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Hydraulic Turbine MetersA turbine flow meter is a volumetric metering the meter consists of a rotor and bearing assembly Suspended on a shaft, which is mounted to a support device.Click hereAbout UsSmooth Flowmeters,a name getting popularity in the field of instrumentation for its commissioning and After Sales Service and their indepth knowledge and expertise in this business.After getting customers confidence in our services,we decided to enter in the field of Manufacture and Marketing.A flow meter (or flowmeter) is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, volumetric or mass flow rate of a liquid or a gas.When choosing flow meters, one should consider such intangible factors as familiarity of plant personnel, their experience with calibration and maintenance, spare parts availability, and mean time between failure history, etc., at the particular plant site.It is also recommended that the cost of the installation be computed only after taking these steps.One of the most common flow measurement mistakes is the reversal of this sequence: instead of selecting a sensor which will perform properly, an attempt is made to justify the use of a device because it is less expensive.Those "inexpensive" purchases can be the most costly installations.This page will help you better understand flow rate meters, but you can also speak to our application engineers at anytime if you have any special flow measurement challenges.Add: - Plot No.1, Mauli Darshan Building, Mhatre Nagar, Behind Lalit Weight Bridge, Manpada, Dombivli (East) Mumbai – 421204Email: - [email protected]: - +91 8104775151
A few years ago, I found myself in a bathroom stall furiously trying to remove a Bumble sticker from a sanitary product bin. I’m not sure how much time I spent there ― pants around my ankles ― picking away, but by the time I left the stall, the sticker looked like it had been clawed by a wild animal. I remember being enraged that there was no place I could go ― not even a college library’s bathroom ― where I wouldn’t be reminded that I was single. Worse, I believed that as a woman with a bipolar diagnosis, no one in his or her right mind would ever want to date me.  I remember receiving my diagnosis clearly; it was May 2014. I was 33 years old. I was seated across from a man I’d never met before, after being involuntarily hospitalised. One way to get involuntarily hospitalised, I discovered, is by attempting to flee the ER, wearing only a hospital gown and men’s tube socks, possessing the sudden belief that humans can fly. My sister took me to the ER after I announced on Facebook that I had a very important meeting with then-President Barack Obama; we were going to discuss health care. I was uniquely qualified to talk about health care because, I was, hello, mentally ill. Who better to chat with him about the gaps in coverage? The man, my doctor, tried to explain that Obama wasn’t coming. “You have bipolar 1,” he said flatly. Instantly offended, I told him I was certainly not bipolar; my life just sucked. While hospitalised, I’d lost my job and internship, and I would soon be homeless. My previous diagnosis had been clinical depression and I didn’t want to accept something more severe. He brought up that I had taken off all my clothes the night before in the hospital’s common room. “Performance art,” I shrugged. What I didn’t explain was that I believed, in that moment, that I had to be in my birthday suit in order to be reborn the female Jesus Christ.  I’m a bit embarrassed to admit how long it took me to accept my diagnosis ― six years. I thought my involuntary hospitalisation was a one-time fluke until I started to experience symptoms again in February, triggered by the stress of winter storm Uri. I thought to myself: “Maybe it’s time to learn about this thing I have.” Unable to focus enough to read, I listened to audiobooks. I learned that people with bipolar 1 experience manic phases (at least one) that can include psychosis and delusions. My manic episode lasted two months ― during that time I went three weeks without sleeping and believed that the hospital I was committed to was actual purgatory.Because bipolar 1 disorder has a genetic component, I asked my mom about our family history. My grandmother, it turned out, liked to dress up like Liberace and ― without having had a single music lesson in her life ― “play” the piano. When my aunt was a teenager, she wholeheartedly believed that David Cassidy was in love with her. She swore they would meet up on the beach, and that he drew a heart in the sand with their initials.  Dressing up in wigs and pounding on the piano sounded fun, but my aunt’s flights of fancy deeply worried me. In my research, I learned that being in love, with all its euphoric goodness, can trigger or coincide with bipolar episodes. So, too, can heartbreak. This only added to my fear that I might never be mentally fit to be in a romantic relationship. Indeed, one of the scariest movies I ever saw wasn’t a horror flick but a French film called ”He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not.” Angélique, an art student, played by Audrey Tautou, falls in love with a doctor, whom viewers assume reciprocates her feelings. The film’s perspective shifts, Angélique is committed to a psych ward, and it becomes clear that she’s suffering from erotomania ― the belief that someone is in love with you when they are not, which falls under the delusion category in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5. The final scene in the film is unforgettable. After her release from the hospital, a nurse moves a bookshelf and discovers that Angélique has made an artful portrait of her amour out of all the meds she did not take. That film scared me shitless because at 40, my only romantic relationships have involved unrequited loves that played out like vivid movies in my head. In high school, I was madly in love with Danny, a Skinny Puppy-loving punk at my high school.The most “romantic” and goth thing I did was gift Danny the razor blade I used for cutting my forearms, because only he could give me a reason to live. Not surprisingly, rumors spread quickly that I was a psycho, a word that would greatly affect how I saw myself long term. By the time I turned 17, I had been hospitalised three times; I’m deeply grateful that I was so bad at attempting suicide. None of this bodes well for a dating profile. In December 2020, I started attending support groups on Zoom through the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Not only did the group help me to come to terms with my diagnosis, but it was a huge relief to finally find people who understood what it’s like to live with a mental illness. I’d been in therapy on and off for years, but it never offered what I didn’t know I needed most ― a sense of community. I was deeply touched when others raised the subject of dating and relationships. I heard questions aloud that had been rolling around in my head for years: When do you tell someone you have a mental illness? How do you cope if they react negatively? What about the kid thing? Is it OK to date someone with the same diagnosis as you? One question I badly wanted to contribute was: What if your medications totally kill your sex drive? I noticed this side effect six years ago after I was stabilised on a tolerable cocktail of meds. I didn’t find anyone attractive anymore. I began to experience what I called “my one horny day” a month. I’d notice a slight tingling that I recognised as arousal and then realise, “Must be my horny day.”  Staying out of hospitals was worth not having a sex drive but it did add to the belief that I might never be in a “normal” relationship, let alone a relationship at all.  A few months ago, something shifted for me when I found myself crushing on a support group member. He was kind, a good listener, and had a nice strong jaw. The feeling was faint but I started to think about how much trust and vulnerability factor in when attempting pretty much anything new ― especially dating. It’s not that I pictured myself falling in love with this person, but it planted the seed that such a thing was possible.The truth is some days I feel like I’m fighting for my life. Just a few weeks ago, I didn’t sleep for four days. Today, it felt excruciating to put one leg into a pair of sweatpants, realising I still had the other leg to go. When I think about my hierarchy of needs, it’s food, water, shelter, meds and shampooed hair. From there, I build upward into social support: friends, family, peer support groups and counseling. You can probably sense how far I have to travel. That doesn’t mean I’m not putting in the work to challenge my fears. My first step has been to break the silence, to admit that I am lonely. My second step has been to grow the relationships I already have, and feel my heart wake up a bit. My third step is to imagine the sort of partner I want in my life. What qualities do they have? What are my deal breakers? Would this person be willing to call my doctor if I wake up and announce that I’m in the CIA?I’m working hard to imagine a partner who would love me despite the fact that I take heavily sedating meds, hit the hay at 7:30 p.m. sharp and wake up 11 hours later still tired. I’m prone to “checks” ― getting 10 minutes down the road only to be convinced I left the stove on, and there’s a 50% chance that I’ll be found up on a ladder, checking air vents for hidden cameras. But I’ve always hated that saying: You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. This past year, I’ve learned that I don’t have to wait until I’ve become some sort of perfect, self-loving, sound-of-mind, confident, relationship-ready person because that person doesn’t exist ― anywhere ― so I’m taking small steps when I can. I’m a work in progress, as most of us are, and if that’s the case, my chances for finding love are actually pretty good. This article first appeared on HuffPost PersonalHave a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] from HuffPost UK PersonalAntidepressants Didn’t Ruin My Sex Life. They Don’t Have To Ruin Yours EitherHe Cheated On Me. That's When I Realised I Was PolyamorousI’m Cycling From Bristol To Beijing During A Pandemic. Here’s Why
Office blocks and shops left empty by the pandemic could soon see cities transformed into ghettos of unaffordable luxury homes thanks to a government-backed loophole, according to housing experts.Housing secretary Robert Jenrick in March laid out an extension to existing permitted development (PD) rights that will allow the conversion of empty retail units into “much needed” homes without the need for planning permission.Under the planning system, any development of more than 10 homes has to include a percentage (up to 50%) of “affordable” housing – it could be social rent, shared-ownership or the often misleading “affordable rent”, which is 80% of market level.Existing PD rights for office blocks have already seen developers run riot in London, and with more set to be abandoned by firms turning to home-working – plus the extended powers for commercial units – housing experts fear the worst.Diarmaid Ward, Islington Council’s housing lead, says the reforms are “just a way of circumventing the planning system” so developers can evade regulations around building genuinely affordable homes.In his north London borough there are 14,000 households on the housing waiting list and in 2019, the council won a landmark case against a developer who tried to avoid the 50% affordable housing quota over a site of luxury flats converted from offices. “The new rules will be a complete disaster for all the people who desperately need a secure and genuinely affordable home,” he tells HuffPost UK. “It’s as if they are set up deliberately to stop us from building homes for these people.”The reforms would mean councils can only turn down applications on very limited grounds including flood risk, noise pollution and inadequate natural light. Jenrick said the relaxation of planning restrictions will help high streets severely impacted by the pandemic to “bounce back”.“By diversifying our town and city centres and encouraging the conversion of unused shops into cafes, restaurants or even new homes, we can help the high street to adapt and thrive for the future,” he said. Almost 350,000 new homes need to be built in England per year until 2031, according to a 2018 study by Heriot-Watt University. Of those, at least 145,000 need to be affordable homes, including 90,000 for social rent.But Ward says while councils have to “fight tooth and nail” to find the funds to build homes for families who need them, developers “are given a carte blanche to do whatever they want”.He continues: “We’ve got a government that is obsessed with ideological purity and the idea that if you leave things to the free market, they’ll sort themselves out. We know that in London that’s not the case – the free market has not magically sorted out the housing crisis.”As calls grow to make remote working the default in Britain and companies move to downsize or close expensive offices, Ward agrees that empty commercial spaces could be a viable option in some cases.“It depends on the context,” he says. “As long as those spaces aren’t being currently used to provide local jobs for local people, then there are certainly circumstances where commercial buildings could be converted into residential homes – and that will be beneficial if they were converted into social rentals.”But turning office spaces into luxury homes will have a detrimental impact on local communities across the UK. He adds: “Town and city centres are the lifeblood of a community, so unless we turn these spaces into the right kind of social rent homes, we’ll be creating a dormitory city for the richest.“There’s an awful amount of work that would need to go into converting commercial premises into residential homes. There isn’t government funding available for local authorities to buy up empty buildings so there are already obstacles before you even start.”Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) president Alan Jones also believes the government’s PD rights “free-for-all” will have “severe consequences” for high streets across England, and could result in an onslaught of substandard homes.In a statement, he said he was “seriously worried” about the new planning rules.“These new freedoms are dangerously relaxed, and lack critical safeguards to prevent further damage to suffering high streets by turning essential community amenities into, all too often, substandard homes.“We urgently need well-designed, mixed use developments that provide long term value for their communities and residents, delivered by sufficiently resourced local authorities – not a race to the bottom.”Fears about the standard of housing that may result from these conversions reference the “nightmare” example of the Essex town of Harlow, where families have been crammed into “human warehouses” of former office blocks.  Chris Bailey, campaigns and policy manager at the campaign group Action on Empty Homes, believes PD rights have not merely worsened the housing crisis by restricting the availability of affordable and social homes but are a license for “unscrupulous” developers to take advantage of desperate people. “We know some of these conversions have been used to house people who are entitled to social homes in extremely poor conditions,” he tells HuffPost UK. “There are some really nasty and terrible cause célèbre examples of that where people have died and their bodies have not been found for weeks.” Ward agrees. “These rules could be a charter for developers to go in and stick a few beds in an office building. A family in desperate need should not have to live in an office with a few beds, they need to live in a home. It’s complete nonsense.”The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has insisted homes built under the new system will be subject to high standards and meet space standards. The problem isn’t that the government isn’t building homes, it’s that they are building the wrong ones. “The government talks a good game on giving people’s homes and getting people on the housing ladder but actually what we’ve got is fewer people than ever owning their own home,” Bailey continues. “It’s a failure of housing policy that we are spending billions of pounds on supporting deposits and propping up housing prices when there’s a never-ending list of people who are in desperate need of homes and who are entitled to social housing in this country. We should be spending those billions of pounds on building genuinely affordable and social homes, then some might be able to afford to save for those deposits.”“The government will get away with having fewer genuinely affordable homes being built and it will merely exacerbate the existing terrible housing crisis,” Ward adds. “The only way to solve this crisis to make sure we build the right type of homes.“This is the biggest issue facing us in Islington, in London, in this country.”A MHCLG spokesperson said: “We are overhauling the planning system to give communities more control from the start of the planning process.“These changes to Permitted Development Rights will help support our high streets by removing eyesores and transforming unused buildings into much-needed new homes.”Related...Revealed: Families Crammed Into Rooms Little Bigger Than Parking SpacesHow Covid Has Made The UK's Bitter Housing Crisis Even Worse
For a child to travel safely in a vehicle, it is necessary to always use a child restraint system, but when choosing it it is necessary to take into account several aspects, such as that it is compatible with the fixing system available in our vehicle ( by means of a seat belt or through Isofix anchors), that the type of chair adapts to the needs of our child due to its weight and / or height, that it is comfortable for the little one and that it is easy to install for the adult, avoiding mistakes in its installation ...There are many factors that must be taken into account when buying the car seat.Steps to buy a car seatWhich carseat are the safest?In Spain, child seats approved according to two regulations are marketed:The latest ECE R129 i-Size standard (in force since 2013).With the ECE R44 / 04 regulation , from 2004, and therefore older and less demanding.To choose a car seat with a good safety rating, we recommend you consult the RACE seat  , where you can find the analysis that we carry out every year in collaboration with more than 30 European institutions and with the result obtained by more than 370 system models child retention system (SRI).twoAssess the age and size of the baby or child It is important that the car seat adapts perfectly to the weight if it belongs to the ECE R44 / 04 homologation or to the child's size if it belongs to the R129 homologation, also known as i-Size.Car seat approved according to the ECE R44 / 04 standardIf you opt for a chair approved according to the ECE R44 / 04 standard , you will see that the chairs are classified into five main groups based on the child's weight :Group 0Between 0 and 10 kg.Carrycot type.It is usually installed perpendicular to the direction of travel.Due to its layout and difficulty of installation, we recommend using a CRS from the following group.There are chairs that can be installed both with an Isofix anchor and with a seat belt.For the group of chairs up to 105 cm, the installation must be carried out through the Isofix system using three anchor points: two are those on the back of the rear seats (identified with a label) and the third can be the top tether , the lower tether or a support leg.This installation method requires that before buying the car seat it is necessary to check that there are no compatibility problems with the vehicle and that it can be installed correctly as indicated by the manufacturer.Up to 105 cmSeats for children up to 105 cm: with Isofix semi-universal anchor (three anchor points), in reverse position to the mandatory gait up to 15 months and recommended up to 4 years, always following the manufacturer's instructions.
Market Research Future (MRFR) announces the publication of its half cooked research report – global bot service market 2017-2023According to Market Research Future Analysis, the global bot service market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate over the forecast period, 2017-2023.According to market research future, the global bot service market has been segmented into service, type, deployment, end user, and region.The global bot service market is expected to grow significantly during the forecasted period due to increased demand for online service providers and advancements in the artificial intelligence technology.The market by type segment of bot service is at present dominated by the text type services in many of the industrial applications like retail, banking, insurance, travel, and others.Bots rely on the concept of the artificial intelligence to answer the customer questions and help us resolve our query in a fast and efficient way.Bots are available majorly in many websites dealing with the customer support and services.They are helpful in booking hotels, flight tickets, movie shows, and restaurants.With the huge presence of companies in North America delivering the IT services, bot services market is increasing significantly with the increased growth of the cloud and artificial intelligence technology and the adoption of bot services by small, medium, and large enterprises.Get Free Sample Copy Report of Bot Services [email protected] the basis of service, it is further segmented into framework and platform.
Detailed Regional Analysis The regional appraisal of the e-wallet market is segmented North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the regions.The North American region is followed by the European region and is contributing significantly to the development of the market in the forecast period.The move towards cashless countries are estimated to boost the development of the market for e–wallets in Japan, China, and India are moving towards.Due to the increased adoption of the smartphone in this region, there is an extraordinary growth opportunity for e-wallets.In a country like India, after demonetization, online payment transfers grew substantially.The support from the government for a cashless country and the digital country and such advantages will power the development of e-wallet market.
Market HighlightsMarket Research Future (MRFR), in its latest published report on the Messaging Security Market 2020, reveals factors that can govern the market rise across the review period 2017 and 2023.As per MRFR study, the expansion of the messaging security market can be at 16% CAGR across the analysis period.The messaging security market can value at about USD 6 Billion by 2023.The presence of robust network infrastructure and continuous development in the field can support the expansion of the messaging security market across the analysis period.Digitization and the penetration of higher digital technology can support the expansion of the messaging security market across the analysis period.In addition, the presence of leading messaging security solution developers across the globe can impel the rise of the market.
The global market for hospital acquired infections are expected to surpass a valuation of USD 36.16billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2022.Market Research Future (MRFR) discussed several factors in the report that would provide ample scope to the market to register strong growth in the coming years.The growing demand for safety against various attacks from bacteria, virus, and others, susceptible patients in the hospital with weak immunity, better inclusion of drugs.Lack of patient handling awareness can also prevent growth for the market.However, the global market can suffer from the growing microbial resistance and increase use of glass and ceramic in hospitals.Hospital Acquired Infections Market Segmentation:The stud on the global hospital acquired infections market includes pathogen types and treatment method, nd infection type.These segments have data that is helpful in getting insights.It would help in the development of strategies.By pathogen types, the study on the global market for hospital acquired infections market has been segmented into viral, bacterial and fungal.The viral segment is getting tailwinds due to the impact of several contagious viral diseases.By treatment method, the study on the Hospital-Acquired Infections Market Overview has been segmented into chemical, sterilization, and radiation.
Although love cannot cure a disease or prevent someone from acquiring it, it can certainly promote good physical and mental health in general.Psychiatrists in Bhopal and also from different parts of the globe continuously emphasize that healthy, loving relationships along with strong social support from family and friends are crucial for the well-being of mental health.If you have a supporting spouse or partner who stands by your side in every phase of your life despite all odds, including mental health illnesses, it would be easy for you to recover well and well.When you have a loving partner or spouse, it is less likely for you to develop depression, stress, and some other mental health disorders.On the contrary, being in a toxic relationship can bring great damage to your mental health.Being Loved Promotes Self-WorthDeep in a state of mental illness, it may not be possible for you to see your worth, especially in despair over depression or suicidal thoughts.In such situations, knowing that, there is someone who loves you more than anything and that they would be devastated if something wrong happens to you can create a sense of self-worth in you.
Twitter Support says it's fixing a server problem and hopes to get things running smoothly "soon." Reports of issues have come from users in regions including Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
Nano therapy refers to modern technology for several diseases which are performed with the help of submicron-sized molecular devices or nanoparticles.Generous past exploration exertion has led to the innovation of techniques to fuse helpful operators into biocampitable nano devices including polymer nanoparticles, micelle frameworks, liposomes, inorganic nanoparticles, nanotubes, and dendrites.The Global Nano Therapy Market is estimated to expand at an 8.2% CAGR during the forecast period.A recent study by the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic diseases has stated that the prevalence of MS ranged from 30.5 to 31.5% in China and 35.8 to 45.3% in India.Further, continuous development in technology, a surge in demand for better treatment, government support for the research and development, and the increasing healthcare expenditure has fuelled the growth of the nano therapy market.Get Free Sample Copy of Report @ Players for Global Nano Therapy MarketSome of the impressive market vendors in the global nano therapy market include Smith and Nephew (UK), Selecta Biosciences, Inc. (US), Sirnaomics, Inc. (US), Tarveda Therapeutics (US), DIM (US), Cristal Therapeutics (the Netherland), CytImmune Science, Inc. (US), Luna (US), NanoBio Corporation (US), (US), Nanobiotix (France), Nanoprobes, Inc. (US), Parvus Therapeutics (US), Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc (US), Nanosphere Inc. (US), NanoMedia Solutions Inc. (Japan).Industry UpdateMay 2019: A new study conducted by scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, have designed hybrid nanoparticles to treat cancer.These nanoparticles are made from gold and lipids.Conferring to the National Diabetes Statistics report 2017, around 30.3 million people ranging in all ages had diabetes, i.e., 9.4% of the total US population suffered from diabetes in 2017.
Remove google reviews from google mapRemove Google reviews: At this time Google reviews are part of our virtual business.I am heard every month 2-10 customers always, ask me how to remove bad/negative /1 star Google review.I am going to sow you best 2 technics to remove GoogleQuick response on your bad reviewsIf you’re all negative reviews real people, it’s very hard for you to removeMany times WE see competitor committed it; they will purchase negative reviews for a competitor.If found this negative reviews comes too fast just response and reply quickly then you to Your contributions, You can see go to Google maps and in the top left menu then scroll down you can see “Your contributions” button.Next Sign/login into Google My Business/maps.Choose your Business/maps location and click the “Reviews” button from the menu.Search the review you’d like to flag, click the 3-dot (…) menu, and then click Flag as inappropriate.Also, you can contact Google “support” for this help.You need to spend much time on that so, I offer reviews flagging service.Reviews flaggingWe will flag your negative 1-star bad review with my over 100+ team member.If you pay some money for that you can save your time.
In this High-tech era of technology, Demand for mobile apps has increased rapidly.Each and Each week, mobile users, internet users are increasing day by day.With this rapid growth, online mobile apps are in trends that support the latest mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.Investors are now looking for services such as daily deals app development, real estate platform, job portals, and more.On-demand apps are also catching the interest of the users.People from all age groups have started using mobile phones to avail themselves of the services by sitting at home.