Insects, prepared foods are becoming a Finnish store shelves next year, when the EU novel food regulation comes into force on the beginning of the year.the Interim, the Finnish Media on Sunday Finnish.currently, the insect of marketing and sales for human consumption is in the EU area mainly prohibited.the New regulation would make the sale permissible but subject to authorisation.Estimates on when the first mosquito products come from Finnish shops ranging from next year's summer to christmas.the application for marketing authorisation of processing is thought to take at least half a year.
Pew pew pew - but only for groupsWhen Star Wars Battlefront launched at the end of 2015, one of the biggest criticisms it faced was the absence of a single-player campaign.Speaking during Battlefront publisher Electronic Arts' latest earnings call, Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of EA Studios, touched on the reasons why the game was multiplayer-only.Battlefront itself was almost entirely focused on the classic Star Wars trilogy, taking players to iconic locations such as Hoth and Endor.The decision to abandon a solo campaign appears to have been purely a result of needing to get a Star Wars game out on shelves to coincide with the cinematic resurgence of the franchise.Reception to the game has been mostly positive, although it currently holds a Metacritic rating of only 72-75, depending on platform."We got criticised for the depth and breadth of Battlefront ," Söderlund added.
News today that Nokia will license its name for the next ten years to a new line of phones and tablets, only running Google's platform rather than Windows 10, seemed initially to be the perfect opener to Google I/O 2016, but it also raises one big question: does anybody still care about a Nokia device?Today's licensing deal isn't the first such move by Nokia - the company lent its branding and some design oversight to an Android tablet a couple of years ago, though it never officially reached western markets, and dabbled in Android phones with the short-lived Nokia X - but it is the most significant.As well as provisionally securing the Nokia brand from Microsoft to use on more basic phones, HMD global also has acquired "certain related design rights" from the Windows maker; it's too soon to say whether that means the distinctive polycarbonate and metal design we'd grown familiar with from Lumia will be returning, but that's likely to be the hope among Nokia fans.More importantly, the Android OEM space has condensed down: Samsung still succeeds, as much by its marketing budget as its phones, but new names like Huawei have - with the heft of Google and the Nexus project behind them - been propelled into the market with an alluring combination of affordability and high-end specifications.The Chinese phone-maker is notable not only for the quality and low price of its devices, but the huge fanbase it has cultivated along the way.In a best-case scenario, that could look like the sleekest Lumia, pack the photographic abilities of a PureView, and undercut the Nexus 6P on shelves.
The federation of service providers and software vendors will begin stocking its virtual shelves from June 7Xavier Poisson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's vice president for hybrid IT in Europe, Middle East and Africa, at a meeting for Cloud28 partners near Amsterdam on May 19, 2016Cloud28 , the cloud services federation backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, now wants to help you install enterprise applications, not just choose them from its catalog.The federation plans to open its new App Center for business later this summer, and will begin stocking its virtual shelves on June 7 with the opening of an App Onboarding Center.Once strictly an open source, OpenStack shop, it is now embracing Microsoft Azure, VMware, Ormuco and Docker.One of the advantages of Cloud28 for participating service providers operating in only one country is that it makes them more visible to independent software vendors from other countries looking for new distribution channels, said Khaled Chaar, managing director of German cloud service provider Pironet NDH.Although many applications are already cloud-ready, for a typical business the 20 percent or so of the applications it uses that aren't cloud-ready are probably the most valuable, industry-specific ones, he said.Making it easier to move those to the cloud will present significant advantages, he said.
Google won't be leaving adoption of Daydream, its virtual reality platform built on Android, to chance: it's going to make its own headset, just to be sure.The plans were revealed during a VR-focused session at Google I/O this morning, the company's annual developer event, with VP of VR Clay Bavor confirming that, while third-party firms would be free to develop their own Daydream hardware, they'll face Google-made competition on store shelves."The great thing about this standard, is that for developers it gives you a platform you're really confident about," Nathan Martz, product manager on the Daydream team, said during the presentation."This controller is simple enough that anyone can use it," Martz pointed out, "even when they're in VR and cannot see their hands."All the same, there are still plenty of questions about Google Daydream.The company is yet to confirm exactly what the specification is for phones: Bavor said that he expected compliant devices to be available this year, though it's hard to future-proof an imminent purchase if you don't know what the minimum processor and display criteria are.
While Apple continues to resist making the screens in its line of laptops and desktops touch-sensitive, it may be ready to give the Apple Pencil a life outside of the iPad Pro.A new patent application published Thursday aims to patent a concept for using a future version of the stylus with the company s trackpads.Of course, such a concept is nothing new.The version described in the patent does much more, and would be able to detect motion in six axes, and might also have use as a joystick or air mouse, meaning the Pencil wouldn t necessarily need to be touching a surface in order to operate.Apple has had its stylus in development for at least five years now, well before the Pencil first hit shelves.Combined with Apple s previous patent for new features in a future Pencil and the ability to work with a trackpad-like device, the company could have an even bigger winner on its hands.
This year started off with a load of think pieces my own included banging on about why 2016 is the year of VR: you can already buy Facebook s Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive, while PlayStation VR will finally hit shelves in October.These are exciting times we re living in.And yet I find that VR, more so than other technological opinion-sparkers like drones, driverless cars or smartwatches, is misunderstood, maligned and wrongly underestimated.I always urge cynics to try out the technology they re being so sceptical about, because more often than not, it s the people who ve never even given it a go who are decrying it as niche or overpriced.So we put that into action by getting a few Telegraph VR novices to experience virtual reality through the HTC Vive headset.
Earlier this year at CES, Hisense s ULED H10 and H9 series TVs provided the wow factor, but the real star of the show might have been the company s H8 series thanks to its combination of 4K, HDR, and a surprisingly affordable price point, considering the features.The TVs play back HDR content in HDR10 format via both USB and the HDMI 2.0a input.As with all new technologies, HDR initially came at a premium, but that is increasingly falling away.The H8 isn t the only series making its way to stores this month.Hisense s H4 of Roku TVs is also making its way to store shelves this month, offering more than 3,000 streaming channels and voice search via the Roku app for iOS and Android.There are four different models available, ranging from the 50-inch, 1080p 50H4C for $430 down to the 32-inch, 720p 32H4C, which sells for $200.
Log in with your banking ID to see important documents. Four key benefits There are several important benefits of digital mail, except that you do not clutter the shelves at home. The mailbox is linked to personal identity, not to email or username. If you have requested official record digitally in one of the three approved mailboxes see below, declare electronically and do not make changes, you can get your tax refund in April 2017. The authorities pay however nothing for our services, but we hope that it will change in the future, says Sofia Bruno Kivra. To read more about the official record and get started with a digital mailbox - surf to
Log in with your banking ID to see important documents. Four key benefits There are several important benefits of digital mail, except that you do not clutter the shelves at home. The mailbox is linked to personal identity, not to email or username. If you have requested official record digitally in one of the three approved mailboxes see below, declare electronically and do not make changes, you can get your tax refund in April 2017. The authorities pay however nothing for our services, but we hope that it will change in the future, says Sofia Bruno Kivra. To read more about the official record and get started with a digital mailbox - surf to
Priscilla FrankEarlier this week, a rousing headline shot at warp-speed across browsers and Twitter feeds: Women Swept The 2015 Nebula Awards, taking home the prestigious science-fiction and fantasy prizes in the categories of Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story and Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy work.The news might ve come as a surprise to — or, at least, to the chagrin of — a boisterous group of science fiction writers and fans who ve taken up the cause of restoring the genre to its tenants of yore: lighthearted adventure that s sleek, zippy, fun, and — oh yeah — comprised of shelves worth of white male writers.Last year, they rigged the voting for a similarly lauded set of prizes, the Hugo Awards, favoring white male writers and effectively quelling women and authors of color.Kate Wilhelm s suspenseful speculative fiction has won multiple Nebulas and a Hugo; Vonda N. McIntyre, whose longstanding attachment to the Star Trek franchise rocketed her to acclaim, won both awards as well.Unlike Luke Skywalker, Batman, or, more recently, Star Wars star Rey, she s not fighting to avenge a lost family or hometown; instead, her journey is fueled by broader ideals.Consider our tech.
DTA and Robit is achieved by combining the company with a turnover of less than € 70 million, in size. Trading took place as the true value of only EUR 89 000. The government parties on Thursday found the harmony, which, for example, would bring stronger beverages on store shelves and to weaken restrictions on the sale of beverage restaurants. Resta Max's shares jumped on Friday, with a small trade volume by 7.9 percent to EUR 5.34. at the top of most traded Nokia's share increased to EUR 4.65 almost one per cent, and it was traded value of over EUR one hundred million. Point Change% OMXH 7714.86 1.26% OMXHCAP 5164.47 1.25% OMXH25 3119.73 1.49% Nokia 4.65 0.87% Risers and fallers Restamax 7.88% Outokumpu 4.84% Alma Media 4.55% Lemminkäinen 3.85% YIT 3.65% Glaston -1.58% Hedgehog Solutions -1.86% eQ -1.89% Metsä Board B -2.05% Finnair -2.34% Source:
View s commuter x jacquard by googleThink of Google's wearables you likely think of Google Glass R.I.P or Android Wear, which is getting better but still not widely used.A decidedly different type of wearable, with Jacquard, Google may be able to accomplish something that has so far eluded the company: Create wearable tech that's appealing to more than just geeks and early adopters.In the year since, Jacquard has evolved from concept to viable product, with the first Jacquard-enabled jacket expected to hit shelves in Levi's stores in 2017.The tag, which charges via USB, is designed to look like the snaps and buttons on the rest of the jacket, though the current iteration is noticeably bulkier than the snaps you would typically find on a sleeve.As for price, Levi's Head of Global Product Paul Dillinger, says it will be "well within" the price point of the rest of the line jackets currently go for about $148-$178 , though it will be likely be more than the other jackets currently in the line.Of course, much will depend on how consumers respond to this new category of wearables.
The company says it will grant benefits packages amounting to $500,000, including its design tools, engineering experts, prototype services, manufacturing support and supply chain management.The company says it will also provide qualifying campaigners with discounts on bills of materials and technology design software, as well as consultations with design engineers to solve complex issues through the process of bringing their projects to life.The initiative could certainly help more campaigns fulfill their rewards promises and actually make it to store shelves.And earlier this month, a $1 million campaign to build the world s thinnest watch also flopped.Arrow, which boasts sales of more than $23 billion last year from industrial products and services and made the news in 2014 by developing a car for quadriplegic racer Sam Schmidt that he could drive by tilting his his head, might be just the thing the crowdfunding community needs to become more legitimate.Of course, we ll have to wait and see how it propels projects from ideas to finished products in the coming months.
Then there was the the eerie It s All Over but the Crying song, which ushered in in a new installment of the Fallout saga.Then there was the silly Madden: The Movie Hollywood movie spot spoof featuring Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski and Colin Kaepernick — all as part of the marketing for Madden NFL 16.These awards previously accompanied the Game Marketing Summit in past years.There were nearly 600 entries for the awards, which cover campaigns that ran in 2015.We ve seen some truly amazing and successful games hit store shelves this past year, said Stacy La Cotera, general manager and vice president of global awards at PromaxBDA, in a statement.Here are some of the winners:BEST USE OF ESPORTSHeroes of the DormMOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTFallout 4 AnnouncementBEST CG FOR A VIDEO ASSETThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – A Night to RememberOUTSTANDING OVERALL MARKETING CAMPAIGN – CORE GAMES Sports, Action, etc.Rise of the Tomb RaiderMOST CREATIVE PRE-ORDER PROGRAMJust Cause 3 – Win an IslandBEST LIMITED EDITION, SPECIAL EDITION OR COLLECTOR S EDITIONFallout 4 Pip-Boy EditionHere s the Fallout 4 trailer.And here s another winner:
The company s bottle, launching on Kickstarter today, is the newest, most high-tech weapon in the battle to get kids to imbibe enough liquids throughout the day.Cute, no?The water bottle has a small screen built in, and additional sensors mean that shaking two bottles in close proximity to each other make the pets friends, enabling them to interact.The company claims the Gulülu will stay juiced for four days before another recharge is required.Parents can also schedule sleep or school modes, during which the pets go to sleep and become unresponsive, so the pets don t become a distraction during sleeping or learning hours.The company estimates a shipping date of September, and the recommended retail price will be $129 once the products start making an appearance on shelves.
Netflix designers and engineers have been known to create some unique innovations during the company's biannual hack days, where experimentation is encouraged.In the past, employees have managed to get Netflix running on a 1950's TV and designed a 3D animation of the Earth with real-time global activity playback.Netflix's latest hack day was no different.This time around, engineers created a virtual video store called the 'Netflix Zone' that can be explored from within a virtual reality headset.Netflix tested it out using the HTC Vive headset, allowing viewers to browse and make movie selections in a small virtual video rental store that looks like a Netflix-branded Blockbuster.A throwback to the VHS tapes and DVDs that Netflix and other streaming services have essentially replaced, viewers can select a VHS tape from the video store shelves in packaging that matches Netflix's original programming — and thanks to the HTC Vive's hand controllers, you can actually reach out and grab them off the shelves.When a viewer holds up his or her desired selection, movie screens drop from the ceiling and emerge from the walls for an alternative viewing experience.While the innovations that come out of Netflix hack days are entertaining, Netflix employees acknowledged in a blog post Tuesday that the majority of them are unlikely to ever become part of the Netflix product.Instead, they note that they're "posting them here publicly to simply share the spirit of the event and our culture of innovation."NOW WATCH: An in-wall vacuum makes sweeping so much easierLoading video...
A recent hack day event has seen the creation of a virtual reality Netflix store which allows you to pick virtual videos off of a virtual shelf and play them on a virtual screen.The demo, called Netflix Zone, appears to be more of an experiment than a proposed feature, and is unlikely to make it to consumers.The experience is an ironic one for Netflix, which was born out of a desire to save people from having to go to the video rental store by delivering DVDs to their home.Vintage BlockbusterThe demo utilises the HTC Vive's room scaling technology, to allow the user to walk up to shelves of Netflix titles, and examining the boxes appears to cause movie-themed walls to rise around the virtual room and a projector screen to descend from the ceiling.The user can then throw the video at the screen to start playing the title from within the virtual reality room.The idea of watching movies in virtual reality has been explored before, most recently in YouTube's Snoopavision, where users could watch YouTube videos in a virtual cinema alongside Snoop Dog.
Cloud Constellation s system, called SpaceBelt, would be a one-stop shop for data storage and transport, says CEO Scott Sobhani.Need to set up a new international office?Most computer gear in space today is more expensive and less advanced than what s on the ground, satellite analyst Tim Farrar of TMF Associates said.A petabyte can already fit on a few shelves in a data-center rack, and each generation of storage gear packs more data into the same amount of space.Any advantage that financiers could gain over competitors using fiber networks, which usually have a few seconds of end-to-end latency, would help them make informed trades more quickly.Under the United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967, the country where a satellite is registered still has jurisdiction over it after it s in space, said Michael Listner, an attorney and founder of Space Law & Policy Solutions.
During Netflix recent "hack day" has some of their developers have produced a video store in VR where one can relive what it was like in the old days when you actually had to physically get to a video store to rent a movie. In order to use Netflix VR shop requires HTC's VR solution Vive and once you are in the store can navigate their way between the shelves and pick up movies that look like old VHS cassettes. If you want to see a movie that throws it only against one of the store's virtual walls. There are no data on whether Netflix Zone is a project Netflix will continue and actually release to consumers sometime in the future. via Engadget