Company says no sign user data accessed…Developer community Stack Overflow has been hacked, with “some level of production access” gained on May 11, the company reported late Thursday in a short 73-word statement.Mary Ferguson VP of Engineering at Stack Overflow confirmed the breach in a security post stating that: “We discovered and investigated the extent of the access and are addressing all known vulnerabilities.We have not identified any breach of customer or user data.”She added: “Our customers’ and users’ security is of the utmost importance to us.After we conclude our investigation cycle, we will provide more information.”
Google predictably strirred up a hornet’s nest when it announced at its annual developers conference that it would be shutting down the Works with Nest (WWN) program on August 31, 2019.This would have led to all existing Nest integrations not working beyond that date, in addition to forcing existing Nest customers to migrate their accounts to Google accounts and use Google Assistant to control their smart home setups.Now in a bid to reassure third-party device makers and Nest users, Michele Turner, Director of Product and Smart Home Ecosystem for Google Nest, has addressed most of the concerns surrounding the transition by sharing an updated timeline of what exactly is set to happen after the cutoff date.“The decision to retire WWN was made to unify our efforts around third-party connected home devices under a single platform for developers to build features for a more helpful home.The goal is to simplify the experience for developers and to give you more control over how your data is shared,” she said in the blog post.While Google is still going ahead with integrating Nest into its broader range of smart home devices under the new Google Nest brand, it said it is wholly committed to supporting the existing integrations until the transition to “Works with Google Assistant” (WWGA) is fully complete.
A new open source project called SwiftWasm aims to integrate a WebAssembly back-end into the official Swift compiler.The project, still in the earliest stages, would allow developers to use the Swift programming language to build applications that run in web browsers.SwiftWasm compiles Swift code to WebAssembly, which provides a target binary format that allows languages besides JavaScript to be compiled to run in a browser.Developers can try Swift on WebAssembly now using SwiftWasm’s cloud-hosted toolchain, and run the resulting WebAssembly executables in both browsers and stand-alone WebAssembly runtimes.[ Learn Swift: 15 beginner-friendly resources for iOS app development.• Swift guide for experienced developers.
Developer knowledge sharing site Stack Overflow has confirmed hackers breached its systems, but said customer data is unaffected.“Over the weekend, there was an attack on Stack Overflow,” wrote Mary Ferguson, vice president of engineering.“We have confirmed that some level of production access was gained on May 11.”“We discovered and investigated the extent of the access and are addressing all known vulnerabilities,” said Ferguson.“We have not identified any breach of customer or user data,” she said.An investigation into the breach is ongoing.
As someone who has worked closely with the developers, I can make you sure that no matter what is the area of computer-related technology these zealous people inhabit, they regularly cope up with new ideas and concept with the existing projects, responsibilities and spontaneous crises which can change from minor to catastrophic change in seconds.Meanwhile, every approach gets the job done in the short span of time, but it is an important thing to not only focus on achieving short-term solutions but the long-lasting essence.To get the most out of limited time and resources, developers need solutions to help them minimize the time wasted and maximize their efforts.Benefiting in various ways, open source also brings new security and compliance challenges, and currently, most developers lack the necessary tools to handle these unique challenges alone.Well, there are some software composition analysis solutions, like WhiteSource, automate the approach of choosing and approving open source components and send alerts in real time on security and compliances issues so that you can use open source freely without having the worries about vulnerabilities.There is a deadline tomorrow.
From Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg to Larry Page and Sergey Brin - some of the world’s most powerful CEOs have cut their teeth as computer developers and coders.However, despite these high-profile examples, developers have often been criticised for not having much talent for, or even interest, in the business side of things.But as the world becomes increasingly led by technology, what was a rare sight at the beginning of the noughties - companies led by developers schooled within computer or design studies - is now becoming more common.Tech's ultimate success: software developers are now more valuable to companies than moneyAnd even if a CEO has no background in development, you can hedge your bets that they’re doing their utmost to harness and grow the talent and capabilities of developers within their organisation.Developers now run this world
Buying Bitnami boosts VMware's pursuit of a multi-cloud strategy.VMware is buying Bitnami, the maker of pre-packaged applications for the cloud, after the startup's founders decided that it was risky to keep going without raising more money.The San Francisco-based Bitnami makes software app packages that make it easier for developers to build services in different cloud formats.It got started with help from angel investors and the famed Y Combinator startup accelerator, and grew to become a profitable business."We primarily bootstrapped the business, having raised just $1.1M from Y Combinator and a handful of great angels, when we were already profitable," they wrote in a blog post announcing the sale."This was a decision we didn't take lightly, but not raising money had its own risks, including potentially missing a window of opportunity in the industry."
In today's time, app developers have numerous settings to work towards developing mobile applications.NativeScript is a framework that takes care of this problem and creates native Android applications and iOS applications in type-script, angular or javascript without ever playing a similar and consistent performance, without messing with user experience.You need an application with original performanceThere are a lot of settings available in Market Offers developers to develop iOS and Android apps from the same codebase.While Cordova-based configurations use WebView to display UI in HTML, the native script offers native Android and iOS UI controls perfectly.You want to access the open source device
In addition to a 15-inch primary display, the machine comes with a petite 6-inch 1080p touchscreen panel located just slightly above the keyboard.I’m not much of a PC gamer (although I am partial to the occasional bit of Civilization), but I am a software developer by training, and something like the HP Omen X 2S is extremely attractive to me.This would allow me to quickly glance at code samples and method explanations, all without having to break my concentration by switching tabs.Similarly, tech workers with grueling travel schedules could find it helps them be productive, as they churn out lines of code from the desk of a dismal airport hotel.Another thing that makes the HP Omen X 2S attractive to code-monkeys is the fact that it’s undeniably powerful.You’d expect that from any gaming machine worth its salt.
The biggest similarity between Python and Java is that everything is an object, support cross-platform, has immutable strings and has deep relatively standard libraries.Besides these, there are some dissimilarities like Python has a distributed support while Java has a single corporate sponsor while Python has a distributed support.Python and Java are compiled down to byte-code and subsequently run on virtual machines (which isolate the languages from the vagaries of the underlying hardware).Python relishes developer community support and excessive features that make Python suitable for machine learning applications.According to researchers, if an application is to be built from scratch, it’s good to prefer Java as a programming language.It is already very popular
Twitter created the Twitter Developer Labs program to involve developers in building the next generation of the social network’s application-programming interface, with a focus on strengthening the public conversation.Group product manager Ian Cairns said in a blog post that developers will be able to test new API products early and share their feedback.The initial focus of Twitter Developer Labs will be on conversational data, including academics and researchers who study interactions on the social network, as well as social listening and analytics providers that build products for other businesses.Cairns wrote, “Twitter has significantly changed since we introduced the v1.1 API in 2012, as has the way developers use the Twitter API.Going forward, we want to make it easier for more developers to get started and grow with us, while continuing to provide a useful, open and free API offering.We’re building the future of our developer platform with a diverse range of developers in mind.”
This is an example of serverless computing — a technology that allows developers to focus more on writing code, and less on managing their infrastructure.Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, explains why serverless is the future of cloud computing, and how the company is trying to make it more accessible to people.To backtrack a bit: Serverless computing is a technological trend that grown in popularity in recent years.Despite the name, serverless computing still requires servers.The difference is that, rather than setting up a bunch of servers ahead of time to perform a specific task — image processing, for example — serverless computing allows software to automatically spin up a bunch of servers from the cloud, as needed, and vanish them into the ether when the task is done.For developers, it means not having to put in the time and effort of managing a lot of server infrastructure — and that you don't have to have systems that sit around idle, costing the developer money, until their specific function is called on.
Here, we present you the differentiation among these three frameworks.Xamarin provides tools that can help developers in creating cross-platform mobile apps.According to Xamarin stats, 15000+ companies, including many big names (like 010, Siemens, and The World Bank) are dependent on Xamarin tools.Has the ability which was only limited to native apps, and that is to allow applications to work offlineUses native libraries with absolutely no issues.Provides very limited access to various important libraries for developing applications.
Google is trying to convince Android smartphone app developers that integration with Google Assistant is a way to spark re-engagement among users.App actions create deep links between an Android smartphone app and Google Assistant.They launched in four categories: Health & Fitness, Finance and Banking, Ridesharing, and Food Ordering.“It will unlock a much faster and deeper Android experience than ever, thanks to Google’s advances with on-device AI, but we know that mobile apps will continue to be the foundation of how users get things done on Android, and so we envision a seamless connection with the mobile ecosystem to be a key feature of the next generation assistant and were excited to work with you to make that happen via app actions,” he said.App Actions transfer intents and commands from Google Assistant directly to an app and will let users do things like order Dunkin’ Donuts, buy stock with Etrade, send money with PayPal, or start to track an exercise with the Nike Run Club app.“I think this in some ways an evolution of that idea, like can we just gather the parameters in the first invocation and pass it directly to the app, and we also see that it’s easier for developers, because all the work it takes to do this is all in Android Studio, all in their APK, they don’t have to build a separate experience,” Google group product manager Brad Abrams told VentureBeat in an interview.
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Twitter today announced plans to build “the next generation of the Twitter API” that will provide more flexibility and better serve developers.As a first step, the company is launching Twitter Developer Labs, a program to let developers preview new features and test new API products before they are finalized.Participating developers will be asked to provide feedback on what they like and don’t like ahead of the broad rollout.Twitter has added enterprise data APIs and the Ads API, but the main API has largely stagnated.“We know that we have to rebuild trust with some groups of developers, and that we have to maintain trust with everybody building on our platform,” Twitter product manager Ian Cairns told VentureBeat.By inviting them to give us feedback on what we’re building, and including their voices in the future of the platform.”
Any business that wants to improve its customer service or expand its reach, will usually depend on the help of app developers.There are several reasons why the list of businesses is being prepared to help Demand Ape Developers.On-demand app developers give simplicity to everyone and this is a major aspect of the development process.From there, on-demand app developers will focus on functionality and flexibility.Once the app is proven to be safe and flexible, viewers are more likely to enjoy using it.If a customer finds that an app is not displaying seamlessly, they can immediately remove it.
People find it interesting only when you produce features that outsmart the existing one.Ask whether your developers estimated the competition in the current marketBefore starting a business, it is crucial to calculate your competitor’s strength in the industry.Ask whether they follow any specific development processEach company follows its own development process, so make sure you know them thoroughly.Once analyzed, you come to know how they work in critical hours, how long they take to complete their work, and how they resolve their issues.
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