There are many areas of marketing technology that are considered “hot” right now.And yet MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the global event management software market alone is expected to grow from $5.10 billion in 2014 to $7.78 billion by 2019.Despite all the event creation, promotion, attendee check-in, and management solutions available — both at the low end and within the enterprise — many companies still run their respective seminars and conferences exactly as they used to decades ago.In B2B circles, the days of stapling business cards to manually completed “lead sheets” are still with us.Even now, with smartphones and tablets as prevalent as they are, double-entry of attendees is rife, and sales reps have no clue when an “important person” walks into the conference hall.Today, Attend wants to change that for good with the release of a new mobile app that augments its existing event management platform.
Cheat sheets that list shortcuts for a number of essential programs that you probably use on a daily basis.This list will definitely make you more productive.
In one hand they held traditional glasses of bubbly, but in the other were sheets of paper they had filled with their personal data.They wanted to know what would happen in a world where instead of vetting potential dates by their artfully posed selfies or carefully crafted dating-site profiles, we looked at data gathered by their computers and phones.As use of data-gathering devices increases, it s a world that s just round the corner.Elsden and his colleagues want to explore other ways we can use data that gets collected as we go about our modern lives.Can we give people more control over it, make it more ambiguous or playful?It asked for a host of specific numbers: shoe size, the farthest distance they had travelled from home, the earliest and latest times of day they had sent an email in the past month, their heart rate as they filled out the form.
New APIs make it possible to programmatically create spreadsheets and presentationsAn integration between Salesforce and Google Slides makes it easier to create a presentation using data people already have.Google is updating the developer tools for its Docs productivity suite in an effort to make it easier for companies to integrate third-party applications with its presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software.In addition, Google also announced a new Slides API that will allow users to automatically populate slide decks with information from outside sources.That's useful for making sure that information shared within an organization using Google Sheets is up to date and accurate.For example, Trello is working on a feature that would let users take items stored on a "board" in its application and turn them into slides with a couple of clicks, without having to go through all the trouble of building a slide deck by hand.Security-conscious businesses might not be a fan of these integrations yet.
At its Google I/O developer conference, Google today is launching new tools that will make it easier for developers to have their apps do things with spreadsheets inside Google Sheets and presentations in Google Slides.Slides now has its own dedicated application programming interface API , and there is a second, more powerful Sheets API.This will not affect the existing Sheets API.The new Sheets API gives developers programmatic access to nearly all of the features a user can access in the Sheets web and mobile interfaces, Google Sheets product manager Tom Holman wrote in a blog post.The new Sheets API is available now, and the Slides API will come out in the next few months, Holman wrote.The enhancements make sense as Microsoft has been ramping up its Microsoft Graph for accessing data from Office 365 applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and OneNote.The new API functionality isn t all that s new with Google Apps for developers.When the underlying data in the spreadsheet changes, an updated chart in the presentation is just one click away, Holman wrote.The corresponding functionality in Microsoft s Office applications is taking Excel charts and sticking them in Word or PowerPoint.People have been able to do both those things for a while.
This new Google Apps API, or application programming interface, provides the "hooks" that turns Google Docs into more of a platform — outside services can now integrate with Google Apps in a deeper way than ever before.At launch, Google is announcing integrations with a wide range of business apps, including Salesforce, SAP, and Trello, with more to come as more developers adopt that API.Enlisting these developers is a sign that the search giant is renewing its push to topple Microsoft Office's stranglehold on workplace productivity.The new API is starting with the Google Sheets spreadsheet app and Slides presentation tool on the web, but the search giant promises it'll expand all over.Less tedious click-and-drag, more doing."Users were more focused on the process than their goals," says Google Docs Group Product Manager Ritcha Ranjan.Here's a video of these integrations in Sheets: And in Slides: The next app store It's worth noting that it's very similar to similar moves made by Microsoft around its Office 365 cloud productivity suite, which has been making its own play to attract outside developers.Tools like Google Apps and Office 365 follow you around from device to device, and bring all your documents with you.This is a big way to help Google Apps, now 10 years old, grow into a new decade.NOW WATCH: A bulldozer company knocked down the wrong house, and it's blaming it on Google MapsLoading video...
Ten years ago, Google first got into the workplace productivity game with the launch of Google Docs and Sheets, its word processor and spreadsheet tools.Google Apps may be a major rival to Microsoft Office today, but that wasn't the original goal, says Jonathan Rochelle, an 11-year veteran of Google.Rochelle helped spearhead the launch of Sheets in 2006, and now works in the Google Apps for Education division.At the start, and for a long time, Google Apps was originally meant as more of a companion to Office and its ilk, not necessarily a replacement.Fast forward to today, and things have changed: Far from those humble roots, Google Apps has become a "big business" for Google, as Rochelle puts it, representing a "very significant" source of revenue.When it launched, the search giant was just trying to provide some handy tools, based on the ones they used internally, to help people be more productive.Then, a coworker would download the file, make their own revisions, and re-upload it.It's hard for anyone to do anything else once they've been working that way, says Rochelle.Google Apps has grown since its launch a decade ago to be a true challenger to Microsoft Office in the workplace.Indeed, over the years, Microsoft Office has adopted lots of features that Google Apps pioneered, including real-time collaboration on documents and a browser-based document editing experience.There have been some shakeups in Google's business-focused divisions lately: Longtime Google Apps for Work boss Amit Singh stepped aside to work in the company's nascent virtual reality division, even as Google Cloud Platform got a new boss in the form of Silicon Valley legend Diane Greene.But for Rochelle, the mission stays the same: Keep pushing the idea of productivity forward by making it easier.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
Where do you go when Microsoft Office and Google Docs are not enough but Adobe Creative Cloud is too much?Spark Post updates include an iPad version, animations, and Live Photo export, which can convert your post into a Live Photo.Among Spark Page s new features are an iPhone version, new Storybook and Trek themes, Google Photos support, and 3D Touch support, letting you preview projects and zoom in on images.It allows universal access via laptop, desktop, and Chromebook for use in the home, workplace, and schools.Preferred browsers include Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.With Spark, Adobe is also inaugurating two collaborative relationships: one with Facebook Blueprint, an international education and certification program focused on assisting with marketing initiatives on Facebook and Instagram, and, a petition-based social change platform, to help create training materials for its users.
"The more we learn about the balance sheets of Americans, it becomes quite alarming," said Caroline Ratcliffe, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute focusing on poverty and emergency savings issues.Lack of savings can lead to homelessness, or other problems."The challenge for many often come from economic forces beyond their control such as a dip in the stock market that threatens their job or an unexpected medical bill, risks that have shattered the confidence of most in the broader U.S. economy.Thirteen percent would skip paying other bills, and 11 percent said they would likely not pay the bill at all.The AP-NORC results also correlate with a 2015 study by the Federal Reserve in which 47 percent of respondents said they either could not cover a $400 emergency expense or would have to sell something or borrow money.In the poll, 21 percent of Americans say they would strongly consider the option of putting the unexpected $1,000 bill on a credit card to be paid in full when their statement came due.
We don t know what Canon s move will be, but Brother has announced its solution to the challenge of buying ink: just put more of it in the box.The MFC-J985DW and MFC-J985DW XL color inkjet printers are based on existing Brother printers, which we ve found to be some of the best available.According to Eric Dahl, Brother s director of marketing for Inkjet and SOHO Laser Products division, the company is attacking the cost-per-page story by charging less per cartridge.The new printers target those who print a lot of documents, namely small business or home office users Brother s main demographic , but we can also see large households with lots of school kids benefiting.There is a 2.7-inch touchscreen to handle functions, and a paper tray to fit 100 sheets a bit limited if you re a super-heavy-duty user .Both printers are available online now, but will go on sale in stores, in July.
The Pay What You Want: Start a Side Business Bundle, offers 10 courses to position you for success in becoming your own boss, as you establish a base of valuable skills applicable to any business endeavor.The courses will build your familiarity with the network of possibilities in Alibaba, a comprehensive e-commerce platform on which goods are sourced for resale.You ll develop strategies in sourcing and rebranding products, as well as selling them via the Fulfilled By Amazon program, using your newly developed marketing tactics to increase sales.You ll even get a crash course on traveling to China for business, completing the circle on the most well-rounded entrepreneurial training available.Included courses:Private Label Products: Create Brands & Sell with Amazon FBA – $300 ValueAlibaba Import Guide to Making Huge Margins – $300 ValueAlibaba Import Business Blueprint: Build Your Import Empire – $297 ValueWork from Home: My $20,000 per Month Amazon FBA MasterPlan – $297 ValueThe Ultimate Guide to Selling Private Label Products – $199 ValueHow to Import From China – The Professional Guide – $99 ValueSimple & Effective: Create Your Own $9,765 eBay Business – $99 ValueNo Sales B.S.Plus, make it onto the leaderboard at any point during the sale and gain one entry to our exclusive Casper Mattress & Parachute Sheets Giveaway!
Businesses spend countless hours trying to figure out how to improve the productivity of their workers even by a fraction of a percent.Traditional tech buying cycles usually take into account base units and input peripherals, but displays are left out of the equation because they still work and are a pain to move around and refurbish.The business advantages derived from multiple displays are well documented: Bill Gates and the late Terry Pratchett were well-known advocates, but rolling multiple displays across hundreds of desktops is not an easy task as it can be quite disruptive if the installation requires dedicated monitor stands.You can now find monitors sporting that resolution for around £300 and even less if you opt for a 4K TV set and a growing number of laptops - such as those with DisplayPort or HDMI 2.0 - can connect to them natively.A much higher pixel count translates into more being displayed onto the screen, which can give you more than 5,200 spreadsheet cells in Microsoft Excel and the ability to display four A4 sheets side by side in Microsoft Word.Want 4K as soon as possible?
TC: Bain Capital Ventures opened its first office in the Bay Area five years ago.Now you have an office in Palo Alto and you re moving into a bigger office soon in San Francisco, too.If you think about it, we have all these peer-to-peer marketplaces bringing together strangers, but the state of the art — background checks — is a flawed process.It can verify if the information you send someone is accurate and distinguish between a typo and whether you re trying to fool someone on an application .TC: Bain generally backs business-to-business startups, but there ve been rare exceptions.When Kiva had six terms sheets and was trying to determine who to pick, we introduced the company to the head of distribution at Staples, who said Staples was likely to become a customer and became one six months after we invested.
Credit: Derek WalterAn update to Google s productivity apps will ensure your most recent work is saved directly to your device.And you still can.You can view which files are saved to your device from the Offline menu.By default, your most recent work will be saved when you open it, which means less time spent picking the files you want to be available offline.The impact on you: While Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have always emphasized online work and collaboration, there is still plenty of open space out there without a solid Internet connection.This update ensures that you won t get stuck somewhere without a file you really need.
Credit: Derek WalterAn update to Google s productivity apps will ensure your most recent work is saved directly to your device.And you still can.You can view which files are saved to your device from the Offline menu.By default, your most recent work will be saved when you open it, which means less time spent picking the files you want to be available offline.The impact on you: While Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have always emphasized online work and collaboration, there is still plenty of open space out there without a solid Internet connection.This update ensures that you won t get stuck somewhere without a file you really need.
You might not have heard of Automated Insights before, but chances are you ve probably seen what its software can do.The company has developed Wordsmith, which is essentially AI that can write human-sounding reports from raw numerical data, such as financial reports and sales forecasts.Available from today in beta for free, the plugin comes with an ExplainIt feature that can automatically generate descriptive captions for charts and graphs, making it easier to interpret your data.It works just like any spreadsheet formula: select your data visualization and hit the ExplainIt button, and Wordsmith will automatically generate a description you can place on your spreadsheet or embed right into your chart.The templates let you define how Wordsmith should interpret your data, what words it should use to describe things like rising and falling figures and which parameters it should focus on, such as average sales or median prices.And if you re using it in Microsoft Office, you can export those descriptions in other apps like PowerPoint and have them update on-the-fly.
The day they finally came out, and the God particle—lo—appeared to the rest of Earth, Hollingsworth didn t even know it until a friend told him.Most people in the field would consider that the worst outcome possible, says Hollingsworth.He started looking for jobs about six months before finishing his PhD.One day—after the bump, but before the bump was heard round the world—Hollingsworth was having coffee with his CERN colleague Dave Stickland, whose wife was a dressage coach.The two founded a company Global Dressage Analytics, turning those score sheets into predictive models that guided horse training.That often keeps scientists playing it safe, sticking to topics that will reliably produce splashy results.
Google has released Google Data Studio, a free version of its new reporting and data visualization tool, Google Data Studio 360.The paid reporting product, Google Data Studio 360, is part of the new Google Analytics 360 suite, which began rolling out to all Google Analytics Premium and Adometry customers Tuesday.Babak Pavalan, product manager for Google Analytics, told Marketing Land in a press briefing Tuesday that all options are on the table.Pavalan explained it s a matter of offering tools that small marketing teams will find convenient and valuable.Pavalan also noted that Google is going to double down on integrations for Google Analytics 360.If you haven t seen his demonstration of the voice-activated Data Assistant in Google Analytics 360 during Google Performance Summit Tuesday, be sure to check that out here.
Back in March, Google announced Data Studio 360 — a product to help its business customers make charts, graphs, and other visualizations of their data.This week, Google announced a free version of Data Studio 360 for "individuals and small teams."It's a little shift that could shake up the market in a big way."One of the fundamental ideas behind Data Studio is that data should be easily accessible to anyone in an organization.Google's Data Studio 360 is mainly designed to integrate with Google services, including the Google Sheets spreadsheet tool, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords — so you can analyze all your Google-stored business data.It also integrates with Google BigQuery, its popular big data analysis tool in the cloud.While those Google services are very popular, that still leaves some room to grow: The other players in the space have established connections to all kinds of business apps.That said, Tableau especially has been struggling to keep Wall Street's confidence, despite beating guidance this last quarter.
The first magazine cover story I ever wrote, for MacUser, was a web browser shootout between the incumbent, Netscape, and a scrappy upstart called Internet Explorer.I wrote that IE was the better browser, which was quite a controversial statement in the days when Windows 95 Macintosh 89 buttons were in wide circulation.I also thought the Google I/O keynote last week was the best one I ve seen–disciplined and focused in a way previous I/O keynotes weren t. But some of the stuff Microsoft pulled in the 1990s was awful, and made users angry.Then came 1993, and something funny happened: Microsoft released new versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac, all based on the Windows code base.In any event, users rebelled, sticking with old versions of Word and Excel for years, or finding alternatives.I don t know the reason–arrogance, pride, or a lack of desire to do the extra work are all options–but for a while now, Google has insisted on using the Material Design approach when creating iOS apps.