That number could be dialed after a user sees an email or a web page on a desktop/laptop machine, or it could be the result of a click-to-call link in an email or web page on a mobile device.Salesforce will now show such info as the caller s email address, name if known, ad or email that led to the call, any resulting purchases and about a hundred other pieces of data, which are automatically added to the caller s profile in the customer relationship management system.Invoca VP of Marketing Kyle Christensen pointed out that the customary announcement — This call may be recorded — is generally heard at the beginning of an incoming call.Call operators can see first-party or third-party data that is immediately displayed when the caller is identified, matched on the fly by caller ID, email address or other linkages.Christensen said this is the first time phone calls have been detailed to this degree on the platform, with phone-related actions now available at decision points in Journey Builder, Email Studio and other Salesforce tools.Invoca had previously integrated its platform into Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, but those implementations were intended to assist outgoing B2B calls in Sales and incoming customer service calls.
It has been alleged that the staff made more than 600 "test calls" to 999 for the purposes of improving their performance ratings, which The Guardian reported include "answering 92 per cent of calls within 10 seconds or less."The suspended staff were formerly employed by the police force, but all transferred to G4S four years ago when the extraordinarily controversial outsourcer won a £200m contract to run the plod's back office services.G4S confirmed to The Register that it "has been cooperating with an investigation by Lincolnshire Police into allegations that members of staff in the force control room made repeated 999 'test calls' at quiet times to improve perceived overall call handling performance."This data, which was seen by The Guardian, reportedly shows that "between January and September last year the number of 999 calls made to test the equipment were running at an average of 30-40 a month and as few as eight in September."The five suspended officers are believed to include the control room manager.According to The Guardian, G4S has claimed the contract saves Lincolnshire police £6m a year and has "hailed it as a potential model for the rest of British policing."
If you're sick of getting unsolicited calls from businesses trying to convince you to pursue a PPI claim, or asking if you've been in an accident that's not your fault, then we have some good news – it's now easier than ever to block these companies from calling you.A new text-to-register service has been launched by Ofcom, which lets you add your phone number to the 'do not call' database of the Telephone Preference Service TPS .You may get a message saying 'Messenger would like to send a message to 78070.We contacted the Telephone Preference Service for clarification about this message, and were assured that the service is completely free.After sending the text you'll receive a confirmation, and you should soon start seeing a reduction in nuisance calls.While it makes it illegal for companies to contact you, it won't do much to stop scammers or businesses that deliberately ignore the law.
You'll find links to privacy and security information for these and other popular services including Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn at example, I just noticed that a service I long stopped using had access to my Google calendar and contacts, so I disabled that access.You can also use the Google My Account page to configure two-step verification, which adds an extra level of security by requiring you to type in a code that's delivered as needed via your phone if you log on from a new device.That process, which is also available on Facebook and many other services, greatly reduces the chances of your account being hacked.Google's Account Setting also allows you to edit your personal information, including what others can see about you.I don't mind sharing where I work and where I went to school, but I keep other information private to protect my privacy and reduce the risk of identity theft.I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to privacy and security but until I used the Privacy Checkup feature on Google's My Account page I had no idea I was allowing the company to "show my profile name, profile photo and activity in shared endorsements that appear in ads."It's a good idea to periodically review your list of friends by scrolling down to down to"friends"on the left side of your News Feed, clicking "more" and then "see all friends."That will show you just about everything you've liked and done, and allow you to review and edit, change who can see it, or delete any of your posts.
A provocative white hat hacker who has previously disclosed vulnerabilities in both California s ObamaCare portal and FireEye's core security product has now revealed a serious flaw in the Council of Better Business Bureau s CBBB Web-based complaints application, which is used by nearly a million people annually to file complaints against businesses.His exploit set a cookie and increments the attachment ID:n '10000044'; curl -s -b 'OurBBBODRExtranet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n 0" /tmp/10000044.pdf"Pick any number n, Hermansen said.Alarmed, Hermansen contacted the BBB to alert them to these issues.CBBB wrote:Through its complaint handling system, BBB collects the following PII: name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.Porup is a freelance cybersecurity reporter who lives in Toronto.When he dies his epitaph will simply read "assume breach."
Dyfed-Powys Police in Wales, UK, sent confidential information that could identify convicted sex offenders to a member of the public by accident.Although the leak was minor, Brit watchdog the ICO fined the force £150,000 as it indicated sloppy internal processes.An officer sent an email chain containing the names and addresses of eight registered offenders, along with the phone numbers and email addresses, to a member of the public.In the US the equivalent list is publicly searchable.The police force s Outlook global address book was only intended to be used for internal recipients.But fat-fingered and lazy staff had, over time, added external recipients.
Two-factor authentication doesn't help if someone has already stolen your phone number.Those tweets have since been deleted and Twitter has restored account access to Mckesson.Even though Mckesson said in a tweet that he has two-factor authentication 2FA enabled on all his accounts, Twitter included, once someone has your password and can receive texts sent to your phone number, they ve obtained two factors: someone you know your password and something you have your phone .By calling @verizon and successfully changing my phone's SIM, the hacker bypassed two-factor verification which I have on all accounts.T-Mobile requires that you call customer service or visit one of its retail stores.That works as long as it s assumed that the phone itself, a physical item, has to be stolen, not the phone number, which is effectively an end point handled by the public switched telephone network s call routing system.
Two-factor authentication doesn't help if someone has already stolen your phone number.Those tweets have since been deleted and Twitter has restored account access to Mckesson.Even though Mckesson said in a tweet that he has two-factor authentication 2FA enabled on all his accounts, Twitter included, once someone has your password and can receive texts sent to your phone number, they ve obtained two factors: someone you know your password and something you have your phone .By calling @verizon and successfully changing my phone's SIM, the hacker bypassed two-factor verification which I have on all accounts.T-Mobile requires that you call customer service or visit one of its retail stores.That works as long as it s assumed that the phone itself, a physical item, has to be stolen, not the phone number, which is effectively an end point handled by the public switched telephone network s call routing system.
Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it s more commonly known, is increasing in popularity exponentially.Something that allows you to make phone calls from your laptop?To make calls to conventional phone numbers and receive them at your own number, however, you ll need to either subscribe to a monthly pool of minutes or pay for a credit fill-up.Rates are competitive and offer options for both landlines and mobile, and some country plans can be had for as little as $2.50 a month.The Hangouts app is primarily for chats, but it can also emulate conventional text messaging and make video calls and voice calls to landline.Rates for different countries and providers vary from a single penny per minute to more than a dollar, and credit can be refilled.
Think of the Dock as a version of the iOS app switcher, so you ll see a recently refreshed snapshot of each app with the latest information.So that side button is finally gonna be useful?After pressing the button, your watch will count down from 3 to 1 before placing the emergency call, just in case you ve activated the button accidentally.The watch recognizes what the foremost app at any given moment is, so even if you switch to the Music app to skip songs, raising your wrist again will bring up the fitness app instead of Music.When you toggle it on, your watch will recognize your wheelchair use with hourly time to roll notifications instead of time to stand, two new workouts in the Workout app, and recognition of wheelchair pushes toward your activity rings.But complications were limited to just a few watch faces.
There s no system of verification on the public switched telephone network PSTN to check that the Caller ID number inserted into the system by the calling party is a number that party legitimately owns.There are free and cheap services to route calls one at a time, and software that lets boiler-room operations do it in bulk.Recently, I have received a series of phishing calls that appear to originate not just from my area code 206 in Washington state , but from my exchange, the three digits at the start of a local phone number, like 123 in 123-4576.Instead of first adding the number to the contact, follow these steps for the desired results:Carefully tap the i information button to the right of the phone number in the Recents list.This last step will help in the future if something goes wonky with blocking or—as happened to me months ago—your block list is mysteriously wiped it.Email yours to [email protected] including screen captures as appropriate.
Using a burner phone number and an auto-responding text message bot, you may never have to deal with unwanted photos or aggressive texts ever again.Credit: GhostbotIf you ve ever set up an online dating profile only to be bombarded by creepers sending you inappropriate photos, or started exchanging text messages with someone you met on Tinder only to find they re completely insane, then Ghostbot is a chatbot you ll actually use.But then we saw their practical applications in Facebook Messenger this spring and were decidedly underwhelmed.So how did Golembiewski and screenwriter Peter Miriani come up with hundreds of auto-responses to every potential dating conversation?The bot doesn t respond to photos, so if you receive a large number of unsolicited images—say, of genitalia—in your inbox, Ghostbot won t make all that disappear.The real mission behind Ghostbot is to show people what an open phone number is capable of.
Whether it s a bad date who won t stop texting you or an annoying match on a dating site, Ghostbot can take care of it for automatically.Of course, you ll need to already have a Burner number for Ghostbot to work, but once you enable him for your selected number, you can designate specific people or phone numbers as ghosted numbers, and when they text you, Ghostbot will automatically respond to their messages with one of a ton of scripted responses.They run the gamut from simple things like i m sick, or sorry, I m overwhelmed with work, to more assertive or aggressive responses, all until the conversation peters out or the offender gets the hint and gives up.Best of all, Ghostbot has personality, and replies in kind to the person texting it.It responds at random intervals and can be conversational at times or shut down conversations, so it s not clear to the other party that they re talking to a bot.Obviously you d only use something like this after making your disinterest in the other party clear, but we all know how well that can go and how many people just keep texting even after you ve asked them not to , so in those cases, Ghostbot can help you get a little peace and quiet.
Called Ghostbot, the bot lets you assign it to any number you have active, and respond to any number that may text you.If you were to go on a date that didn t quite work out but they think it did , you could assign Ghostbot to automatically respond to their follow-up texts ghosted as Burner puts it .While it analyzes the incoming message to decipher the best phrase to respond with, an aggressive messenger on the other end would likely run through Ghostbot s response rolodex in short order.Burner also hopes Ghostbot serves as a proof of concept, so to speak.The service has a Developer Connection platform to let anyone build extensions for Burner numbers, which currently has some useful tools like a Slack extension and Google Drive add-on.To use Ghostbot, simply visit its dedicated webpage, enter your Burner phone number and the number you d like to start ghosting.
With France scheduled to hold national elections in 2017, a large number of voters are less than enthusiastic about their choices for the country s next president.France is currently led by the Socialist Party, but President François Hollande has nearly invisible approval ratings.Naturally, the trick here is prevent random people from gaming the process and turning it into pure nonsense.To do that, Favre built a Telegram chatbot called Victoire de La Primaire.The process uses a person s telephone number and a series of questions to confirm their identity and their eligibility to vote.Once a person has been confirmed, they use the chatbot to make a nomination, view the list of candidates already nominated, or express their support for a nominee.When nominating someone, the bot scours the web to find information about the person and start building a profile on them.So far, there have been 203 people nominated.The cutoff for nominations is July 14 Bastille Day!In France, ballot access is determined by the mayors of cities.While the effort certainly remains a longshot, the response since launching just a few weeks ago with little publicity or fanfare has been strong.
Before this matter goes to the federal claims courthouse or before you get arrested, please call immediately.The first time I was greeted by that uplifting automated call on my iPhone I shrugged it off.It appears on various sites—without my name but alongside hundreds of other phone numbers from the same area code.It is illegal to make nonemergency robocalls, both telemarketing and informational, to any cellphone without the permission of the consumer.That s why I prefer Nomorobo, even at $5 a month.Currently, they put the onus of call blocking on users and phone makers. provides a vocabulary of specific, structured terms that can help local business communicate key pieces of information to search engines.By adding the Schema code to your website, you re helping the search engines identify certain text on your site, such as your business s name, address, and phone number.Microdata is a web standard used to annotate content with specific machine-readable labels.If you list your company name, address, and phone number on your website in a large bold black text, in Arial font, adding the markup code to the website won t change how it looks on the website.openingHoursservesCuisinepriceRange servesCusine allows you to show the type of food served.FinishLine is retailer of running shoes and apparel, via physical stores and online.
The official UEFA Euro 2016 app is leaking football fans personal data, security researchers warn.The app is transmitting user credentials - including usernames, passwords, addresses and phone numbers - over an insecure internet connection, mobile security outfit Wandera discovered.The lack of encryption in the app, which has clocked up more than 100,000 downloads, offers a possible conduit for data leaks.Wandera warns that both the iOS and Android versions of the app are vulnerable.El Reg relayed the warning to UEFA s press team with a request for comment.No word as yet but we ll update this story as and when we hear more.
Were you phoned up by the Leave or Remain Campaigns on your ex-directory telephone number during the Referendum Campaign probably in breach of PECR ?How did one of the Campaigns, for example, know who was a Millwall fan so the caller from a Campaign gloated sorry, I mean commiserated with him or her over the 3-1 defeat by Barnsley at Wembley in May?Intrigued, I have done a little digging; first in relation to the Referendum Campaigns and then secondly with respect to the UK political parties.This blog summarises what I have found, mainly based on a reading of many turgid Privacy Policies; in short, some important privacy issues need attention.Electoral rolls from all UK constituencies names and address nationality Whether an individual voted in 2015 General and 2016 Local Elections
Children s shoes retailer Start-rite Shoes has suspended sales following the discovery of an attack by hackers last weekend.UK-based Start-rite reckons hackers may have obtained customer names, postal address, telephone number and email address of its clients.Payment details are not stored on the site and therefore should be safe.Start-rite has nonetheless decided to suspend ops in order to run a full security audit, as an advisory note by the retailer explains:At the weekend, an unauthorised person managed to breach the security of our website and we reacted immediately implementing a security fix.As an extra precaution we have temporarily taken offline whilst we implement a full security audit.