I cannot believe how many websites I m finding for businesses that do not work properly on mobile devices!Major news organizations, attorneys and even Apple s own website that introduces people to their new 7 Plus iPhone requires a magnifying glass to read the text even on one of the biggest phones in the world with one of the largest display screens.There is also a side scroll bug on the Apple website that prevents the entire top navigation menu from being displayed properly in vertical mode requiring users to flip to horizontal to even see the selections.In other words, your website needs to be responsive.No matter whether a visitor to your website is browsing on a laptop, iPad or a phone it simply needs to work.Scott Web Media specialists can redesign your website so that it is responsive to all devices.
the turn of the year in telecom operator DNA to seek confirmation from the sales team.there was a phone sales job, fixed täkyllä: temporary workforce to care Baronan in the name of the job were offered in Spanish in Fuengirola.I Prefer sales in sunny Spain than in cold Finland.DNA competitor Telia intends to hire this year hundreds of new employees, summer workers in addition.Financial giant OP to keep searching for hundreds of it industry specialists.Kokisautomaatit and billiards game you can forget, the more important is job content, wages, holidays and work colleagues.
Android Pay's UK launch is promising but could be held back by malware concerns, security and payment experts warn.A third of Brits think that in just five years time they will no longer need cash, according to a recent Lloyds Bank survey.Transport for London TfL is one of those leading this cashless trend with 3.2 million commuters some 35,000 people a day paying for journeys with their mobile devices since Apple Pay s launch.Simon Black, chief exec at international payment specialists PPRO Group, added that recent which looks at how Android Pay has recently been performing in the US offers some clues about its UK debut.Since its launch in the US last September, Android Pay has been gathering momentum, with now over a million stores – such as Disney Store, Macy s and McDonald s – all accepting it for payments, Black said.The head to head between Android Pay and Samsung Pay, a prime competitor, in the UK will be a key factor in shaping the emerging mobile payments market.
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Mrsa BacteriaPharmaceutical companies and governments need to provide $40 billion £27.32bn to help tackle deaths caused by antibiotic resistance, a major review has urged.Lord Jim O'Neill, who has led an 18 month research group on drug resistance, has said people should stop treating antibiotics as "sweets" as he presented the findings of his work.The antimicrobial resistance AMR review has put forward 29 recommendations to combat deaths caused by the growing threat.To aid the development of new antibiotics, O'Neill proposed that pharmaceutical companies should contribute to the costs of measures to tackle the problems.He said there should be a "surcharge on the rest of the industry that chooses not to play" and that "we think that is an option that should be given serious attention from policy makers".By 2020 there should be ways for trained specialists, although not necessarily doctors, to be able to diagnose someone through their DNA using smartphones or other handheld devices, added O'Neill.
You d have more control over the nutrients, with the same emotional benefits of sharing a meal with your pet that you d have with a human.The following infographic from Breeder Retriever shows some basic guidelines for using your slow cooker to make dog food, one layer at a time.But we have to urge you to use caution: this is a formula, not a recipe.Homemade food is a great option for many pets, but we recommend that owners avoid general recipes from books and the Internet and instead consult with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, said Jennifer Larsen, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis and lead author on the study.These specialists have advanced training in nutrition to help formulate customized and nutritionally appropriate recipes.So use this infographic as a guide click here to enlarge — and then show it to a veterinary nutritionist to get their thoughts about which ingredients are best for your pet.
In recent years, tech has infiltrated just about every sector of our lives actually though and art is no exception.Paddle8 is home to an extensive contemporary art collection carefully selected by specialists.The Israel-based startup also lets you curate your own art collection and share your favorite pieces with fellow art enthusiasts.FRAEMd lets you swipe through different works, saves your preferences and sorts their large art database according to your tastes.ArtsperExperts select the best of contemporary art galleries and put them up for sale on Artsper.Find out more about who s challenging conventions in the art scene on Index!
The monolithic infrastructure and applications that have powered businesses over the past few decades are giving way to distributed and modular alternatives.As a result, developers can focus on their own unique functionality and surround it with fully functional, distributed processes developed by other specialists, which they access through APIs.On last check, ProgrammableWeb was providing searchable access to almost 15,000 APIs, with more being added on a daily basis.They aggregate retail transactions across hundreds of companies, which allows them to understand a breadth of fraud markers better than any individual customer could.This opportunity is not limited to new upstarts.The low-touch sales model, recurring revenue and lack of customer concentration lead to a very attractive business model.
China-based smartphone maker OnePlus has announced some interesting plans ahead of the launch of its next flagship phone, the OnePlus 3.The company has teamed up with VR specialists AntVR to build 30,000 specially-made OnePlus Loop VR headsets, and it s giving away 30,000 of them on a first-come, first-served basis.This echos a move made by the company last year when it gave away 30,000 Google Cardboard-style VR viewers to encourage fans to watch the launch event for the OnePlus 2 in virtual reality.From a cost perspective, the difference between giving away $5 cardboard viewers and a fully-fledged Samsung Gear-style headset is surely substantial.But as OnePlus notes, these will likely become collectors items as they will be in very limited supply.Similar to last year, you ll be able to watch the OnePlus 3 launch event remotely in virtual reality by sliding your smartphone inside the Loop VR headset, and it s compatible with most smartphones between 5 and 6 inches in screensize.Inspired by a certain fan video, we took to our imagination of where OnePlus would be decades from now, having moved our headquarters to space.The imaginary space station is called The Loop, and OnePlus is touting this as the world s first global shopping experience in VR — you will be able to order the new OnePlus 3 through a VR mall before anyone else.OnePlus has gained significant attention for its low-price, high-spec Android phones, with its last flagship — the OnePlus 2 — getting generally positive reviews.It also spun-out a second phone last year, a device that we reckoned wasn t quite up to flagship status, though that was never its intention.We don t have an official launch date yet for the OnePlus 3, but the company could be setting a trend with its virtual reality launch events — back in February, Samsung launched its latest Galaxy flagship through VR at MWC in Barcelona, though the Korean tech titan did so at a physical event.
In addition, the UK came third overall in terms of human capital, coming fifth in terms of internet literacy and sixth in terms of ICT specialists and basic digital skills."A true digital economy is one where businesses take full advantage of the possibilities and benefits offered by digital technologies, both to improve their efficiency and productivity, as well as to reach customers and realise sales," the report said.The report found that online service completion, the sophistication of provisioned services and the availability of pre-filled forms were very poor.Ahead of the UK overall in terms of their digital advancement were Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Belgium.The European Commission figures also revealed that the UK is one of the largest beneficiaries of funding from Horizon 2020, a project that awards funding to innovative research projects.The UK has received €2.1bn from Horizon 2020 since the launch of this programme in 2014 it runs till 2020 and €7bn under the Framework Programme & FP7 , the predecessor research funding programmeGreece and Slovenia were the countries that received the highest funding in relation to the size of their IT sector.
The new product is a hyperconverged hardware and software bundle that Nutanix says starts at US$25,000 for an entry-level three-node cluster capable of running from 10 to 400 or 500 virtual machines.Nutanix says the secret sauce is its software, which aims to make administering VMs and hardware simple enough that outfits of any size won't need specialists dedicated to wrangling servers and storage.Xpress takes that concept even further by omitting some of Nutanix's higher-end and more complex features: out go erasure codes, availability domains and multi-site disaster recovery.Also gone, presumably for the sake of performance, is encryption for data at rest.And The Register recently learned that SimpliVity has found some tactics it thinks has put a rocket under its channel sales.A broader portfolio therefore looks like a fine idea for Nutanix, not least because it still intends to float some time during 2016.
The news service cites anonymous sources familiar with the matter, as well as a review of LinkedIn profiles.The report notes that discussions with charging-infrastructure companies do not pertain to electric-car charging for Apple employees, a service the company already provides at its workplaces.Neither Apple nor any charging companies that were contacted would directly confirm the discussions.Apple also hired at least four electric vehicle charging specialists recently, according to Reuters.Lack of charging stations has been one of the toughest hurdles for electric cars to overcome.Tesla developed its own charging system called Supercharger, while other automakers have worked with the infrastructure companies.
France s financial prosecutor s office has confirmed that the raid, which involved dozens of French police officers, 25 IT specialists, and a number of tax officials, is part of an investigation into tax evasion and money laundering."The investigation aims to verify whether Google Ireland Ltd has a permanent base in France and if, by not declaring parts of its activities carried out in France, it failed its fiscal obligations, including on corporate tax and value added tax," the prosecutor's office said in statement.Earlier this year, it was reported that Italian police suspect Google had managed to evade 227 million euros $247.5 million in taxes between 2009 and 2013.After a six-year investigation, Google came to an agreement with the UK government in January to pay back 3 percent tax, or $181 million, to cover money owed since 2005.It s not just Europe that s unhappy with these tech companies' actions.Some US officials want the money brought back into the country so it can be taxed and help reduce the nation s deficit.
3D printing is slowly but surely changing the way we look at manufacturing and how we approach problem-solving across a wide array of industries.Whether it s a home-based product like the ThingMaker from Mattel, a 3D printing BioPen that lets doctors draw cartilage implants during surgery, a prototype that prints metal in midair or an industrial-grade machine like HP s new Jet Fusion 3D printer, advancements in manufacturing technology really are impacting the world around us.The latest example of this comes from Dubai where the first functioning 3D printed office building is now in commission.The facility, which Dubai first announced in the summer of 2015, was printed using a special mixture of cement, gypsum reinforced with glass fiber and plastic that has undergone a range of tests in China and the UK to ensure its reliability.Designers went with an arc shape for the exterior for both safety and stability purposes.According to Emirates 24/7 News, labor for the project included one staffer to monitor the printer s function, seven people to install the building s components on-site and a team of 10 electricians and other specialists to handle electrical and mechanical installations.
Our mates over at Kotaku have been tipped off about a new pair of consoles Microsoft allegedly has in the works.According to sources, a compact Xbox One with a 2TB hard drive that s double the capacity of the current top-end model is set to land later this year, with a proper, full-sized follow-up, codenamed Scorpio cool codename , expected to launch in 2017.Scorpio is said to squeeze in a more powerful GPU, and would be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift .Microsoft is reportedly trying to chat up Palmer Luckey and co, in the hope of establishing close ties with the VR specialists.You can read more about what that could entail over at Kotaku.As if you needed any more reasons to be hyped about E3.
Our mates over at Kotaku have been tipped off about a new pair of consoles Microsoft allegedly has in the works.According to sources, a compact Xbox One with a 2TB hard drive that s double the capacity of the current top-end model is set to land later this year, with a proper, full-sized follow-up, codenamed Scorpio cool codename , expected to launch in 2017.Scorpio is said to squeeze in a more powerful GPU, and would be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift .Microsoft is reportedly trying to chat up Palmer Luckey and co, in the hope of establishing close ties with the VR specialists.You can read more about what that could entail over at Kotaku.As if you needed any more reasons to be hyped about E3.
It s less about revenge and more about specific deterrence, Thiel told Sorkin.Thiel went on to explain that he had decided several years ago to secretly fund multiple cases to try to cripple Gawker, saying if he didn t fight on behalf of Gawker s victims, he feared no one would.His first step was to hire a legal team to look for cases that he could help financially support.While some think Thiel is right to stick it to an outlet that at times seemed to rely on tormenting him to meet its traffic targets, others — including reporters and First Amendment specialists — expressed concern today that Thiel and other wealthy benefactors could effectively silence journalists and other critics by funding lawsuits against them.Indeed, though not illegal or new — American Lawyer says more third parties are covering legal fees than ever before — the suddenly high-profile case has seemingly raised awareness about the practice, for better or worse.Featured Image: Noah Berger/Getty Images
Image copyright Sala Lewis Image caption Mr Zang, right, received the prize at a ceremony in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaCameroonian inventor Arthur Zang has won a £25,000 $37,000 prize for his device that does heart examinations.It allows health workers to give heart examinations and send the results to heart specialists far away.BBC Africa's Mamadou Moussa Ba says there are just 50 cardiologists in Cameroon, which has a population of 20 million people.The results from his Cardiopad are sent to a cardiologist via a mobile network and can be interpreted within 20 minutes."My uncle died from a stroke after I had already started working on the Cardiopad and this gave me extra motivation to see the project through to the end", Mr Zang told the BBC earlier this month.Last year's winner of the award was Tanzanian chemical engineer Askwar Hilonga who invented a sand-based water filter that absorbs anything from copper and fluoride to bacteria.
To that end, the social network and online advertising company said Thursday it will now help marketers show ads to all users who visit websites and applications in its Audience Network ad network.Previously Facebook only showed ads to members of its social network when they visited those third-party properties.The change will also intensify competition with Alphabet Inc. GOOGL 1.11 % subsidiary Google, which dominates the global digital-advertising market, and a wide range of other online ad specialists.Now Facebook plans to collect information about all Internet users, through like buttons and other pieces of code present on Web pages across the Internet.Some publishers might be wary of handing more of their ad sales operations to Facebook.Many already rely heavily on the social network to generate traffic for their sites, and some now post content directly to Facebook through Instant Articles.
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While this data on the population is currently stored in siloed and disparate databases, connecting it could make it possible to automatically follow individuals' records across all of the Home Office's many directorates, from the two years' worth of car journeys logged in the ANPR data centre, to the passports database, the police databases, and many others.After laying off over a third of its old IT staff, the Home Office has recently been attempting to recruit Hadoop specialists to help it build and maintain this new single platform , with a presentation and talk seemingly doing the rounds around the user circuit until the Home Office got spooked by The Register.The other speaker at the HUGUK meeting, the head of strategy and architecture, Simon Bond, recognised this and offered a slide suggesting the scale of those databases.The TPT's crucial work , as a Home Office spokesperson described it, included taking greater direct control over the design, delivery and operation of technology systems; standardising, integrating and reusing solutions across services and developing a broader supplier base, including niche expert suppliers.Such niche expert suppliers are likely to include San Jose-based Hortonworks.At that time Hortonworks was the only accredited Hadoop support company listed on the government's procurement platform G-Cloud and so the contract was awarded to them without the contract tender for a proof-of-concept going public.