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Are you looking to pursue a career as a VR software developer or 3D designer/artist?We’ve prepared a list of 8 online courses you can take advantage of to boost skills and gain firsthand experience with creating remarkable virtual reality and 3D visualization experiences for others.This online course aims at helping anyone willing to learn Unity to create VR experiences targeting a device as simple as iOS/Android cardboard.No previous programming experience is required.This course is designed for intermediate to advanced Unity developers who want to build Virtual Reality applications for mobile platforms.You’ll learn how to design, develop, troubleshoot, and publish your own mobile VR applications in Unity for Google Daydream, Gear VR, or Oculus Go devices.
Account hijacking claimed by some but it may just be a developer behaving badlyAnother JavaScript package in the npm registry - the installer for PureScript - has been tampered with, leading project maintainers to revise their software to purge the malicious code.After a week of reports of unexpected behavior, software developer and PureScript contributor Harry Garrood on Friday published his account of the affair.The installer, invoked by typing npm i -g purescript from the command line, was designed to install PureScript, a programming language that compiles to JavaScript, on the user's system using the npm command line interface.According to Garrood, the installer was originally developed and maintained by Shinnosuke Watanabe (@shinnn), a developer based in Japan.The PureScript maintainers had disagreements with Watanabe about the upkeep of the installer and asked him to transfer the project to their control.
Respawn Entertainment, in its continuing fight against cheaters and spammers in Apex Legends, will soon match them up against each other to prevent them from destroying the experience for legitimate players.The developer, in a check-in post on Reddit, provided a glimpse into what it is working on behind the scenes to combat cheating in the battle royale shooter.One of the features that Respawn is working on is matchmaking that will place detected cheaters and spammers in games against each other.By making them fight against each other, legitimate players will be saved from the frustration of going up against cheaters, though Redditors believe that there are other benefits to Respawn’s move.Redditor Danksop said that by making cheaters fight against each other instead of outright banning them, they will remain off the game’s live servers as a ban will likely just make them create another account immediately.Cheaters may soon figure out that they are going up against other cheaters exclusively, and may then create a new account to get back to the live servers.
Fortnite Mobile players using iPhones with the iOS 13 beta experienced various issues with the game.Developer Epic Games says trying out the new beta may not be the best idea right now.Epic recommended to not use the iOS 13 beta when playing Fortnite Mobile in a tweet Friday.The developer cited "stability concerns" as the reason for giving the warning about the new iPhone OS.Apple released iOS 13 beta on June 24 for public testing along with MacOS Catalina and iPadOS.Days after its release, Fortnite Mobile players experienced regular crashes with the beta installed on their iPhones.
DigiFutura is design driven application development company focused to create compelling user experience design digital experiences and building topnotch highly scalable web and mobile applications for enterprises, startups and SME's.DigiFutura is excited to have recently been selected as one of the top web developers in India by Clutch in their 2019 report.Companies were selected based on a set of quantitative and qualitative criteria, including presence in the market and quality of work.Clutch ranks small and mid-market businesses in the industry to provide the buyer with an overview of our relative performance and capabilities.This recognition as one of the leading developers in India attests to the strength of our customer service and ability to deliver quality solutions.Our Clutch reviews go into more detail about our level of communication, project management, and other factors relevant to a business partnership.
Well, this is the correct step as it minimizes the risk of product disaster upon its launch.You Can Categorize the Entire Full Stack Development in Three Stages Namely :The Front-end or the Presentation LayerThis concentrates on the client-side development of the app or product where you create the User Interface (UI).The Backend or the Business LogicThis is identified as the server-side layer of the application.The backend development languages are used to develop the logic for the website or app.
A leading cross-platform framework, Flutter has reached a new milestone, and Google’s this UI framework has recently released its 1.7 version with a plenty of new elements, components, improvements and bug-fixes to user-reported issues.AndroidX Support for New AppsThe absolute first thing that is new in Flutter 1.7 is support for AndroidX.What’s more, in the long run would go about as a noteworthy pointer towards for what reason should android developers center around Flutter.Android App Bundles and 64-bit SupportFrom August 1st, 2019, Android apps that use native code and target Android 9 Pie will be required to provide a 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit version when publishing to the Google Play Store.
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A software developer fled to China from America with vital train transportation system computer code, US prosecutors have alleged.Xudong "William" Yao stole the software blueprints from his former employer, an unnamed locomotive manufacturer based in Chicago, it is claimed, flew to the Middle Kingdom, and took up a job with a Chinese biz that specializes in automotive telematics – think vehicle monitoring, tracking, and communications.Yao was indicted by Uncle Sam in December 2017 roughly two years after he bailed out of the United States in 2015.His indictment [PDF] was unsealed by the court on Thursday this week after prosecutors agreed there was no longer a reason to keep the allegations hush-hush.According to the indictment, Yao, 57, joined the unnamed locomotive builder in August 2014 as a software engineer and almost immediately began hoarding commercially sensitive documents.Just weeks into his employment, prosecutors say, he had already amassed a cache of 3,000 files containing trade secrets belonging to his employer, including source code for the control system software used to drive the locomotives.
In a wide-ranging discussion today at VentureBeat’s AI conference Transform in San Francisco, AWS AI VP Swami Sivasubramanian declared “Every innovation in technology is going to be driven by developers.”Sivasubramanian made the statement while talking about growing demand for machine learning engineers and internal efforts at Amazon to train more employees to use machine learning.Facebook VP Jérôme Pesenti also stressed plans to make machine learning part of each of its employees jobs.Earlier today, Amazon committed $700 million to upskill its U.S. workers.“Amazon developed what we call Machine Learning University.This is what we use to train our own engineers on machine learning even if they didn’t take it as part of their own university [course work],” he said.
By Willie Tejada, GM and Chief Developer Advocate at IBMThere are about 23 million software developers in the world, with the talent, tools, and drive to take on the planet's greatest challenges.How do we collaborate to help direct that power to the most pressing needs?We believe three basic elements could help drive innovation and have a major impact: a focused problem statement, a starter kit to get participants up and running, and an inspirational example to help them reach the finish line.Last year, we shared a problem statement and call to action through the inaugural Call for Code Global Challenge.We called on software developers to contribute their skills and time to focus on creating solutions to natural disasters — and they showed up in a big way.
Earlier this year, at MWC, Microsoft announced the return of its Kinect sensor in the form of an AI developer kit.The $399 Azure Kinect DK camera system includes a 1MP depth camera, 360-degree microphone, 12MP RGB camera and an orientation sensor, all in a relatively small package.The kit has been available for pre-order for a few months now, but as the company announced today, it’s now generally available and shipping to pre-order customers in the U.S. and China.Unlike the original Kinect, which launched as an Xbox gaming accessory that never quite caught on, the Azure Kinect is all business.It’s meant to give developers a platform to experiment with AI tools and plug into Azure’s ecosystem of machine learning services (though using Azure is not mandatory).To help developers get started, the company already launched a number of SDKs, including a preview of a body-tracking SDK that is close to what you may remember from the Kinect’s Xbox days.
What exactly is the difference between Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE (integrated development environment) and its Visual Studio Code source code editor?This is a question that is popping up more often as Visual Studio Code gains momentum among developers.If you ask Microsoft, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are distinctly different products that serve different needs.Visual Studio integrates all kinds of tools in one environment, from designers, code analyzers, and debuggers to testing and deployment tools.The cross-platform editor complements a developer’s existing tool chain, and is leveraged for web and cloud applications.But while Microsoft views the two tools as complementary, developers have been raising questions about redundancy for years.
Apple has opened a design and development accelerator in Shanghai — its first for China — to help local developers create better apps as the iPhone maker looks to scale its services business in one of its key overseas markets.At the accelerator, Apple has begun to hold regular lectures, seminars and networking sessions for developers, the company said this week.It is similar to an accelerator it opened in Bangalore about two years ago.In India, where Apple has about half a million app developers, the accelerator program has proven crucially useful, more than three dozen developers who have enrolled for the program have told TechCrunch over the years.Apple said more than 2.5 million developers from greater China, which includes Taiwan and Hong Kong, actively build apps for its platform.These developers have earned more than $29 billion through App Store sales.
Amazon Game Studios is teaming up with Athlon Games to co-develop to co-develop and publish a free-to-play Lord of the Rings MMO for PC and console.We first heard news of the upcoming MMO last year, however Amazon Game Studios' involvement is new, as is the revelation that the studio brings with it a team that includes veteran developers who've worked on popular MMOs such as World of Warcraft and Destiny.Best upcoming games 2019: most anticipated titles for PS4, Xbox One and SwitchBest games 2019: our favorite PC and console games of the yearAccording to Amazon Game Studios, the MMO will take place in the Middle-earth portrayed in The Lord of the Rings literary trilogy.Previously the game was set to be a prequel to the well-known stories of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, instead taking place in the deep history of Middle-earth, and conveniently avoiding any canonical issues.
In this article, we have gathered:Tips on how to choose the framework that is best suited for your project ·The top four PHP solutions and their main featuresThe top four PHP frameworks comparison table 
Low-code platforms offer many advantages to developers.A graphical, drag-and-drop app builder hosted in the cloud, Zoho Creator provides an abstract, yet powerful environment for developers to dive straight into application logic, skipping infrastructure, database, and other tedious implementations.Low-code is a vital part of app delivery, but there is a common misconception that it is intended only for small-scale development.These include day-to-day apps such as an online parking system, inventory, pricing approval, and customer feedback apps.How Zoho Creator speeds up developmentForget the infrastructure, because you can now build, run, and test apps without worrying about servers.
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US tech titan Apple has opened a Design and Development Accelerator in Shanghai to help serve the 2.5 million Apple app developers in the country, Shanghai Daily reported.Located in the Pudong New Area, the center is the first Apple facility of its kind in China.It will support developers by offering lectures, seminars, experiments, training, and community events.Chinese developers previously said that it was hard to communicate with Apple because its application regulation team was located overseas.