Both upper secondary and higher education students move into the general housing aid 1.8.2017 from, social affairs and the ministry of health told reporters.the STM according to the president of the republic Sauli Niinistö confirmed the housing benefit bill today, Thursday.the Law change does not affect the study abroad students, as well as in Finland, folk high school, physical education center or the Sámi training centre paid on line study and educational institution dormitory resident students.They also get in the future, the current student support system in accordance with the students ' housing supplement.following the reform of some of the students lose housing support altogether and part of the back of the housing subsidy amount is reduced, will increase or remain unchanged.General housing support for eligible students is estimated to be less than student housing for the additional eligible students, but the average general housing allowance amount is higher than the students ' housing supplement.
I was sexually abused as a child … and have dealt with the consequences of that my entire life.Imagine going through life with an ever-present shadow hanging over you, worrying if you too might be like the people who destroyed your childhood and life.It has infected almost every significant tech event around the world, said a 2010 article in Wired.An omniscient moderator leads players through the two alternating phases of the game – day and night.When Davidoff was growing up, most Soviet games were inspired by the us v them dynamic of the cold war, but Davidoff wanted Mafia to serve as a metaphor for the darkest years of the communist regime, when anyone – your boss, your neighbour, your lover – could be an informant.Unlike the high-powered tech whizzes who play the parlour game, the people who play Epic Mafia tend to be high-school and college students looking for a good way to waste time.
in Otaniemi, the students designed and constructed a Wave-2 satellite is scheduled to go to space today, at least, florida's Cape Canaveral.the Ship sent to the Atlas V launch vehicle geosynchronous to the International space station, where astronauts will later release it to fly independently.the Atlas V, a departure time is at 11.11 in the morning, local time, at 18.11 Finnish daylight saving time.Yesterday, the United states air force meteorologists predict the weather to be a 90% probability of a suitable rocket for takeoff remain at go.Nasa shows the rocket launch was broadcast live.
For young people pursuing a career in Silicon Valley, enrollment can be a golden ticket to elite technology companies.Over the years, Stanford has educated some of the biggest names in tech, including Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer.Founded in 1891, Stanford University has built a reputation as a feeder school for Silicon Valley.Source: Silicon Valley Business JournalIn CoHo, a coffee house where I found many students sitting on couches with laptops in hand, portraits of alumni hang on the wall.Stanford has educated titans of tech including Yahoo's Marissa Mayer; Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin; cofounder of PayPal, Peter Thiel; former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer; and cofounders of Hewlett-Packard, Bill Hewlett and David Packard.
Google Classroom is being joined by a new Coursework API that will allow developers to have their applications further integrate with the aforementioned Classroom service.Classroom is Google s educational management system for teachers and schools, and it uses the company s own Drive platform.Today, Google has announced updates to its Classroom offering, saying that, among other things, reporting systems and gradebooks can now be setup to sync students grades with Google Classroom, removing the time sink of manually transferring grades.Developers also have the newly gained ability to store files in the same Drive folder as the rest of the resources in a class, or use course groups to manage file sharing permissions, says Google.The company already has some partners in testing with the new features, including GeoGebra, OpenEd, and Tynker, all of them being educational platforms.Until then, check out our Google I/O portal for all the news fresh off the ground floor.
This is believed to be the second year in a row that the government has blocked access to the internet in the days leading up to and during the exams.Doug Madory, Dyn's internet analysis director, told Voactive: "There was certainly a lot of skepticism about this explanation last summer, but the outages did coincide with exams and nothing emerged to dispute the explanation."A leaked email by Iraqi ISP, obtained by Lebanon based technology and human rights group SMEX, specified the timings of the outages.As an anonymous source explained: "What happens usually is that some teachers would be giving the exams questions to students who pay money, then those students would sell online questions all over country.In 2014, Uzbekistan enforced a nationwide internet outage to curb cheating.Internet freedom activist group Access Now's senior global advocacy manager Deji Olukotun said: "We see this, especially in such a destabilized country as Iraq, as really terrible.
The starting salaries also reflect the sums that student developers can earn as summer interns at leading tech companies.According to a crowd-sourced report by Rodney Folz, interns can earn up to $10,400 a month, with an extra $10,000 for relocation and housing costs.Many top companies are reportedly paying between $6,000 a month Amazon and $8,000 a month Facebook , with Google $6.6k/m , Apple $6.7k/m and Microsoft $7.2k/m in-between.To be fair, a significant proportion of student developers - more than 25 percent - only expect to start on $50,000 to $70,000, and almost 20 percent expect less than $50,000 a year.According to Devpost's survey, students identified three key problems with recruiting: lack of information about desirable job opportunities; job applications that don't represent them effectively; and interviews that are stressful and unproductive.Kessler says: "There are plenty of companies who focus on the top schools, in terms of ranking and so on, but I think you're seeing a general opinion among software developers that it's not where you went to school - or, frankly, whether you went to school - but about what you've built, the experience you have, and your passions and personality."
Seriously, look at this thing:A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson @thorbjornsson  on Apr 17, 2016 at 1:27pm PDTHis name is Ástríkur, and the pup even has its own Instagram page under the handle @asterix astrikur.Scattered among his Instagram videos of weightlifting at the gym are cute snippets of Ástríkur and Björnsson out for daily walks and runs.You can barely spot the puppy among the similarly colored grass, but just look at this adorable workout:Björnsson captioned the video: "The most cardio I've done in years!!Björnsson refers to himself as Obelix, the fictional pal to Asterix.You can follow both Björnsson and Ástríkur on Instagram at @thorbjornsson and @asterix astrikur.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:The nation's top spy says hackers are spying on presidential candidatesThis wearable exoskeleton could one day turn your grandparents into cyborgsA new trailer for the 'Ghostbusters' reboot is here and it's much better than the firstSunday s 'Game of Thrones' director was surprised by fan reactions to this brief character interaction14 Stanford students reveal their ultimate dream jobsNOW WATCH: The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' follows an insane meat and egg fueled dietLoading video...
GIFMany of us spent a good portion of our college years battling it out in Mario Kart.Those carefully-honed skills aren t exactly a big seller on your resume, unless you happen to be one of four Colorado State University students who created a real-life version of the game, complete with weapons and power-ups.It s called Junkyard Battle Racers.Undergrad engineering students Alex Zenk, Katie Johnson, Floyd Bundrant, and Jacob Gover managed to use what they d learned in their mechatronics class to create a pair of interactive go-karts that turn racing into more than just a test of their driving skills.These randomly assign the kart with either a speed boost, a shield, or a pair of weapons that can be used against other racers.But when hit by a death beam, the brakes are applied as well, bringing the kart to an immediate stand still giving your opponent the chance to race ahead.
Xavier Niels Photo: @jibees for LeWeb11 Conference @ Les Docks -Paris- / Flickr 10,000 students get the opportunity to train as a programmer in Silicon Valley for free - but there's a catch. The school, named 42, welcomes everyone between 18 and 30 years and the selection process has clear similarities to the TV series The Hunger Games. During the four weeks around the clock, get all the inmates the students compete against each other in different encoding and logic tests. The school calls it themselves for an imaginary swimming pool where you throw in all the students - and then you get to see who is able to swim. After the four weeks so thinned the best students out and these will then go to university for three to five years. Billionaire Xavier Niels invest to begin with nearly 800 million in school that will train 10,000 new programmers the next five years it is planned.
I shared the pros and cons of how the same tools and instincts that are designed to help us, can often be used against us.In January, at the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Summit in La Quinta, California, a gathering of leaders in the field explored opportunities and challenges to improving the fundamental systems of global health.The conference focused primarily on education, human rights, poverty alleviation and climate change.Over 900 commitments were made out of April s program, with specific ideas and inventions proposed for the balanced use of advanced data systems and device while factoring in possible risks and benefits.With a very diverse and enthusiastic group of students participating, there was a definite consensus on the implications of what we were exploring and it was clear that the promise for opportunity is as limitless as the potential for innovation.The impact and consequences of how we use technology will naturally have a greater impact on the lives of millennials and on a world and a future that will be left in their hands.
Complete with real power ups. There are plenty of students who instead of studying, playing huge amounts of Mario Kart. Like in Mario Kart as are upgrades, and power-ups, deployed along the course which small pieces of cardboard that are detected by go Kartsen when run over. Then, the driver receives a random upgrade in the form of boost, shield or a pair of arms that could be used against other drivers. A small LCD screen on the steering wheel telling the driver what ability they picked on themselves with a sound effect and a computer voice so that drivers do not have to take your eyes off the road. Go kart sen gas and the brake is then controlled in part by a computer, so when a boost is picked up as the gas in the double speed while when struck by the example of the infrared guns so the speed can instead be lowered or the car even shut down.
But the discussion is preceded by a statement that's straight out of the "teach the controversy" approach: "The students examine the content of evolution and intelligent design and consider the merits and flaws of both sides of the argument."These exercises provide the impression that the school system has taken a standard lesson plan and tacked on some creationist material.One creationist handout from one of the exercises highlights the arguments of Lehigh University professor Michael Behe.Discovery is a major proponent of intelligent design, which it views as a tool to replace the current scientific process with one more consonant with its theological views.Another video promoted by the document is more overtly religious—and even worse scientifically.It's pretty likely that whoever put together this document started with a standard, scientifically valid lesson plan and tacked on a series of random bits of creationist information obtained by a bit of Web searching.
Students graduating from the University of East Anglia will have to find a new way to celebrate winning at learning things about history they will never subsequently use, thanks to a ban on the classic art of throwing mortarboards up in the air.The University of East Anglia, which will instead Photoshop them in to pictures, said of the ban: The decision to not have the traditional hat throwing photo opportunity for all students this year follows a number of injuries over recent years to graduates hurt by falling mortarboards.This is an unacceptable risk, and we want to ensure no student s graduation day is ruined by the potential for avoidable injury."There's not much on the internet for "mortarboard injury" though, with just one sketchy report of someone at Cambridge needing stitches after getting bonked on the head by one in 2008.Surely that's an acceptable risk level?The sad fact is that most of these mortarboards are hired for the day and not worn by students all the time or handed out as rewards to the prettiest ones by staff any more, so clothing hire firms are also onside for the ban -- saying they're sick of getting bent ones back in after traditional celebratory shoots.
Combustion Professor Bengt Johansson has left Lund University ... Photographer: Mats Nygren Five questions to Bengt Johansson, professor of internal combustion engine technology, which in anger have left Lund and moved to Saudi Arabia. I have been about the same as students here in Lund, they come mainly from India and China. There are some advantages. It has 120 researchers in the field of combustion technology, and now they want to build a business in engine technology and that's where I come in. During the construction period was 60 000 people involved. But of course it is not paid less here than in Lund and also tax free.
Founded by high-profile French telecom magnate and billionaire Xavier Niel, the school will open its doors in November and plans to grow to 10,000 students over the next five years.The school will include more than 1,000 iMac computers, high-speed internet, large-capacity storage servers and 300 dormitories, which it plans to increase to 600.However, gaining entrance to 42 is considered harder than getting into Harvard and is kind of like the tech version of the Hunger Games.The Paris-based 42 currently has 2,500 students enrolled.Like in France, 42 hopes to address the skill imbalance in the US where tech companies continue to complain about the lack of qualified workers they need to innovate.Niel, who is also the founder and major shareholder of the Iliad Group, will invest $100m of his own money to build the school's US branch.
KTH students Adelina Eriksson and Hanna Thenór Arström see the problems mainly as a classroom issue that can be resolved with special gender courses while another representative from KTH, Ina Animals Steel, would prefer to see more work on the issues already in the younger ages. For its future development and survival are dependent on skilled engineers with the ability to think broadly about new solutions and innovations. In our surveys, we see that girls are not primarily choosing a technical training from a burning interest in technology, but rather because they want to use the knowledge gained from the training of future professional roles include any important social issues. But to set up special gender courses that an outside agency or as an easy alibi that schools can point to then check off the issue is not the way. Today, gender distribution among the employees of our member companies about 80 percent male and 20 percent female, an imbalance which, unfortunately, has not changed significantly over the past 40 years. The reason is that too many posts in the ongoing debate broke Ny Teknik rules.
Google today announced that it s collaborating with more companies to build more cameras that work with Google s Jump computer vision system for assembling three-dimensional virtual reality video.First, Google will collaborate with IMAX to create a cinema-grade Jump camera, Google head of VR Clay Bavor said at the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California.That s because Google s VR efforts — presumably including the Cardboard headset, not just Jump — has garnered interest from Hollywood, Bavor said.But that s not the only place where easy-to-use VR is resonating — in Asia, Yi Technology will be releasing a Jump-ready camera this year, Bavor said.Google introduced Jump at I/O last year.GoPro was a key partner; Jump was being depicted as a system that could knit together footage from multiple GoPro cameras.Four months after that, GoPro opened up an early-access program for the Jump-compliant 16-camera Odyssey rig, which has a $15,000 price tag.Plus, Google wants Jump to become more pervasive, so it will be promoting it in a few places.And today, we re officially launching our Jump program at the YouTube Spaces in L.A. and NYC and we will it bring to all YouTube Space locations around the globe soon, Kurt Wilms, senior product manager of YouTube virtual reality at Google, wrote in a blog post today.Also today, Bavor showed that Google s Expeditions program for bringing VR into education settings has been making progress.Expeditions was originally launched at last year s I/O as Cardboard Expeditions, because the idea was to bring Cardboard VR experiences into classrooms.Google has expanded the size of its Expeditions Pioneer Program, making it possible for students and teachers in more schools to use the technology.Google has now taken more than 1 million students on Expeditions — VR field trips, essentially — up from 500,000 in January, Bavor said.
For a long time, almost as long as I ve been a member of the exclusive Women in Tech club, I ve avoided talking about diversity.Stereotype threat, an established psychological phenomenon, caused black students to do worse on the test.Identifying themselves with a group that has stereotypical, though mistaken, associations of lower intellectual ability primed them subconsciously to adopt that trait.Identifying myself with a group stereotyped to be worse on average at technical tasks primes me to do worse when faced with a technical task.Developers who are white and men are no less valuable because of their race and gender.This quote, from Maxine Williams, global director of diversity at Facebook, sums up my feeling of fostering belonging beautifully:Every Monday, when we get a new class of hires, I say to them, I don t want you to come in here and think that you need to use blind as a suffix.
Here s what s on the Thursday menu.Theranos voids two years of blood-test results, issues thousands of corrected reports.WSJ Google appeals French right to be forgotten order — which calls for Google to apply removals of links to all its domains, not just ones in Europe — to France s highest court.The students who are suing Google over email scanning have asked magistrate judge Paul Grewal, who is overseeing procedural matters related to the case, to recuse himself because he has accepted a job with Facebook.He starts next month.In meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, China regulator stressed Chinese users security.LinkedIn said Wednesday it s working to invalidate 100 million potentially compromised passwords that were taken during a 2012 breach, after reports that a hacker is selling them.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responded Wednesday to recent accusations by Donald Trump that he and the company have tax and antitrust issues, saying it s not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave.Washington Post Taxi prices around the world have declined because of what Deutsche is calling the Uber effect.Photo: Judge Paul Grewal poses in his office in the federal courthouse in downtown San Jose, Calif., Friday, Jan. 23, 2015.Grewal, a magistrate judge, is set to start working at Facebook next month as deputy general counsel in charge of litigation.