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strong Economic turnaround continue to generate new statistical surprises.the most Recent one was today, Friday, when Statistics finland published updated information on Finland's public debt.Revised preliminary data, Finland's public debt to gdp ratio bottomed to decline already last year.the Debt share in gdp last year was at the end of 63.1%, while the share for the previous year was 63.6 per cent.Thus, although the amount of debt still grew by 2.8 billion to eur 136 billion, its ratio of total economy production decreased for the first time since the economy to a double recession.the debt ratio of the refraction due to last year's gross domestic product growth chapter focus on even stronger.
in old blocks of flats and terraced houses house prices rose in the capital region from July to August by 1.1 per cent.Last month increase was 0.2 per cent, says Statistics finland.the Whole country in old blocks of flats and terraced houses house prices rose 0.7 percent from July to August.outside the capital city region the rise was small, at 0.3%.the corresponding period Last year, compared with prices across the country rose in August to 1.4%.in the helsinki metropolitan area prices rose by 2.6 per cent and elsewhere in Finland by 0.3% from the previous year.
the Consumer confidence indicator rose in September 23,7:no points to read when it's in August was 23.5 and in July 22,8, says Statistics finland.Last year in September, the confidence indicator received the value of 14.4.indicator of the long-term average of 12.1.the data are based on Statistics finland's consumer survey, which interviewed 1.-19.on September 1 214 residing in Finland to any person.Especially consumer expectations concerning own economic situation improved slightly in September compared with August.
according to Statistics finland, the unemployment rate was 7.5%, compared to the previous year in August was 7.2%.the number of Employed persons was 7,000 higher than in the previous year in August.outside the Labour force amounted to 5 000 less than a year ago.the employment rate among 15-64-year-olds in August was 70.5 percent, compared with a year earlier was 69.9 per cent.in the 15 to 24 year-olds in August was a total of 627 000.They were employed 289 000 and the unemployed 49 000.
Retail sales rose in August to 2.8% in 2016 from August, pointing to Statistics finland, producer trade instant advance.in the Grocery trade sales increased by 3.7%.Retail sales increased at the same time by 2.9% and grocery stores 3.3% compared to the previous year.. calculations have been removed from the price of the effect.Store the fast advance is based on the sample, which covers on average 60% of retail turnover.
Industrial producer prices rose in August by an average of 3.8% a year ago, says Statistics finland.Finland sold industrial goods producer prices rose by 3.4% and exports of goods by 4.3%.compared with July, prices grew by 0.1%.Prices have been on the upswing throughout the year.Prices rose especially in the manufacture of basic metals, oil products, chemicals and chemical products tilt.Paper, paperboard and printing services, however, cheaper.
the household savings rate was in the second quarter, the negative, says Statistics finland.the savings rate deteriorated in April-June from the previous quarter.Statistics explain to calculate that household disposable incomes have fallen slightly and consumer spending, in turn, increased.the household savings rate fell to -2.2%.the Decline occurring in April-June, 0.9 percentage points.instead, the household investment rate increased compared to the previous quarter.
Economically, all but the most vulnerable are forced to carefully consider the food choices and most likely also pinch to eating healthy, writes Anu Raijas Whether all can afford to eat healthy and responsibly -in the article.Food and eating-related inequality has grown in Finland.Raijas the base of the observation according to Statistics finland about every five years, the task of consumer research, which examined, inter alia, the food consumption expenditure of different income classes.high income using the low income more money for food, but do not eat lower incomes more.to quantify the low income by the amount of money is high income lower, but relatively speaking, penituloisilla goes higher incomes, more food.Food eat a substantial part of low income of total consumption.
late Last year started rising energy prices also continued in the second quarter, says Statistics finland.according to Statistics finland, this was due to tax increases the beginning of the year, but most of all imported fuel prices.Rose, however, was already clearly slower than in the first quarter.world Oil prices fell in the second quarter also reflected Finland imports of oil product prices."the consumer prices of liquid fuels, in turn, were slightly elevated compared to the situation a year ago, which was affected by the beginning of the year tax increases.in June, fuel oil had risen to 1, diesel oil 3 and motor gasoline 2%", the Statistics tell us.
due to you recent years of anemic economic growth and weak productivity development of digitalisation?the Matter was discussed on Monday by the Bank of Finland and Statistics finland organized by occasion, which yliaktuaarit Eljas Tuomaala and fairy Tale Montonen and economist Juha Itkonen presented a fresh survey of the ”Digitalization and gdp — how digitalisation is reflected in economic statistics”.How, for example, should be measured free of charge services like blog writing?the sharing economy blurs the line between who is the consumer and who the producer.If the digitalisation of the benefits can be measured:cost-competitiveness would remain unchanged relative to competitor countries.
in the helsinki metropolitan area prices rose by 4.5%.the Rest of the country prices fell by 2.2% in the previous year compared with the corresponding period.compared to the Previous quarter prices of old detached houses rose in the whole country an average of 2.7%.these Data derive from Statistics finland's index of real estate prices, which in drafting use the national Land survey maintaining the real estate purchase price register information.in the Whole country, the old family houses, the average price per square meter was 1 577 million in the second quarter.the metropolitan area of private houses, the average price per square meter was 3 093 million.
Finland's gross domestic product grew in April-June by 0.4% compared to the previous quarter, according to Statistics finland's preliminary data report.Further in 2016 compared to the second quarter, working-day adjusted gross domestic product grew three per cent.according to Statistics finland, in addition to repair the previous figures upwards.In 2017, the first quarter gross domestic product increased to the revised estimate of 1.2 percent from the previous quarter and 3.0% year-on-year.the advance figure for January-march annual growth was 2.7 per cent.Growth spurt are, above all, exports and investments.
Us president Donald Trump and the Finnish president Sauli Niinistö used beautiful words when talking to Us in Finnish relations and the state of Texas residents efforts to the tropical storm and flood water in the middle.the two presidents shook hands and exchanged compliments of the Us president in the oval office of the media in the presence of representatives.president Trump, Finland is a country with which the united states is a "great" relationship.Trump, though lamented the fact that Finland and the United states trade surplus in Finland's favour.the Customs collected by statistics Finland was eur 1.8 billion surplus in the trade balance relative to the united states in 2016.His interpretation of the deficits due to other countries, unequal trade practices and trade agreements, which are the united states, unfavorable.
Excessive according to the report, the index fund would have produced in five years, significantly more returns of eur 10 000 on your investment than the combination of fund, housing small neighborhood, a savings account with 0.1% interest rate, housing elsewhere in Finland or gold.Yle chose the fund as unit holders based on the number of CREDITS America index fund and the OP to Moderate B-the combination of fund ,because they were the most popular.the Housing figures were based on Statistics finland the real price index of the metropolitan area and outside of it and return estimates in regard to the housing potential rental income.the index fund would have produced a profit of 9 eur 200 eur, yhditelmä fund 2 400 eura, apartment small region of 700 euros and the savings account 50 euro.the Housing in the rest of Finland would have produced a loss of 700 eur, and gold eur 1 800.Excessive challenge by the Aalto university school of economics professor of finance dr keloharju, according to the forms of investment have to choose it according to what kind of risk it is willing to take.
Unemployed in July was 207 000, or 6 000 less than a year ago, Statistics finland says.the unemployment rate was 7.5%, while last year in July, the figure was 7.8%.the number of Unemployed men was 107 000 women and 100 000.the number of Employed persons was 31 000 more than in the previous year in July.Last year in July, compared with employed men were 42 000 more and women 10 000 less, according to Statistics finland's labour force survey to find out.outside the Labour force was 18,000 lower than a year ago.
Corporate stocks increased in value in 2017 to the second quarter, says Statistics finland.the Announcement according to industry, mining, electricity production and trade sector in the aggregate value of stocks increased from the previous year by 0.2%.the value of Inventories decreased year-on-year in the forest industry 7.7%.the Data will survive the Manufacturing and trade inventories statistical release.the Industry value of stocks increased by 3.4 per cent in 2016 compared with the second quarter.Trade in value of stocks fell 3.3 per cent year-on-year.
vacancies was Statistics finland, job vacancy statistics according to the year 2017 in the second quarter of 36 800, while a year earlier the number was 30 600.the number of vacancies increased, mainly in Southern Finland and Helsinki-Uusimaa regions.data of the reference time point is 1. June.In 2017 in the second quarter of vacancies 71%, i.e. 26 200 were private enterprises owned establishments providers.a Year earlier the corresponding proportion was 77 percent.the number of vacancies increased compared to one year ago, especially in large, at least 50 people at the offices.
Private sector hourly wages sectors the highest average hourly stevedoring workers, says Statistics finland.the number of significant professional class only stevedores regular working hours, average earnings, exceeded 20 euros per hour last year.Regular working hours, average hourly earnings in 2010 and 2016more Than half of private sector hourly palkkaisista employees worked in the professional class, whose average earnings were 15 and 18 euros between.according to Statistics private sector hourly wages rose by ten per cent in 2010 from the last quarter 2016 last quarter.the most Common occupational category of greatest relative rise office cleaners average earnings, nearly 18 per cent.
according to Statistics finland, turnover in services increased from march to may from 6.6 per cent on the previous year's corresponding time period.Professional, scientific and technical activities increased by nine per cent.Administrative and support services klasvoivat a little more than seven per cent.the service sector of the sectors with the highest, i.e. information and communication, grew by 6.9 per cent and transport and storage 6.2%.Services are involved in trade.the Weakest among the main industries developed in other service activities, where growth was 1.9%.