Volvo has given us the first glimpse of its new 40 Series cars, in the shape of two new concepts: an aggressive crossover and a punchy sedan.Built on Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture CMA , the new cars aim to distill the style, safety, and technology of the award-winning XC90 SUV and the upcoming S90 and V90 luxury sedan and wagon, down to a mass-market price.That flows nicely into Volvo's hockey-stick shaped rear light clusters, and a rear that has elements of Porsche Macan to it.Like the Concept 40.1 it has Volvo's signature "Thor's Hammer" lights, but they flow into a high shoulder line and partially-concealed rear doors.In addition to gasoline-only cars, there'll be a pure all-electric option, along with a new T5 Twin Engine.That, based on Volvo's 3-cylinder gas engine paired with a new 7-speed dual clutch transmission and an electric motor, will borrow heavily from the T8 plug-in hybrid system the XC90 and S90 have, but be front-wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive.
Henry HarrisRelated GalleriesHeavenly Aerials of Pools Will Send You Right Into SummerAlways Moving?This Modular Furniture Is Easy to Take ApartDreamy Photos That Will Put Your Instagram Filters to Shame$30K Retrofit Turns Dumb Semis Into Self-Driving RobotsMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroOn the third floor of Arup Global Acoustics office in Lower Manhattan is a small, fabric-enclosed space that looks and feels like a cocoon.The company line is that the SoundLab creates virtual sonic environments to help architects improve the acoustics of their buildings.We re using the data to help you feel, says Raj Patel, Principal at Arup Global Acoustics.To make it work, engineers build a computer model of a building or space and then map a web of measurements called impulse responses that create an acoustic signature.Patel and his colleagues are coordinating with researchers to recreate sensations of light, touch, temperature, and even smell.
One of two things will happen as you scroll through these images: either you will reel at the sight of a classic muscle car in such an outlandish bluish-purple burple color, or you ll fall in love with those bold, sensual lines all over again in a new, gorgeous context.While the gray Shelby was headed to a German customer, this one is headed a bit further East, to a Sheikh in Saudi Arabia.Although the owner may well own faster, lighter, lower, and more expensive cars, but it doesn t get much more unique than a 1967 Burple Stang.Specific upgrades include Wilwood six-piston front and rear brakes, a VaporWorx fuel pump, Magnaflow exhaust, Rod and Custom suspension system, 225 front and 315 rear BFG Rival tires, and Carroll Shelby Signature seats and gauges.All told, there are thousands of dollars of modifications, but almost all of them are below the surface, maintaining the car s classic curb appeal.Like the other Shelby we shared, the final price paid for this custom project wasn t disclosed, but we do know that Classic Recreations charges a starting fee of $219,000 for your own rolling piece of history.
Blizzard releases its final animated short featuring masked vigilante Soldier 76 before the launch of its multiplayer shooter Overwatch.Set in Dorado, the episode follows the gold-hearted, grizzled ex-Overwatch agent who is on a personal mission to investigation illegal activities of the Los Muertos gang.Besides expanding on Soldier 76's mission to hunt those who brought Overwatch down, Hero also highlights the hostility of citizens towards the Omnics – AI-controlled robots that were intended to help humans.Formerly known as Jack Morrison, he led Overwatch for 20 years and helped end the Omnic crisis before humanity labelled the group as criminals.Since the game does not have a story-mode, the company has continued to flesh out the Overwatch lore with a series of animated shorts, digital comics and a graphic novel, Overwatch: First Strike.Blizzard's previous animated shorts saw genetically-engineered gorilla Winston's desire to bring Overwatch back again, deadly French assassin Windowmaker stalking her prey, and the emotional story between warring brothers Hanzo and Genji.
In fact the head of the TSA was just forced to step down on Tuesday after an investigation conducted by Homeland Security revealed that 95% of weapons and explosives went undetected as they passed through airport security check points.Of course, that doesn t make it any less painful to endure, especially when you re running late for your flight and you arrive at a security line that stretches as far as the eye can see.HUGE LEAK: This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7Researchers from MIT s Research Laboratory of Electronics and Princeton University have developed a new quantum cascade laser the size of a computer chip.While terahertz spectroscopy is very effective, existing solutions require a heavy radiation source and can take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes to analyze an object and identify its spectroscopic signature.Terahertz spectroscopy uses electromagnetic radiation bands found in between microwaves and infrared light, and it is able to fingerprint a wide range of materials such as chemicals used in explosives.The technology s accuracy would make it ideal for airport security and several other applications, but current technological limitations represent a large barrier to adoption.
Twitter Inc. is sticking with its signature 140-character limit, but the allotment will start to feel a bit longer soon.The changes, to be rolled out gradually over the coming months, are part of efforts by Chief Executive Jack Dorsey to broaden Twitter s appeal at a time when the growth of its user base has stalled.Twitter also is now making it possible for users to retweet, or share, their own tweets, a capability that would let users recirculate a thought that might have gotten lost in the mix or add another comment to it later.As more people jump into the conversation, you can say even less and that s just wrong, said Mr. Dorsey.In response to various media reports at the time, Mr. Dorsey tweeted a screenshot of text—1,317 characters with space—explaining that Twitter could be much more powerful if the screenshot text could be searched or highlighted.Mr. Dorsey appeared to have changed his mind when he appeared on the Today show in March, saying the 140-character limit was here to stay.
EA and developer DICE have published the launch trailer for Mirror s Edge Catalyst, a reboot of the original that debuted in 2008.According to the YouTube video description, Connors stirs up trouble with the city s Conglomerate and the evil Gabriel Kruger.In a recent interview with Examiner, DICE Lead Producer Amo Mostofi said there are a lot of side quests that should give gamers plenty to do outside of the core storyline.Players will also be able to unlock certain benefits in the game, such as hacking a billboard to display your signature rather than the usual corporate messaging.Origin Access is EA s subscription gaming service that offers monthly access to a collection of PC titles as well as early access to select games before they re release.Curious as to whether or not your PC is powerful enough to run Mirror's Edge Catalyst?
The Razer Blade is a sleek machine that clearly takes inspiration from Apple s striking MacBook line.The feedback goes a long way when it comes to gaming, and there s enough resistance to let you comfortably rest your fingers on the keys without accidentally pressing them.When we booted up the Overwatch beta on the Blade, the Chroma profile automatically loaded up, highlighting commonly used keys in the game s signature blue and orange color palette.That s a rating that s just slightly better than the UX501, but not as strong as the almost-zero G752.It s the fastest version of the chip we ve laid hands on, but it s a gaming machine, so graphical power matters too.It doesn t compromise on performance to slim down, and an occasionally hot lap is the only real issue with the otherwise excellent system.
"The bill contains $315 million for the FCC—a cut of $69 million below the fiscal year 2016 enacted level and $43 million below the agency's request," said an announcement by the House Appropriations Committee chaired by Rep. Hal Rogers R-Ky. , who received $25,500 from the telecom industry in the current campaign cycle."The legislation prohibits the FCC from implementing the net neutrality order until certain court cases are resolved, requires newly proposed regulations to be made publicly available for 21 days before the Commission votes on them, prohibits the FCC from regulating broadband rates, and requires the FCC to refrain from further activity of the recently proposed set-top box rule until a study is completed."Republicans have previously proposed bills banning "rate regulation," even though the FCC has made no move to set the rates charged by home Internet providers.The FCC is currently examining zero-rating plans that impose data caps on some types of content and not others, but this bill would prevent the FCC from taking any action against such plans.The study would have to be peer-reviewed and conducted by an institution of higher education.But it's customary for FCC chairs to leave just before or within a few months after a new presidential term begins.
"It won't be a place to get high and just screw around," Jim McAlpine, founder of the cannabis event series 420 Games and cofounder of Power Plant Fitness, wrote in a blog on the company's website."We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side.The company hosts athletics events nationwide, where pot enthusiasts and their families compete in triathlons, obstacle courses, mountain bike races, golf tournaments, and the signature 4.20-mile run.New members will take a "cannabis performance assessment" under the supervision of staff to determine the "most optimal ways to consume.""We will be helping our members figure out how is best for them to ingest their cannabis," McAlpine tells Tech Insider in an email.McAlpine says the facility will allow edibles and vaping on-site to start, and plans to add an outdoor smoking deck for those who actually want to smoke in the future.Add in some physical exercise and it's hard to say what will happen.McAlpine hopes the cannabis performance assessment will help foster good habits on the gym floor.It could only happen in San Francisco.Read the original article on Tech Insider.
In September 2014, Twitter began testing ads with a button that select U.S. merchants sell their wares directly on Twitter.The Twitter spokesman said the commerce team will shift its efforts to focus on customer service and commerce-related ads, which have shown greater success for retailers.These ads, called dynamic product ads, show users images of products that they had previously viewed on the advertiser s website but for whatever reason had decided not to purchase.Facebook, which has tested buy buttons, has in recent years poured greater resources into dynamic product ads instead.He pointed to the announcement on Tuesday that Twitter was tweaking its format to not count media attachments and usernames sent in reply tweets against its signature 140-character limit in an attempt to make the product easier to use.The shareholders also approved Mr. Dorsey s plan to donate about 6.8 million of his Twitter shares, representing about one third of his total Twitter shares, to the employee equity pool.
Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance.These apps normally cost money and this sale lasts for a limited time only.You ll love this app — see what your signature says about you in two minutes or less.Available on:Not satisfied with your quality of sleep?You may be able to improve it with Yoga For Sleep, the app that taps into this ancient practice to aid in your rest.Available on:Keep yourself motivated throughout the day with this app that provides motivational and inspirational quotes aimed at keeping you focused on the goal, dedicated to completing that goal, and in a place where you can regather yourself with some motivation.
The Twitterati have spoken, and by a commanding margin you want to watch us play Overwatch, Blizzard s newly-released hero shooter.Following in the footsteps of Team Fortress 2 and competing more directly with the recent Battleborn and upcoming LawBreakers, Overwatch is a team first-person shooter where you can choose from a wide variety of characters, each featuring their own unique set of weapons, complementary abilities, and special powers.Blizzard s signature flair for design is here in full force, with a colorful and charming cast of heroes that could be right out of a Pixar movie.Join Digital Trends Will Fulton on Twitch at 1 p.m. EST as he demonstrates his thoroughly unimpressive FPS chops–remember, you asked for this!You can watch below or directly on DT s Twitch channel, where you can join the chat to help or harangue Will.
Emari TraffieOn the Song Exploder podcast, host Hrishikesh Hirway talks to musicians who take apart their songs and, piece by piece, tell the stories of how they were made.Los Angeles rapper Busdriver has been releasing albums with his signature hyperliterate, intellectual style since 2001.In this episode, he breaks down the 2015 song Worlds to Run along with the track s producer, Kenny Segal.It features guest vocals from Anderson .Paak and Milo, and both vocalists shaped Busdriver s vision for the song..Paak, for example, was never actually in the studio with Busdriver, and even though the two only communicated over the phone his vocals so impressed the rapper and his producer they considered simply letting .Paak s vocals stand alone.It was only after after playing all the vocal layers they recorded on top of each other that they decided to embrace the cacophony.
The gang is hoping that life at Lallybroch will somehow ease the memories of all that transpired in France—but we know better.The Frasers get a letter in which Charles Stuart states his rightful claim to the divine throne and forges Jamie s signature as one of his supporters.It s time for another road trip on horseback.Jamie needs to rally the troops, starting with Lord Simon Fraser Lovat at Beaufort Castle, and Claire goes along for the—wait, sorry, who the hell is Lord Lovat?How else can a man find his manhood than through a bit of seduction of a beguiling young virgin?In the wake of this bravado, Lord Lovat allows his son to lead their clan s men into battle.
Tesla will open its massive battery gigafactory to the general public on July 29.The company will host a grand opening event attended by, among others, owners who won tickets by participating in its most recent referral program.Those new owners are also helping spread the word in the absence of an official public announcement from Tesla.Contest winners received their invitations late Thursday and quickly began posting them to social media.A full copy of the emailed gigafactory invitation posted by a Kushari soon made its way to Tesla enthusiast site Teslarati.The factory is crucial to Tesla s goal of selling the 215-mile Model 3 at a base price of $35,000 before federal, state, and local incentives .Such a large factory is needed to produce lithium-ion battery cells cheaply enough to achieve that price.The gigafactory is already building some battery packs for stationary energy storage, but it isn t fabricating the cells inside them.Drone footage taken earlier this year showed a largely completed building, painted in Tesla s signature white with red accents.Throughout the construction process, analysts have debated whether the gigafactory will be completed on time and whether it will really be able to deliver the promised savings on cells when it s finished.Tesla must meet certain targets in order to get the full $1 billion in tax incentives offered to it by the Nevada state government over a 20-year period.In the shorter term, Tesla must ensure that the gigafactory can actually produce the battery cells required for volume production of battery packs for the Model 3.The company already has somewhere north of 300,000 preorders for the car, which is expected to begin production sometime next year.
The payment application data security standard PA-DSS has been updated to help businesses better install, update, and patch their hardware.The guides are a global effort by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to improve the shabby state of electronic payments around the world through the implementation of baseline security standards around credit cards.Critical changes in version 3.2 of the PA-DSS include clarifications to existing requirements that align the document to the payment card industry data security standard PCI DSS .Those reading will have better information for patching and protecting troubleshooting debugging logs that can be exploited during a compromise.Security standards council chief technology officer Troy Leach says the guide is critical to payment security.That s why in addition to updating PA-DSS to support PCI DSS 3.2, we ve added more guidance to help integrators, resellers, and others implementing payment software to configure it properly and protect payment account data.
The probe has been underway for about half a year now, and concerns the widespread series of illnesses resulting from E. coli O121.It is possible the outbreak is linked to some of General Mills flour brands, including Signature Kitchen sold in some grocery stores, Wondra flour and the most commonly known Gold Medal flour.According to the CDC, about half of the 38 affected individuals had done some baking befor getting sick, with some of them having used General Mills flour, and some of them having eaten raw batters or doughs made with the flours.The European Space Agency has announced that its Rosetta probe has detected some of these building blocks of life within the dust and gas that surrounds Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.The ESA says among the key organic compounds that Rosetta discovered are phosphorus, which is a component of DNA, and the amino acid glycine, which is used to make proteins."Having found glycine in more than one comet shows that neither Wild 2 nor 67P are exceptions," said lead researcher Kathrin Altwegg, adding that Rosetta's discovery backs up the theory that amino acids are commonly found "in regions of the universe where stars and planets have formed."
Stealth Israeli startup Sirin Labs officially launched its super high-end Android smartphone at an event in London today, bringing to an end years of speculation about what the company s been cooking up behind the scenes.Sirin Labs was founded in 2013 by Kazakh entrepreneur Kenges Rakishev, Israeli venture capitalist Moshe Hogeg the same guy behind Yo and Mobli , and former McKinsey consultant Tal Cohen.The mission?The company had raised a $25 million seed round a couple of years back, followed by a chunky $72 million round just last month.Solarin promises the most advanced privacy technology, currently unavailable outside the agency world, and has partnered with KoolSpan to integrate chip-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption, similar to what the military uses to protect communications.It s activated via a physical security switch on the back of the phone.But plans are afoot to open additional retail stores across Europe, North America, and Asia later in the year.Ludicrously expensive phones aren t entirely without precedent — Nokia dumped luxury-phone brand Vertu back in 2012, but only after it had brought to market a number of eye-poppingly expensive handsets, such as the $310,000 Signature Cobra and the $5,000 Constellation.After leaving Nokia, Vertu brought out its first Android device — the $10,000 Vertu Ti — and was eventually acquired from Swedish private equity group EQT by a consortium of Chinese investors back in November.We ll also be trying to get a hands-on with the Solarin phone and update with more photos.
This month, Facebook urged users to register to vote by providing a link from its platform to the secretary of state's website.Change can be slow, as the case of Jonathan Padilla illustrates.Allpoint, co-founded by Democratic political strategist Jude Barry, transmits a person's touch-screen signature to a remote robotic pen, which writes that signature in ink on a paper version of the form.She's not allowed to consider other factors, such as whether a technology is legit or not.The state argues that candidate Padilla violated the California Election Code, which says signatures should be "personally affixed" on nomination forms.Allpoint is a "novel, untested and unregulated digital technology" that raises concerns about "voter privacy, fraud prevention and integrity of the electoral process," the state's court papers say.