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Questions are being raised about the future of the HTC brand, after the Taiwanese smartphone maker decided to withdraw its smartphones from two of China’s largest online marketplaces.HTC is of course the longest serving Android smartphone maker, after it released the first ever Android smartphone (the HTC Dream) back in September 2008.But according to IDC data, the firm has seen its global share of the smartphone market drop from a peak of 10.7 percent in 2011 to just 0.05 percent today.HTC posted a message to Weibo in which it warned it was ‘temporarily closing’ its online shops on Alibaba’s Tmall and JD.com’s Jingdong.Officially, the Taiwanese company was quoted by the BBC as saying that it still intends to release at least one new smartphone model later this year.But the China retreat has triggered speculation that HTC is winding down its smartphone activities, as it has done in other regions.
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On Wednesday, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney made a comment on Twitter about what it’d take for the company to stop signing exclusive games on the Epic Games Store.Sweeney claims that if Valve, the company operating Steam, permanently adopted a revenue share model similar to Epic’s (his company takes a 12% cut and gives the rest to developers), then Epic would “hastily” retreat from exclusives.If Steam committed to a permanent 88% revenue share for all developers and publishers without major strings attached, Epic would hastily organize a retreat from exclusives (while honoring our partner commitments) and consider putting our own games on Steam.— Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) April 25, 2019We reached out to both Epic Games and Valve for comment.A representative from Epic declined to offer any additional context, and Valve hasn’t responded as of publication.
The new ratings for IIHS Top Safety Pick cars will soon include how well the car avoids hitting pedestrians, a reflection of advances in technology and a retreat in pedestrian safety.The new safety tests that start in 2020 will simulate three common pedestrian accident situations:An adult crossing the road as cars approach at both 12 and 25 mphA child popping out from between parked cars, again with cars coming at 12 and 25 mphAn adult walking along the right hand side of the road as cars come up at 25 and 37 mphPoints are awarded based on how well the car detected the pedestrian and slowed, and for how well it alerted the driver -- we aren't in the fully autonomous world yet.
"Concerned" for poverty, far from Macri and in the dance of "Plan V", Vidal left "spiritual retreat" with his teamThe governor of buenos aires attempted to rebuild the bond with the President, but having been a "victim" of the illegal spying of DAlessio under the scheme that the Government defends cooled the relationship: the governor differed from the leader PRO on poverty when it sounds more like your chance presidential and went with his ministers to Chapadmalal.The slalom election of this 2019 has already started and it seems that it will continue that trend long and hard, and Change is not the exception-nothing more and nothing less that María Eugenia Vidal, the leader macrista with better image, they attempted to rebuild their bond with Mauricio Macri, but have been "victim" of the illegal spying of Marcelo DAlessio under the scheme that the Government defends to hold on to Carlos Stornelli cooled to the attempt, and, as a consequence, the governor of buenos aires differed from a leading PRO in his attitude to the increase of poverty when it sounds more like the "Plan V" and was a "spiritual retreat" to Chapadmalal, with their ministers.Vidal began today the first day of his retirement, which led to his ministers, isolated from the press and locked up with the purpose of putting together an anti crisis plan, and, at the same time though, in a low, studying at least in a principle how to respond in respect of their distance from the President and the hypothesis of a possible break to the Nation.Is that the chance that Vidal pass to be a presidential candidate for Change because it is not only a hypothesis of the press and some operators: the posters in Lanús of a space peronist that accompanies the macrismo and works under the leadership of Diego Kravetz (he denied involvement, but in this district of the suburbs all point to it as the head of the grouping).As for the "spiritual retreat", as is usually the meeting had a pre-meeting, which in this case took place yesterday evening: the minister of Public Affairs, Federico Suarez, put together your traditional roast, which serves as a welcome event.
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How is Aviation Gin made?Probably not the way Ryan Reynolds tells it, but it’s still worth taking the time to watch his new explainer on the spiritually cleansing process behind the spirits brand he bought an ownership stake in early this year.In a new clip, Reynolds continues to leverage his combination of star power and self-deprecating wit to elevate Aviation’s brand awareness.This time we get to meet the impressively bearded Aviation ground crew, who apparently spend quite a bit of time meditating and apologizing to juniper berries (before smashing them mercilessly).It’s not the most efficient process, but clearly it’s what works for them.And, as any fan of Reynolds’ work with Aviation would expect, he’s got a new out-of-office email to go along with the new video.