A new fitness program is designed to help people get into shape by getting it on.Very NSFW link to the BangFit website here.Then while watching a series of adult films, the sexercisers pump and thrust along to the action with the help of specially designed avatars programmed to keep the players pace.Exercisers can stick with basic positions or work up to more acrobatic and athletic positions, like Squat and Thrust and Missionary Press.Today, due to our hectic work schedules and lack of motivation, many of us do not receive regular amounts of physical activity and lead sedentary lifestyles, Price said in a press release.A 2013 study suggested that sex ranks at about the equivalent of walking uphill or playing tennis.
Developers, start your Nexuses.Here s a couple of the highlight features you ll find in the new preview, which build on the features already found in the Android N Developer Preview 2.The Daydream program, complete with specially designed VR headsets, will launch this fall.Sustained performance mode API—This lets developers understand how performance will behave when an app s active for an extended duration, taking system-on-chip throttling into account once processor temperatures hit their peak.That more granular information is intended to help developers create apps that avoid performance fluctuations over time.Developer Preview 4 will offer final APIs and the official Android N software developer kit, while Google says Developer Preview 5 will deliver near-final system images for final testing before the final release that s scheduled for later this summer.
That being said, let's take a deeper look at Apple's latest, including its highs and lows, to see why you should consider the upgrade.Yes, after initially switching to Helvetica Neue in Yosemite, Apple has once again switched things up with its own, specially designed font called San Francisco that also appears in iOS 9 and on the Apple Watch.Split View and Mission ControlGeneral interface sameness notwithstanding, Apple has managed to bring some pretty major changes to multitasking in El Capitan.OS X El Capitan doesn't represent a sweeping departure from the foundation set by Yosemite by any means, but, overall, that feels okay for an update following on the heels of the overhaul we saw in 2014.Safari will certainly see more use thanks to its added features, and its memory and battery consumption are second-to-none on the Mac, but I'm still not convinced it's enough to cause users to switch from alternatives.And the lack of major design changes is good news for those who may have been a bit shellshocked by Yosemite's redesign in 2014.
If you start seeing long worm-like vehicles swallowing up cars on Chinese highways, don't be alarmed.But in a country with over a billion people, even a mild interest in driving still equates to hundreds of millions of cars clogging the roadways.What's worse, emissions from all this traffic in addition to the heavy manufacturing that goes on in China has led to some of the worst pollution in the world.In December, Beijing issued its first-ever emergency alert due to dangerous smog levels.The proposed straddling buses would be all-electric, travel approximately 40mph, and give seven feet of headway to cars traveling underneath.Song Youzhou, an engineer from the company leading the development, Transit Explore Bus, says the first tests on a life-size model could take place in July or August in the Chinese province of Changzhou.If the tests actually happen, it'll be the first time straddling buses become more than just thought experiments.Spectators got to see firsthand just how the buses would straddle the existing highways on a specially designed track.Read the original article on Tech Insider.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:Tesla cars have clocked in 100 million Autopilot milesInside the US military s war for domination of the InternetHow a guy who climbs 2,500-foot cliffs without ropes deals with fearScott Disick's big Instagram flub raises an important question: What the heck is teatoxing?Researchers created a robotic hand that is eerily human-like and can learn on its ownNOW WATCH: What the Chinese saying 'The ugly wife is a treasure at home' actually meansLoading video...
News James Brown from Amptweaker have listened to customers and created a dual footswitch version of the popular Tight Metal Pro with the thrust of the heavier music. FatMetal Pro is specially designed for black metal, sludge and doom metal and boasts both GAIN and volume boost. Furthermore, we find a three-band equalizer with settings for smooth, barrels, trash and mid and a tight-control to call up the attack while playing with a plectrum. According Amptweaker works best with little pedal brightare amplifier. FatMetal Pro has built-in noise gate and several power-loops. FatMetal Pro is true bypass, working from 9 to 18V for the varying dynamics and works with battery if desired.
When smartwatches arrived on the scene almost two years ago, there were still no components specially designed to the still unheard of device.That meant manufacturers had to make do retrofitting smartphone pieces for smartwatches, which practically meant using unoptimized hardware.At first brush, that description might make the snapdragon Wear 1100 sound limited and underpowered, but that might not be the whole story.Of course, that's in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.And despite the small size, the Snapdragon Wear 1100 is built for security, with its own hardware cryptographic engine, hardware random number generator, and ARM TrustZone.It will instead find its way to toys, fitness accessories, and location trackers.
The connections on the back is also good, including four HDMI 2.0a inputs and three USB ports. It is specially designed to keep the TV as close to the wall as possible. Sony claims, however, that the displays meet all the official requirements, which means 1000 nits brightness for LCD monitors. Although there is limited space, Sony has managed to squeeze in an LCD panel with Local Dimming behind the frame. The use of genuine LED backlight, with separate groups of LEDs spaced behind the screen surface. On the other hand, the still disproportionately expensive compared to the minor brothers!
As curiosity is that Nick Lee of American design studio Tendigi built a case that allows an iPhone 6s Plus running Android Marshmallow, or rather show Android. The case is made with 3D printers and includes a 64-bit Cortex-A53 processor and a 650mAh battery. Lee took the Android source code from AOSP and managed to get the hardware to run the system. A specially written iOS app communicates finally with the case, which is connected via the Lightning connector. The shell runs Android and streams simply picture to your phone. Those who want to know more about how Nick Lee conducted the experiment can be advantageously visit Tendigis website.
Do you think you could drink drive?Despite the fact it s entirely illegal, many people still think they know better and attempt to hit the road after having a few drinks.The process starts off by making the guinea pigs in this case a group of teens wear a complex set of weights and inhibitors including ear muffs and a pair of specially designed goggles.As Buzzfeed s video points out, the teens are absolutely terrible at both of these tasks, as indeed you would be after a few drinks.To really hit the message home Ford told the teens to try and then drive around a pre-set obstacle course wearing just the goggles.BuzzfeedHow did it go?
If you have the dough to spare, you can even have your name or Gamertag, or any text up to 16 characters engraved on the controller.There doesn't seem to be any option for custom logos and markings, however, which would probably appeal more to gamers, is specially designed limited edition consoles are any indicator.But if you're short on ideas, the Design Lab will also host color schemes made by other buyers.You might need some help, indeed, as Microsoft implies that there are 8 million possible combinations available.The Xbox Design Lab is now open for business in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico and is available online in the Design Lab website itself, the Microsoft Store website, or offline in select Microsoft stores.Do note that pre-orders made between now and August will ship only in early September.
Image copyright AZ Damiaan hospital Image caption Pepper will assist people when they arrive at hospitalPepper, the humanoid robot programmed to "understand" human emotions, is to take a new job - as a receptionist in two Belgian hospitals.One hospital plans to deploy more robots over the next 10 years.Softbank, the company behind Pepper, and partner French robotics firm Aldebaran have seen huge success with the creation, with each batch of 1,000 selling out fast in Japan.This will include specially designed software from Belgian firm Zora Bots, as well as access to the helpdesk should issues arise when Pepper is on duty."It's about architecture, future rooms and robots, the ones we already have and the ones we're going to get," said CHR Citadelle's communication director Nathalie Evrard.Some remain sceptical about how useful Pepper can be in both homes and commercial settings, with robotics expert Prof Noel Sharkey previously telling the BBC: "It is good at conveying human-like gestures but the way it detects human emotions might be over-hyped."
ESET's Mobile Security for Android provides the type of protection you'd expect for a premium desktop security service, but specially designed for your phone.With more of our lives transpiring on mobile devices than ever, it's important that we're just as confident in the protection surrounding our phone -- or our tablet for that matter.In addition to protecting your private information when using public Wi-Fi channels, ESET also allows you to filter out unwanted text messages and calls or locate, track, lock and even remotely erase your device if it s lost or stolen.Rated 4.5 stars on Google Play, PC World called ESET Mobile Security "one of the top-rated Android anti-malware applications."PCMag also praised ESET s intuitive interface, making for a quick, easy user experience even for less tech-savvy users.Get complete on-the-go protection now with ESET Mobile Security for Android, discounted now at $9.95, before the deal expires.
In the ongoing effort to tackle one of virtual reality's biggest drawbacks, researchers at a US university claim to have discovered a new way of reducing the symptoms of motion sickness in users.Other than a high asking price for the worthwhile, higher-end experiences and limited use outside of gaming, virtual reality also comes with more visceral problems.There have been a few proposed solutions to this problem, which range from vestibulocochlear nerve stimulation using specially-designed headphones, to projecting a virtual reality nose in front of users wearing a VR headset.To combat this, they developed a system that would be almost imperceptible to those wearing a VR headset.To do this, they developed what they labelled a pair of "dynamic FOV restrictors" that partially obscure each eye's view with a virtual soft-edged cu-tout.Oculus CTO John Carmack demoed Minecraft in VR at Microsoft's E3 press conference in June 2016The researchers explained in a YouTube video: "While the field of view change is readily apparent on a regular computer monitor, it is much more subtle when seen through a wide FOV display, such as the Oculus Rift DK2, used in our study.
HP Enterprise has developed a prototype computer that s designed to mimic the way the human brain works.The ultimate goal with the project, the publication notes, is to create a chip that uses algorithms and learning models to generate approximate results that can be used along with associations to make quick decisions.Such a chip is still many years away but in the meantime, HP Enterprise is testing the brain-like computing model using a makeshift system comprised of circuit boards and memory chips.Cat Graves, a scientific researcher at Hewlett Packard Labs, said they re mimicking the brain s parallel computation architecture using memristor technology in conjunction with a specially designed architecture.While this process takes place very quickly, it still consumes valuable time and resources.That s because its computations are all based on probabilities and thus, are approximate, which means they may not be entirely accurate.
The CyanogenMod 13 build released for the device is an unofficial one so those who want to keep away from any stability issues should not try this.Why advertise with usWhat features work and what don'tCamera works in HDR mode but closes after you take a pictureF2FS is not supported yetThe build is specially designed for the Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 and is a new platform, so CM 13 features may not run as good as stockDash charge does not work yetPrerequisitesBack up your important data and settings on the device to prevent accidental data loss during the firmware installationDo not attempt this procedure on any other device or model other than OnePlus 3 variantsMake sure that correct USB drivers are installed on your PC to enable transfer of ROM to the device's internal storageThe device must have at least 70-80% battery before you begin installing the firmware.If it shuts down midway, you will have to restart againDownloads requiredSteps to installUnlock your bootloader via fastbootYou must have a custom recovery installed check the above link Clean install and wipe all data and cache on the system Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP is recommended .If you are already on CM then no need for this.Remember if you want gapps you wil have to flash it now and not after the system is booting with CM13 otherwise it will kill your deviceWipe cache & Dalvik cache and finally reboot your devicePlease note that this is not an exact version of the Marshmallow based CyanogenMod 13 as it is still an unofficial build.Also it is still in the nascent stage, so it might be different from how Marshmallow looks on other devices that have received the OTA update.
The mobile display can only be viewed through a pair of Bluetooth-linked smart glassesIt can be hard trying to protect your smartphone screen from prying eyes on public transport – particularly when you're sharing a two-foot square space with your neighbour – or if you are attempting to watch dodgy videos at work.Celal Göger, a mobile phone repairman from Bismil, Turkey, has come up with a novel solution to this problem.Fed up with strangers staring at his phone during his commute, Göger devised a system that turns the display of a smartphone white and makes it readable only to people wearing a pair of specially-designed smart glasses.Why advertise with usWhile exact technical details behind the system are slim, Turkish news outlet Hurriyet reports that Göger installed a modified chip between the smartphone's RAM and processor chip that was programmed to turn the display white.Göger said the solution took about four months to develop and could be adapted to hide content on a tablet, computer or television screen.He told Haberler: "Production is very cheap.
The first drone shipments to customers will be made within four weeks.The drone has the RealSense R200 camera pre-installed and an Intel Atom processor controls the works.A pair of batteries are included along with extra propellers in a specially designed backpack for carrying the works to and from the launch zone.Downward facing sensors help improve stability and enable flights outdoors and close to the ground even if GPS reception is poor."Intelligent navigation and obstacle avoidance in complex environments powered by Intel RealSense Technology expands creative possibilities and enhances safety for our customers," said Yu Tian, chief executive officer of Yuneec International.The controller is Android based, has a 7-inch touchscreen, and shows 720p video from the drone camera in real-time.
Through its subsidiary Online.net, the French telecommunications company Iliad has quietly launched a new cold storage cloud service that developers can use to store files that they don t need to access extremely quickly.The new C14 service became available yesterday, when Online.net posted a page about it on the company s website.Instead, when people want to rent out computing resources to host their applications, they re more likely turning to Amazon Web Services AWS , Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.Although Iliad did do something distinctive in 2014, by introducing an ARM-based cloud service.It s the most affordable cloud storage platform on the market €0.002/GB, cheaper than both Backblaze and Glacier , specially designed for long term archival, Yann Léger, vice president of cloud computing at Online.net, told VentureBeat in an email.The data will be stored more than 80 feet underground in Iliad s fallout shelter in Paris.The service has a 1GB minimum, and at less than 1 cent per GB per month, without question, it is a cheap way to back up important data.
Now FDA-approved, the company s product Trak will be the lifestyle coach and home-diagnostics tool to help deliver happier sperm and tiny shouty miracles.The company announced this week that its Trak product has been approved by the FDA, and suggested that it d be starting to ship its product towards the end of the summer this year.Trak is a complete system that not only gives couples the ability to conveniently measure semen quality at home, but also provides digital health tools and population-based data to help men take charge of their reproductive health in a whole new way.I can see how that could be the case, and it s worth point out that doing the same at home is often ranked highly among men s favorite pastimes.Sandstone s Trak uses centrifugal force to isolate and quantify sperm cells using specially designed and mercifully disposable, single-use cartridges.In addition to being FDA-approved to offer semi-quantitative guidance on the measured sperm count such as low , moderate or optimal , the companion app gives feedback and wellness advice on ways to improve and track sperm count.
Macy s Fourth of July Fireworks will use specially designed technology to integrate smartphones into the spectacular New York City display this year.Set over the East River, more than 56,000 effects will feature in the display, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.For the first time, however, revelers will be able to synch their phones with the fireworks and see an impressive array of colors light up their screens.Macy s has teamed up with the Makelight app to produce the digital fireworks display.Makelight CEO Joanna Alpe told FoxNews.com that the free app synchronizes the phones by playing a specially designed lightshow that matches the color, tempo and dynamic explosions of the fireworks.Whether watching the display live in New York City or on TV at home, the app will enhance peoples enjoyment of the fireworks spectacular, according to Alpe.