Do you love music and also saving money?And if you share the subscription fee with just one other person, you ll already save a few bucks every month.If you share it with five, you ll each be paying less than $3 a month for streaming music.But as we ve said so before, Spotify is not perfect, but all things considered, it is simply the best streaming music service.Heck, if you ve got a group of six ready to throw down, you could just sign up for all three streaming services and still pay less than $10 a month per person.Do use the money you re saving and buy concert tickets, though.
Digital comics service ComiXology is adding a new way for readers to get their fix of sequential art in the form of ComiXology Unlimited, a subscription service that opens up thousands of graphic novels, single issues, and collections for a single monthly fee.ComiXology's subscription plan isn't as unlimited as the name suggest, however, with only a curated selection of books across publishers such as Dark Horse, Image, Archie, BOOM!, and Oni Press being eligible for free reading.That said, the list does contain some contemporary must-reads, like the the beautifully somber mythical Western Pretty Deadly, the kid-and-adult-friendly Lumberjanes, the better-than-the-show-trust-me horror epic The Walking Dead, sci-fi/fantasy hotness Saga, the retro-flavored chronology Hip-Hop Family Tree, and Mark Waid's surprisingly hip and earnest Archie reboot.Best for beginnersHowever, only the first volume or two of each series is available for free, meaning that getting hooked on any particular book will require dropping more money on top of the Unlimited subscription fee.Additionally, ComiXology Unlimited is currently exclusive to the US, and iPhone owners will still have to deal with Amazon taking out in-app purchases from the iOS app following the company's buy-up by the retail giant in 2014.ComiXology also offers a decent recommendation guide on its website, if you're looking to make the most of Unlimited's 30-day free trial.
Features of the platform include the following:SerpstatKeyword research – Find competitor keywords that overlap with your campaign.Customer retention – Give a reason to make your customers come back for more to further increase your traffic and sales.Build relationships with clients post-checkout to gain insights on how you can further help them with their needs through your business.Marketers working on a budget would be scared off even by its lowest subscription fee at $99/month.Worse, there are no clear alternatives that do the same things that Buzzsumo does.Expect Users who share your interests willCurate equally great content from others – Find posts related to your industry from other users and share them with you social networks.
Until now, Sketch, the beloved OS X-based UI/UX design app, has charged its users for major releases like v1.0 and v2.0 and delivered minor updates in between for free.Bohemian Coding noted in a blog post that it wasn t fair that some users got more free updates than others, depending on how close to the original release date they purchased the $99 design tool.As such, it will begin rolling out free updates to licensed Sketch users for at least the next six months, or until one year after their date of purchase whichever comes last .The company hasn t yet announced pricing for its new subscription plan, but it ll be interesting to see how that affects its user base.It likely won t ruffle too many feathers, as Bohemian Coding has said that if you stop paying for updates, you ll still be able to use the version you have for as long as you like.Read next: Ehang will test the world s first passenger drone in Nevada this year
After 12 month of your monthly payments, Apple takes a smaller bite of the developer s apple.Remember, you pay more for Apple products in exchange for an ad-free experience until Apple realizes money is awesome.By creating an engaging app with a subscription model, developers can again start to consider a life of independence rather than sit in a cubicle.According to Jim Dalrypmple from Loop Insight, developers will be able to choose one of over 200 subscription price points, and they can create territory specific prices, making subscriptions even more flexible.If a new Twitter client wanted to charge a subscription fee for features power-users may find useful, there s nothing stopping them other than good taste which is lacking in the App Store anyway .The ads won t pop up until this Summer, and the revenue split scheme is still in the works.
Customers in central and eastern parts of London would be able to place orders from about 130,000 items including thousands of grocery items.After the initial 30-day free trial, the AmazonFresh service would cost about £6.99 $10 per month, along with the subscription fee for the Amazon Prime service, which is £79 a year."We are launching with a comprehensive offer in a limited area and will take our time to hone and improve our service based on our learnings and feedback from our customers.While shoppers have benefited from the stiff competition, companies offering the service have experienced difficulties in terms of making money.The grocery delivery service has managed to gain popularity in the UK, with most of the companies charging less than £5 per order.Mulpuru-Kodali said, "For any other company other than Amazon going into the grocery space would be deadly because the economics just aren't there."
BT is offering free access to its hotspot network as part of World Wi-Fi Day, but limiting its use to an hour per person.Telecommunications giant BT has announced that it is celebrating World Wi-Fi Day next week by offering free access to the company's Wi-Fi hotspots - but before you get too excited, you only get an hour.BT operates a huge network of public-access Wi-Fi hotspots, some of which are dedicated commercial units and others of which are BT Broadband subscribers' home routers co-opted into a national network through BT's partnership with Fon and the company's connection-sharing La Fonera technology.While most BT Broadband subscribers get free access to these hotspots, others are asked to pay either a subscription fee or a per-use charge - but it's hoping to encourage use of the network by waiving the fee as part of its celebration of World Wi-Fi Day, which is apparently totally a real thing.While World Wi-Fi day itself is on the 20th of June, BT will be opening its network on the 22nd through to a month later.For those not put off by such a restriction, which seems particularly draconian in this age of fast 4G mobile broadband options, a code for a free hour is available from BT's official website.
Almost three-quarters of Netflix fans polled on Reddit said they d cancel their subscriptions if the streaming giant brought commercial interruption to their favourite shows.74 per cent of members would break up with the company, the AllFlicks survey reveled, while the majority of Netflix users would also rather pay higher subscription premiums than see ads.The margin is overwhelming too, with 90 per cent of the 1,200 respondents preferring a higher price to ads.Reveled: The Netflix Binge ScaleNetflix competitor Hulu does offer advertisements, but recently introduced a new tier that would get rid of them for an extra $4 a month.Would you stick with Netflix if it decided to supplement your subscription fee with advertisements?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
If you buy a paper notebook, it s yours to do whatever you want with.Techcrunch makes an interesting justification for the change in its post on the subject emphasis ours :The increased pricing may cause some short term frustration and a few people jumping ship, but as many of us have found, a service that works for us and into which we ve poured years of data is generally worth keeping around, even if it increases in price by a few bucks.The company is, of course, within its rights to charge a subscription fee — and anyway, it s offering a grace period for people who rely on the more robust version of the free plan.This is a model that can end in tragedy, as it did when the beloved app Mailbox shut down late last year, forcing its users to find alternatives.And don t think my gut doesn t frost over when I consider I ve probably dumped a few thousand dollars into licenses to read books on ComiXology, a service that could, unlike my bookshelf, theoretically dissolve from existence at some arbitrary point in the future.Months ago, on the occasion of a WhatsApp shutdown in Brazil, cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier called for legal protections.
Apple is reportedly exploring the possibility of purchasing Tidal, a music streaming service run by rapper Jay Z, and has held talks about the idea.The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, said Apple is eyeing Tidal because of its ties to popular artists.This could help Apple with its own music service, which it launched in June 2015.These talks may not result in a deal, though, the news outlet reported.There have been news reports that other companies such as Samsung, Google and Spotify are also interested in purchasing Tidal.Tidal was first created in 2014 by Swedish tech firm Aspiro, and that company was purchased by Jay Z for $56 million last year.The music service charges a subscription fee to stream music and music videos without ads.Subscription prices range from $8.49 to $19.99 per month depending on the plan, according to Tidal s website.There are more than more than 40 million songs and nearly 130,000 videos on Tidal.Apple declined to comment.SiliconBeat also reached out to Tidal and this post will be updated if the company responds.Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at an Apple event at the Worldwide Developer s Conference on June 13, 2016 in San Francisco, California.Andrew Burton/Getty Images Tags: Apple, Tidal
More Charts   Tuesday marks the second annual Amazon Prime Day, when all Amazon Prime members can get exclusive discounts on more than 100,000 products through the company.This year, more than 63 million people will be able to take advantage of those deals, according to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners charted here by Statista.That's up by more than 20 million — or almost 50% — from a year ago.Prime is important for Amazon not only for the $99/year subscription fee, but because members spend more than 2x as much on Amazon every year as non-Prime members.Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.NOW WATCH: You may have Amazon credits waiting for you — here's how to checkLoading video...
If you re a member of an Android family, your life just got a whole lot easier.After unveiling the Family Library earlier this summer, Google officially launched the feature this week, allowing up to six family members to share a single Google account, including any movies, shows, books, apps or games on that account.Samsung Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV for $650Amazon Echo for $50 offUnlike the Google Play Music family plan, which requires a $14.99 monthly subscription fee, the Family Library will be free for all Android users.Once you open up a family account, you can invite family members from the Family section of the Account menu in the Google Play app.
Tablet as service and new IBM collaboration is Microsoft's new deal to attract more businesses to use the Surface. Microsoft starts to get spin on the sale of the tablet surface and its sister PC Land Book. Last quarter, the company pulled in $ 1.1 billion in the Surface line, an increase of over 50 percent from last year. Now Microsoft wants to more companies discover the hardware and therefore have the partner conference in Toronto now presented a new rental service, the Surface as a Service. It means that companies basically lease hardware from Microsoft and pay a subscription fee for the plate / computer along with other services such as Windows 10 and Office 365 Support. Read also: How will Microsoft get companies to use the AR-helmet Hololens
Tablet as service and new IBM collaboration is Microsoft's new deal to attract more businesses to use the Surface. Microsoft starts to get spin on the sale of the tablet surface and its sister PC Land Book. Last quarter, the company pulled in $ 1.1 billion in the Surface line, an increase of over 50 percent from last year. Now Microsoft wants to more companies discover the hardware and therefore have the partner conference in Toronto now presented a new rental service, the Surface as a Service. It means that companies basically lease hardware from Microsoft and pay a subscription fee for the plate / computer along with other services such as Windows 10 and Office 365 Support. Read also: How will Microsoft get companies to use the AR-helmet Hololens
And it has nothing to do with the company upping my subscription fee to $9.99 a month.I knew the score and that s OK.What I m not happy with is what was a bloodletting, of sorts, with regard to some of Netflix s content this month.Maybe Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos decided the company had only enough room on its Amazon-hosted servers for two Stanley Kubrick movies instead of four?Maybe Netflix wants to clear the decks before its big deal with Disney kicks in in a couple of months?Whatever the case may be, for Netflix, context isn t just king.It s the king, the queen, the crown prince and princess and everything right down to the court jester.There are only two ways for Netflix to bring in revenue: Gain more subscribers or charge higher subscription fees.
As you start moving beyond the basics of editing images—past general exposure and color adjustments—you ll discover a semi-secret truth: a lot of your time is spent selecting specific areas for editing.Selections have traditionally been a strength of Adobe Photoshop, but the granddaddy editor is overkill for many people who don t need its extensive feature set, or don t want to pay a Creative Cloud subscription fee which starts at $10 a month with an annual plan, and can cost up to $80 a month for the full CC suite .The main improvements in version 3.5 make it easier and less time-consuming to create good selections.The challenge when making selections is that there isn t always a clean line you can follow by drawing with the Lasso tool—and even when there is, defining it by hand is painstaking.The Quick Selection tool accurately selected only the edge of this barn roof as I made the selection in red , even when the brush was a comparatively large size.For areas where you do have well-defined lines, the Magnet Selection tool helps you avoid a lot of work and frustration.
Amazon Prime has turned us into online-ordering addicts, fulfilling every passing desire for thousand island dressing and gesture control armbands in a mere 48 hours.But you might be paying more than the annual fee for this privilege.A comparison of 65 household products on Amazon's and Walmart's online stores found that Amazon was, on average, $6.43 more expensive than Walmart.Pacific Crest, who performed the comparison, thinks this premium has to do with the cost of two-day shipping.While Amazon Prime has an annual $99 subscription fee, the cost of shipping is rising for the company.At Amazon, the cost of fulfilling customer's orders rose 24% in 2015, according to Edward Yruma, analyst at Pacific Crest, and his team.To combat this, Amazon has been placing restrictions on some items, forcing customers to either add the items to an order or $25 or more, or receive them in 4-5 days, rather than two days.Additionally, Amazon is also factoring shipping costs into the prices of some of its items.These restrictions on shipping are aimed at reducing costs at Amazon, but makes shopping at the retail outlet more expensive than at other competitors.Walmart has started offering "ShippingPass," a two-day free shipping subscription service that costs $49 per year.Amazon Prime started at $79, but has since increased in price, while offering additional perks like streaming music and video.Yruma thinks that Walmart will have to follow Amazon's lead and eventually increase the price of ShippingPass to offset the cost.Amazon is still an incredibly popular online shopping destination, as page views per user and time on site are both up compared to last year, according to data from says ShippingPass "deserves close monitoring" for Amazon investors as the service begins to encroach on Prime's dominance in the space.
I just accepted a full time position marketing for a Motorsports dealer in the midwest.The town I'm in is pretty small, but they have a decent amount of money to throw at marketing $100k/year.Right now a large portion of that goes into billboards, radio ads and paying a huge subscription fee for a website.So my question is, jumping into an existing business what would be your first months priorities?I just started "spitballing" notes down on paper last night:They collect information when they finalize sales but they don't have any CRM.
Paid services typically spend 70% of their revenue on licensing music.How many companies can survive in the high-cost music-streaming business?Plenty, it appears—as long as music isn t their main source of revenue.Amazon, meanwhile, is preparing to introduce a stand-alone $10-a-month subscription music service, matching the subscription fee charged by Apple Music and by Alphabet, which offers ad-free music through both its YouTube Red and Google Play Music service.To access Amazon s existing Prime Music service, a customer needs to be a member of its $99-a-year Prime program.That gives the tech companies a major advantage over smaller companies like Pandora Media Inc., P 2.33 % Spotify AB and French counterpart Deezer, whose main businesses are music streaming.
Channels has grown to become one of the more popular applications for cord cutters who want to watch, pause, rewind and fast-forward live television on their 4th-generation Apple TV.In addition to letting you watch live TV, the mobile application also lets you see what s on in a full-grid TV guide.While Apple itself has been toying with the idea of making its Apple TV a platform for cord cutters by launching its own streaming video service, those plans have not yet gotten off the ground.Instead, its Apple TV platform today supports third-party applications, like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and others, that let you watch TV and movies for a subscription fee.It also hosts a number of TV apps from networks, including those you need a pay TV subscription in order to access.Channels, however, offers a different type of solution for watching television via the Apple TV, and now, mobile.