SportsHero is a new app that lets sports fans dabble in match predictions and show their skills off against friends and other game-watchers.Dinesh Bhatia, CEO and founder of TradeHero and SportsHero, told TechCrunch in an interview that the top users at TradeHero have hundreds of thousands of followers and made good money from the service.TradeHero counts over seven million registered users, Bhatia said, while SportsHero is currently at around 250,000.ASX listings are becoming increasingly popular for tech startups in Southeast Asia.Malaysia s Catcha Group has successfully floated three companies on the exchange, while mobile social network MigMe is also present on the ASX and Singapore-based data archiving service Dropsuite is among those waiting to list this year.He added also that the listing can help SportsHero grow its presence in Australia, a market of more than 20 million people that he believes to be lucrative for online services.
In the game Steep can test various extreme sports and compete with other adventurers. Ubisoft has been cooperating with the camera manufacturer Gopro developed the game Steep which offers breathtaking experiences in the Alps and Alaska in the air and along the snow-covered slopes. There you can choose if you want to get around via paraglider, wingsuit, snowboarding or skiing. According Gopro can you yourself experience similar adventures offered through videotaped extreme sports on Youtube that are usually filmed with the company's cameras. But you can also compete with others and in retrospect see a replay of the battles which can be saved as videos and shared with others. The game is announced for launch this winter with versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
Facebook Live has made no secret of its all-conquering ambition to become the go-to game-streaming hub for gamers everywhere.To help it reach the heights that Twitch has already scaled, Facebook has made the strategic decision to hire an individual who has an in-depth understanding of gaming.Stephen Snoopeh Ellis has been assigned the role of e-sports strategic partnerships manager at the social network.Less than a month later, on June 6, it was announced that Blizzard would be integrating Facebook login and Facebook s Live API into all its games, including massive-selling titles World of Warcraft, and Overwatch.Since putting down the gamepad, Ellis has worked as an adviser for gaming analytics firm Repable, and as a VP at e-sports betting company Unikrn.Facebook s own outlook when it comes to game streaming is certainly promising.
Catena Media continues to grow in their area leads generation, ie chasing customers to the casino and betting company. On Monday, it was clear that it manages the principal assets of the Swedish sports affiliate company The purchase price amounts to 23.4 million EUR 2.5 million, with an additional payment of up to an additional 23.4 million. Catena Media has in recent weeks also launched its own sports betting affiliate in the UK with the domain Latestbettingsites. Closing date is also strategic as we move into a summer with many major sporting events, said Robert Andersson, CEO of Catena Media. Catena Media will consolidate the acquired business as of July, 2016.
Catena Media will continue to grow in their field of leads generation , that is to say, to chase customers to the casino - and bettingbolag.During the Monday, it was clear that it manages the principal assets in the Swedish sportaffiliate-the company Spelbloggare.see.the Purchase price amounts to 23.4 Million eur 2.5 million , with an additional payment of up to a further 23,4 Million.Ten minutes after the close of the opening had the share price risen by just over 6 per cent to 54,25 crowns.Catena Media has in recent weeks, also launched its own sports betting-affiliate in the Uk with the domain Latestbettingsites.Catena Media will consolidate the acquired operations from July 2016.
Illustration by Jim CookeFull wagering is illegal in 49 states, but sports betting is big business, with billions wagered each year—and everyone knows it.His Pregame profile said that he was drafted by Major League Baseball out of high school, and again after his third year at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla.My participation will be limited to providing the following key facts: Pregame consistently stresses how hard it is to beat the bookie.And the single worst pick performance belongs to JR O Donnell, whose credentials are claims to have been a PGA caddie and golf course owner.On October 10, 2015, for instance, Fezzik sold a first-half college football bet on Miami, a four-point underdog.He responded to claims of foul play in August 2015: has ZERO financial dealings with ANY online sportsbook.
The United Nations is deeply concerned about the rise of anonymous online marketplaces on the Dark Web that have been inspired by Ross Ulbricht's Silk RoadThe United Nations UN is deeply concerned about the Dark Web and how anonymous online markets are attracting more users by making it much easier for people to access illegal drugs, while at the same time managing to avoid having direct contact with both criminals and law enforcement.The UN has included a section on the Dark Web for the first time in its 2016 annual world drug report and is calling for better technological and legislative methods in order to curb online drug trafficking, as it believes that authorities in many countries face a frustrating whack-a-mole situation where as soon as one marketplace closes, several more pop up.The Dark Web is a section of the internet not discoverable by conventional means, such as through a Google search or by directly entering a website URL.As the websites are hidden, they are perfect for cybercriminals, who list thousands of goods and services for sale on secret underground marketplaces such as Silk Road or Agora, including narcotics, chemicals, firearms and counterfeit goods, in addition to adverts for services such as hacking, gambling and sports betting.Many people who access websites on the Dark Web also use the Tor network named after The Onion Router project to disguise web traffic to and from the sites, so that authorities, spy agencies and other interested parties cannot tell who has accessed the secret websites any more than they can discover where their servers are located.
I've been doing a lot of reading on marketing practices on different industries, and it seems like the hardest one to figure out is how a marketer can drive traffic to a sports betting website.I understand that the usual ways how these companies get customers are rewards, bonuses, and promos, but most of these strategies are for retaining or converting a user.So, what are the top channels that these guys invest on and how do they get people to their site to start with?
It s one of the ways that the company plans to keep growing even as the fever pitch for daily fantasy sports comes back down to Earth in the wake of various legal challenges over whether in constitutes illegal gambling.The app is a one-stop shop for NFL and fantasy sports data, with real-time feeds that the fantasy sports enthusiasts crave.Boston-based DraftKings recently raised $150 million from Revolution Capital to fuel its expansion.DraftKings was was founded in 2012 and it expanded rapidly as the daily fantasy sports market exploded.Seeking to get ahead of rival FanDuel, the company advertised heavily on TV, triggering various attorneys general to investigate the legality of skill-based fantasy sports betting.Jason Robins, our CEO, spoke this morning and did a full Q Then Jason and I did a demo of our new app, DK Live.It delivers everything from customized highlight feeds to individual game play by play to breaking news and analysis.Pretty much every touch point that would be relevant to you as a fantasy user while you re watching games on TV.GamesBeat: How does this fit in the larger context of DraftKings history?
Facebook s issues with viral false news reports dominated headlines this week, so naturally it came up as a key topic of discussion when I spoke to TechCrunch s special projects editor and internet culture reporter Jordan Crook on this week s episode.The sheer scope of the issue is something that becomes very apparent as we found out in talking things through.We also cover the union of FanDuel and DraftKings into a single online fantasy sports betting platform powerhouse, since Jordan s a big fan of fantasy sports I ll stick to just LOTR-style fantasy, thanks very much .The issue isn t really whether the two pairing up is better for either; it s the nature of the business model itself, and whether there isn t something ethically unsettling about the whole proposition.Fair warning: this is a pretty heavy episode, because we re all still feeling a little raw after the U.S. election.But it s honest, which is more than you can say for a lot of headlines that got plenty of shares during the election.
If you ve watched or been to a professional sports game in the past year you ve no doubt seen advertisements for daily fantasy sports companies like DraftKings and FanDuel.In just a few years the industry has become the hottest thing in the sports world probably since cable TV.And with the recent merger of the two companies, it s pretty clear that they plan on sticking around for a while.They quickly spent this money making their companies, and by extension the entire daily fantasy sports industry, a household name.A fantasy sport is a game where participants assemble imaginary teams using real players of different professional sports team.So for the NFL you d draft a team consisting of one quarterback from Philadelphia s team, a running back from Oakland, a wide receiver from Atlanta s team, etc.
Di Digital has previously reported Unibet co-founder, billionaire Anders Ström NTL , and his new secret project Kwiff.What the company exactly to do is not yet known, more than it is about sports betting.Now, the reports techsajten Breakit to Anders Ström want to take in the capital to Kwiff and that the prospectus sent out to potential investors.the Size of the round is reported to be around 250 million, and the plan is to close it at the end of February.A beta version of Kwiff, powered by british gaming company Eaton Gate Gaming and Karl Engström, ceo, launched in the summer.Of the prospectus sent to investors shows that more than 70 per cent of the money will be used for marketing.
Currently I am trying to start up a sports betting tipping service.Before You call me a stupid gambler etc I have a 60% hit rate over 1.5 years on 50/50 lines, essentially a second income.Basically I'm Australian where sports betting is huge 80% of Australians engage in gambling of some form which is the highest in the world.So what my goal is to start up a tipping service for a fee per month, there are quite a few groups like this that are complete BS that don't actually make you money they just claim to and advertise well.I've tried quite a few different ads that has got me around 6,000 post reach but hardly any engagement, not many impressions no page likes / post likes and obviously no shares, my target audience was males from the age of 18-43 and in Australia, one of my posts managed to receive 4 likes but were Females from America ?Do you guys have any suggestions?
The results of this Game of Thrones viewer poll allow you to see how your predictions stack up to those of other fans of the show.It s a safe bet to say that someone — and more likely, many, many someones — will die during Game of Thrones season 7, but calling who will be killed off first is much more difficult.That doesn t mean that viewers aren t trying, though.Sports Betting Experts has released the results of a 10,000-fan poll on what to expect when the show returns, EW reports.With so many characters on the show, the votes were spread across almost two dozen possible victims.Unfortunately for Theon Greyjoy played by Alfie Allen , he looked to many fans like the likeliest target.
the Swedish gaming company is facing increasing competition from foreign gaming companies.The past year has Swedish actors Swedish Game, ATG and Postkodlotteriet, to see how competitors such as the German Bet365 and Arcade Unibet to grow everything faster, even in sports betting.Which also makes it an increasingly important platform for Svenska spel, which now consolidates on digital marketing and buying into a platform for data-driven marketing.But the question is how well the initiative fits with their other mission: to prevent gambling addiction.Ads primary purpose is to encourage purchase of a product or service. " I see it as the opposite, that we get even better opportunities to know with whom we should communicate, but more than that with which we are not supposed to communicate with.
the Swedish gaming company is facing increasing competition from foreign gaming companies.The past year has Swedish actors Swedish Game, ATG and Postkodlotteriet, to see how competitors such as the German Bet365 and Arcade Unibet to grow everything faster, even in sports betting.Which also makes it an increasingly important platform for Svenska spel, which now consolidates on digital marketing and buying into a platform for data-driven marketing.But the question is how well the initiative fits with their other mission: to prevent gambling addiction.Ads primary purpose is to encourage purchase of a product or service. " I see it as the opposite, that we get even better opportunities to know with whom we should communicate, but more than that with which we are not supposed to communicate with.
Last night, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced the official bracket for this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament -- opening the floodgates to three weeks of massive sports gambling within the United States.However, for a select few (such as here and here), operating March Madness pools may open the door to substantial scrutiny under federal and state gaming laws.To determine whether any NCAA Tournament pools constitutes an illegal game of “chance,” courts will typically apply one of three tests – a ‘predominant purpose’ test, an ‘any chance’ test, or a ‘gambling instinct’ test.However, some states state that contents that involve picking future contingent events are treated as akin to chance, even despite technical mathematical rations/Irrespective of what test a court were to ultimately apply, the likelihood that an NCAA Tournament pool being found to involve chance is very high based on historic court precedent.For example, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, despite applying one of the most liberal tests, explained in its 1953 case Commonwealth v. Laniewski that “it is common knowledge that the predictions [of multiple real-world sporting events] even among these so-called ‘experts’ are far from infallible.”
The Federal Trade Commission and attorneys general in California and the District of Columbia said they will file a complaint to block the merger of the biggest fantasy sports companies, FanDuel and Draftkings.The complaint will allege that the combined firm would control more than 90 percent of the U.S. market for daily fantasy sports contests, giving the combined company a near-monopoly.Anti-trust is the FTC’s motivation here.“This merger would deprive customers of the substantial benefits of direct competition between DraftKings and FanDuel,” said Tad Lipsky, the acting director of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition.“The FTC is committed to the preservation of competitive markets, which offer consumers the best opportunity to obtain innovative products and services at the most favorable prices and terms consistent with the provision of competitive returns to efficient producers.”In this sort of merger, the companies could argue that there is plenty of competition among gambling sites and other kinds of sports betting.
The Football Association (FA) has announced it will end all sponsorship deals with betting companies, including terminating its long-term deal with Ladbrokes.The decision follows a three-month review into the governing body's relationship with gambling firms in light of a series of incidents involving betting by individuals directly involved in the sport.The FA said in a statement: “At the May FA board meeting it was agreed that the FA would end all sponsorships with betting companies starting from the end of the 2016-17 season.The decision was made following a three month review of the FA’s approach to it as a governing body taking betting sponsorship, whilst being responsible for the regulation of sports betting within the sport’s rules.“As a consequence the FA has mutually agreed with Ladbrokes that its current partnership with the FA will be terminated from June 2017.The FA will continue to work with betting companies, including Ladbrokes, as they play a key role in sharing information on suspect betting patterns and so help in regulating the game.”
the Fan League is launched in August, just in time for the kickoff in the Premier League.During the spring, Tommy Jacobson and Stefan Lennhammer entered that huvudfinansiärer in the company through the Zenith Venture Capital and Reeda.the Zenith with a 12.5 million kroner and Reeda go into 7.3 million in the company.the Fan League is described as an app for “social sports betting”, which is addressed to the hardcore football fans.the Core consists of a weekly set of 13 English matches where each player is tipping on home win, away win or a draw, and compare their football knowledge with friends and colleagues.the bets are limited to a maximum of 125 pounds (about 1300 crowns) per week and at the end of each season, donated 10 percent of proceeds to the selected initiatives within the English ungdomsfotboll.