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The same tech inside Google Pay, Shopping, Analytics, Ads, etc Google on Wednesday announced the release of Flutter 2, an update to its popular cross-platform, open source app development framework.…
In a market where cash is still king, digital payments are quickly gaining ground as India’s 1.3 billion people are starting to embrace online shopping and services such as online gaming and streaming
It looks like it may be the end of the road for some models of the 21.5-inch 4K iMac. New reports today are claiming that Apple has ended production on 21.5-inch models that include 512GB and 1TB SSDs, so if you had one of those on your shopping list, you may have missed your chance to get one. Indeed, neither … Continue reading
The pandemic has kept us apart from loved ones and friends, heightening our need for social interaction and touch. Since dogs provide us with much of what humans crave, like companionship, friendship and snuggles on demand, it’s no wonder the pandemic has heralded in a boom of new dog owners.No one knows this quite so well as Olivia Irvine, customer care manager at London’s leading dog grooming specialist, Purplebone, where she’s been working for the past six years and now manages everything across two sites, one in Notting Hill and the other on Hillgate Street in Kensington. Purplebone was founded by couple Julian Victoria and Jacob van Nieuwkoop as a retail and grooming parlour 11 years ago, after they were disappointed with the existing grooming options available for their four dogs.Watch to see Irvine and Purplebone’s groomers in action - as well as their adorable clienteleLife at Purplebone is as fun and full of excitement as you’d expect as bulldogs and bernedoodles (a popular Bernese mountain dog and poodle cross), cockapoos and cavapoos, lurchers and labs trot through the salon’s doors daily for a range of treatments, from a simple wash and tidy to an allover puppy groom to a blueberry facial - a favourite with bulldog clients. It’s the go-to destination for the much-loved dogs belonging to a slew of celebs like the Beckhams, the Lampards, the Barlows, Alan Carr, Lily Allen, Middle Eastern royals, as well as the rest of us mere mortals. Irvine works alongside eight grooming staff - including two new hires since the pandemic started - to accommodate as many as 35 dogs a day across both locations.If you think grooming is an indulgence for over-pampered pooches, think again: Purplebone helps to care for dogs’ health, with ultrasound teeth cleaning, nail grinding, and, most crucially, detangling knots and ridding skin of any debris that’s burrowed in, a common - and potentially problematic - issue known as matting.“Matting is probably the most important aspect of dog grooming,” Irvine tells us. “Since lockdown, I’ve come to realise dog grooming is a necessity - it isn’t a luxury.” Most owners don’t consider their dogs’ coats and hair type when purchasing pooches, but they should: breeds like cavapoos and cockapoos, susceptible to matting, can experience extreme discomfort as a result. When knotted hair gets too tightly wound, it can pull on the dog’s skin, leading to rashes, scratching of the area and debris getting pushed further into the skin and causing a whole host of other issues.There’s no shortage of comedy stories when your clients are on four legs: some dogs come in for love, lavishing their masked groomers with kisses throughout their sessions. Others, especially larger breeds like Great Danes, come to party (“they start off timid but by the end they just want love and loads of cuddles. They go mad, they run around,” says Irvine), while some particularly gifted groomers are able to encourage their dogs to snooze right on the grooming table. Fun fact: groomers are talented dog whisperers, but not-so-skilled when it comes to handling doggie accessories. “Groomers are absolutely terrible with putting on harnesses - they cannot figure it out for the life of them,” Irvine says.When the pandemic forced Purplebone’s doors to close on March 19, 2020, in some ways, the business was ready for it: the grooming service had gone cashless using Square six months prior to the first lockdown. Clients save their card on file, it’s charged remotely and it minimises contact between clients and staff. “Square had a huge influence on that: going cashless seemed unrealistic at the time but people are a lot more open to it now. It’s a lot easier,” explains Irvine. “When we came back, I realised how useful the contactless reader was. The fact that we could take everything out to them, and they could still pay - really big for us,” Irvine says. Square’s contactless reader allows her to multitask: one client can be collecting and making payments outside, while another is shopping for treats indoors. The Square Register is another bonus: not only is it sleek and lovely to look at, but it’s user and client-friendly, too.“The client can see everything that I’m doing, and that’s a huge benefit with Square,” explains Irvine.In lockdown 1.0, Purplebone’s role turned educational: the team sent out helpful emails to clients to guide them through brushing and grooming at home, and made some informational online videos. Irvine spent her days answering phone calls and helping clients remotely. “I care about these dogs. It’s really important that clients had the support from us to teach them from afar,” she says.When the salons reopened in May, the strictest safety measures were in place: PPE, splitting staff out between both locations and carefully marking out all areas for social distancing. The biggest change, however, was for clients, who were no longer able to come into the salon to drop off their dogs, but had to wait outside, which required patience and trust on their part.Purplebone’s role in the community also shifted: in the first lockdown, it wasn’t considered an “essential” business, for grooming or retail. Purplebone also sells a range of chewing treats, as well as three different shampoos and a conditioner, to both local and international customers.From the second lockdown, Purplebone has been deemed “essential” - no surprise when the business had to launch a temporary service called the “Covid-19 groom,” to help dogs suffering from severe matting, who needed their hair completely shaved off for their own welfare.The pandemic hasn’t just been responsible for a dog ownership boom. It’s changed how humans rely on pets: for many of us, our dogs have become our reason to get up each morning, or to leave the house for a walk every day. It’s not just dogs who are dependent on humans, anymore: we’re much more reliant on our pets for emotional support now.“Personally, my role has changed,” explains Irvine. “I now find myself on the educational side, calming a lot of our clients. If the owner is nervous, the dog is nervous.” Irvine has also noticed a lot more separation anxiety in puppies who are used to being home with their owners 24/7, and who haven’t had a chance to experience much alone-time or socialisation with other dogs.Purplebone has more new clients than ever before, and those clients return more frequently for treatments now that they realise what a difference it makes.“A lot of our clients came back and said: ‘I didn’t realise how hard your job was’. People did think of us as a luxury, but now there’s a greater appreciation for our groomers,” Irvine notes. 
The first edition of YONO Super Saving Days was conducted in the month of February.The bank claims that there was a significant jump in traction and increase in the transaction volumes during the 1st edition
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Smart Parking Global industry – OverviewThe world is facing increasing urbanization while technology has been incorporated by cities for many years.Smart parking is the most adopted and fastest growing solution across the Airports, universities, shopping centers and city garages.It also makes parking more customer-friendly than ever before.Increasing technological advancements, such as autonomous cars which is also called as self-driving cars and smart parking technologies with high investments for the development of smart cities by governments will offer potential growth opportunities for Smart Parking Global industry.Moreover, Mobile applications on smartphones for the information of location, opening hours, tariff and facilities as well as can allow the driver to record the GPS location of their car in a crowded car park, with additional notes and photos and other helps the driver to rely on smart parking.Complete Business [email protected] high growth rate in the registration of new cars worldwide, with major boom from regional economies such as Asia Pacific (APAC), will open the window of opportunities for parking management business.Smart city concept is a new approach to redesigning cities and conceiving solutions to recent urban challenges such as traffic congestion, rapid expansion of urban population, increased energy consumption and increased greenhouse gas emission.
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Smartphones are an inseparable part of our lives.If our phone is taken away from us for even a day, for most of us it’s like being deprived of a basic need.We store all kinds of data in our phone – contacts, photos, videos, personal data, documents; we use numerous apps for making our lives easy – banking, insurance, online shopping, stocks, real estate; we rely on our phones for communication and socialising – chatting and video calling, social media, emails, professional groups; the list is endless with what phones can be used for.Needless to say, if one loses their phone or it gets stolen, all that data and information is at risk.If there was no screen lock on the phone, the person who has or finds the phone can do serious damage if they want to.For instance:Access photos and videos and use them unethically.Access the contacts in the phone and harass them by crank calling, or sending unethical or threatening messages, or worse.We log in to apps and never log out.On some apps like those of online shopping or food delivery, we save our card details.
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See these statistics: AR expenditure is expected to reach $ 60 billion by 2020.61% of online buyers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer AR technology.63% of customers say AR will change their shopping experience.51% of customers feel that retailers fail to use AR.70% of consumers are expected to be more loyal to brands that combine AR as part of their shopping experience.How e-commerce businesses use augmented realityAR allows e-commerce customers to preview products or experiences in their own environment and at their own time, before choosing to make a purchase.Here are the top four methods currently used in e-commerce stores.If you are there or Instagram story lately, you might use AR filters.These filters have been used only for fun', but for years there has been an increase in the number of brands that jump on AR Bandwagon.There are three main benefits: Increasing awareness of brands or products: This is a great way to show off new products by telling people to 'test' how they will see them.Increased involvement: AR filters are a good way to increase audience involvement.Adding AR filters can help show what makes you special.Remember back in 2017 When Ben & Jerry creates a very interactive Facebook AR Facebook game to launch a new ice cream taste?
In the natural hair community, watching hair growth is common.To the current finish, some naturals are terribly diligent in watching and keeping track of any quantity of progress and are terribly curious about something which may promote hair growth.With so many women who swear by using Hair Growth Oil with Monistat for hair growth, you may wonder what's in that little tube that can help your hair grows.It may not be that there’s something specific within the formula inflicting hair growth.Rather, it’s getable that the antifungal cream kills off flora on your scalp — flora that may otherwise stunt hair growth.Know Some More About Monistat:Regardless of its intended use or the box it comes in, Monistat is merely a cream.It’s an antifungal cream, designed to combat the overgrowth of yeast within the epithelial duct at the side of alternative things like athlete’s foot, fungal infection and jock itch.But again, it’s just a cream.
As may be expected, though, the craft revival of the late 1960s and 1970s inspired renewed experimentation.Fiber artists understood that by crocheting in the form, crocheting free-form in the place of simply by working in pops, also building up three-dimensional stains out of the top layer of the cloth, they could produce intricate acoustic mosaic.A few people are also more knowingly hoping to be part of the slow vogue notion changing how we go shopping for apparel.By purchasing from brands with a more sustainable solution into the online crochet store india of their clothing, like the use of eco-friendly fabrics and non-toxic dyes.The whole ethos of the Sluggish Style' was created by Kate Fletcher of their Centre for Sustainable Fashion.In which she clarifies the slow trend is clothing that's specially made, from high excellent materials and is suspended straight back into local craftsmanship.