Mingle Games has unveiled a game that could help you fall asleep and get better quality sleep.Calming Lia is a night-time match-3 puzzle game for iOS devices.The Prague, Czech Republic-based indie game studio created the game to reduce the negative effect of playing games before going to sleep.The free-to-play mobile puzzle adventure game features hand-drawn art and charming, vivid character animations.Intended specifically for night play, and encouraging the use of the iOS Night Shift mode, Calming Lia gives players a variety of quests and in-game elements that make each level a fun, challenging puzzle to solve.The story of Calming Lia focuses on Lia, an imaginative young lady who lives in the world, dreaming of dreamland when she sleeps, and Bao, a friendly bear with endearing racoon-like features who represents Lia s courage and well-being throughout her adventures in dreamland.It was important to me to create a game that can be played at night and help calm the brain so that the player can have a good night s sleep.Calming Lia is designed to deliver a compelling yet restful experience as you get ready to go to bed.Players will travel the world, from the depths of magical woods to the peaks of sky-tearing mountains, and further on and into the mysterious land of dreams.