Swedish games outfit Coffee Stain Studios has announced it's releasing a galactic expansion to its popular 2014 ram-'em-up Goat Simulator, which finally offered goat wannabes the chance to fulfil their caprine fantasies.Entitled Waste of Space, the expansion's premise is that players "get to beat or trick people into crowdfunding you their hard-earned money, and then spend it on your own dreams of being a space McGyver in space or whatever space nerds do instead of huffing paint in their underwear like normal people".All kinds of crazy: Waste of SpaceTo trumpet tomorrow's launch, Coffee Stain Studios has produced an entertaining vid, in keeping with its previous cinematographic efforts.The original Goat Simulator promo scored high points for its parody of the intro of the trailer probably NSFW for zombie chopfest Dead Island.Fly and shoot stuff in space, because nobody makes games about flying and shooting in space anymoreLearn how to be a real bridge commander like that spock dude from mars or whateverThe biggest map in goat simulator history, filled to the brim with all kinds of crazyWhat's more, we're promised that "no crew member will be left unromanced".This kind of thing may be OK in outer space, but don't try it in Oklahoma.
For this magical weapon of stain destruction to tackle an array of food threats, the chemists at Tide enlisted ingredients that attack different stains in different ways, working in combination to erase everything from coffee to ketchup.Alkyl Dimethyl Amine OxideWater sucks at getting grease off, so Tide uses compounds called surfactants that mix well with both.Alkyl dimethyl amine oxide s water-loving head grips the H2O in this solution, and its alkyl chain latches on to oils, prying off small chunks of stain and surrounding them, where they remain imprisoned until you do your laundry.Sodium Alkyl SulfateCompounds in this class of surfactant molecules are known for their foaming and emulsifying prowess.It also does double duty by snapping up magnesium and calcium ions that might interfere with the surfactants.We don t know about that, but at least here it dissolves the stress of a stained shirt.
One of the recent years' most unexpected successes as Goat Simulator, to say the least crazy game from Swedish Coffee Stain Studios. Now is the time for the sequel Goat Simulator: Waste of Space and this is what we are offered: Do not miss: Goat Simulator: The Bundle - Getsamlingen offer crazy entertainment Goat Simulator: Waste of Space is available for most platforms. Do you have a computer with OS X or Windows is the Steam applicable. Otherwise, you can buy the game from the App Store or Google Play for her purse.
Joki points out the results of polls done by Grammarly, Spelling and grammar matter to consumers of news and goods.When I mentioned this post to life coach, blogger and bestselling author Tama Kieves who is also Queen of the Metaphor , she offered this, If you were interviewing for a job with me and you had a stain on your shirt, I probably wouldn t hire you.Grammar Mistake 5: The Dangling Modifier Dangling modifier is just a fancy way of saying that the descriptive phrase does not apply to the noun that immediately comes after it.Pardon the gastronomic metaphors.Brene Brown talks about vulnerability extensively in her work.That being said, it s also important to hook a reader early, which is why I normally hint at key takeaways in the post s introduction.
A handful of berries is a great snack, but one dropped berry or thoughtless wipe of your juice-covered hands can leave your clothing stained.If you act quickly, a little bowling water can keep the red stain from setting in your favorite garments, even whites.A good stain remover will take out a stubborn stain once it sets, but it s better to address the stain as soon as it happens, and Jo First at The Kitchn recommends a boiling water flush.Now turn the garment inside out, pull it taut over a large bowl, and pour the boiling water on the stain.If you can t hold the garment taut by yourself, use a rubber band around the edge of the bowl.The Best Way to Remove Berry Stains The Kitchn
trophygeekDespite brimming data showing that drinking coffee can be good for your health, there has been a lingering black stain on the popular drink s reputation—the 1991 assessment by the World Health Organization that classified coffee as a possible carcinogen.In a Wednesday announcement and an accompanying article in the journal The Lancet Oncology, the WHO reversed that 1991 classification, striking coffee from the Group 2b list of foods and beverages that are possibly carcinogenic to humans.That initial classification was based on limited evidence of an association with cancer of the urinary bladder from case-control studies, and inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals.For more than 20 other types of cancers, the effect of coffee drinking was inconclusive, the experts found.Similarly, the experts reviewed data on maté, a strong caffeinated drink particularly popular in South America.In the US, standard coffee serving temperatures range from 70 to 85 degrees Celsius 158 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit .
Listen, I know that not everyone has an issue with spilling pretty much everything they drink on themselves like I do, but don t judge me.Most of them just spread the stain around in an unattractive puddle that smells like alcohol, laundry detergent, and regret.1 Your nomination should contain:The specific name of the product, not just a brand or series.Why you think this item is the best.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.We want your feedback.
For all the new stylistic possibilities warm weather brings, those lewks are not without their downfalls.But there is one trick, a trick you may even be aware of already, that has changed what happens to my sandal-ridden feet drastically.Enter Band Aid s Friction Block Stick, a small but perfect item that has at this point probably prevented me from developing literal hundreds of bad blisters.Your feet stay blister-free, and you don t have to play that fun game where you switch between shoes that don t rub that part of your feet as your gaping wounds heal.It fits easily in basically any purse, should you worry you might need to reapply after a long day I rarely do , doesn t stain your shoes, lasts forever and is purchasable at any drugstore in the area where, yes, they sell band aids which you won t have to buy anymore, at least for feet blisters!Image via Band-Aid
Credit: Martyn WilliamsThe U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has proposed fining Amazon $130,000 over two incidents in 2014 when it shipped or attempted to ship hazardous goods by air.The flight safety regulator says Amazon shipped the packages without warning labels, paperwork that specified the chemicals inside, or emergency response information.The proposed penalty comes two weeks after the FAA fined Amazon $350,000 over a similar incident that caused injuries to several UPS workers.The first of the two latest fines relates to a shipment made in May 2014, when Amazon sent two packages containing a rust-stain removing product from Illinois to Florida.The shipments were discovered by FedEx workers when they began to leak.Amazon has 30 days to respond to the allegations.
It should come as no surprise that Tide To-Go and Shout Wipes reigned supreme when it comes to fighting stains while you re out and about.And the individual packaging also means it won t dry out even if it stays in the bottom of your bag for a year.I keep a little spray bottle of the plain old, dollar store hydrogen peroxide in my purse.I spray and blot as soon as I can.Nothing scented, just straight up hand sanitizer like Purell.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.
It should come as no surprise that Tide To-Go and Shout Wipes reigned supreme when it comes to fighting stains while you re out and about.And the individual packaging also means it won t dry out even if it stays in the bottom of your bag for a year.I keep a little spray bottle of the plain old, dollar store hydrogen peroxide in my purse.I spray and blot as soon as I can.Nothing scented, just straight up hand sanitizer like Purell.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.
Boxes move along a conveyor belt at an Amazon.com Inc. fulfillment center.The Federal Aviation Administration said it would fine Amazon.com Inc. AMZN -0.73 % $130,000 for allegedly mishandling shipments of dangerous chemicals, marking three fines in less than two weeks the agency has penalized the retailer for violating rules related to shipping hazardous materials by air.Workers at a FedEx Corp. FDX -4.54 % sorting facility in Lake Wales, Fla., discovered that the product, called Rid O Rust Stain Preventer Acid, had leaked through one of the cardboard boxes.The next month, Amazon sent a box containing a 19-ounce container of Simple Air EZ Green,a flammable gas used to clean heating and air conditioning systems, by air from Whitestown, Ind., to Glendale, Calif., the FAA said.The agency proposed a fine of $78,000 for the May, 2014 incident and $52,000 for the later incident.The fine comes after the FAA levied a $350,000 fine on Amazon earlier this month for a similar alleged violation that also occurred in 2014.
Skovde company Coffee Stain Studios have gone from SEK 14 million in sales to over 100 million in two years. It is thanks to the hit game Goat Simulator, which allows the player to control a goat in a flipped world. I have known Anton Westberg awhile and been really impressed by the journey they have made. Now they feel that they would like to have someone who is a bit more grizzled and has been building some companies, says Oskar Burman. I have been building up quite a few game studios at this point, and worked both with premium gaming and free-to-play. I can contribute with experience in building teams, developing the studio and work with staff, says Oskar Burman.
If you forgot to wear your pocket protector and got an ink stain in your favorite shirt, you can save it with the right stain remover, a toothbrush, and a little know-how.According to the textile experts at Consumer Reports, Amodex you can usually get a small bottle of it for around $8-$9 is your best bet for removing stains in fabrics—as long as you use it right.This video from their YouTube channel demonstrates the correct method.Start by laying down some folded paper towels, then lay the stained portion of your shirt over them.The ink will gradually come out and get soaked up by the paper towels underneath.Run your shirt under some cold water and it should look good as new.
There are buttons for controlling the extra options as well, which include stain soak, perfect steam, wrinkle release, extended refresh, delay start, and lock.On the left is the detergent drawer, where you can load in detergent for the main wash and pre-soak, and there are compartments for bleach and fabric softener.A bright white drum light stays illuminated to help you find stray socks but turns off after three minutes, so you can leave the door open between cycles a good idea with front loaders .Stain eraserWhile the detergent drawer is in the same place as many others, the soap, fabric softener, or bleach doesn t dispense right into the drum.While it seems like a lot of washers add more and more cycles, this Electrolux has only nine: heavy duty for things like sports equipment , whitest whites don t put your reds in here , normal everything from towels to jeans to tees , casual synthetic fabrics , colors for highly dyed fabrics , 15-minute fast wash little, not-too-dirty loads , delicates knickers , rinse and spin when you forgot to add the fabric softener , and clean washer self explanatory .Still, the results of these extended cycles are exceptionally clean clothes, so it s not a bad trade-off.
Credit Nomadsoul1/iStockPeople suffering with memory loss could be a step closer to treatment after doctors discovered a drug that boosts the part of the brain responsible for storing and processing memories.A single oral dose of methylene blue was shown to cause an increased MRI-based response in brain areas that control short-term memory and attention.Methylene blue is used to treat methemoglobinemia - a blood disorder in which oxygen is unable to release itself effectively to tissue - and as a surgical stain."Although the memory-enhancing effects of methylene blue were shown in rodents in the 1970s, the underlying neuronal changes in the brain responsible for memory improvement and the effects of methylene blue on short-term memory and sustained-attention tasks have not been investigated," said study author Timothy Duong from the University of Texas.The results showed methylene blue increased response in a region of the brain known as the bilateral insular cortex.The findings suggest methylene blue can regulate certain brain networks related to sustained attention and short-term memory after just a single dose.
Victory Motorcycles had two class winners at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Victory Racing s electric Empluse RR, ridden by Cycle World s Road Test Editor Don Canet, and the gas-powered Project 156, piloted by Jeremy Toye.After winning their respective classes, they took second and third place overall.This, by the way, was the 100th anniversary of the PPIHC.The hair-raising moment of my run came in a fast 100-mph sweeper approaching Upper Gravel Pit, which is well up the course, Canet said about his winning run on the Empulse RR in the PPC-Electric Motorcycle Class.I slithered across an oil stain at the apex, then again crossing over the double yellow centerline.In a heart-stopping moment I ran out of road and was off on the dirt shoulder at high speed … The excursion completely killed my drive through the following flat-out right and straight that follows.
America s WWII female-empowerment icon Rosie the Riveter would be proud.As soon as someone finished explaining to her what an emoji is.Google may not have reached what it considers acceptable diversity in its workforce, but it s doing its best to ensure women and different ethnicities are represented in emoji-land.The tech giant announced Thursday it will roll out 11 profession-based emoji in both male and female versions, in a variety of skin tones.While there s a huge range of emoji, there aren t a lot that highlight the diversity of women s careers, or empower young girls, Google said in a blog post.The company admits in its latest diversity report that we re still not where we want to be when it comes to diversity, with a workforce that s 69 percent male and 59 percent white.Google noted in its post that while male emoji include such characters as a detective, a cop and some dude wearing a hardhat with a green cross on it, choices for females include a bride, a princess and a woman getting her hair cut.More than 90 percent of people with access to emoji use them, according to a study cited by Google.That study, by marketing company Emogi, also found that 78 percent of women use emoji often, compared to 60 percent of men.Google said it had proposed the new emoji to the Unicode Technical Committee, the body responsible for ensuring standardized code in emoji, in May.A subcommittee approved the diversity-promoting emoji on Thursday, the company said.The new characters include a female techie in front of a computer, a welder, what s either a music conductor with a baton or a teacher waving a pencil, a doctor, a mechanic, a farmer, and a female with a port-wine stain on her face who must be Satan because she s throwing the devil-horns hand sign.Oh, wait, according to Unicode she s a rock star.
Raising a toddler is a true test of patience, endurance, self-preservation and stain removal abilities.Many parents in the throes of toddler parenting share their hilarious observations on Twitter ― finding LOL-worthy humor in the chaos, messes and exchanges with these tiny drunk people.We ve rounded up 24 tweets that perfectly capture life with toddlers.I didn t even know you could feel every single emotion in a 20 minute span until I put a toddler to bed.— Simon Holland @simoncholland October 14, 2014Sometimes you re in awe of all the things your toddler has learned and other times you regret teaching them things like how to open doors.
For many, taking the time to floss every day is a bother.But for dentists, taking the time to properly research flossing over the course of a century is apparently even more inconvenient.Despite being dentist-recommended since the early twentieth century, researchers have yet to conduct sufficient, reliable studies to support the claim that flossing effectively prevents cavities and gum disease.This stain on the dental profession was cracked wide open last year when the Associated Press asked federal agencies for the data behind its recommendation that Americans floss.After the AP filed Freedom of Information Act requests, the government admitted that it didn t have adequate data to back the recommendation—something it is required to have by law.The US Agriculture and Health and Human Services departments quietly removed the flossing recommendation from the latest version of dietary guidelines.