To be a good trader, you need to have access to information; correct information will help you make the right decision regarding a particular stock.It was developed by J.Peter Steidlmayer, as a tool to evaluate the market value as the day proceeded.He wanted to show the graph with price in a vertical axis and time in the horizontal axis.The graph was in a bell-shape fatter at the moderate prices with activity trailing off, and volume reduced at extremely higher and lower prices.The market profile graph was shown to the public in 1985 as a part of the Chicago Board of Trade.The trade was categorized into four pits local, commercial, member filling order for public and member filling order for the member.
ITI Mid Cap Fund NFO 2021 launched by ITI Mutual Fund Company.NFO will open on 15th February 2021 & closes on 1st March 2021.
This latest video "Imperial Money" is going to explain all about "Why Risk isn’t that bad in Mutual Fund Investment?"Also explains Risk management techniques in terms of mutual fund investments.Why Risk isn’t that bad in Mutual Fund Investment?“Risk Hai to Ishq Hai”, a famous dialog from the web series “Scam 1992”, seriously tempted us to make a video on this topic.In recent past 9 months, we saw the great depression time of Covid-19 and market correction of 50%, at the same time we come back with the big bang of the all-time high of Sensex 50,000.By the time we are writing this blog, the Nifty is around 14900 and Sensex is 50600.
Happy Friday to all Traders, Investors, Analysts!!!!This week would be one of the crazy week in Stock Market history.As you may have read about it already, GME Stock Price manipulation and Short Squeeze by the reddit group WallStreetBets.It has been acknowledged by the White House and it\’s under investigation.
We always cherish the memory of saving our pocket money in our own personal dumb box. The habit of saving what we earn will help you during any financial crisis. In this article, our main focus is to bring out the best saving scheme in both the private and government sectors. Through saving regularly with your regular income you become financially strong and free. National Savings Certificate(NSC)            It is a fixed income saving plan which anyone can open in any post office located in India. The starting age for an investor is 18 years and the tenure period is of two types: 5 years and 10 years.
Tesla cars are not going to remain the top car in the vehicle stockmarket always, although it was making the news about all that was andis of electric cars.The minute Elon Musk introduced the Model S to thestreets it proved Tesla battery-powered vehicles were not going toremain bound to the vicinity of the automobile industry.If you are someone who wants to invest in the Tesla Stock for the longterm, be aware of the problems that is can result from not diversifyingstocks.The dawn of Tesla’s cars has been replenishing for investor funds aswell.Although it has remained all over the world and done that in a fewyears, Tesla stock has secured a lot of over thousand percent over theshort time of the only five years.Yet, it still continues to be the firstchoice of the United States self-driven Tesla car market, and itcontinues to be one of the best names for investors on a world-widebasis.It comes in the second position in terms of collaboration betweenRenault SA and one other firm.You can read the full content:
I think that valuations are 40% more extravagant than a year ago, following a significant two-month rally which saw cooperation from pretty much every area. TCS   TCS share cost hopped 3.5 percent to hit a new 52-week high of Rs 3,230 each on BSE today, following better-than-anticipated October-December quarter results for the monetary. Other IT stocks in the file additionally contacted new 52-week highs with Infosys ascending to Rs 1,365.95, HCL Technologies to 1,029, Wipro to Rs 444.95, Mindtree to Rs 1,764.50 and Tech Mahindra to Rs 1,068.65 per share. Additionally, the directorate of Wipro is planned to meet on January 13, 2021, to consider and support the evaluated monetary aftereffects of the organization for the quarter finished December 31, 2020 (Q3FY21). AVENUESUPERMART   Radhakishan Damani's Avenue Supermarts saw its offer value flood to a new unsurpassed high of Rs 3,130 for every offer on Monday morning as speculators responded to the solid acquiring development of the firm. Road Supermarts, which own and works the store chain DMart, on Saturday, announced a 16.3% on-year bounce in net benefit to Rs 446.95 crore for the October-December quarter of the current monetary year.
In many ways, AI and finance are made for each other.Machine learning and other techniques make it easier to identify patterns that might otherwise not be detected by the human eye, and finance is quantitative, to begin with so that it’s hard not to find traction.Financial firms have also invested heavily in AI in the past, and more are starting to tap into the financial applications of machine learning (ML) and deep learning.Artificial intelligence in stock trading certainly isn’t a new phenomenon, but access to its capabilities has historically been rather limited to large firms.Also Read: AI in Accounting & Finance — How AI Will Impact The Accounting & Finance Industry?AI and machine learning, quantitative investing and tradingEventually, Wall Street, when they looked at AI models, found that by using machine learning they can number crunch millions of data points in real-time and capture some of the correlations that traditional statistics models could not capture, and that is the dollar track to go after today.Especially the deep learning models, a new trend in the last two years.This gets the attention from the big boys on Wall Street, and they are trying to recruit people from Google, from Microsoft, from Apple and IBM Watson, to help them build huge AI clusters, to leverage this technology for trading and investing todayAt the very beginning of the last few years, only some of the very large hedge funds and financial institutions, like Goldman Sachs, were able to gather enough resources to invest in this field.So today it’s still not common knowledge among financial institutions, and Kavout is one of the only firms investing in this direction;I think it’s going to be a very popular space, based on some of the data we see in 2015, in the hedge fund world, the AI-based trading firms are doing pretty well versus the rest of the hedge fund industry is not doing that good.I think in 2016 and 2017, this space is going to get very crowded, but it’s not something everybody can do.ML has been evolving in the last 15 years, and deep learning is a breakthrough technology and helping people to manage lots of data sources and come up with new patterns to help estimate trading, ideas, and make better investing decisions.I think that’s also why you see so many big firms investing in this area, and also you see Apple just acquired an ML company in Seattle, Turi…so not only on Wall Street but also on the traditional big tech companies are moving into this space.We’re facing thousands of stocks to pick every day, it’s a very daunting task; today by using AI, we can do all the number crunching, look at all the news media, the social media, blogs, and also the real-time codes, we can scan thousands of stocks in real-time and give you the best idea, so that’s where the technology is very good today.In our company, we built something see look at all the fundamentals, the technicals, and also momentum for the traders, and we come back with a score to rank every single stock.Now all the traders have so many real-time streaming news, and to mine information from these unstructured data sets becomes very important, so we need new technology to handle this, which is new even to Wall Street, but with ML and deep learning we can now look at all these unstructured data sets and mine lots of trading insights which we could not do beforeWe can do all this today in natural language processing, which means we can have a computer understand the semantics and meaning of how people say something…and in news, this could be something positive or negative about certain companies, and that’s something we call sentiment analysis.We are building something called a sentiment score, which means we are leveraging all the sentiment we collect from traders, news, blogs, and we’re collecting some of the data from transactions.
Does stock market look like a mystery?Have you tried to invest or trade and lost money?Have you felt it’s not all betting, but you have been missing the knowledge to play the game?If the answer to above questions is a Yes.Knowing the different tools and having the training to utilize the resources is very important.In the stock market there are broadly two different categories of people:InvestorsTradersInvestors take a long-term position usually in the range of a few months to a few years.They review the stocks every few months and only take action against the ones that are not performing and review their investments.On the other hand, there are Traders.While trading derivatives can lead to huge profits and also huge losses vice versa if done without proper knowledge.At Traders Gurukul we offer several stock market training courses.We have several modes of learning and regular review classes.Broad learning themes at Traders Gurukul:Courses taught by multiple experts & theme-based programs.Complete program taught by an individual expert.Review process after classes and weekly reviews.Courses taught by multiple experts and theme-based programs: We have Super 25, Options Omega, Intrazone and Nifty Banker programs, which are our flagship programs taught every quarter.These programs have multiple topics taught by the industry experts and each of them has their unique style.These programs have been super successful programs and each of the students, who like different experts picking up the topics and programs based on their teaching style.
Stock trading has emerged as a popular source of income, and if you are a bit aware of the share market, you can also make money in this field.People not from a finance background may find the subject bit complicated, and to ease out the situation, now we have well-crafted courses on the share market to guide them.On completion of such a course, one can decide how one needs to progress to taste success in this industry.One can learn about stock market trading easily by joining classes and deal in share trading.If you are interested in learning about the share market, you can follow the ways mentioned below.Reading booksIf you want to become an investor in the stock market, you should know about it.Search online, and you will get a list of stock market books by eminent experts of the industry to enrich your knowledge base.Guidance from mentorIf you want to be a successful investor in the share market, it is essential to follow mentors' guidance.
Are you looking forward to taking your chances with trading?It would be pertinent to mention here that people new to the arena of share trading over complicate the entire process of trading.Rest assured that share trading webinars are generally carried out by the stock or shareholders requiring an intermediate like a bank or a brokerage firm for carrying out trades.Share trading strategy would refer to a plan followed by traders for earning profits in the stock market.Most of the popular trading strategies would be swing trading, value investing, growth trading, and day trading.Therefore, swing traders should purchase shares at the low price of their value and sell the stocks or shares when their price increases.Value tradingThis technique of share trading entails the traders purchasing shares of a specific company that is believed to have under-priced shares.They firmly believe that through investing in a company, the value of shares would increase.Growth tradingInvesting or growth trading would require investors to invest in companies showing signs of more than average growth.
Are you interested in stock trading and learning how to buy and trade stocks?Share market training can help people learn about smart trading techniques and the stock market.When you buy a stock, you possess some of the trades on an open market organization.Because of the available popularity and historical data, a stock market is a better place for new traders and investors to find good stocks and start trading.It is essential for beginners to understand the strategies, techniques, and clear framework of trading and how they are traded practically in the market.Share market trading also offers a different experience for trading forex, futures, and other asset classes.What is the importance of training?The stock market has now become the leading business strategy attracting many retail traders and investors worldwide.Various new types of trading platforms and stock markets offer opportunities for traders to trade at their convenience.Although there are many risks involved in trading, most people still choose to trade because of its massive business profit.A technical framework understanding with the knowledge of trading methods is an essential part of the training that could give reasonable profit and avoid chances of loss.Is the trading market for every individual?The trade market never limits people depending upon the experience, geographical region, and other elements.
At first, they should understand what stock trading is and the strategies involved in it.You should understand the concept of the stock market before you start trading.It is a simple way to connect the buyers and sellers who trade-in shares of various public companies.You may have heard of the two major stock exchanges globally, one is NYSE, and another is NASDAQ.One can join stock market classes to learn ways to deal with the stock market.If you do not possess enough knowledge in stock-broking, you need to consult with an online broker.Brokers do excellent research work that can provide you the required information about stock trading.Reading good books to gain knowledge is useful.The habit of reading books always helps to gain a better knowledge of a subject.
In the present market, investors wonder whether they should purchase stocks and make money with it.Rest assured that you could make investments in stocks and money with it as well.Review the criteria below and understand the personal preferences by discussing with the other stock traders.It would be imperative to identify the fact required for comparing different programs.It would not be wrong to suggest that you require a relatively good understanding of the features and costs of the automated trading tools before making a decision.Several kinds of companies would offer stock trading advice and strategies in their stock trading webinars.It would be pertinent to mention here that the prices would vary largely for some auto trading software.
In simple terms, technical analysis means the study of chart patterns, candlestick patterns, demand & supply psychology, resistance & support, and various other indicators.Predicting the stock market is a difficult task, but technical analysis helps to make it easier to predict the market to a certain level accurately.Technical analysis training also helps to understand the market sentiments based on human psychology.With the help of technical analysis, an individual can predict the market's future without going through its fundamental factors.Benefits of Technical Analysis1-            Trend AnalysisIt helps the investors and traders to predict the future of the stock market and make trading and investment decisions based upon the analysis.The market comes with three trends: Up Trend, Sideways, and Down Trend, and they can be predicted easily with Trend Analysis.2-            PsychologyIt helps understand traders' and investors' psychology regarding the market and know what they are doing.3-            Early signalsIt offers signals early before the trend reversal so that the traders and investors can take their decision based upon those signals.This lets them decide as per the individual risk appetite.Investors and traders combine various time frames to analyse the currency, equity, and commodity market as it helps to predict the market, trader's psychology, and volatility fast.Scope of Technical AnalysisIt is widely and commonly used by Forex traders, Equity traders, and Commodity traders worldwide to predict the market for the short and long term.
Active traders have been using Gann trading for decades.The latest trading areas, inclusive of the foreign exchange market and the invention of exchange-traded funds have made it essential to revisit the construction rules and application concepts.Despite the basic construction of Gann angles remains the same, let us delve into the changes in price levels and volatility.When trading or analyzing the course of a specific market, the trader or analyst would have an idea of where the market would be, where it has been concerning that former top or bottom, and how you should use the information for forecasting future price action.Gann angles providing resistance and supportGann angle would be used for forecasting resistance and support.After the analyst determines the duration he or she is going to trade and properly scales the chart, the trader would draw the three main Gann angles, namely 1X2, 1X1, and 2X1 from the main tops and bottoms.It would be pertinent to mention here that the technique frames the market enabling the analyst to go through the movement of the market inside the framework.The up-trending angles would provide the support and down trending angles would provide the resistance.
New Fund Offer "Kotak International REIT FOF".India's first-ever global REIT Fund of Fund.NFO Start on December 7th, 2020, and Closes on December 21st, 2020.
The trading market works according to an algorithm.What resistance and support lines should you consider?Most people would argue that a technical trader could not consider all variables, as they would be required to add fundamentals.It would be important for you to use a specific tool for measuring every move and mark the numbers and letters accordingly.Rest assured that your risk would be clear despite you enter the trade.You would be aware of the levels that you should not go beyond lest the pattern would become invalid.
Axis Mutual Fund's Special Situation Fund NFO Discussion with Fund Manager Mr. Ashish Naik
You want to learn about investing in the share market but you don’t know where to start?Traders Gurukul will pave the way for you to become a successful investor by helping you understand trading in the simplest way.The goal is to learn, have fun and make money with minimal effort!Here we provide courses in the form of digital content.You will have the benefit of virtual learning as the contents will be kept available to you long after the classes are over to revisit the topics, revise and clarify doubts.Our Stock Market Courses online cover a wide variety of topics:Stock Market BasicsFundamental AnalysisTechnical AnalysisFutures TradingOptions TradingTraders Gurukul offers best share market classes, online trading and technical analysis courses conducted by our expertise.Workshops conducted in 2020 are:Super 25Options OmegaIntrazonSuper 25 Super 25 brought together India’s best 25 traders, who shared their experiences.The topics included:Elliot Wave Basics & Reflation Trade StrategyMaster Trend Reversal Price Action StrategySystematic ETF Trading StrategyIron Condor variations & adjustment StrategiesIdentifying a trend early and riding it StrategyOptions Omega Options Omega covered the broad themes of:Positional Trading StrategiesIntraday Trading StrategiesExpiry Day Trading StrategiesThe workshop had 12 speakers on 12 different ideas, covering 12 days of extensive learning.This was very well focused by the varied speakers having rich knowledge, and understanding of the markets.IntrazonIntrazon was our third workshop for the year 2020.Intrazon was an exclusive event, concentrating solely on the theme of “Intraday Trading”.The workshop covered a variety of topics such as:Intraday trading of Indices, using Momentum and Volatility.Multi Time Frame Trend Signals using Ichimoku and Harmonic Trading patterns for Reversals in Intraday Trading.Intraday Trading using Price Channel.Apart from the above workshops, we also have free sessions that we conduct from time to time.Two such courses are Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Price Action Trading.Here is something exciting for the beginners and those traders who would like to learn more!