Facebook, Twitter and Google are scheduled to testify before the US House Homeland Security Committee later this month about online terrorist content.The hearing will also look at the spread of misinformation on social media platforms, as reported earlier Wednesday by Bloomberg Law, citing a Democratic committee aide.The hearing follows the March Christchurch mosque shooting, which was livestreamed on social media.At the time, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft were asked by the US House Homeland Security Committee to remove the content as quickly as possible.Facebook confirmed to CNET that it will be testifying at the hearing, which will take place on June 26 at 7 a.m. PT and can be livestreamed on the committee's website.Those slated to testify at the hearing, called Examining Social Media Companies' Efforts to Counter Online Terror Content and Misinformation, include Monika Bickert, Facebook head of global policy management; Nick Pickles, Twitter global senior strategist for public policy; and Derek Slater, Google global director of information policy.
If you’re a beginner looking for a feature-packed camera that’s compact and easy to use, you may want to check out the Canon PowerShot SX420 .The Powershot SX420 is part of Canon’s bridge camera lineup.It offers better image quality than the typical digital camera and is smaller than a regular DSLR camera.Canon has equipped the SX420 with a 20-megapixel image sensor and a DIGIC 4+ image processor to enable high-resolution shooting and HD 720p video recording at 25 fps.It has a Smart Auto mode that allows the camera to preselect settings for any shooting scenario, as well as Scene Modes, which lets you create fun and interesting images, including Toy Camera and Fisheye effects.Overall, image quality is crisp and clean in good lighting, although the camera struggles slightly in low-light conditions.
The year is far from being over, but there are already plenty of promising new gadgets worth checking out.From cheaper new Pixel phones to Apple's improved AirPods, these are our favorite new devices of the year so far.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Although major product unveils from Apple and Google are usually reserved for the fall, the first half of 2019 has already seen a slew of new gadget announcements.Google's new pair of smartphones proves that you don't have to pay nearly $1,000 for a high-quality mobile device.It has a large OLED screen, a camera that's very similar to the Pixel 3's — including its Night Sight feature for shooting in the dark — and even a headphone jack.
Here is the HE-ACR Toy Gelsoft Blaster with all nylon materials.It comprises mechanical concave and convex texture, more realistic.It has single and full auto firing mode switch and is very comfortable to handle.It has features like up to 15 high-speed rounds per second, approx.25m shooting distance, up to 250 feet per second, foldable stock etc.
Game of Thrones (and our watch) has ended, but we all knew that would be the finale, right?You don't just turn the lights out on one of the most successful TV shows ever made.You milk that cash cow until the heat death of the sun.Entertainment Weekly is reporting that shooting for the Game of Thrones prequel, set thousands of years before the events of the original show, has already begun in Ireland -- a familiar location for the show.In an email sent to CNET, HBO stated it had "not confirmed production.They are speculating based on other reports."
A New Zealand court today sentenced a man to 21 months in prison for sharing a video of the white-supremacist terrorist attacks that killed 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch.NZ declares massacre video “objectionable,” arrests people who shared itAs we noted in previous coverage, New Zealand and many other countries don't have US-style free-speech protections.He received the 21-month prison sentence at Christchurch District Court.The judge said Arps had strong and unrepentant views about the Muslim community and had compared himself to Rudolf Hess, a Nazi leader under Adolf Hitler."Your offending glorifies and encourages the mass murder carried out under the pretext of religious and racial hatred," the judge said.
A man who shared a video of the deadly New Zealand mosque shooting was handed a 21-month prison sentence on Tuesday.Philip Arps pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing the video of the March 15 attacks, which were livestreamed by the shooter as he killed 51 people.Judge Stephen O'Driscoll noted that Arps, who runs a business in Christchurch, sent it to 30 people, according to Associated Press.He also asked someone to add crosshairs and a kill count in effort to create a meme, but there was no evidence he shared that.Arps apparently showed no empathy for the victims as he was questioned about the video.He was among six people charged with illegally redistributing it.
The popular livestream website Twitch is suing anonymous users to find out the identities of 100 people who recently violated its terms of service by uploading content including the deadly Christchurch terrorist shooting and hardcore pornography.The lawsuit, first reported by Bloomberg, is against a group described as “John and Jane Does 1-100.” You can view Twitch’s complaint here.It describes a troll campaign of abuse in which dozens of people used bots to flood Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, with videos including “a video of the March 2019 Christchurch mosque attack, hard core pornography, copyrighted movies and television shows, and racist and misogynistic videos.”That campaign caused harm to Twitch and its community, the company said, and it caused Twitch to stop new users from streaming for two days as well as taking additional security steps to stop abusers from using old accounts purchased from other users.“We take what happened very seriously and are making additional changes to prevent this kind of coordinated activity on our service in the future,” a message posted by the official Twitch Twitter account read while the campaign was ongoing.“Thank you all for your patience.”
The Amazon-owned game streaming platform Twitch is suing anonymous trolls who posted a slew of harmful and illegal content, including the Christchurch shooting, on the platform late last month.If the company learns the identities of these people, they plan to request the court to prohibit them from using the platform and force them to pay damages, as first reported by Bloomberg.The videos were posted last month by an organized group of trolls in Twitch’s Artifact category, who are named in the lawsuit as John and Jane Does 1-100.Aside from the video filmed by the Christchurch shooter, trolls also streamed porn, copyrighted movies and television shows, and other illegal and harmful content.“Over the weekend of May 25, we became aware of a number of accounts engaging in a coordinated attack targeting the ‘Artifact’ game directory to share content that grossly violates our terms of service,” a Twitch spokesperson said in a statement.“We worked with urgency to remove the offending content and suspend all accounts engaged in this behavior, and are taking measures to prevent this from happening on our service in the future.”
Corporate hunting trips in Texas are our specialty.Our lodge can accommodate up to 25 guests.This Texas hog hunting trips package includes three days and two nights, access to our different shooting ranges, helicopter shooting and target shooting.
Shooting 360-degree panoramas may seem like a complex photographic endeavor, but with the Google Street View app on your smartphone, it’s incredibly fun and easy for anyone to accomplish.You don’t need expensive cameras, a complicated rig, or any special photographic expertise to produce a glorious spherical pano.While Google Street View is one of many 360-degree camera apps capable of creating and uploading panos, it is one of the most popular, and offers the potential to give your images worldwide exposure on Google Maps directly from the app.Google Street View encourages you to explore the great outdoors, including world landmarks and natural wonders, and even indoor venues like museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses.The app facilitates your own creation of 360-degree imagery of your neighborhood or anywhere you visit using your smartphone camera or a certified Street View-ready camera to add locations to Google Maps.Google Street View features five categories that let you view, shoot, and post pano collections to the service.
40 yr old Television Presenter Jewell Jaimes from Bow Island, usually spends time with passions like skeet shooting, Hanföl and ballet.Have been exceptionally inspired after planning to Lagoons of New Caledonia: https://penzu.com/p/fbd3ece6
Lots of people dream of suiting up like Iron Man and shooting to the skies.For Savage Builds, his new eight-part series focused on extreme engineering, Savage recruited a team from the science-focused Colorado School of Mines to build him an Iron Man suit made largely from 3D-printed titanium.The idea was to power it with a jetpack from Gravity Industries, run by Savage's buddy, UK inventor Richard Browning."It sounds like hyperbole, but I swear… if Tony Stark was not fictional and he was building an Iron Man suit right now, this is precisely how he would do it and this is the exact technology he'd be using," Savage told a CNET camera crew that spent two days with him as he attempted to learn to fly in an airplane hangar east of San Francisco.On Friday's premiere episode of Savage Builds, Savage puts on the shiny silver contraption but doesn't feel comfortable enough (yet) to wear it and test the jetpack at the same time.Browning does, however, and manages to hover about 15 feet (4.5 meters) above the ground.
Here, for your consideration, is our unranked list of the Top 10 games of E3 2019, along with a selection of honorable mentions.Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PS4, StadiaExpected release date: Sept. 13, 2019In a lot of important ways, our E3 2019 demo of Borderlands 3 simply provided more Borderlands.That means more ridiculously frenetic and colorful shooting with an unapologetically self-aware, over-the-top, post-apocalyptic attitude.In terms of sheer feel and beat-to-beat gameplay, we're still not convinced anyone has topped existing Borderlands games in the looter-shooter genre, and this one already feels more polished in action than its predecessors.
You have to give Rocket League a lot of credit – it pioneered a new wave of action sports games.The basic premise of the game is that two teams of three players work together to bring a ball around an arena one, two or three times before shooting into a hoop that’s hanging on the wall.The number of times you go around the track impacts how many points each goal is worth (either one, three or five points, respectively) and the first to five points wins.While Rocket League really plays like a motorized soccer game where you use cars to push a ball from one end of the field to the other, Roller Champions is a bit like playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and basketball simultaneously.Rocket League’s issue, and one I’ve always thought was holding it back, is that basic skills required to play the game – namely, passing and shooting – require extraordinary timing to pull off.picking up speed when going down an incline) and dodging (which can be done when you're holding the ball) but the bare bones mechanics don’t require an extraordinarily high level of skill.
The technology was recently used by a spy to create a fake profile photo on LinkedIn to attract would-be targets, the Associated Press reported Thursday.The photo appeared on the LinkedIn account for a Katie Jones, a 30-something redhead.Among her 52 connections were links to Washington political figures, including a deputy assistant secretary of state, a senior aide to a senator and a prominent economist being considered for the Federal Reserve, according to the Associated Press.The news outlet found that despite her claims of working for years as a "Russia and Eurasia fellow" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the DC-based think tank had no record of her employment.Similarly, the University of Michigan could find no record of her claimed degree in Russian studies.According to the AP, Jones is part of "a vast army of phantom profiles" hiding on the professional job networking site.
Tencent, developing the game for Activision, could’ve watered it down until it was unrecognizable, but instead, the mobile version feels like a master cut of every CoD game ever made.The simple controls put your left thumb in charge of movement, and your right in charge of aim.The fact your gun is firing doesn’t mean you’ll win a battle.It’s not great for 360 no-scope kills, but I never felt my success or victory was due to fat-thumbing the fire button.You can throw grenades and flash-bangs, use killstreaks, and pick up weapons dropped by enemies.Players on small smartphones may be in for a rough time.
With only 20% of European customers adopting broadband services over 100 Mbps, the European Commission is falling behind its own targets with six months to go.While the targets are certainly ambitious, the European Commission has decided it would like to have 50% of all broadband customers across the bloc subscribing to 100 Mbps by 2020.With only 20% subscribing to an ultrafast service, it looks like it is becoming a big ask as we head towards the mid-point of the year.There will of course be numerous reasons for a lack of adoption.Some will suggest the telcos are not deploying suitable infrastructure to enough people, while others will say they are charging too much.That said, a more sensible explanation is that irrelevant as to how cheap a 100 Mbps service is, it is still too much; why would a normal person need such speeds today?
Fancy adopting the Pentax KP for your shooting but find the body a bit dull?Good news: Ricoh Imaging has confirmed its latest Pentax KP J model, just a day after images of the new DSLR leaked out.The camera, which looks set to be a Japan-only release for now, is a minor variation on the existing KP, which was released in 2017.The new model will be available in two finishes: black and gold, and midnight navy.Aside from the finish itself, the camera has four main points of difference from the original KP.First, it has a custom wood grip crafted by Miroku Techno Wood, a company that makes handles for luxury cars.
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