Tim Cook said the new facility will open next yearApple has announced plans for a new app design centre in India as the firm's chief executive made his first visit to the country.Tim Cook said the US technology giant was planning to build the app design faculty in the southern city of Bangalore.He said the facility will open early next year and give "developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world".With Apple s sales slowing in China and the United States, Mr Cook will use his four-day visit to develop relations in India's fast-growing market, which Apple sees as increasingly key to its fortunes.While an Apple spokesperson refused to confirm Mr Cook's schedule, local media reported he had lined up meetings with a number of prominent business people, including Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry and Airtel boss Sunil Mittal.Airtel, along with other Indian telecoms companies Reliance and Vodafone, are currently rolling out 4G networks across the country.
He followed this with a series of business meetings with Indian corporate heads, such as Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry, ICICI bank managing director Chanda Kochhar, Vodafone India CEO Sunil Sood and Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani.After announcing the opening of an app development and design centre in India, he also met four Indian app developers.Cook also headed to the city's iconic Mehoob film studio, meeting director Mukesh Bhatt for a guided tour of the sets of his upcoming horror film.Bhatt revealed that Cook did not want to "skip Bollywood on his first visit to India"."He seemed keen to see how Apple could partner with the industry — after all, movies don't have to be made by just big film producers these days, it can be shot on an iPhone," he said, adding that Cook seemed especially interested in the studio's history.He ended the day by hanging out with a bunch of Bollywood actors at Khan's party.
Tim Cook is getting the rock star treatment on his first trip to India.Paparazzi have tailed him since he began the visit Wednesday in the financial capital Mumbai, keeping Cook s bodyguards busy as the Apple Inc. chief executive officer toured the city s most famous temple.Just about every step has has been reported, photographed and tweeted.Cook attended a dinner in Mumbai hosted by Bollywood film star Shah Rukh Khan, spent time with Anant Ambani -- son of India s richest man Mukesh Ambani -- and met Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry, whose sprawling conglomerate includes stores selling iPhones.He also met the top brass for Vodafone Group Plc in India.Cook is expected in New Delhi as early as Friday and may meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The administration is currently reviewing Apple s application to open retail stores in Asia s third-largest economy.As China s market becomes more saturated and people across the globe upgrade their smartphones less frequently, Apple, Samsung Electronics Co. and other vendors are keen to sell to India s middle class, which is projected to quadruple to 200 million by 2020.The challenge for Apple is that its products are beyond the reach of many in India, where most people live on less than $3.10 a day, according to World Bank data.Apple doesn t feature in the top 10 in terms of smartphone market share in the South Asian nation, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Simon Chan.
£439m gets ST Telemedia 17 data centres across key Indian and Singaporean cities, including Delhi, Mumbai and BangaloreThe Asian data centre market has undergone a massive shift this week as Tata Communications offloaded 74 percent of its Indian and Singaporean data centre business to ST Telemedia.ST Telemedia, one of Singapore s largest communications companies, has bought the stake for $640 million £439m and marks the latest expansion of the company s data centre operations.Key citiesCustomers of these data centres include e-commerce platforms, global multi-national companies, and some of Asia s largest blue chip businesses.Since ST Telemedia s initial investment in the data centre business in mid-2014, we have made remarkable progress in building a formidable data centre footprint internationally, said ST Telemedia executive director Sio Tat Hiang.The latest addition of India to the STT GDC network will be a major impetus to advance the company s ambition to be a significant global data centre service provider.This is thanks to a massive push towards cloud and IaaS workloads from small and medium businesses in the subcontinent, boosting spend on cloud storage.
Table of ContentsNext stop: Data centreAt the Buckinghamshire data centre there are similar redundancy requirements, albeit on a different scale, with two giant collocation and managed hosting halls S110 and S120 , each occupying 10,000 square feet.Labelling also enables data to be directed to follow a specific route, rather than a dynamically assigned path, which can allow for quality-of-service requirements or even avoiding traffic tariffs from certain territories.Pointing out a rack of Ciena 6500 kit, he adds, You might have seen equipment like this at the landing site.The batteries have a 10-year lifespan, and they re individually monitored for temperature, humidity, resistance, and current around the clock.However, the terrestrial rates here are considerably higher, at 4,096QAM, and are combined with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing OFDM subcarriers that, like DWDM, spread transmission channels over different frequencies within a limited spectrum.We always stay within regulation EIRP equivalent isotropically radiated power limits and always maintain safe working practices with radios.
Virginia's new territory for trans-Atlantic cables, so Microsoft and Facebook are talking this up as adding resiliency to traffic between the USA and Europe.Most trans-Atlantic cables land in the UK, but there's only so much space in landing stations so a new or expanded beachhead can be useful.Consider, also that closely-grouped cables can mean one incident causes several outages, as Linode found out earlier this year when something took out a handful of cables near Singapore.Microsoft and Facebook claim the cable will have more capacity than any previous cable spanning the Atlantic, a claim that just about every new cable can make because each new connection uses newer technology.Let's not rain on the parade too hard: eight fiber pairs at an initial 160Tbps is a lot of bandwidth!Construction will start in August 2017 and, weather permitting, conclude in October 2017.
Analysis: TCS chief scientist explains to CBR how neural automation systems work and how they will change enterprise IT.Artificial intelligence AI has been trying to make its way into enterprises' core strategies for over 60 years, yet, only now it is starting to really become widely regarded as a solution to help with the digital side of the business.It simply repeats a set of actions when a task rises."The whole concept of robotic automation assumes that the task and the way one actually performs activities are not changing over time, whereas most things are changing within an enterprise.Then it uses what we call the sense functionality, and then it thinks: "now there I have found and built contacts awareness, can I analyse it and find trends' patterns to find what is normal and what is not?"Just like humans do not rely on pre-defined procedures at all, the procedure gets constructed on the fly, it unfolds as it goes."
Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery Sport have been sold well. Profit amounted to almost EUR 693 million. Tata owned carmaker Jaguar Land Rover JLR. Speth told itself in "cautiously optimistic" that JLR's sales will grow in the future. JLR to invest heavily in new car models. Jaguars, like many other car manufacturers, is overshadowed by the scandal airbag takatan: 100 000 XF model has been invited to the United States for repair.
India is seeking a commitment from Apple Inc. to bring manufacturing facilities to the country before the government will approve the iPhone maker s request to open its own retail stores, according to a senior government official with direct knowledge of the matter.The government may loosen existing policies that require local sourcing for companies that want to open stores if Apple announces a timeframe for some domestic manufacturing, said the official, asking not to be identified because the matter is private.The Cupertino, California-based company has used flagship stores in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai to promote its products and boost sales, but in India it sells through partners such as Redington India Ltd. as well as the retail units of Indian conglomerates Tata Group and Reliance Industries Ltd.Apple has little market share in India now, as consumers opt for less expensive devices from rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co. and Micromax Informatics Ltd.A network of prominent stores could help not just burnish the brand, but also push the benefits of services from iTunes to Siri to potential customers.Apple s challenge in a price-conscious market like India is to weave a strong sense of value proposition around its expensive devices, and move beyond the image of being just another luxury brand in the market, said Rushabh Doshi, a technology industry analyst at research firm Canalys.India requires companies to procure at least 30 percent of their components locally if they want to sell through their own retail stores, with some exceptions.Apple did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment.For an alternative approach to breaking into the India market, click here.Last month, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley decided to support a decision by India s Foreign Investment Promotion Board that Apple will have to comply with the local sourcing rules.Its devices are priced beyond the reach of average citizens, with more than 80 percent of phones sold in the country at less than $150.
Pic: ShutterstockAlmost half the application delivery techies at British Airways BA might be pushed out of the company in December under redundancy plans outlined to staff.The airline is in cost-cutting mode, and the GMB union warned in February that BA was considering outsourcing and offshoring IT to Indian titan Tata Consultancy Services.Sources at BA told us that some 200 people out of 424 in app delivery may well lose their jobs in the final month of the year, subject to a 45-day consultation period .BA parent IAG reported profits of €1.76bn for the first nine months of 2015, versus €1.048bn in the prior year period.The staged outsourcing was to impact IT workers across the UK, including those in call centres in Newcastle, and at other locations in Manchester and Cardiff.GMB told us BA also intended to apply for temporary Tier Two visas for TCS staff who were flying across to deliver work in Heathrow airport terminals.
In a memo to staff seen by us, Bill Francis, head of IT at the airliner, said the business is making good progress to chop annual costs by €91m a year by 2018, before updating them on the proposals for application delivery.Due to a significant reduction of the BA IT portfolio and a proposed new flexible applications sourcing model, the BA Management Committee has approved a proposal for a potential reduction of 200 positions by the end of December.All management and non-management BA grades in Group IT Applications Delivery in both Heathrow and Newcastle are in scope and therefore at risk of redundancy, stated Francis.The selection criteria was based on performance, grade and business requirement, and this will be consulted with trade unions.The planned upheaval at BA was flagged some months ago by the GMB union, which warned the appointment of Indian titan Tata Consultancy Service signalled the start of big changes.The hope among staff is that the trade unions manage to negotiate better terms for the outgoing staff.
Apple Inc. may be closer to opening retail stores in India without having to meet onerous local sourcing requirements after the government eased those regulations.The world s second-most populous country on Monday announced the easing as part of a raft of measures intended to boost foreign direct investment and expand the leeway afforded multinational corporations.It loosened policies that require retailers to source at least 30 percent of their components locally before they can set up shop.Apple is pushing to increase its share of the world s fastest-growing major smartphone market as device sales slow across the globe.Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook visited the country for the first time in May and met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to outline his ambitions for the burgeoning market.Under the new regime unveiled Monday, single-brand retailers have a three-year grace period in which they can operate stores, before they have to comply with the local sourcing requirement.Companies that can show they are selling state of the art or cutting edge technology can benefit from a relaxed local sourcing regime for another five years.The government hasn t ruled on whether Apple meets the cutting edge criteria.Apple didn t immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment on the government s decision.Cupertino, California-based Apple has used flagship stores in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai to promote its products and boost sales, but in India it sells through partners such as Redington India Ltd. as well as the retail units of Indian conglomerates Tata Group and Reliance Industries Ltd.The relaxed rules give Apple a window to build up a credible brand and gives the company a chance to build up internal capability and familiarity with the supply base, said Devangshu Dutta, chief executive officer of Third Eyesight.
TOKYO Reuters - India's Tata Sons Ltd has been ordered to pay NTT DoCoMo Inc $1.2 billion to buy DoCoMo's stake in a joint venture, the Japanese firm said, citing an international arbitration court ruling.In 2009, the Japanese telecoms group acquired a 26.5 percent stake in Tata Teleservices Limited for around 127.4 billion rupees.In April 2014, it announced plans to exit the venture, which struggled to grow subscribers as quickly as its peers.DoCoMo said it held the right to request that Tata find a buyer for its stake at 50 percent of the original price or at fair market value, whichever was higher.http://reut.rs/28Qdp6mBut Tata failed to find a buyer, and India's central bank rejected Tata's offer to buy the stake, saying a rule change in the previous year prevented foreign investors from selling stakes in Indian firms at a pre-determined price.The Japanese company said in a statement the award was for Tata Sons' breach of their shareholders' agreement.
Trade union hand-delivered letters of protest, to no availTheresa May... our first post-Brexit prime minister?Pic: ShutterstockThe Home Office has stonewalled the GMB trade union s attempts to raise the plight of British Airways IT staff whose jobs are being sent to an Indian outsourcer – and the potential security implications involved.The GMB has written four letters to the Department s Secretary Theresa May – seen by us – after BA hired Tata Consultancy Services to run systems, putting hundreds of UK jobs at risk of redundancy.He asked if the Home Office recorded instances of a failure in IT systems that led to passenger flights not being cross-referenced with the Home Office s No Fly list, or if BA has failed to provide the Federation Aviation Authority in the US with cargo manifests for BA planes landing there.The union rep also claimed BA had abused a loophole in the Tier 2 visa system that allowed the airline to use Intra Company Transfers to import TCS s workers to Britain at the cost of the local workforce.BA is already making good on its promises; it has put almost half of the app delivery team at risk of redundancy, including project managers and business analysts.
The move sees Amazon coming into more direct competition with the likes of Microsoft, IBM and NTT, all of which have local data centres supporting India s rapidly growing cloud-services market.Global expansioncloud boxAmazon already counted major Indian companies such as Tata Motors, taxi-hailing firm Ola and broadcaster NDTV amongst its customers, but until now India-based firms relied upon facilities in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney or Seoul, all of which are located in AWS Asia-Pacific region.Amazon now operates three Indian edge locations, which speed up content delivery, in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi, supporting features such as Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, and S3 Transfer Acceleration.The Mumbai data centre will run core AWS services but currently certain features aren t available, including CloudSearch, EC2 Container Service, AWS Directory Service and SimpleDB, Amazon said.Amazon said it has committed $5 billion £4bn to its Indian e-commerce business and has hired 45,000 people there.The company s competitors have also been active in India, with Microsoft opening cloud data centres in three locations over the past year, IBM opening one in Chennai in the same period and Netmagic, now owned by Japan s NTT, established longer.
Tata uses iPass Wi-Fi network to give mobile operators the chance to get more revenues from roaming and indoor callsTata Communications claims its new Wi-Fi service will allow mobile operators to increase revenues and network quality by offloading traffic onto more than 21 million hotspots worldwide.The company says many mobile customers are frustrated by poor indoor cellular coverage and the high cost of roaming abroad.The hope is that by providing access to a global Wi-Fi network, to which devices connect to automatically when an access point is nearby, could be a key differentiator. To date, the high cost of mobile data has put people off from using high-bandwidth applications such as video calling and music streaming services while on the move, said Christian Michaud, head of strategy, product and business development at Tata Communication s Service Provider Group.And when travelling abroad, many users avoid making calls and texting too – resulting in lost revenues for Mobile operators .
imported cheap labor from abroad is not a new phenomenon, but this has been followed for five years, says the president of Engineers Samu Salo. "This issue has already been raised once the Indian ICT companies such as Tata Consultancy Services TCS case." According to Salo, the matter arose again when the Regional State Administrative Agency Avi launched by Nokia reports. YLE A-studio said on Monday that the suspects Avi Nokia sponsoring foreign workers work at a fraction of the wages under the collective agreements Finland. Engineers employed in Finland According to Indian, Chinese and Polish workers are paid the lowest wages only EUR 750, while a similar position in Finland wage should be from EUR 3 000. Samu Salo, the tasks have been able to include, among other things, the maintenance tasks operators of data centers where the salary would be about EUR 4 000 in Finland.
Image: Yle news graphics Source: immigration officethe immigration agency has issued a special expert of a residence permit to most of the indian it industry services left employees of the company.a list of two was Accenture 80 permits and on the third IBM Finland 44 .the Actual figures may be slightly higher, because of all authorisations not indicated employer information.Nokia outsourcing Tatalle and AccentureTata Consultancy Services TCS is part of india's largest private company of the Tata Group, which is involved, inter alia, automotive, information technology, tea and the hotel industry.
Opinion: John Hayduk, Chief Corporate Operations Officer, Tata Communications, says that wired connections are here to stay - despite wireless innovations.There are signs of the relentless pace of technological change everywhere you look.The pace of change driven by the Internet of Things IoT , of which unprecedented volumes of data being produced at velocity is a bi-product, means networks are increasing in complexity; with wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, 5G and satellite networks layered on top of wired infrastructures.The early Internet was tasked mainly with moving packets of information from a well-defined selection of devices such as PCs, servers and routers.Emerging technologies are now making demands on the Internet that it was not originally designed to support.Simply put, having the capacity to cope with the explosion of data crossing the networks should be the least of our worries when it comes to the next-generation Internet.
UPDATED: Catch up on the latest news from public cloud provider Amazon Web Services AWS Amazon Web Services AWS , the cloud computing division of Amazon.com, is the largest out of all the public cloud providers, dominating with a $10 billion annual run rate.The division, headed up by AWS CEO Andy Jassy, is investing heavily in expanding its global regions a UK region is set to open later this year and the Internet of Things.Here s the latest news on the public cloud provider:Amazon Web Services is showing it has not run out of ways to improve or expand the AWS cloud, especially for application developers.At the company s New York City Summit here Aug. 11 at a packed Javits Center, AWS CTO Werner Vogels discussed several developer initiatives based on its contention that the cloud s economic model makes more sense than ever for enterprises.