She lives in the same house as her mother-in-law and was horrified she would discover that she had a sex toy.So she asked me for a solution.
When it comes to gadgets, few bonds are more sacred than the one shared by a sex toy and its user.Sadly, one Illinois woman claims her smartphone-connected vibrator betrayed that love, sending extremely personal data to Canadian dildo maker Standard Innovation.In August, hackers at the Def Con security conference revealed that Standard Innovation s We-Vibe smart vibrators transmitted user data—including heat level and vibration intensity—to the company in real time.In response, Standard Innovation confirmed that it collected certain limited data and pledged to make its terms and conditions clearer to consumers.As a matter of practice, we use this data in an aggregate, non-identifiable form, said Standard Innovation in a statement.Processor chip temperature is used to help us determine whether device processors are operating correctly.
It s a female sex toy vibrator combined with a flashlight.You can operate it with an app, and I got a good look at it at the Techcrunch Disrupt event yesterday.Amid the enterprise services and virtual reality startups, Love Nuts stood out as the only sex toy in the expo area.It s the brainchild of Donald Hsu, CEO of Taipei-based Love Nuts.She wanted to use a vibrator, but didn t want her mother to find it.It was very awkward and she asked me how to hide her vibrator, Hsu said in an interview with VentureBeat.So Hsu set about designing a product that his friend could hide in plain sight.It s shaped like an acorn with a vibrating top.